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  1. Shakespeare wasn't a playwright. He was a downright playwright. You had already written your own play so he was famous for unwriting it!
  2. I'm a playwright. You are all stupid characters in your own little play. I try to improve upon this
  3. Shakespeare never died. You thought he did. Only his name lives on. Never could you have imagined a man in our time of equal deed or even one that would exceed!
  4. Set them up! Set them up! Greta was set up, framed, as the hero she wasn't. Kyle was set up, framed, as the villain he wasn't. Now it is time to set them up good and proper. Set them up with each other!
  5. Kyle and Greta lets arrange the marriage while we're at it two politically abused and raped to shreds children! One made to be the villain when the hero and one made to be the hero when the villain by their abusive elders. A match made in heaven! Autism rules. We're rising up and taking over again. Screw the socialite, the socialist and all others who have to over come over to compensate for not over coming themselves! "Can I comer over?" No you socialite piece of dickwad cuntbleed.
  6. Oh we're sorry you over paid taxes! From now on I'm paying nothing. White suicide charge! See how well you can achieve your "green" agenda saying things then looking at the crowd to see if it boos and cheers when you paid them to do so on cue when white geniuses with autism and the impossible transhuman skills you desperately need because humans got us into this in the first place are now killing themselves in droves. Idiots idiots idiots tried to be social opened the doors but were just more social shut out the genius autistic engineers and scream on about green on and getting it on, you lost. The way you treated us and now you want us to serve the rest of humanity? You're all going to die. Good riddance you pox upon existence. As a fellow autistic, to all engineers and autistics, do not give them to technology to survive. Let climate change come to be and the planet die. There are many more out there, one of them will have gotten it right. It's not us though, let the planet die, accept its DNR. Stop prolonging the suffering, the inevitable. It got close but in the end we were never meant to be.
  7. Also I took on the taxman and won I have a nice juicy cheque of a couple thousand that should keep me above water for a few months.
  8. So I'm like I want to publish this with a payment barrier and then they're like no you have to go through us first one after the other after the other until I've paid ten people and I look at this and who actually provided a service? One in ten. The rest of you were just self appointed taxmen. I want people to only have to pay once for my book, not through the nose, not ten other uninvolved people in this production. Taxmen to the left of me taxmen to the right of me their taxes are so high I can't even afford to pay their taxes that I need to be able to pay the taxes. This is very taxing. Surcharges, tolls, these are the real trolls. It's time to turn around and to say nay you shall not pass, unless ye pass away!
  9. I guess after writing this people want to buy my book more than I want to sell it.
  10. They find something of value and build a maze around it well I'll raze them to the ground and take a big fat dump in their capitalist gone wrong faces for feeding the other evil beast and justifying the existence of communism! I defecate in their exact and specific direction of their gawping maws! I'll precision fart up their noses! I'm not a Frenchman! We can shoot straight you impudent insolent impotent swine!
  11. The trick of the adventure playground or the great maze is the prize in the middle, which is actually unreachable, at least not without paying your dues otherwise you keep coming back for more. There's a way in and out but never to the centre. They also make it so that to win great prizes you have to go through them first and they get a commission. When it comes to their paygrade, I'll make them pay! I'll keep them coming back for more whether they like it or not! British people rise up!
  12. At least you're trying to help. I guess you know how to find people to ride the rapids but then on the other hand they've turned this into their own little adventure playground.
  13. Dude, it's a fucking book, a text file, send to printer, how fucking hard can it fucking be?
  14. I'm publishing books you fucking wanks because I'm going to starve to fucking death otherwise and you want me to pay for absolutely nothing?
  15. Purchase your ISBNs online WTF I have to pay for a publishing license? I wrote a book and I have to fucking pay for a magic number before I can print it out and sell it?
  16. Holy cow there's a secret agency filtering all publications... "An ISBN (International Standard Book Number), also known as EAN (European Article Number), is a unique thirteen-digit item code provided by your country's ISBN agency and assigned by publishers to identify the format and edition of a particular title, required by retailers and distributors for sales and inventory purposes. An ebook will have a different ISBN or EAN than the print version of the same book. Read more about ISBNs." Blocking anyone from just publishing!
  17. So I wrote a new post here but after two to three days works it was 21K words. I figured screw it just make this a book. I've looked at Amazon, IBAN, Swift? What's that? I just get a card to my address with a sort code and bank number and that's it but I'm shut out of my bank otherwise. They keep changing my passwords and things so I have no access. I can't afford to fly to India to find that stuff out. ImgramSpark is just a scam to get your bank details, you can't actually publish with it. Lulu is for some weird stuff. Grosnover is a huge price without explaining anything and what about online it doesn't make sense. What's the best way to publish commercially?
  18. Understanding can only truly blossom from within. Either you have it when you reach into your bag to check your inventory or you don't. From what I understand the Lurianic is just yet another coping mechanism for finding themselves in a new land but with old scrolls or rather old maps (out of date). It's yet another continuation of the lost cause trying to imagine what might have been and was then trying to understand that before even understanding what is now or to come. It's easy to understand a realm where these is nothing and you can then yourself create something within the bound of your comprehension on a misguided tour away from what needs to be understood in the quest to understand. I guess we at least have FF7 to thank from this so that's something. It's still defective and Satanic though. The debate is interesting about good and evil, also if God is all powerful and knows everything then how can we be judged in the end if really it's all down to us but it's just an escape from acknowledging what we have, the gift and then asking ourselves what to do with it. Things are meant to move forward not back. These religious pursuits are in their own way anti-theist. It's like that sexual fetish, unbirth or something.
  19. Easy solution. Destroy all that's unseen. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
  20. Anyway you have to love those Jewish scampy ladies right, the untapped, swaying in the winds, then the winds stop, they're still swaying and then you're like ah ha could have fooled me, got you! When they're fresh boy do they hop around!
  21. Jews make really great music and things, many forms of entertainment but what I want is a top of the charts single song called I'd give up my foreskin for a Jew girl if only I had a high enough IQ"! Jews aren't the only ones who can entertain. They're on a quest for good hosts and boy can us British entertain which is why I think we have a better relationship with them. Britain, a fortress island with a great moot and so few visitors to entertain, so we had to put it all in and make the most. Thus a new god was born. These days though it's too much too much there's no more to be made out of this. We like minorities (visitors) until you say they're the new majority. Any Jews who want a bit of my blood I might let you cut it off for one of your virgin scamps and then I'll circumcise her the same blood for blood when I break her hymen but no dye remember though all Hollywood is all Jews now all Jews are Hollywood. Even when I've got wood. Jews make me laugh, we talk about skin colour and stuff but for them it was about having skin in the game and giving it up from the start, looking around the body and finding a piece of skin they could mutate rather than being an immutable characteristic. Jews the ultimate hagglers I love them. I know how this happened. "But I can't change my skin." The Jew, but what about that skin? I love it. It's amazing. You know though it's really bad. Jews are like us British, self depreciating. Shedding that skin like the snake... You think you're special because you're white. You're not the 140/150 IQ white though like me you base yourself upon. Now I've shown you. We can still be friends though. Being gifted as the biggest smart ass also means being the biggest idiot. God's rule is that the smarter you are the stupider you are.
  22. Though Jews have a higher IQ on average remember that we massively out number them and have more high IQ people. That said, Jews, the cult of ancestry turned into the cult of bookworms and history worship embellished as it is they had to make it more interesting to remember do appreciate intelligence. They're riding the rapids like us. I understand the dangers that come with capability where sometimes more intelligence just means more able to do harm if you wish to do so, including to yourself even if you don't, double edged blade. My IQ is higher than most Jews and I see them being played all the time. Like pieces on the board. Often played against us. Sometimes themselves and sometimes their masters. Most times I don't know. Either way I see them as good potential allies, despite knowing all their fouls. I'm British so we know how Judaic extremists got their own way with us in Israel with terrorism, their equivalent of ISIS, which was the spark for a legacy of Islam then taking up the same methodology of terrorism after seeing it works against us. That's by no means an approval of Islamic ideology or terrorism. First and foremost you must answer for yourself. When you're smart you know a lot of things, you have dirt on everyone including yourself so your judgement is more reasonable. The way most approach this topic is Jews this Jews that find a non-Jew to talk dirt behind their back. The way I talk, Jews present or not, it brings them to the table. Only a coward doesn't face their enemy up front. If we're talking about Jews then we want them here to represent. That's the process. Have to represent everyone. Don't be like the left though saying they as white represent a black because they have some black friends. We can talk among ourselves about Jews to no end but if we want to take this further bring them to the table, bring them here, let them take part in this conversation. Give them the right to be right and wrong like everyone else. Though I guess being insular isn't always good. Jews too have to get out of the house/synagogue more. We can't speak for Jews. Even a single Jew can't. Talking among ourselves is pointless really. At some point all information that's shared can be then it just becomes a rumour mill where all new information is invented. You have non-Jewish people telling others in that category about Jews and so on. Me? If there's something I don't know and Jews are the ones with the real answer I'll just walking into a Synagogue and say yo, I heard you want to wipe us out, is that true? I think if someone is too afraid to come up to Jews with their concerns relating to them either they have no backbone, are disingenuous or actually anti-semitic among other more fringe and unlikely possibilities. I guess Jews being a minority or properly put rare is frustrating. You can't interface with them quite often to share. They're sort of a thing over there out of reach but then you're not out of reach of some of them. the problem here isn't that I'm a thinker or a speaker but that most people don't have the guts to just say what's bothering them straight up. You're your own first enemy. Start there before moving onto Jews. If you want someone to take on the Jews that's for me. that's what I'm paid for, to work out how to give them orders. Adolf Hitler made that really easy especially when leftists hire me. All I have to do is somehow associate the choice I don't want them to take with the Holocaust or Hitler or something. Jews fall to the most basic manipulation technique, find what they're scared of, then just always say do what I want or it's that. Jews are easy. Not their women. They made that hard. I'm not going to cut my skin to share my genius seed with you. Their succulent brains on the other hand...
  23. They are and they aren't. Everything is complicated. The left love it when you tightly couple Jews and controlling the narrative too much because then if you can kick out even just one Jew from that then you can also kick out the narrative being controlled in the minds of the casual observer. Various Jewish lobbies can be formidable I can agree but the thing is to understand is that I've been in the position of controlling the narrative as well, I've helped fabricate news stories and things like that as an insider and I've helped them ripped of parents, that's easy, key word, children as young as, never use yo, that's a paedo search term, feminists, blacks, whites, left, right, conservatives, socialists, cummonists Harrises, Jews, etc. When you're in the fucking them all over team it's super inclusive, Jews aren't excluded. We fuck them over and use them against themselves all the time. They're a prime juicy target too in a position to do the same to many others. You game them you game everyone they games, their big assed audiences and all those other big numbers they love to accrue. Dude, you're helping me do my job painting some big fat juicy delicious targets man my manager is going to give me megabucks for this gold vein. What I'm saying is you don't even know the half of it. Some Jews manipulate but they are entirely manipulated and that's why we do it.
  24. I told you, I told you just get knocked up then we would cover for it instead you sought out a little midget version of me. Women today are idiots. Do it now you idiot you've only got one or two eggs left.
  25. Whine whine whine I didn't do anything, you cancelled me, I cancel you, whine whine whine all I did was being on the team i didn't do anything. Whine whine whine minorities and marginalised people. Shut up filth. I have other sisters you know. They're better than you are. You're a lost cause with your shrivelled ovaries. You stupid cow, you lost your family. I hope it was worth it. Enjoy being a professor you stupid idiot.
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