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  1. Weren't interested anyway, well rough.....honest.
  2. Good luck with your search. When I was on dating sites I hoped to find a similar woman however my now partner of 6 years is accepting of my views at least. Fortunately her brother in law is as big a "crackpot" as I am so I at least I got a real life person to talk about these things. POF has a keyword search if that helps. I think I searched Icke or conspiracy a few times and there was one match in the whole country and she wasn't interested
  3. Enter shikari - nearly all of it from album 2 onwards. One of few completly independent bands made their own label from the beginning.
  4. Something that still annoys me to this day is that before joining secondary school we went for a trial day before leaving primary. On this day we all do a test which would decide which class you are in. I didn't understand it, I mean it wasn't questions or arithmetic or spelling it was pattern based and I failed miserably and was put in class 5 of 7. There were kids in my class who could barely read or write, yet I was also there with an apparent reading age of 17 according to my English teacher, A and B grades consistently for the first two years however there stayed with the kids who just messed around and smoked cigarettes between classes. Something has never say right with me about that. Doomed to D grades at best in GCSE despite my requests to be given a chance in the higher class. 3rd year onwards I decided to skate by, why bother with homework and do bare minimum. Yeah I got those D grades with my coursework being about a page and a half long when people gave in binders. They had to delay and investigate my maths coursework and exam I think because they couldn't believe how I got maximum possible grade with my half arsed coursework and 2 hour exam completed in 30 minutes. I slept through most of the exam s while everybody stressed as worried. Maybe I should stop being annoyed about it as I've done alright for being on the verge of remedial class.
  5. Kent is where I come from these days I'm in the South West. Driving through Dorchester a lot recently and theirs a lot of covid hoax grafitti on the road signs. Well done those Men/Women
  6. Assuming You have seen lord of the rings (fellowship) did your experience remind you of when Saruman beats Gandalf in their duel and is using magic to throw him around the room. Your post reminded me of a time I was in bed and when falling asleep I felt I was being thrown from my floor to ceiling repeatedly. It was terryfying, I was screaming out loud however the housemates heard nothing.
  7. Not completely off topic. Any thoughts about the amount of storms we had between September 19 and March 20. I have never known so many in my 34 years knocking around this place. A connection maybe?
  8. Chef


    https://www.thespruceeats.com/quick-refrigerator-dill-pickles-1327785 I use this recipe as a base and add fennel seed as well. cold crisp pickled vegetables go down so well in a hot day. Marks n sparks food is agreat place to find things to pickle theyre always reducing their veg to pennies by the end of the day. yellow sticker crew!
  9. Stolenhistory.org has some great threads almost dedicated to these types of topics. I enjoy lurking their as the information shared is way beyond my level of research at this time.
  10. Recently got back into gaming during the lockdown after nearly a decade away from it. All these new games look great handle poorly in my opinion well the ones I played anyway. I've started replaying the ones from my era, Final fantasy mainly (XV was dissapointing despite looking fantastic) I feel like giving the I-VI era a try after being a snob about them as a teen.
  11. After trying almond and coconut milk I find they just dont blend with the tea enough. Soy milk has been the best of the rest so far for me however its the packaging that puts me off more than anything. I should make some oat milk I have plenty of oats and see how that goes. Any sugestions on naturally caffeine free teas?
  12. Thanks for the input. You are correct about being away from the crowd. I remember when I made the decision as a 13 year old to stop trying to be part of the crowd, I've felt overlooked since becaus of it however thats a small price to pay compared to a life time of social toilling. I think to certain extent they will have their way, the flock will be culled and the free thinkers will have an opportunity to survive, so important that we take that chance whether Black, white believers of simulation or flat earther all must unite.
  13. Chef


    What are peoples thoughts on pickling as as a way of preserving? Using good ingredients and sea salt is my preferred method over canned goods. I'll pickle anything except parsnips and celery, that didnt work out at all too fibrous.
  14. I knocked the caffeine on the head a few weeks ago it has helped. So many people left in the lurch right now.
  15. Were both lucky to have someone there for us. My misses cant wait to go back to me bending her ear constantly.
  16. My mental health has plummeted the last few weeks. I've for the most part managed my anxiety and depression for the last 15 years since it bagan around 18yo. Losing my contract I work over the summer has left me on universal credit which has meant coming up to 5 months of austerity and debts mounting up. The worst thing for me is that my wages for this summer were going to set me up in self employment and now I'm back in the financial pit I got myself out of last year. I wish I could say I gambled my money away or went on a massive bender but no a questionable virus put me back in my place. I wish I could persuade my partner to drop out the system with me today, I think she will if they roll out mandatory vaccines.
  17. Seems like a lot of people has a problem with Villa for different reasons. As a Newcastle fan I'll never forget their taunting when they beat Newcastle in 2009 to relegate them, seemed so unnecessary, felt so good to smash them 6-0 on our return. I've never seen a non rival club take such delight in another teams demise. I remember a a large grouo of Chelsea fans booing their own players for scoring a late goal to relegate Derby a fair few years ago. Shame Bournemouth had to go, that town is a second home for me. Eddie Howe seems a very likable chap
  18. I'm just not going in shops for the forseeable. I've considered a luchador or plague mask as well as a paper bag with eye holes even then I still feel like I'm complying.
  19. Chef


    Ripe banana and a bit of nutmeg for me.
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