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  1. I have just spoken with the most senior nurse looking after my mother and I asked her to have it noted down that my mother is in no circumstances to be given midazolam and remdesvir. I also stated that she IS to be resuscitated in the event her organs fail. I stated that I wanted her off oxygen and they informed me she was just breathing air.
  2. Thank you to everyone who has responded. I'm glad you're here. This is a very stressful time as you can imagine but knowing I have somewhere I can speak means a great deal to me.
  3. I have spoken to John O'Looney and send him some background information. He is going to put the word out. He's a really nice bloke.
  4. She hasn't been jabbed yet. She has to wait 28 days first. But they are working on her. For her to be completely anti this vaccine and in under 2 days be telling me that I need to be jabbed and that if I don't I never loved her, something is going on in there.
  5. I spoke with her this morning and she is adamant that she is staying put, that I am a threat to her because I am not jabbed and that I am not to have anything further to do with her until I get jabbed. I told her I would not do that and then she said "Then you have probably killed me., I likely got this from you." What she has are side effects from antibiotics being used to build a case for covid and they have clearly been getting to her because of the way she is now speaking to me. "If you don't get jabbed then you don't love me." I had to put the phone down on her in the end because I was shocked at how much she has changed. I could feel the hostility. They are brainwashing her. She is also back on the oxygen which is not a good sign. They are knackering her lungs so she ends up with pneumonia. I won't be seeing my mother again. She is going to die in there.
  6. Thank you. I called again today and there was an even greater difference in my mother. She said to me straight away "If you don't get jabbed then you don't love me. You need to get jabbed." She told me she was back on the oxygen and that she was in a lot of pain. That they were injecting her stomach with needles and that no one should have to go through this kind of pain and that all I need to do is get jabbed. Again she said "If you don't get jabbed then you have never loved me. I can't see you again if you don't get jabbed. You need to move out." I am not currently able to work and I am not in receipt of benefits. I will be made homeless.I was horrified by how weak she sounded and by the way she was speaking to me. They have clearly been getting to her in terms of what they must have been saying to her.
  7. Thank you. It's over really. I already don't recognise my mother. She is just a walking, talking advertisement for the vaccine industry. Praising the NHS and its doctors. She thinks she is going to come out and yet the same doctor she is praising is asking me about resuscitation protocols should her organs fail.
  8. How do I contact John O'Looney though? Does anyone know?
  9. They haven't administered any. They can't give her any for 28 days because she has been diagnosed with Covid. She has agreed to have all 3.
  10. Before she went in I would have said YES but hearing her bigging up the jabs today, less than 24 hours after she went in, I can't say. I think they are definitely getting to her because of her use of the word 'stupid' to denote my wish to remain unvaccinated when up until yesterday she too had not been jabbed.
  11. My local trust is https://www.nhs.uk/Services/Trusts/Overview/DefaultView.aspx?id=1249
  12. She hasn't been given any yet. They have to wait 28 days before she takes her first one because she has been diagnosed with Covid. They will give her the first one and then she will be discharged to have the next one and the booster in intervals. I don't have the funds for a lawyer.
  13. I haven't. I will ask to speak to someone more senior tomorrow. I'm completely out of my depth here. What should I be asking please?
  14. I have spoken to the specialist doctor who is treating her.
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