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  1. having Not Seen Anything Of Her Apart from some old photos I suspect She's either Gone or Not Far Off
  2. Found this by chance Razorback - Voodoo Who Do There's something amidst in the world Haven't you guessed shapeshifter? While you hold in to your war so dear We're growing fat, fat in your fear You and your voodoo, hoodoo Talking your voodoo, hoodoo Soon we'll be out to haunt you You mensch have fallen out of grace Don't you know that we're out to get you? You and your voodoo, who do I look inside you and I know you're untrue I've come to punish you for your taboo I take any form and any gender I am the seer of all the great pretenders I am shapeshifter I am shapeshifter Soon we'll be out to haunt you You mensch have fallen out of grace Don't you know that we're out to get you? You and your voodoo, who do Talk, talkin', talkin', voodoo, who do Talk, talkin', talkin', voodoo, who do Your runestones and your voodoo, who do? With a bit of love we die a little bit Mensch fools will never come to this We take any form and any gender We are the seers of all the great pretenders We are shapeshifters We are shapeshifters Talk, talkin', talkin', voodoo, who do Talk, talkin', talkin', voodoo, who do Your runestones and your voodoo, who do? Talk, talkin', talkin', voodoo, who do Talk, talkin', talkin', voodoo, who do Your runestones and your voodoo, who do?
  3. Cheers for Info I use my own phone most of time, not that I like using them, just i have limited data and soon use it up on listening to videos while at work driving, so thought I'll use there's and it's blocked, so it was more just info that they are blocking some of the Truth Sites
  4. He got that Position in Co-op Bank and the only Bank knowledge he had was from School Work Experience for a week. I'd been wondering for years what's causing all this Cancer and Dementia, had to be something like food I suspected, not looked into that side of things but the more I read and listen to David's work, the more many of my own theories come true, very shocking and wish I'd been learning years back Before I'd started to watch videos of his in last few months, I said to my Mum other year, The Doctors are just money making Scam, Just give prescription for some tablets and off you go, never deal with the actual issue, they have my partner on something like 20 a day, it's a joke, side effects from one thing, so here's another, and just goes on. I need to find alternate and get her off the poison.
  5. Shocking what they'll come up with isn't it, If that's there game which I suspect it is, I wanted to start posting it before them so people are clued up beforehand Today it's back to Mandatory Jabs Agenda for Hospital Staff, nothing to do with the Vaccine Deaths in Hospital, nope it's the unvaccinated again that's caused the 11,688 people to die in hospital that were in for other ailments and caught covid Keep telling people, stop getting tested and stop getting Jabbed, hard work though
  6. So last Night I opened Parcel and Started to Read the Tales From The Time Loop. Not really a big book reader, Comics I did like because more Pics less words. I thought I'll have a quick look as it was already 11pm 12pm and page 13 I thought I better put it down and sleep, very interesting reading his thoughts from Child upwards, I too used to hate school, wasn't interested in what they told me, I have always been able to entertain myself. I would sit there staring while my mind was thinking or other things or daydreaming of something better. I was also born in Leicester. I was always happy to be Goalie too Will enjoy reading this book, another reason I've never read many books, I find it difficult to read them, because my mind wanders while I read, I miss a lot of the information because I've was thinking of other things, then have to start the page again so it can take me a while
  7. Ok so many things will be explained as earlier in this thread On Video Quality etc and I would of probably just thought the same previously. I get that many people won't believe David, someone commented the other day on something I said, Basically it sounds like this person Believes what David says on things where he proved them to be true having spoken about them years before and now we see it happen, so they can see that and believe it, but when it comes to Holographic Universe, Shape Shifting and Reptilians they straight out Dismiss it and still think he's mad on these topics, saying you can trust some of the things he says but other things you can't That's only because they can't see the proof, The majority of the world hasn't seen any proof of Covid Virus, Proof Vaccine Works etc Yet they all believe it because Mainstream Media Tells them, So people will straight out deny this is real because there is no proof but otherthings they can't see they believe, the World really is Insane My Partner, Who is really into Sci-Fi Movies, TV Shows. I thought she might find some of the Shape Shifting Reptilian stuff interesting, her Response is, Davids Mad, I don't believe it, she did say I'll believe it when I see it, I said well why when you see it? Because then I can believe it! So I said, well you believe in God? and she says yes! Well you've never seen him so why believe that. Answer was... That's Different Well it's just not So there's another Angle to the Argument, why do so many people go and worship someone they've never seen? Yet Deny this instantly Today I look at this thread out of interest, and instantly I am reminded of a photo I took other week, 20 Oct. I watch GMB now to see what Lies there pushing, specially Dr Evil Jones. when I looked after on this Photo, I thought what is wrong with Susanna's Eyes. I've just mentioned it to my partner, and I was just looking at this thread on Shape shifting in News, Straight away she says, she's not an alien, but then wanted me to send her the photo, waiting for her silly comment she actually said, that does look weird, "why didn't you zoom in on her more when you took photo" I didn't take the photo of her, I took photo on the Headline to remind me what nonsense there talking that day, just afterwards I looked at photo and thought whats up with her eyes, Oh she says, so it's sparked some interest now, it's probably nothing but I wasn't taking photo because I saw something or looking for it, just noticed it
  8. Not one of David's Books but he Recommended It, Michael Talbot - Holographic Universe. Questions I used to think when I was quite young were, What's the point of all this?, Why are we here?, What's it all about? and Surely where not the only things in Universe? I've Asked others do you think these thoughts, Answer So Far has been No, My Partner Loves Sci-Fi but doesn't get it or believe any of it! My Mum said when I was born she could see in my Eyes I had knowledge already from a past life. After listening to DVDs and Videos online things in this world make far more sense to me than ever before, what were all told never made sense Also I bought 2 Of David's ..... Tales From The Time Loop and The Trigger Will be reading them soon, find it all very interesting
  9. It's just Unreal watching them all at Collection Of Pricks 26 Obama Spouting a load of rubbish as well No Mention of Prince Andrew On Climate Agenda Surely The time to have been talking about Plastic would of been years ago before we had all the plastic, it's like they have created a problem to now try and solve it by reducing something they didn't need to produce, Then they can use that as another angle of Climate Change and as we seeing now Microplastic could cause Immune System issues because we take in 2000 - 7000 particles a day and this will be used to explain Vaccine Indury/deaths as another part of Climate Emergency
  10. Don't give them Ideas, they'll be offering Jabs at Fairgrounds next, Shoot For Jabs Anyone, Hook a Jab
  11. Work Colleague Gets Flu Jab Every year, in his 30's He is overweight and has couple of health issues so scared by it all, even though everything else he dismisses and no amount of info I tell him makes slightest Difference, He's had his 2 covid Jabs and Will be getting his Booster any Time Told By Dr to get 1st Covid Jab early because they put him in Vulnerable Group So sad to see, I've told him so much over last 2 months and last week he said I don't believe any of it so hasn't listened to a word I've said
  12. Hi All, New to the Forum but not to Davids Work Friend has been Talking about it since 11/9, Didn't buy the Collapsing buildings at all. Anyway I Started to Watch GMB again with Piers Morgan on, Loved the War on Woke just a shame he's following Main Stream Media Nonsense, Not saying I admire the guy or anything just better than complete clowns on it now, I only watch it now to see what level of Lies they are all pushing, specially that Dr Evil Jones who gave his mate Tim Spector a Mention So Todays Newest Report is this Micro plastics, "It's 100x Worse Than We Thought" Amazingly they have just last year made a new machine to measure these Micro Plastics, It Simply Wasn't possible before now, just happens to be same year as Covid? Were supposed to believe they went to Moon in 1960's and untill the Covid year they couldnt make a machine to measure this! Michelle Morrison a GMB Reporter lets them in her home to measure the levels of Micro Plastics to shocking outcome and talk of 2 giraffes in height and high as Buildings, then over to some Dr who says we need to research this more, If these tiny particles get into your Bloodstream we could see... and reels off a list of Basically Health and Deaths were seeing Currently in Vaccinated! Alberto Costa also Joins in and many of these particles come off our clothes and if we have Washing Machines with Filters, that could remove these Particles making it safer. Is this not just another Angle to Push new Washing Machine Sales Like Dyson with Vacuum Cleaners. Just wondered what your thoughts are on this? I'm no expert but I just keep seeing things after listening to David's great work and Connecting Dots after wards Oh My it gets worse From this the only thing I can see it triggering is more cover ups of Vaccine deaths, I'm stunned they claiming "Could Damage Immune System" there is no level they will stop at is there But fragmentation doesn't stop there: microplastics can keep breaking up until they are like dust particles. This is called nanoplastic, and it's difficult to measure as it is impossible to separate from the environment. 'Microplastics are everywhere,' says Alex McGoran, London NERC DTP PhD student at Royal Holloway and at the Museum. 'They're in the water, soil and the air we breathe. Part from Daily Mail on this The average person may be inhaling 7,000 tiny pieces of toxic plastic every day, a study has found. The study by Dr Fay Couceiro, a pollution expert, at one London home suggests that people consume between 2,000 and 7,000 microplastics a day. The amount of microplastics detected in the home of Michelle Morrison, a Good Morning Britain reporter, was a hundred times greater than expected. Researchers counted particles of less than 10 microns, about a tenth of the width of a human hair. The highest concentration was in an eight-year-old girl’s room, where bedding, carpet and soft toys were the largest source. Professor Anoop Chauhan, a respiratory specialist with Portsmouth Hospitals Trust, told the Daily Mail that microplastics could damage the immune system, trigger inflammation
  13. Just Like John O'looney I was working for part of the Co-Op group till they had to sell it off thanks to that Paul Flowers, Cost Many many people their Jobs and Still Is, so I could emphasise when he Got Out in the Period of Change and gave credibility to his Story for me straight away These Companies just jump on the latest Agenda to Push Sales, It's Disgusting
  14. For many years now I've thought it's just moved a bit, we seem to get april Showers in May, More sun In September, why wouldn't things Change? Listening to all the Nonsense of Climate Change is one of the reasons that has me looking for Truth and finding my way here, as well as Good Friend and my Mum that have mentioned Davids work since 9/11 or 11/9 as we all know it
  15. I have always wondered why on earth anyone under 16 was ever allowed on Social Media with the content and predators on them, 18 would be more appropriate but then you wonder how they implement that, yet my Company work Phone doesn't allow me to view Bitchute because it says I need to prove Age because it's restricted to 18+ David Icke Website just comes back with Failure error so totally blocked from it on work phone
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