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  1. I'd like to believe given Wealth and or influence I would change things for the better. However the old adage that absolute power corrupts absolutely, I know this for myself to be true after a small bit of power I was given at School corrupted me to cheat for my own benefit, my ego. I hope now 22 years on I wouldn't be so corrupted by any power, I've never sought after it since even though I was given this position because of my trustworthy nature, which proved not to be as strong as believed. One thing that cemented my awakening at the age of 19 was that we have to pay from water, the key to our survival. I haven't paid in years to be fair, I'm on a shared supply of with the neighbours so knowing that I refuse to pay ( my small victory in this battle that is life) If I ever fall into a bit of power again I strive to use it for good and not be corrupted by it. Thougg it is not something I want or will look for
  2. Good spot on the 9/11 advert. Something's going on beneath with all this convid malarkey.
  3. I understand it gets tiresome when it decent into flaming. I didn't wan to break any rules were I to post something, on second thoughts it's probably not worth the outcome. Thank you grumpy owl
  4. Is flat earth discussion not allowed on this forum? I notice a lot of the threads are locked.
  5. Well now is their chance, WHO knows what is in the vaccines
  6. Hard to say imo. The only answer I would accept as gospel is after I had measured it for myself, which isn't allowed as we can't go there, also there isn't a big enough tape measure.
  7. I'm glad others notice it. I'm of the opinion that internet we use is a beta test for post reset if such a thing happens.
  8. I do hope Trump and the qanon connection is true as I hope Trump and his team really can bring down the elite like it's been mooted. Something huge is going on and imo convid is the smokescreen covering up what is happening, my heart says says trump is somewhere in the middle of it
  9. Im assuming Jehovah's witness would also be exempt?
  10. I'm interested is dipping my toe in to the dark web in a bid to source some choice herbs, whether it's worth the risk I don't know as I'm in no way tech savvy
  11. Vivi of final fantasy fame?
  12. My partner says that a dream catcher while he sleeps gives her bad/ unpleasant dreams. Not to be a contrarian or anything.
  13. On light critters it's great to hear I'm not the only one. To me they look like parasites and assume that they are parasites. Lots of talk about parasites across the whole alternative spectrum which makes me think that's what it is.
  14. Great. I thought I would get away with shooting season this year. Assuming this exempts pheasant, quail and partridge. Last year my landlord rented the adjacent land to a shooting company, the bastards think they can trample round our garden as they please. Looks like I will be digging holes in my garden after all, see how they like being game.
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