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  1. Also, in the interview Elizondo states that whilst some so called Conspiracy Theories are just nonsense, that some are in fact correct.
  2. Just happened to see this video: . It seems much less possibly just an odd coincidence when we also see Princess Diana in a similar red dress with white collar, supposedly after giving birth also. .... Wow.
  3. Listen to this recent interview with ex-Defence Force and public UFO Disclosure spokesperson, Luis Elizondo... Not far into it, he basically confirms that ETs are among us disguised, not unlike zoo keepers in 'panda suits' tending to pandas, so as "not to disturb the panda population". ...He says a few other interesting things. Giving clues without officially declaring yet. ...Also, he has been helping to set up a yearly global conference on UFOs in San Marino, Italy, to be approved of first by the San Marino government and then the UN. Also, intelligence and the US DoD is to give for at least the next five years, a yearly disclosure of known info on UFOs to Congress, with 80 day updates in between. Any as yet undisclosed information must be disclosed (citizens can then demand this from MPs if necessary). Also physical biological recovered UFO evidence is to be disclosed. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/wULw64ZL1Bg
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