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  1. I spoke with her this morning and she is adamant that she is staying put, that I am a threat to her because I am not jabbed and that I am not to have anything further to do with her until I get jabbed. I told her I would not do that and then she said "Then you have probably killed me., I likely got this from you." What she has are side effects from antibiotics being used to build a case for covid and they have clearly been getting to her because of the way she is now speaking to me. "If you don't get jabbed then you don't love me." I had to put the phone down on her in the end because I was shocked at how much she has changed. I could feel the hostility. They are brainwashing her. She is also back on the oxygen which is not a good sign. They are knackering her lungs so she ends up with pneumonia. I won't be seeing my mother again. She is going to die in there.
  2. Thank you. I called again today and there was an even greater difference in my mother. She said to me straight away "If you don't get jabbed then you don't love me. You need to get jabbed." She told me she was back on the oxygen and that she was in a lot of pain. That they were injecting her stomach with needles and that no one should have to go through this kind of pain and that all I need to do is get jabbed. Again she said "If you don't get jabbed then you have never loved me. I can't see you again if you don't get jabbed. You need to move out." I am not currently able to work and I am not in receipt of benefits. I will be made homeless.I was horrified by how weak she sounded and by the way she was speaking to me. They have clearly been getting to her in terms of what they must have been saying to her.
  3. Thank you. It's over really. I already don't recognise my mother. She is just a walking, talking advertisement for the vaccine industry. Praising the NHS and its doctors. She thinks she is going to come out and yet the same doctor she is praising is asking me about resuscitation protocols should her organs fail.
  4. How do I contact John O'Looney though? Does anyone know?
  5. Thank you Rob. I appreciate it.
  6. They haven't administered any. They can't give her any for 28 days because she has been diagnosed with Covid. She has agreed to have all 3.
  7. Before she went in I would have said YES but hearing her bigging up the jabs today, less than 24 hours after she went in, I can't say. I think they are definitely getting to her because of her use of the word 'stupid' to denote my wish to remain unvaccinated when up until yesterday she too had not been jabbed.
  8. My local trust is https://www.nhs.uk/Services/Trusts/Overview/DefaultView.aspx?id=1249
  9. She hasn't been given any yet. They have to wait 28 days before she takes her first one because she has been diagnosed with Covid. They will give her the first one and then she will be discharged to have the next one and the booster in intervals. I don't have the funds for a lawyer.
  10. I haven't. I will ask to speak to someone more senior tomorrow. I'm completely out of my depth here. What should I be asking please?
  11. I have spoken to the specialist doctor who is treating her.
  12. Thank you. The problem is, is that in just the 24 hours since she has been admitted she has completely changed her views about the jabs which she has always been adamant she wouldn't have. When I spoke with her today she was talking about setting a petition up when she comes home to honour the doctors and nurses on the front line treating Covid. They have clearly got to her, in her weakened state. She is in her own room rather than being in a ward which I also don't like.
  13. No document. I presumed that because she has put me down as her next of kin that it conferred some kind of guardian status?
  14. I'm her guardian and her next of kin. I don't believe she has, no.
  15. No. She is not allowed any visitors.
  16. I told them I wanted her out of there and they told me that she is not accepting visitors and she cannot be discharged as she is 90 years of age and 'suffering with Covid.'
  17. I am in a very bad way. My mother has been admitted into hospital. Just after 5pm yesterday evening she left here. She told the paramedics she did not want the Covid jab and they told her they would respect her wishes. I phoned the hospital at 8.30pm and asked about the status of my mother, to be told by a doctor that upon admittance she had tested positive for Covid and that "after a long chat with your mum, she has agreed to have all 3 jabs." I was horrified. We have gone this far without them. There is no way she would agree to that. He then said to me that the diarrhoea she was having is a symptom of Covid. I told him that the diarrhoea was the direct result of the antibiotics which had been prescribed 3 days earlier for her water infection. He ignored this. I asked if she was going to be administered midazolam or remdesvir and he seemed shocked at this and replied that they had considered both but likely wouldn't be given this to her at that stage but that she was on oxygen. She was breathing just fine when she left our house. I called again this morning to be told that she was sitting up, eating, drinking and that I could speak to her if I wanted to which I did. The change in my mother was shocking. She has clearly been got to because she kept mentioning that there was no issues with her not having had the jabs and that no one judged her and then she told me that I was "stupid" for not having had the jabs and that I am to have them or else I am to look for somewhere else to live when she comes out of hospital because I would be "putting her at risk." It was like listening to a Covid vaccine infomercial. I would be the one at risk surely for not having taking the jabs? Anyway, this evening I spoke with another doctor who told me that although my mother is now off the oxygen and back on air that she could 'reach a nadir at around the 5-7 day mark' and it could lead to multiple organ failure and I need to give him permission not to resuscitate her should that happen. That I am to think this over and he wants my wishes made known in the next 24 hours. He said that her mortality rate is between 10-30% and that I have to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. It's every nightmare I have ever had rolled into one. I think they are going to ease her out. I don't think she is leaving there. Because of her Covid status, they are not accepting any visitors for her. She's a sitting duck. What are my options legally please because I don't like what is happening?
  18. Can they override my lack of consent though? This is no way to live. It's become clear now that no one is going to get out of this. It's evil.
  19. Same for me. My health is dreadful but somehow I have kept myself going. This story however has hit me hard. It feels personal. My house is my sanctuary away from the madness. My safe haven. I already had the doctors at my surgery admitting that their incessant phone calls were taking a toll but continuing to call me up anyway. Being told I was a 'refusal' as if I was a child getting a telling off for being disobedient. You're good people. You've kept me buoyed up. I'm glad I joined this forum. I'm grateful to the Icke family for giving me a voice. It's been good knowing there are others who get it, who understand. I appreciate that. You have no idea how much you have helped me throughout all of this. Ziggy, you make me laugh buddy. SoundofSilence, you always give me so much to ponder on. This is a nice forum.
  20. A Cabinet Minister told the Mail on Sunday : "I think anything that encourages the vaccine-hesitant is sensible. "The mood in the country is hardening against people who refuse to be vaccinated. "I am all in favour of free choice but there comes a point when you cannot lock up 90% of the country who are vaccinated for the 10% who refuse to be." https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/newsmanchester/boris-johnson-poised-for-decision-on-new-restrictions-as-covid-jabs-to-be-offered-door-to-door/ar-AAS9FSr
  21. Can they enforce it though? What are our legal rights pertaining to this? This story is by far the worst story I have read in a long time. It has ramped my fear levels right up.
  22. Can this be enforced legally? Do I have to agree to it? Where is informed consent?
  23. Agreed which is why I have always smiled when the government says "free at the point of service." The only way I could become a YouTube star is if I did videos dressed up like this
  24. Because of the low take up of the vax by the black community. 40% haven't been jabbed apparently.
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