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  1. What's so great about taking it up the bum anyway?
  2. Chicken plays operatic aria on a piano keyboard.
  3. I can't say I disagree with you. I absolutely don't get Jewish 'humour' either which seems to be saying the bleeding obvious but doing so with a trace of irony and a shrug of the shoulders then adding a Jewish turn of phrase straight after. I often wonder what the world would look like without the J influence. A lot less depraved I would imagine. I agree. Utterly humourless as well.
  4. What fcked up shizz is this?!?!?!? In my 48 years, I have never met a lesbian who wasn't every single stereotype they were at great pains to say they weren't.
  5. I think it's similar to yak shaving
  6. Noahidism in plain sight.
  7. You can always put a member on Ignore if you want to.
  8. Are the groups which are the least susceptible also the groups least likely to live unhealthy lives?
  9. Yep. I have reached the point of attempting suicide earlier this year because of the way I have been treated by people. I'm not here to gain sympathy, just needing to speak about it. No one whom I used to know IRL speaks to me or has anything to do with me anymore. My home should be my sanctuary and it's hard knowing that people, some of whom I have known 30+ years, want nothing whatsoever to do with me. What I could never understand though is why these people did lateral flow tests every day when most didn't leave their houses at all or when they did it was just to be with those in their bubble who were also doing daily lateral flow tests. I should be grateful in a way that these people are no longer a part of my life but it's difficult when they live in such close proximity and are ignoring me. It's tough. It's unpleasant.
  10. This has been a big eye-opener for me. I always held to the view that the vast majority of people were intelligent but apathetic but my opinion is that the vast majority of people just can't think for themselves and need to be spoon-fed their views via mainstream media. In 1 year, my neighbours have gone from chatting to me and having a laugh to begin treating me with contempt and then simply ignoring me completely. Why? Because I made the mistake early on of saying I hadn't taken the jab. I didn't realise however the situation would escalate to an us and them mentality, as it has done.
  11. I absolutely agree. There is footage on YouTube of the McCann's on a bus with friends and all the kids and someone says something like "Cheer up Gerry, we're on holiday" or words to that effect and Gerry says something like "Fck off, I'm not here to enjoy myself." It's quite chilling actually. Here it is. Make of it what you will. Those kids look seriously unhappy. There's something very forced about the situation.
  12. This was taken above my house about a week ago.
  13. I was also thinking about the WEF line "You will own nothing and you will be happy." Who will? Those who have taken the jibjabs? The ones who worked at home in comfort, paying off their mortgages, sat in their safety bubbles and having their jabs like good little drones? Are they going to be happy with nothing in 2030? Or will it be us, those who weren't compliant? Many of us have already lost jobs, friends, family members, spouses, our homes, our livelihoods. By 2030, there is the potential that hundreds of millions of people could be dead or dying due to the V's. Maybe the 'own nothing' lot will be us and the "you will be happy" also us because we will no longer be surrounded by stupid people who rolled over and did as they were told? Just some thoughts.
  14. The biggest mistake I made in all of this was attempting to wake people up that I personally knew, to show I cared. Not one neighbour speaks to me, not one family member either nor so called friends simply because I wouldn't take the jibjabs and decided to use the brain in my head. If it's true that these people are all going to be removed from the gene pool sooner rather than later and their kids can't produce further generations of morons down the line, I can't help but think that's a good thing.
  15. Ziggy was awesome. I miss seeing him around.
  16. There was not a hint of curiosity in his voice. He is on the front-line. If I was him, I would be asking questions. I overheard 2 women on the bus recently. One said "Oh I had Covid. I was really ill with it." The other person was making all these sympathetic sounds. It turned out she had a headache, a sore throat and hot and cold sensations in her body, as well as aching limbs for a few days. Then horror upon horror, she had to get a friend to go to the chemist to buy her some Lemsip and Lockets!!! This has created a nation of wimps.
  17. I was chatting with a paramedic who informed me that it's those who haven't been jabbed who are largely covering for those who have been jabbed who are ill with 'Covid.' He told me that he couldn't understand how those who hadn't been jabbed were faring much better with 'it' than those who had received all 3 shots. This is what I don't get. Is everyone in on it within the NHS? If you're on the front-line working in a hospital you're going to know what is say the flu and what isn't. How has this been able to remain going for this amount of time?
  18. Hi everyone, I just wanted to quickly mention something. Someone telling me they couldn't listening to Eric Clapton anymore because of his denial of Coronavirus when as far as I am aware, having watched the interview online, he was simply stating he had a negative reaction to the jabs. Also, him being labelled an antivaxxer when he had had both available jabs at the time. I don't think the booster had been rolled out then. I am wondering if this type of thinking began in the aftermath of 9/11 where we were repeatedly told Bin Laden did it but we had to get rid of Saddam. I watched that period of time incredulous as Rumsfeld, Powell et al constantly mentioned Saddam and I watched as slowly people began to succumb to a sort of hypnotic state where the boogeyman Bin Laden morphed in their minds to become Saddam. Do you think that was the testing ground for where we are now? Create an enemy which in that case was of an Islamic nature (so demonise an entire group of people) and now create an invisible enemy in the form of a virus. Also, why are so many people so very stupid? Away from online, I don't know a single person who hasn't been triple jabbed and ready for the fourth. Why can't people think for themselves away from the mainstream media?
  19. HI everyone. I was finally able to get my mother out of the hospital after I notified them that I was being made her Lasting Power of Attorney. I told them she was not to be put on a ventilator nor administered Remdemsvir or Midazolam and that she IS to be resuscitated should she flatline. She then made what I can only term a 'miracle recovery' as I was notified the following morning she would be arriving back that afternoon. She is however not the same person as when she was admitted to hospital. She shuffles when she walks now. Her hair is falling out and she's just not the same. Reduced I would say. She told me that they gave her the bare minimum about of care because she hadn't been jabbed. It's evil what goes on in there. It's changed both our views of the NHS. We both agreed we would never clap and cheer for the institution again. Thank you everyone who asked after my mum and who offered support to me in DM's. I'm very grateful.
  20. My mum has been in hospital for 'Covid' and an underlying infection. Both of these issues have now been cleared from her system. She is no longer on any hospital meds, only the meds she takes daily for her usual conditions. She is walking about in the hospital. She is able to dress, wash and look after herself. She is not on any IV drip nor oxygen. They will not let her out. She has told them she wants to come home. They will not set a date for her release. I was told today she will likely fail a Mental Capacity Test if she attempts to discharge herself yet I spoke with her for an hour this evening and she is fully compos mentis. There has been no heating on today and she states she has been frozen. She informed me today that the doctors aren't going to give her her heart medication after today. Today I was called from the hospital with regards to my mum possibly having an imminent cardiac arrest and they now have a DnR placed above her bed. What legally can I do to get her out of there please? I was informed that if they feel she has failed the Mental Capacity Test, they have the right to overrule her decisions about leaving as well as mine as her next of kin. She cited me as her legal guardian when she arrived and that has been overruled too. This is causing my stress levels to go through the roof. I have never known a situation where someone goes in to be treated, gets the all clear but is still not allowed to leave. She was crying tonight down the phone and it was most distressing. She told me that there is nothing to do all day. She has been asking for something to read yet they have provided no books, papers or magazines. There is no one to talk with. She told me it was "unfathomable cruelty." "They want me gone" is what she said. It's heart-breaking.
  21. I have just spoken with the most senior nurse looking after my mother and I asked her to have it noted down that my mother is in no circumstances to be given midazolam and remdesvir. I also stated that she IS to be resuscitated in the event her organs fail. I stated that I wanted her off oxygen and they informed me she was just breathing air.
  22. Thank you to everyone who has responded. I'm glad you're here. This is a very stressful time as you can imagine but knowing I have somewhere I can speak means a great deal to me.
  23. I have spoken to John O'Looney and send him some background information. He is going to put the word out. He's a really nice bloke.
  24. She hasn't been jabbed yet. She has to wait 28 days first. But they are working on her. For her to be completely anti this vaccine and in under 2 days be telling me that I need to be jabbed and that if I don't I never loved her, something is going on in there.
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