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  1. John O'Looney as in Looney Tunes? What a name for a whistle-blower. I'm not aware of this person. I'm off to have a listen now. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. This site gives a good overview on following the Qu'ran alone, as a Muslim. https://www.quran-islam.org/home_(P1).html
  3. I watched this yesterday. He touched upon something which I have long believed in. I was happy at its inclusion. He was discussing a whistle-blower (not sure which Part it was though, sorry!) who had stated there were 3 tiers of injections being given out - 1) Injections for those in the media (actors, musicians, journalists, politicians etc) which are likely saline injections and/or containing placebo material. (This is what I have always strongly believed. That way the mainstream shills can say "Well, we have had it as have all our friends and family and they have suffered no side effects whatsoever." Therefore they can state that it's safe and anyone who comes forward with adverse reactions is a 'conspiracy theory' 'troublemaker' or 'nut' and can be vilified by them and by extension, their followers/supporters). 2) Injections which will seriously injure and/or kill people. Perhaps the first one won't do anything but the next one will (I believe these side effects are the variants). 3). Injections which could have another function, as yet unspecified. (Perhaps the 5G connection or to create Transhumans in some ways). It was a very good show. Andrew Johnson ending the discussion with keeping an open mind about aliens being involved in what's happening, I thought a bit strange though. He said "Is it aliens behind it? I don't know." AJ gives me the willies to be honest but all in all, I found it a good programme.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I tend to agree with that. No one can know what the truth is. We only have the perspective of being alive, here on Earth. How can we know what the light represents? Maybe just a dying brain short-circuiting?
  5. I have wondered this myself. What greater deception that having people believing they are saved and then end up either in eternal torment or constantly reincarnating into hell realms?
  6. I agree with you 100% on this. I believe the dark ones feed off the fear/anxiety/hopelessness/helplessness of those who are suffering under them. I was told that when we die, NOT to head towards the light as it's a trap. What are your thoughts on this? Is it the attraction of the false light that gets us to come back into the endless psychodrama of reincarnation and 'life' (trauma-bonded existence) on this material plane?
  7. I love the album Operation Mindcrime. Yes, it does sound a bit dated now however it is still a powerful musical statement.
  8. I have been listening a lot to Stellardrone. I go for morning walks and this has become my cleansing/healing soundscape. There's a purity to the music, a gentle ebb and flow motion and I feel that within I am being purged of a lot of the Covid negativity/incessant brainwashing narratives. I feel lighter when I come back from my walks now and less full of the psychic waste from the bullshit propaganda spewed out constantly. By the next morning however, I need to do another healing/clearing session with this or something similar. It's not for everyone but it works for me.
  9. I have run out of daily likes. I like this massively
  10. I agree. Thank you for the above link Robin (Share The Prophecy). I am listening now.
  11. Sajid Javid is completely dead in the eyes. Same with Chris Whitty except he appears to have empty black eyes. I was introduced to the concept of NPC's fairly recently, named after Non-Player Characters within video games who move about yet never interact with the main character at all. That's the way I feel now with friends and family members. I feel I am surrounded by drones who are unable to think for themselves outside of what they are told by highly dubious people, with vested interests in keeping this demonic narrative going.
  12. Eric Clapton has recently done another interview, this time with Robert Kennedy Jr and RFK makes a good point at around 14.30 where he says that Eric took the jabs, experienced injuries and spoke out about that but was then vilified, marginalised and gaslighted because of the fact he strayed from the official narratives. In other words, he is telling an alternative story to the one which has resulted in the mass psychosis/hypnosis beliefs of the 98%+/- of people who can no longer think for themselves. The interview is here:- https://brandnewtube.com/watch/eric-clapton-with-robert-f-kennedy-jr-this-has-gotta-stop_JwwkM9SvNjIvIqb.html
  13. I know. It's not a nice thing to have to think about however I wouldn't put it past them. Now we have the ever present threat of mandatory vaccinations looming. That's where they have always been headed. It's frightening really.
  14. Same for me. Every single member of my extended family (35 people) have been double-jabbed and some have now had the booster shot while others are waiting to have it. Not one has questioned the narrative at all. It's frightening to think I grew up with these people and not one of them has a single independent idea or thought. They all vote to the right because they say they hate collectivism. Kind of ironic really.
  15. Maybe that's the plan. Get rid of those who could keep alive all the 'useless eaters' who no longer add anything to the pot, except the one under the bed that is.
  16. I am living next door to someone who swears blind that someone he knew died of Covid. He like the good obedient drone has had both jabs even though he works from home, has his shopping delivered and the only other people he spends time with, have also been double jabbed and they all sit/stand about 10 feet apart wearing masks. He knocked on my door last week and stood quite a way away. I stepped forward and he stepped back immediately. He also believes in long Covid. Since this horror show began, I have only met 1 other person who hasn't been jabbed and I have spoken with over 700 different people. Where are all the other people who haven't been jabbed? Aside from places such as this, I don't come into contact with anyone who hasn't been brainwashed to the nth degree. It's frightening.
  17. Are they coming for our pets now? Will they bring out vaccinations for pets? Will these form the basis of the animal experiments needed when a new medication is put out onto the market? Will they stop at nothing in their quest to get everyone and everything jabbed? How much more will people take before they stand up? Surely, the thought of our beloved animals being jabbed will be enough? When will this nightmare end?
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