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  1. My feeling is that the 'cure' for Mpox will end up decimating the gay community all over again. Although many within it are on meds which stop HIV replicating within their bodies, their immune systems are already compromised. This will lead to further stigmatisation/demonisation of these men - a la 1980's AIDS crisis.


    I believe that every 'virus' which appears now will simply be a symptom of the jabs and every cure put forward will finish people off which will be put out on MSM as deadly new variants of 'Covid' and we know what the cure is for that - keep taking your jabs.


    It's obvious not enough children were vaccinated first time round hence why a chickenpox type virus has now appeared and at exactly the same time as countries are being asked to sign up for the WHO Charter.


    Will the majority see this though? I highly doubt it. More money and control for TPTB and less freedom and money for us.

  2. On 5/20/2022 at 5:40 PM, Tinfoil Hat said:


    But what if the actual contagion is not the real danger at all. That could be just the excuse to inflict a further vaccine with lethal impact on those who had the Covid vaccine. Hardly fear mongering, I'd have thought.


    I would imagine those who happily queued up to take the C0vid vaxx will be the same ones who will take the sm4llpx jabs, with zero questions asked. 

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  3. 8 hours ago, DarianF said:


    Chimpanzee, actually.


    It's fascinating. All the information is out there about what's in the jabs and yet not one zombie jab junkie thinks to put 2 and 2 together. 


    The MPox then is a side effect to the jabs, gay pride events will likely not take place this year because this is moving now at such a pace, they can safely jettison the useful idiots they have carefully programmed through 'cultural' Marxism for the past 50 years in so called educational (indoctrination) establishments. 

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  4. 7 hours ago, Seeker said:

    Just read something about shingles being a side effect of one of the jabs, and shingles looks rather similar to this monkeypox.


    That's interesting. One of my neighbours has been very ill this year with shingles. He's fully jabbed.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Nemo said:

    Communism for the lower working class and capitalism for the upper ruling class and all commodities and liberties controlled, recorded with each person identified, tracked and controlled by a system of points, rewards and sanctions that can effect ones food, travel and money.


    We will all be tagged and everything digital will be controlled. The only freedom will be ones mind.


    Yep. I believe this is going to happen.

  6. 3 minutes ago, RobinJ said:

    If all your financial and personal issues were no longer a problem for you, what would you do with your life?


    This is a great question.


    For those with a love for money, chasing it would no longer have any relevance. They would eventually then have to go within. 


    For those with a love for truth, spirituality etc we would go deeper within much more quickly. 


    The 2 groups would meet in time. Divisions will have ceased. Similarities would abound and perhaps in time, a union would occur.


    How frightening that would be for the money-printers. Just some thoughts there.

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  7. Just now, Nip said:


    And more money for big pharma from taxpayers. Very nice if you can get away with it.


    And they will. 


    The amount of people I know who were supposedly wide awake and who went back to sleep again when the Ukraine wagon rolled into town. This will be the same. 

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  8. "Health Secretary Sajid Javid said on Friday that the UK was stocking up on smellpox vaccine doses to help protect some groups against the virus."


    Here we go again. Munkypox affects in largely the same way as Convid, through broken skin, eyes, nose and mouth and now the UK Gov't is stocking up on smellpox vaccines to help with it. 


    More masks, more lockdowns and in days we will be signed up to the WHO charter so we lose our national sovereignty forever. We were told we could leave whenever we wanted when we became inextricably tied to the EU. Now we're tied up to a one world governance. 


    No connection then with the astra jab which contains within it modified DNA from sick monkeys, adrenovirus cells. 


    There's also a connection with 'men who have sex with men' and affecting them, just like in the 80's with AZT which had Fauci's fingerprints all over it. History repeats. All hail the useful idiots who cannot make the connections between then and now. If a formula works why change it?

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  9. 17 hours ago, alexa said:


    Yes- This is why it's crucial to hold on to all your books especially the Bible plus hold onto (besides Jesus of course) genuine Christian friends 😇


    Every Christian I know bought into the nonsense and has been triple jabbed, quadruple jabbed at the earliest opportunity I should imagine. I'm not talking wishy-washy believers either, full-on Christian zealots. You would think the spirit of discernment would have been with them throughout this shite.

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  10. On 5/2/2022 at 10:34 AM, TheRudeTourist said:

    Anyone else feel in limbo at the moment? Restrictions easing in almost all countries and the threat of the deadly “covid” put on the back burner. As an expat living in bali, Indonesia now for a number of years, I can see the tourists are starting flock back (fully vaxxed only allowed in) and the general consensus over here is it’s all “going back to normal soon” and I’d say it’s a similar mentality around the world. I feel it’s like we’ve lost the battle but everyones out celebrating, I get it people have gotta try live their lives but people are so damn short sighted. Enjoy your scraps while it lasts I guess 


    Phase One is over. 

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  11. I was trying to look for a documentary on them which was filmed I believe by ITV, one year on and the reporter says words to the effect of "How does it feel to be back here one year on from your daughter's disappearance?" and Kate replies saying words to the effect of "We don't know where Maddie is of course"  or something like that which I thought odd at the time. It was online last year but seems to have vanished. 

  12. I'm seeing the yellow and blue rectangles in people's windows too. Quite a few also have the NHS Noahide rainbow. I bet a pound to a penny the occupants of each property have had their full compliment of jabs.

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  13. 5 hours ago, Fool Me Once said:

    Here is my prediction:

    Queen "too unwell" to attend jubilee in person,only cgi deepfake appearance in news.

    On 6th June they will announce D* Day 2 (*Death)




  14. On 4/23/2022 at 11:48 PM, Truthblast said:

    A collossal number of children and young adults go missing every year.


    Some are killed, some are abused, some are trafficked or sold into slavery or prostitution. Some have their organs taken from them by the organ Mafia.


    Why is this particular case getting years and years of media attention?


    Same with the Amanda Knox case.


    Thousands of murders a year that barely get a mention.


    The media went nuts over the Knox case.







    I have always thought they were used by successive governments to take the heat off whatever they were doing, make people's attentions get diverted elsewhere. Same with the Skripals.

  15. On 4/24/2022 at 9:47 AM, jack121 said:

    It goes beyond evil. To viciously murder millions in the care homes all with the full co operation  of the loving and caring doctors and  nurses, for every news channel to lie and persuade people to take the satan juice with big smiles on their ever-grinning faces, for all the rest of them  in positions of power to claim britain is run for the benefit of the british people, and then do all of this ??!!!

    A lot of people knew but because the genocide was being done on helpless starving africans, terroist middle-easterns, in some far away country, it was all ignored.


    Yep. I can't disagree with any of this.

  16. On 4/23/2022 at 8:04 PM, RobinJ said:

    The risks far outweigh the potential benefits now all pilots have been jabbed.


    That's a good point. I used to love flying. 


    Are there still mask mandates in place on some airlines?  The thought of breathing stale air 40,000 miles up is bad enough without factoring in having to wear a face nappy as well.

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