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  1. Indeed, he's always on about the size of his little willy. I watched him for a few months and then he started to censor me for no reason. I personally think he's a pied piper, or paid piper. Its all lovey showbiz crap, with campness to boot. Has he got a misses, at first I thought he was gay, it makes no difference, but he does mention Mrs Belfield quite a lot? Definitely a shil, a good one too, my acquaintances believe in him. Anyone who is still on youtube has to be a shil, they ban everything, to them whistling on a Tuesday should be illegal.
  2. Stop trying, you're talking to zombies, there's no point. My mother is 90, she had the jab the first, she didn't have dementia beforehand, she is becoming someone I don't recognise more every day. The lady over the rd, fell flat on her face and damaged both shoulders and her husband is going in to care as he isn't with us anymore. 3 of my mums friends are either in hospital or a home, they are getting hit first. If you're enlightened, you wouldn't have had any jab and will be rounded up with people like me. I'd worry about that, if you've resisted bs, coercion, bribery, gifts and being threatened, you won't fit in, we are off to the camp. Bring a canteen.
  3. The police can't cope with a couple of people going to the park, i think it's time for VIVA LA REVOLUTION! They are so frightened of the truth coming out on youtube, i had a comment deleted for saying 'jew'. So, I wrote it again but put 'the J word', that got deleted as well. I then wrote 'Hebrews', deleted. I'm with the people on here that say it's a good thing, people only go far out to protect themselves when they are about to be found out. The American woman who killed the guy on the bike and Prince Andrew have caused a big problem, common sense is swap but they can't. What's Andy frightened of, surly the yanks will just take him to dinner and then send him home saying they are satisfied. It's what's not happening that's interesting.
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