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  1. Nor me, mercifully however it's been horrible losing the respect of so many I grew up with and have known.
  2. Same for me. Everyone I know has been jabbed aside from myself.
  3. I know. My neighbour this week was so rude to me I wanted to tell him to fck off but then I've got to live with him and who knows what he might do or say down the line if I did that.
  4. Mate, that's shocking. I'm sorry to hear this. This whole debacle is losing so many people friends, family, relationships. It is devastating. I don't know what to say cos it won't be a comfort to you. I'm just sorry.
  5. Exactly and who are these fact checkers anyhow? On the payroll I should imagine.
  6. Same Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it I'm off to have a gander at that thread.
  7. I was once taken to see Charlie Landsborough in concert. This is infinitely more enjoyable.
  8. It's absolutely clear what he says.
  9. I do. The vuvuzela might just edge it for me over the kazoo and the comb and paper
  10. Apologies if this has already been posted. Has anyone seen this?
  11. That sounds great. I would be interested in following/subscribing to your channel when it's up and running Mr H.
  12. Why can't people see they are being had?
  13. LBC like talkRadio and GB News is fear porn central.
  14. None of these people have ever been in their right minds, I would argue.
  15. Unbelievable. Well actually, very believable. The multitudes will queue up for it thus destroying their body's immune defences once more. When will these people realise that it is never going to end and in fact, wasn't designed to ever end? At what point do they say enough is enough?
  16. That's a far more revealing conversation, had that taken place. Funny you should say about just knocking the door and effing off. A couple of days back, my mum received a call from a friend letting her know they had left a bag just outside which contained various Christmas items for her. This person is also fully jabbed. That person couldn't even bring themselves to knock the door. How long before a symbol is left on the brickwork of the house, denoting the unclean live there?
  17. Yep, the Guardianista. I wouldn't have taken issue with the American guy at all.
  18. That was uncalled for. Putting you on Ignore. Thank you metak88, Truthspoon (your channel is excellent, by the way) and Grumpy Owl. You've given some great advice, tips and suggestions. I appreciate that.
  19. Did you see the misprint in the piece? "Verainer breached sexual herm prevention order....." Herm as in hermaphrodite?
  20. That's pretty fairly crowded I should imagine
  21. Why are so many men today unmanly? I'm not just talking about the Benjam!n Butterw0rths although he is a special example. Recently, I went to church and none of the men there were G and yet they were all so bland. Milquetoast. I see it all the time now. There's a weird gender-blending going on. I'm not talking about T folk. Just generally.
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