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  1. Shakespeare wasn't a playwright. He was a downright playwright. You had already written your own play so he was famous for unwriting it!
  2. I'm a playwright. You are all stupid characters in your own little play. I try to improve upon this
  3. Shakespeare never died. You thought he did. Only his name lives on. Never could you have imagined a man in our time of equal deed or even one that would exceed!
  4. Set them up! Set them up! Greta was set up, framed, as the hero she wasn't. Kyle was set up, framed, as the villain he wasn't. Now it is time to set them up good and proper. Set them up with each other!
  5. Kyle and Greta lets arrange the marriage while we're at it two politically abused and raped to shreds children! One made to be the villain when the hero and one made to be the hero when the villain by their abusive elders. A match made in heaven! Autism rules. We're rising up and taking over again. Screw the socialite, the socialist and all others who have to over come over to compensate for not over coming themselves! "Can I comer over?" No you socialite piece of dickwad cuntbleed.
  6. Oh we're sorry you over paid taxes! From now on I'm paying nothing. White suicide charge! See how well you can achieve your "green" agenda saying things then looking at the crowd to see if it boos and cheers when you paid them to do so on cue when white geniuses with autism and the impossible transhuman skills you desperately need because humans got us into this in the first place are now killing themselves in droves. Idiots idiots idiots tried to be social opened the doors but were just more social shut out the genius autistic engineers and scream on about green on and getting it on, you lost. The way you treated us and now you want us to serve the rest of humanity? You're all going to die. Good riddance you pox upon existence. As a fellow autistic, to all engineers and autistics, do not give them to technology to survive. Let climate change come to be and the planet die. There are many more out there, one of them will have gotten it right. It's not us though, let the planet die, accept its DNR. Stop prolonging the suffering, the inevitable. It got close but in the end we were never meant to be.
  7. Also I took on the taxman and won I have a nice juicy cheque of a couple thousand that should keep me above water for a few months.
  8. So I'm like I want to publish this with a payment barrier and then they're like no you have to go through us first one after the other after the other until I've paid ten people and I look at this and who actually provided a service? One in ten. The rest of you were just self appointed taxmen. I want people to only have to pay once for my book, not through the nose, not ten other uninvolved people in this production. Taxmen to the left of me taxmen to the right of me their taxes are so high I can't even afford to pay their taxes that I need to be able to pay the taxes. This is very taxing. Surcharges, tolls, these are the real trolls. It's time to turn around and to say nay you shall not pass, unless ye pass away!
  9. I guess after writing this people want to buy my book more than I want to sell it.
  10. They find something of value and build a maze around it well I'll raze them to the ground and take a big fat dump in their capitalist gone wrong faces for feeding the other evil beast and justifying the existence of communism! I defecate in their exact and specific direction of their gawping maws! I'll precision fart up their noses! I'm not a Frenchman! We can shoot straight you impudent insolent impotent swine!
  11. The trick of the adventure playground or the great maze is the prize in the middle, which is actually unreachable, at least not without paying your dues otherwise you keep coming back for more. There's a way in and out but never to the centre. They also make it so that to win great prizes you have to go through them first and they get a commission. When it comes to their paygrade, I'll make them pay! I'll keep them coming back for more whether they like it or not! British people rise up!
  12. At least you're trying to help. I guess you know how to find people to ride the rapids but then on the other hand they've turned this into their own little adventure playground.
  13. Dude, it's a fucking book, a text file, send to printer, how fucking hard can it fucking be?
  14. I'm publishing books you fucking wanks because I'm going to starve to fucking death otherwise and you want me to pay for absolutely nothing?
  15. Purchase your ISBNs online WTF I have to pay for a publishing license? I wrote a book and I have to fucking pay for a magic number before I can print it out and sell it?
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