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  1. When I was a kid in the UK we had cold winters and hot summers. It seems now that we don't get either extreme except for very brief periods, summers do not seem as hot and winters are definitely not as cold as they used to be, in my opinion, and I definitely feel that the seasons moved like you've stated. I think there's a lot of unnatural reasons for this as well as natural ones. While the climate does constantly change, and always has, mostly because of the sun (obvious right?), I have no doubt that what is being sprayed into the atmosphere via chemicals and weather modifying technology like haarp are altering the natural state of the environment. So many hot summer days are ruined by a mist of chemical cloud that only appears after planes have littered the skies with chemtrails. But I can't explain why the seasons appear to be moving.
  2. Those of us in the UK will all be familiar with Attenborough and his many years of nature documentaries. He's now become one of the leading voices on Climate Change and recently spoke at COP26. I'd like to put together some information on Attenborough. I don't know a lot, but I do know that his brother was a Hollywood movie star and a lot of his most recent documentaries have come under criticism for using CGI and fakery. There must be more dirt to dig up on Attenborough and his connection to the elite but it's a topic I've not explored myself. Does anyone have any relevant info? Thanks.
  3. This is a great book, probably one I quote to people more than most and it also led me to a ton of other great books. Coincidentally, I just received another book in the post this morning, 'Trance Consensus' with contributions from Walter Bowart and that is the only reason I got the book. Only a couple of days ago I did spot that there were a few copies of Operation Mind control on ebay starting around £40 so it does crop up now and again. Well worth reading.
  4. There was a lot of talk about this around the start of the pandemic. A few official photos surfaced in mainstream media of the Queen and Philip that were obviously photoshopped and it has also been confirmed by mainstream news that she will not return to Buckingham Place. I read she was in hospital recently and now resting. Is she still going? Not sure, would they lie about her death? Quite possibly. Not sure about the link to digital currency, the eventual move seems inevitable but I wasn't aware this was due to take place upon her death?
  5. This seems like an appropriate place for a bit of shameless self promotion. Also I will be making a note of some of these sites myself. I run conspiracytruths.co.uk. As well as publishing my own articles since 2009 I also have a new News section that is updated most days with news and links from alternative media sources from around the web. Although I may not explicitly agree with the detail of every news story, if it is on the site I have read it or watched the video and feel that the content is relevant enough to be shared. Here you can find a wealth of links and resources all in one place, just click the headline to expand the story and click 'read full article' to visit the sources.
  6. I wrote an article on the fake moon landings. I cover the 'evidence' that we have actually been to the moon, then cover who, where and why the moon landings were faked. This includes Stanley Kubricks involvement in the moon landings. Almost beyond doubt that they were filmed at Cinder Lakes in Arizona by Kubrick, giving him the a virtually unlimited budget to make 2001: A Space Odyssey, and he would be able to make any film he wanted, with no oversight from anyone, for the rest of his life. https://www.conspiracytruths.co.uk/apollo11.html
  7. I wrote an article on this incident. Interesting views - anti mask, anti mandated vaccines and anti lockdown. Read the article here.
  8. As a gay person I feel qualified to make a few comments here. First of all, don't worry, I am not offended by anyones opinion, and I've read the entire thread. Second, there most certainly is an agenda at play, but don't confuse yourselves with the idea that they are somehow making people gay. Trust me, this can't be done. You are either gay or you are not, you aren't influenced or manipulated into finding members of the same sex attractive. Perhaps through some advanced mind control techniques, but not with a few magazines and TV articles. What kids are being deliberately confused and influenced by at the moment is gender identity, or a lack of. Allowing people to ignore basic science and adopt alternative genders is a mainstream agenda being pushed on young adults and children, it still doesn't make them gay, it just messes them up. Third, I don't think many satanist really care about the gender of the children, they care only about the energy, yes it is sexually perverse, but I don't think that is what this is actually about for them, it is used because it is one of their ways of extracting/harnessing that energy, along with sacrifice and other rituals. Are more people gay today that 50 years ago? Who knows... You may think so, because it is now more accepted by society - perfectly reasonably if you ask me, why should it bother anyone else if two consenting adults want to be together? The agenda you are missing is that it not about gay men, it's about feminine men, and believe me most straight men these days are more feminine than me. This is why you see so many 'camp' personalities on TV, because masculinity is considered toxic these days. Why is oestrogen being pumped into food and water these days, what is that doing to men? The LGBT community (or whatever sequence of letters it calls itself now) does not represent all of us. In fact I am offended to be cast into a group of people who seem to demand a different label for every aspect of their schizophrenic personality. While I think people should be allowed to do whatever they want so long as it does not impede on, cause harm or upset others, being gay is not nearly the same as being transgender, genderless or whatever they are choosing to label themselves as now. To be lumbered into some special group with these people, many of whom clearly have deeply rooted mental illnesses is beyond offensive to me. The whole culture is rooted in perverse sexual deviancy and all to often it is being deliberately targeted at vulnerable kids. Gay people aren't the problem, paedophilia is. As some have mentioned Jimmy Savile earlier, I thought I'd share my article. Did you know he was one head of Broadmoor and also questioned by police in relation to the Yorkshire ripper murders? Read my article here.
  9. As a website owner I can see how damaging this is, since 2015 my website stats have dwindled every year due to less and less search engine referrals. I notice that I get referrals from Yandex, duckduckgo and ecosia. I also get a few hits from bing, yahoo and google, but I used to get a lot more from them. I use duckduckgo, but I don't particularly rate it, but I put that down to them all being as bad as each other now... maybe I should try another one.
  10. Hi Jack, this is a favourite topic of mine, I was hoping I might pick up some ideas from this thread but there's not too many replies. I have a few very good books on these subjects, perhaps not exactly what you are looking regarding absolute explanations but some fantastic research and examples of various techniques can be found in 'Operation Mind Control' by Walter Bowart, this is a brilliant book, (beware that newer editions, especially from amazon, may not be complete) and another worth reading, although you may struggle to find, is 'Physical control of the Mind' by Jose Delgardo, M.D. This was published in 1969 and yet demonstrates some highly advanced techniques that were being successfully used over 50 years ago, techniques most people today would still claim are science fiction. If you can find a copy get it. Visit ConspiracyTruths.co.uk for exclusive articles, media, and news connecting you to researchers around the globe.
  11. Hi Everyone, My name is Liam and I have been running the conspiracytruths.co.uk website since 2009. I was introduced to Icke's work in 2008 and I began the website with a series of articles on Swine Flu and vaccinations. I've been a big supporter of Icke and his work for many years and while I can't claim to have the detail of knowledge that David has, I'd like to think that my site has a good amount of resources for anyone exploring the world of conspiracies and global manipulation. I update the site regularly with exclusive articles and have recently added a news section connecting you to various sites and researchers around the globe. You can visit the Latest Updates here or visit the Latest News articles here If you enjoy the site and the content, please share us. We have no advertising, no sponsorship, and no funding of any kind. I have operated this website at a personal cost to me for 13 years and the site will continue to be non-profit, all that is important to me is communicating the information and encouraging others to research for themselves. Thanks for reading my post and taking the time to visit my site. I hope you find it resourceful, entertaining and informative. If you have any feedback, or you wish to submit anything then please use the contact page on the website. [email protected]
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