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  1. This will be my last post here on this forum. I have noticed a worrying trend on these boards over the time I have been here, of certain posters shutting people down, branding them this that or the other and/or derailing topics so they become pale imitations of what they could have been. It's no longer worth my while being here which is a shame because when I first arrived, this forum was a breath of fresh air. It's been a difficult year for me personally and many here offered support, some sadly who have left this forum also. For those of you who did so and are still here, I am very grateful. Thank you. I'm going to say goodbye now and I wish all of you who have good intents through being here (thankfully the majority), all the very best for now and the future.
  2. A typical knee-jerk emotional response. Branding me racist/homophobic. It's tiresome.
  3. Have you seen the new Virgin airline advert? It starts off with a black woman looking into a mirror while gay anthem I Am What I Am plays. Then we see a bearded man wearing make up, then a large black man who looks very camp then it ends with a female pilot who looks like 'she' could be trans. I watched another advert where a kid is making tea for her stuffed animal friends and there is a clear rainbow just behind her, which ticks a lot of boxes - LGBT, clapping for the NHS, Noahide beliefs.
  4. My feeling is that the 'cure' for Mpox will end up decimating the gay community all over again. Although many within it are on meds which stop HIV replicating within their bodies, their immune systems are already compromised. This will lead to further stigmatisation/demonisation of these men - a la 1980's AIDS crisis. I believe that every 'virus' which appears now will simply be a symptom of the jabs and every cure put forward will finish people off which will be put out on MSM as deadly new variants of 'Covid' and we know what the cure is for that - keep taking your jabs. It's obvious not enough children were vaccinated first time round hence why a chickenpox type virus has now appeared and at exactly the same time as countries are being asked to sign up for the WHO Charter. Will the majority see this though? I highly doubt it. More money and control for TPTB and less freedom and money for us.
  5. Blimey. She has a distinct Skeletor vibe about her.
  6. I would imagine those who happily queued up to take the C0vid vaxx will be the same ones who will take the sm4llpx jabs, with zero questions asked.
  7. Well, this is very strange and has shades of MK-Ultra about it.
  8. It's fascinating. All the information is out there about what's in the jabs and yet not one zombie jab junkie thinks to put 2 and 2 together. The MPox then is a side effect to the jabs, gay pride events will likely not take place this year because this is moving now at such a pace, they can safely jettison the useful idiots they have carefully programmed through 'cultural' Marxism for the past 50 years in so called educational (indoctrination) establishments.
  9. That's interesting. One of my neighbours has been very ill this year with shingles. He's fully jabbed.
  10. The AZ jab contains within it modified DNA from sick monkeys, adrenovirus cells.
  11. Yep. I believe this is going to happen.
  12. This is a great question. For those with a love for money, chasing it would no longer have any relevance. They would eventually then have to go within. For those with a love for truth, spirituality etc we would go deeper within much more quickly. The 2 groups would meet in time. Divisions will have ceased. Similarities would abound and perhaps in time, a union would occur. How frightening that would be for the money-printers. Just some thoughts there.
  13. No echoes then of the 1980's when AZT was ravaging already debilitated 'men who have sex with men' and had Fauci's fingerprints all over it.
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