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  1. Because of your avatar, I heard that in Alan Watts' voice
  2. I know. What a load of old nonsense
  3. Cameron started it all off when he placed his sausage in a dead pig's head.
  4. That's a good point. When people tell me they bought their first house at 25 and I tell them that they don't own the house until the final mortgage payment clears, they look at me in astonishment. I tell them "You got in debt for a house at 25." Most people actually own NOTHING except they don't realise it. All the stuff which surrounds them 'paid for' on finance, through credit cards and overdraft - none of it is theirs until that debt is cleared.
  5. That's a good point. I hadn't considered that. They hide in plain sight, the occultists and they bank on us not making the connections. Isn't there a pedo symbol? Is it there in those patterns to the left of the picture?
  6. I wasn't implying the latter at all, just wish I could give more Likes out.
  7. Yes, blue which could symbolise death. The yellow around the person I am presuming means protection. Blue + yellow = green. That's net zero, climate change nonsense. Yes, the yellow 'O' could be a portal to the future they want to take the drones down. It could also signify a scream. Or it could be an anagram. Own NOTHING. Get boosted - Own Nothing (and be happy).
  8. Same. Why are we given so few Likes?
  9. It destroys and inverts. The problem is too many people have gotten used to the inversion that they don't see it anymore.
  10. That's positively evil looking. The zombies will think it's great. Everything is inverted now.
  11. I totally agree. Also, for many (maybe most) of these people, they won't be able to factor in the fact their government isn't working in their best interests. That will largely remain outside of their comprehension. Hence why it's easier for them to call those of us who are awake 'conspiracy theorists'.
  12. You make a good point (What's that then?) because it's only on the TV that people really come into contact (if you can call it that) with anyone who has had Covid. They're just renaming flu and the common cold now. What a nation of wimps we are becoming. "I caught Covid and I had to take some hot lemon and lay up in bed with Netflix on my laptop while I 'recovered' from it." It's pathetic.
  13. I've been thinking today about the masses around me, those who are more asleep now than ever. I have spent far too long trying to help these people, to try and get them to see that there is information out there which shows a different side to what is happening. Not to coerce them into believing as I do but to show them other sources of information to get a more balanced sense of what is occurring. I have been verbally abused, insulted, mocked, jeered at and called all the usual terms and as has happened this past week, been spoken to in an aggressive and thoroughly unpleasant manner from a neighbour when we weren't discussing anything like this at all. He eyes me with complete contempt. Battle lines have been drawn. I look at these people as I go out for walks. All these masked imbeciles. Thinking that if they have a 15th jab or their 6th booster, they will get to be free again. Most haven't even considered the fact they were told 2 jabs would do it, then it was a booster and now it looks to be a 4th jab. They will keep on taking it and yes, some people within that lot will awaken however most will remain asleep and do you know what? I no longer care about them. I know that sounds harsh but I look at these people and they are dead in the eyes and have mush in their brains. Eager to 'do their bit' and always happy to signal how much virtue they have when in effect, a lot of them are simply playground bullies. They think if they cajole/ostracise/isolate/alienate us enough we will happily relent so we can 'enjoy' the so-called goodies they purport to have but this is the thing. They don't have those goodies and they're not getting them. In a few short years, they will own nothing because the harassment isn't going to stop with the unvaxxed, it's a tsunami which is going to claim everybody in time. I think even when they have lost everything, they will be happy - wide eyed and grinning away in the corner where their chosen enslavement screen is, covered in hideous skin eruptions and terrible ailments from the jabs and still hating on those who chose freedom over tyranny. Watching my family and the neighbours one by one, moving away from wanting to have anything to do with me. Watching people making a big show of walking out into the road or telling me to "wear your fcking mask" when I'm out and about in the open air, makes me realise I am living in zombie town. My dystopian nightmare appears to be everyone else's compliant dream. Just a 3 minute walk from here, is my doctor's surgery and even though there are no health studies done on the long-term side effects from them, they're dishing these jabs out like sweeties. I heard a nurse just last week (I have a longstanding health issue) laughing as she told me how much her arm ached from giving so many shots out in a week. I feel nauseous when I hear things like that. I no longer care about those who haven't woken up. They aren't going to. They are lost. They probably think the same of us. For far too long, I have been looking to the Steve Bakers of this world, people who say they are on our side but just looking down his timeline and you can see who is masters are and it isn't the god he professes to believe in. In amid the supportive tweets are others saying "Get your booster today" "Get your vaccine" "Do your bit." There is no one 'out there' who can save us. It has to come from within our ranks. You are the people I care about. The awake and the awakening and from now on, you're all I care about. You're my people. As Gareth Icke said in his recent speech in York, we will win this. I sometimes lose sight of that. This is my hill and I say this with sincerity, I'm willing to die on it. What have I got to lose? Nothing. What do we stand to gain? Everything. I'm off to make a cup of tea Want a biscuit anyone?
  14. Yeah, the pharmaceutical companies don't want that.
  15. Funnily enough I was talking to someone who has a very bad w4nking habit. He can't go even a few hours without knocking one out and it's causing him issues with work, relationships and that type of thing. I said to him "Probably every woman you look at with a view to do 'that', if they're in the elite club they have either had the jab or they have had something benign while promoting the poison to everyone else. How's that for your pecker?"
  16. I can't disagree with any of this. When I watched my neighbour have a bird box hammered down from the back wall to make way for his Sky paraphernalia, I knew then he was one of the brainwashed. It's okay for chicks to die and the parents to come back and panic at the disappearance of the bird box (I watched it - it was harrowing) because the TV gods are far more important and must be appeased. It's the new religion. Great posts. Well written
  17. Thank you Jack. I'll go check it out
  18. The only decent one on there now is Nicole Snow. The rest are either covered in tattoos or bruises in odd places. Then you get the ones who fidget like crazy, poking their tongues out with the eyes going back in their heads like some demented person. When they do come to the microphone, they all sound like Lisa from the chav bar's wino night.
  19. That's about the sum of it sadly. I would argue that anything which is placed out there for free (or free at the point of service) and for our supposed benefit, absolutely isn't. Before all this we didn't know it because the PTB hadn't pulled all the threads together to make the 'pandemic' tapestry however they were always there, ready and waiting to stitch us up. My GP has never treated me outside of going to the medicines book, reading down it and then printing off a prescription for me to take to the chemist. They're dealers not healers. Probably getting kickbacks from the firms which make these products.
  20. Nor me, mercifully however it's been horrible losing the respect of so many I grew up with and have known.
  21. Same for me. Everyone I know has been jabbed aside from myself.
  22. I know. My neighbour this week was so rude to me I wanted to tell him to fck off but then I've got to live with him and who knows what he might do or say down the line if I did that.
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