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  1. On light critters it's great to hear I'm not the only one. To me they look like parasites and assume that they are parasites. Lots of talk about parasites across the whole alternative spectrum which makes me think that's what it is.
  2. Great. I thought I would get away with shooting season this year. Assuming this exempts pheasant, quail and partridge. Last year my landlord rented the adjacent land to a shooting company, the bastards think they can trample round our garden as they please. Looks like I will be digging holes in my garden after all, see how they like being game.
  3. That's great. Ive seen only a few snippets so far
  4. Is there any good videos or documents to research this guy? Good ol you toob doesn't have a lot
  5. Such a shame. A month or so ago there was people questioning KD intentions towards the site (suggesting he's a shill/honeytrap) I could see the forum going down hill from there unfortunately. I never interacted there as it was so heavily research based interactions, it made for great reading however.
  6. Does anybody from here visit stole history. Seems to be down or hacked as well as the forum creators Twitter deleted. I lurk there so wondered if any one here is maybe more active? Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask.
  7. It would be an interesting time if we had a new monarch however it's surely a different head of the same beast.
  8. The misses and I went out with the intention of eating in a restaurant a couple of weeks ago we got in the door to be greeted by a waitress wearing a mask, I looked round the dining room to see all staff masked up and I just couldn't do it and had to leave ended up with a bag of fish and chips each before the drive home. Shame that the first place we tried the staff all had faces but unfortunately fully booked. I always thought my job would be safe until the other day where I saw automaton burger robots, what's next robo fish filleters?
  9. A lot of truth ride forever and very rarely has being a good honest person been for my benefit. I discussed this with somebody recently a fellow honest virtuous person and we can't understand why the pack want to tear us down all the time despite this we will never change our behaviour toward others.
  10. I received universal credit only as I'm fairly recently self employed so lost out on my Summer/Autumn contract. To be honest it makes me sick that people got the grant whilst not losing out on earnings and people like myself and many others get next to fuck all.
  11. I just messaged him. Thank you.
  12. Any idea how to contact him? There is a local police informant (grass) who gets away with all sorts because of his cushy relationship with the police. I'd like some advice on how to approach this because the guy is a menace and needs justice before he kills somebody. Many local people want him off the streets and I feel I should attempt. Nearly ran me over when speeding down a residential road when he almost mounted a curb in his company car. Tried his website but no contact page that I can see.
  13. Weren't interested anyway, well rough.....honest.
  14. Good luck with your search. When I was on dating sites I hoped to find a similar woman however my now partner of 6 years is accepting of my views at least. Fortunately her brother in law is as big a "crackpot" as I am so I at least I got a real life person to talk about these things. POF has a keyword search if that helps. I think I searched Icke or conspiracy a few times and there was one match in the whole country and she wasn't interested
  15. Enter shikari - nearly all of it from album 2 onwards. One of few completly independent bands made their own label from the beginning.
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