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  1. Rely on technology with an uncorruptable, rock solid, but publicly know algorithm.
  2. I was wondering about the voice of the minority. Is it simply a case of everyone having equal access to convince the masses? Can DD ever be condusive to social change and enhancement if rule breakers and mavericks are never able to break the popularity barrier.
  3. Wow, I wasn't expecting such a through process within the forum, very efficient. Your suggestions do bring back key elements I was thinking along the lines of when considering such a system some time ago. I do, however, struggle with the part where a proposal needs to be agreed by the nearest Constitution Court. This is an area where censorship and corruption could influence the whole setup. Surely, if there is enough backing for an idea, it should be escalated without prejudice. You may get the odd 'Boatie Mc Boatface' scenario, but people would soon learn to respect the power and importance of submitting worthwhile proposals. Anything too pointless or damaging is unlikely to receive the votes needed to progress.
  4. I really know very little about it all, I just liked its underling ethos: 'We are all born sovereign, with inalienable birthrights, and are free to live life the way we chose, provided we don't cause harm, injury, damage or loss to others.' However there would be times when harm could be done, even if unintentionally. It is on such occasions a system of DD could come in handy.
  5. Yep, get your point, an ultimate DD solution would override the fact any anyone has autonomy over another. Everyone would need equal ability to have their voices and opinions heard which can then be democratically filtered? But then who would you trust to oversee this, or would the system have to be so bulletproof it would oversee itself?
  6. Haven't the foundations along these lines been thought through already... https://www.universal-community-trust.org It is something I know very little about and is problematic in that it is founded on a lack of response from the Queen etc. However, it seems to be based on the type of ideas being discussed.
  7. Direct Democracy has been something I have been mulling over for some time now. I remember in the past working out a truly fair way it could be administered, it was a while back and can't remember all the ins and outs I considered. I would like to post an education framework I have developed, designed to free up learning in all its forms, as I believe this to be essential to pave the way to democratic freedoms: https://link.medium.com/NfId2C4yPkb
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