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  1. Hi everyone, 

    Ive always been fascinated by the Charles Manson case. I read 'The Ultimate Evil' by Maury Terry many years ago and this led me onto 'Helter Skelter' by vincent Bugliosi. The interesting thing here was that within the first 200 pages of Helter Skelter I found it utterly unbelievable. After reading the book I was even more intrigued by the characters and the stories and of course I found the celebrity connections to the case extremely interesting, but most of all I was taken by just how misunderstood the whole case was. I, like many others, had always been under the impression that Charles Manson was a serial killer, but of course this is not what he was convicted for, he was in fact convicted for 'conspiracy to murder' whereby the prosecution accused Manson of being able to control the minds of his "family" and convince them to kill on command.


    Early on in my research I alluded to the idea that Manson could have been involved in MKUltra experiments. I never had any proof for these theories but it seemed like a logical area to explore. Skip forward many years... I was reading a book called 'Mass Control' by Jim Keith just before Christmas (someone on here recommended it) and in one of the Chapters it mentioned a guy by the name of Louis Jolyon West and it stated that he worked on MKUltra and also worked from a clinic in the Haight Ashbury area of San Francisco in the 60's. This started ringing bells and I immediately jumped onto the net to start looking up his name and Manson - to my surprise I found some articles, which in turn led me to another book called CHAOS by Tom O'Neill... How did I not know about this book before!? After 20 years of investigating the book was released in 2019 and I can honestly say it is one of the best books I have read. It absolutely demolishes the Manson 'Helter Skelter' motive and uncovers the mother of all cover ups. I can now say everything I had previously believed about Manson and his ties to MKULTRA seem to have a basis in truth backed up with some solid facts. I highly recommend the book to anyone interested in Manson/MKULTRA/True crime. 


    Has anyone come across the name Louis Jolyon West before?


    As well as being Sidney Gottliebs right hand man in MKULTRA he also worked alongside David E Smith (who was given federal funding to research LSD) at the HAFMC (Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic) during the 60's where they 'studied' hippies. Believe it or not but Charles Mansons ex-parole officer, Roger Smith also just happened to work here! West also worked at Cornell University where he was in charge of 'deprogramming' prisoners of war and also made written claims that he had the ability to implant 'false memories' - West also interview Jack Ruby immediately after the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald.


    I have a lot more information noted down which needs to be written comprehensively, and I will revisit my Manson article in the future to do just that, but I feel there is a lot of connections to be made and I wonder what information anyone else has that might help?


    I always believed that the Manson murders were a catalyst for societal change, now I'm certain of it.


    Please check out my original Manson article here, and if anyone here has any rare or hard to find books on Manson or MKULTRA then please let me know. I have most of the good ones, but there are some I just cant get hold of. 


    In particular there is a book that was never released written by Paul Tate (Sharon Tates father) and an intriguing character called Reeve Whitson, the book is called 5 down on Cielo Drive. If anyone has access to a copy please can you let me know. 


  2. I started seeing 33 everywhere around 2 years ago. I started a thread about it recently not realising this one was already here. Haven't been able to fully understand it but the strangest thing was when i asked family members if 33 meant anything to them, two responded by saying my brother used to see it everywhere and had told my Dad and his Girlfriend about it. My brother died in July 2019, I can't recall exactly when I started seeing 33 but it was certainly not that long after he had passed and it hasn't left me since. Given that he used to see the same number (and I had no awareness of this) I can't truly believe it is just a coincidence. But I still can't explain exactly what it means, if anything at all.

  3. On 11/18/2021 at 7:48 AM, rwkt said:




     Watch him on video 50 min







    If you thought the last Dr David Martin talk was exciting, this one, which he gave at the Red Pill Expo is positively electrifying.

    He says that this is “final” speech but that we will be hearing from him, only it will be a new version: No more Mr Nice Guy. We get to see a bit of that in this presentation. He is angry.

    David has put the names and faces of all of the major players in the theater of the COVID War onto one slide, which he says is important, because “We energize the forces of darkness when we anonymize them and when we see their faces on a screen, we realize that they’re merely individuals that have lost the social contract with humanity.”

    The purpose of this talk is to de-mystify the “they” of the COVID War.


    “How many of you are familiar with the company, Anser? I love having this moment. Do you know they are the single largest contractor in the entire COVID terrorism campaign?…

    “The companies on the right, that you think are the ones running this show [Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Merck Ridgeback, Gilead Sciences], are in fact a front [for the companies on the left, Anser, Fors-Marsh, Palantir, Publicis Sapient].

    “And you know what a front organization is? They’re the ones that are supposed to take the flack and take the heat. The ones on the left are the ones that actually got the money. Operation Warp Speed went to Anser.

    “You didn’t know that, because you were told by the media that it went to Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and all that kind of stuff. That’s not true. The prime contract of Operation Warp Speed went through Anser, a company none of you had heard of!

    “And you didn’t hear about them because the contract was signed by ATI, a company based in South Carolina, a company whose history has been government defense contracts for the purposes of propaganda! I wish I made that up. The prime contractor selected to run Operation Warp Speed was a propaganda expert for the US Department of Defense…

    “Anser is the way for the Federal Government never to be liable for the criminal conspiracy they know they ran. They are now one of the top ten Federal Contractors in history, below Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon and all those guys.

    “Those names you know. You don’t know Anser, the single company that, by COVID rose – the highest-ranked rise in the history of federal contracting; the highest single-year rise, ever was Anser – and none of you know who they are!…

    “Anser Corporation, they’re the ones running Operation Warp Speed and they’ve been set up to shield these manufacturers from ever taking the financial liability for their willful misconduct. And one day, everybody’s gonna go, ‘Let’s sue Pfizer! Let’s go sue everybody else! And the only problem is when we go to sue them, they say, ‘Hey! It wasn’t us!’ And they’re right and all of us were asleep. And I’m talking to a woke crowd, here and all of you were asleep.

    “Don’t tell me you’re awake if you’re still sleeping, because if you didn’t know who Anser is, you’re still asleep!


    “It gets worse. Fors-Marsh, anybody know Fors-Marsh?…They’re the branding agency that branded COVID. They’re the ones who make sure we find hospitals that are overrun with people. They’re the ones who find kids that died of COVID right before the FDA needs to vote on giving kids injections. They’re the ones that go around the world, making sure every message is always the same: ‘We will not return to normal until we have a vaccine.’ Thank you, Justin Trudeau! Where’d you get the script? From Fors-Marsh! And how many of you knew that? None of ya!

    “How about Palantir? Hey, that’s a weird one, isn’t it? Peter Thiel, who has successfully run a company that has lost $200 million plus, every year for about seven or eight years, goes public in the middle of COVID. Isn’t timing interesting? Isn’t it fascinating that a company that’s done nothing but lose billions of dollars goes public in the middle of the worst economic cycle we’ve had? Isn’t that funny? And did you actually go back and read their public offering? Hah! Funny! I know you didn’t, because there really wasn’t one, that’s why you didn’t read it!

    “Because they went public in this very bizarre, backdoor way of actually selling founder’s stock into the market, so we got personally-enriched – personally-enriched – using the public market as the laundering facility. Isn’t that brilliant?

    “But let’s look at what they did for our COVID scandal. They actually came up with a thing called Gotham Data Tracking…you know what that does? That’s making sure that every time you turn your phone on, when you get off the plane, when you cross the state line, it gives you a little tag that goes, ‘Hey, do you want a COVID alert in your neighborhood?’ You know why? Because you are being monitored. Your phone is being monitored. Your transactions are being monitored, your credit cards are being monitored, your health behavior’s being monitored, your vaccine status is being monitored and it’s all done under the contract run by Gotham Data Sciences, the company that went public during COVID – and none of you knew about this.

    “And you’ve been to Red Pills! And you still haven’t taken the Red Pill! And by the way, I’m not even to the good slide, yet. So be depressed! ‘Cause it’s getting worse!

    Publicis Sapient, the Health and Human Services’ IT contract. Have you ever wondered how the data never seems to add up? Somebody always has allegedly the same reportable data?

    “Publicis Sapient has the Health and Human Services’ IT contract to consolidate all of the data, so guess what happens? Everybody has the same number of COVID cases to report, when somebody from the media calls and says, ‘Hey, how many cases do we have?’ ‘Oh, 40,000’. ‘Oh, round number, 40,000’…

    “When, in the course of human history has a round number involving the word ‘thousand’ ever happened? There’s never been a 10,000 heart day, there’s never been a round number day – until you actually control the Department of Health and Human Services’ entire IT platform and not one of you knows that that’s a single contract, run by Publicis Sapient…

    “You’ve been focused on the right hand side the whole time and the left hand side is doing the dirty work.


    “Now, why do I call them ‘privateers’? How many are familiar with the difference between a pirate and a privateer? Pirates go rape and marauding and stealing and…a privateer is the same thing, that has permission to do it by a government that’s gone corrupt. That’s what these are (points to the slide of COVID contractors). They’re the privateers. But hey, since we have privateers, it feels only appropriate that if we have a world of privateers, we should also…have a world of pirates. And here’s our pirates.”

    New slide shows the universities who’ve been involved in the COVID War: UNC Chapel HillVanderbilt, Emory, Johns Hopkins, University of California System, MIT, NYU Langone, DZIFImperial CollegeIHMEErasmus Medical Center.

    “Pirates. UNC Chapel Hill, I talked about that. That’s the guy who actually made the weapon, Ralph Baric. Since 1999, $100 million to weaponize the particles of coronavirus. Over $100 million. You’ve heard about $3.7 million going to Wuhan – ohhhh – 3.7 million, that feels like a bad number.

    “And how ’bout $28 billion of that coming from DARPA for their bioweapons initiative? Anybody heard of $28 billion that went through Anthony Fauci at NIAID? Anyone hear about the $20 billion that went directly to UNC Chapel Hill, that weaponized spike protein?

    “You haven’t heard about that, you haven’t heard about that because we’ve been talking about $3.7 million going to Wuhan. Stop being distracted by the cover story!…Because the distraction is where the interesting thing is.

    “UNC Chapel Hill, Vanderbilt, Emory, Johns Hopkins and University of California: those are the pirates that have made the most money on federally-granted, disclosed money going into the university sector. I’m calling them ‘pirates’ for a very good reason. They justify all of this in the name of science and education…

    “I don’t even care whether these people pretend to hide behind the ‘It’s an academic research project’ to try and get out of the bioweapons definition. The bioweapons definition says that if you enable a foreign entity to build something known to harm humanity, you have already created a felony, you are going to jail for the rest of your life and you are liable for $100 million penalty.

    “So guess what? Welcome to Hell, all five of these universities! Because they’re all felons! All of ’em!

    “And how ’bout the right hand side? MIT, New York University Langone – hey, by the way, Langone? Where did that name come from? Ken Langone? Anybody? Oh! I’m not supposed to say that name out loud, Ken Langone, except I just did, didn’t I? Ken Langone…

    “They’re actually putting their name on the letterhead and you don’t know who to look for! You’re still being told, ‘Oh, it’s the Rothschilds and it’s the Rockefellers!

    “No, it’s not! It’s the guy who put his name on the facility! How many of you know who Ken Langone is? Guess what? Look it up! Because that’s a pretty big thing that you should be aware of and unfortunately, you’re not aware of it, for a very good reason because he hid it in plain site, on the name of the medical center. New York University Langone, like that’s a really hard thing to find.

    “DZIF Charité…you’ve heard of Dr Christian Drosten, the Crazy-in-Chief in Germany who’s kind of Anthony Fauci and Ralph Baric’s evil stepchild, Imperial College, the criminal conspirators who came up with the fear porn of how many people were going to die, IHME, the University of Washington program, but the one I want to bring your attention to is the one at the bottom, Erasmus Medical Center.

    Bart Haagmans…In 2002,Bart Haagmans was an interesting dude, because he actually figured out a way to build a bunch of patents around the vaccines for the coronavirus. Mysteriously, the European Union in 2012 started giving him massive, massive grants to run a thing called Zapi.

    “And Zapi was the zoonotic disease transmission laboratory for the European Union. And Bart seemed to always get the money. Now, this is fascinating because Bart was also the one who decided to patent MERS. The Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome, remember that one? The one that never really happened but kinda happened in 2012-13? Bart was the one that patented MERS…

    “Erasmus Medical Center, actually, in their public statement, when they were confronted with the lie, where they said that they hadn’t filed a patent on the actual genome – kinda like the CDC said in 2007 – when confronted with the lie, they said in public – and you can’t make this sh!t up, People, it’s so funny! They said, ‘Well, what we said was not entirely false in all jurisdictions in the world.’


    “But this, Ladies and Gentlemen is the slide you wanted to see. This is actually the names and faces of the people who are, in fact killing humanity. And that’s ALL of them. Now, here’s the bad news: There’s a lot of people on that slide, aren’t there? Here’s the better news…I’ll actually give you all this slide, because why not? Lets make sure that we don’t ever forget the names and the faces of the people who decided to kill us…”

    Here is a list of all the people in that slide:

    David continues, “I want you to have some looks on there. Some are kind of interesting, like cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Did you hear me say that? Cellist, Yo-Yo Ma.

    “How about the head of the Wellcome Trust? Not surprising, there, right? How about Princess Rania of Jordan? Ooh, that’s weird.

    “How about the woman who happens to be sitting at the helm of the leadership of the government of Canada but conveniently out of sight but running 100% of the money for the government of Canada.

    “How about all of these interesting people like, Jim Hagemann Snabe, how about Zhu Min, Chairman of the National Institute of Financial Research in China?

    “And what makes these individuals interesting is that when you look at them, you find out something very important. Almost none of them have sought public visibility. Isn’t that funny? Which makes me pick on one of them. The guy I have here, at the bottom corner. And I have to give him credit. He has done so much to stay out of sight.

    “I’ve got 12 minutes left. I’ve got to spend a couple of minutes on the guy who’s paid every search engine optimization to keep his name out of search engines and I’m doing it so that is costs him sh!tloads to keep all of you silent.



    “So let’s get really clear on Dustin Moskovitz. Shall we, Dustin Moskovitz?…You little piece of sh!t! Let’s talk about him for a minute. The Co-Founder of Facebook that you’ve never heard of…also the guy who founded Open Philanthropy, who was the actual check-writer for Event201. You were told that it was the World Economic Forum. You were told it was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. You were told it was Johns Hopkins University. But the actual check that cleared for the program was signed by none other than Dustin Moskovitz…

    “Now, I’m picking on him for a good reason. He’s a felon, he’s a criminal. He is one of the most sociopathic, psychopathic, crazy people walking the planet and he’s paid to keep his name in private. So guess what? Don’t let him! The reason why I want to give you this slide is because I want every one of them named. I want them all publicly named.

    “Because it’s time that we start going through the reality of saying, ‘We the People are not going to let mass-murderers get away anonymously mass-murdering people. We are not going to allow that to happen! Not on our watch! And that’s why you have this slide…

    “But let’s go back to Dustin. Isn’t it interesting that Dustin conveniently decided to shroud this entire public health crisis in a self-serving, self-interested investment objective? He owns Sherlock biosciences. Sherlock Biosciences happens to be the company that owns the CRISPR technology that is the joint venture between the United States and China on gene editing the human genome…

    “Dustin Moskovitz knew that if he actually tried to take this technology into the public, nobody would be willing to do it, particularly, given the fact that it’s a JV [joint venture] between him and the government of China. That’s the reason why we’d have a problem with it. Because it feels like eugenics. You know why it feels like eugenics? Because it is eugenics, that’s why it feels like it! That’s why it feels like Cold Spring Harbor Labs…

    “The only way we could get gene editing technology approved was with an Emergency Use Authorization. Not surprisingly, once everybody was distracted on vaccines and everybody was distracted on RTPCR and everybody was distracted on everything else, Sherlock Biosciences slipped their Emergency Use Authorization application into the FDA – and got it. In other words, using the cover of COVID, which all of us are pretending to talk about, the editing of the human genome was approved and not one of us said a thing.

    “Now, if you were going to edit the human genome, do you think you’d need a good cover story to actually hide what you’re really doing? You’d probably find the guy who has the biggest financial interest in doing it and make sure, that while everyone is looking over at coronavirus and COVID and trying to figure out these Lab Leak Hypothesis – there’s no Lab Leak Hypothesis, because there’s no lab leak!

    “So stop taking about lab leaks! there is no lab leak. This is the willful weaponization of a spike protein, that’s what it is. It’s an act of war, it’s not a leak. We need to start calling it what it is. It’s an act of war. It’s an act of war against humanity.

    “We stop pretending to take their bait and follow their stupid rabbit trails and follow stupid rabbit trails into stupid rabbit holes and wonder why there’s a bunch of pee and piss and poo that smells like rabbit warrens. Well, it smells like it because that’s what you find at the end of a rabbit trail.

    “We need to be focused on the point and people like Dustin Moskovitz and this slide is going to be shared with everyone in this room, because it is incumbent on you. Now you know. Now you must act. Because when we talk about the ‘they’, we empower the ‘they’.

    “But when we talk about the names of people, we humanize the sociopathic behavior. We humanize the fact that there are individuals and organizations that are willfully murdering the humanity that we know and love and we cannot let that hapen on our watch. It is incumbent on all us to get those words out.”


    The next slide shows the countries of the US, Canada, UK, Germany, South Africa, China and Australia and the logos of the following corporations: BlackRock, AXA, HSBC, International Monetary Fund, United Healthcare, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

    David says, “The most important part of this slide is what I put in the Atlantic Ocean, because the real nation-state isn’t a nation-state. Listen!…The Treaty of Westphalia, the stupid idea of drawing lines on maps and calling them countries has long been dead.

    “The real control is that,” (points to the slide), “what I call the ‘Atlantic Coalition of Doom.’ The Atlantic Coalition of Doom: BlackRock, AXA, the International Monetary Fund, HSBC, ICBC and you guessed it, United Healthcare…

    “United Healthcare is a corrupt organization. It is a corrupt organization. It must be called what it is. It is actually the most manipulative corporate structures known to humanity, because what it does is it matches life insurance and insurance products with the delivery of healthcare, so they can so what? Manage your health? Oh-ho-ho no! Bet against the timing of your death.

    “That’s the internal arbitrage. It is the wet dream of the Lloyd’s of London syndicate. They would have loved to have had this opportunity. But guess what? They didn’t. United Healthcare did. They put two things together, which means they get to manage your life so they can time your death, so they can profit on both.”












    This is really good information thanks for sharing it with us. I watched the full video and was not surprised to hear the likes of CRISPR being mentioned. I raised CRISPR in my original on Covid-19 and the only person I've heard talk about it since is Dr. David Martin. This video has a lot of great information even for those of us who may think we know a lot about what's been going on. Well worth watching and I have added it to my Covid-19 index as essential viewing. 

  4. On 11/17/2021 at 7:40 PM, Grumpy Owl said:


    Sadly no, it's not been updated, I set up the site with the hope that others would contribute towards it, but apart from some great contributions from @Mitochondrial Eve, nobody else really seemed interested, and I didn't have the time myself to research and come up with good content.

    I know what you mean. But you've done a decent job with the site, it looks professional and is well laid out. What I started doing on my site is compiling all the covid-19 related info so it was all readily available to be found. Like yourself I couldn't keep up with writing new content all the time so I started linking the news articles, videos and information that I was coming across which I thought were worth sharing. I've found this really useful for keeping my site up to date without having to create all the content myself. Of course it's all sourced and linked and hopefully drives some traffic to other sites as well. I started the Latest News section in September and update this most days, more recently I created an index for all my Covid-19 related content which includes my own articles as well as some of the most relevant and informative articles/videos/links that I have come across. The plan is to keep updating these sections, but as I've said elsewhere, I don't get a lot of input from anyone else, if it is on my site then its something I've read/watched myself and I'm sure there is some great info out there that I have not come across. The more contributions that we can get for sites like ours, the better. I have welcomed people to bring contributions to my site for 12 years and I think I've been sent about 3 articles in total! 

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  5. On 11/16/2021 at 1:32 PM, Mr H said:

    Hi I am trying to find either articles or books researching the mechanics of money creation and the banking system in the UK. Any recommendations welcome.


    Note: I have already extensive information relating to the above from a US stand point. This is UK specific.



    I published some articles myself covering the UK and US banking systems - Money Manipulation by ConspiracyTruths


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  6. I'm a guitarist. Had just joined a classic rock covers band prior to covid but told the band I wouldn't submit to giving my details to venues (before things got much worse). Recall being told by the singer that I was being silly and it would all be over in a few weeks - OK mate and I'm sure you still believe that too. I was also playing with some other musicians to form a Status Quo tribute band, (this has always been my number one band) the plan was for me to be their 'Rick Parfitt' but sadly this seems to have dissolved following a long break again due to covid. I'm not even considering joining a new band because of the likely restrictions regards playing or entering venues so I just keep playing away at home and annoying the neighbours. 



  7. I play guitar and make my own music. 6 years ago I spent some time editing the famous JFK ruthless and monolithic conspiracy speech and fitting it to some music. I kept as much of the speech as possible but did edit out a few bits so what remained had greater impact. It is free to download and share and you can also listen to more of my original songs via the soundcloud player on my website. Enjoy. Listen to JFK by ConspiracyTruths.co.uk

  8. I was recently thrown out of my GP surgery. I got a letter today telling me that good patient-doctor relationship is based on mutual trust and respect and is the cornerstone to good patient care. My response has been published on my site and is an open letter. Visit site


    Thank you for your letter dated 11/11/21 whereby you have felt the need to express that a member of your staff feels I recently spoke and acted in an offensive manner.
    This is of course, subjective, and if you want my subjective view then your entire staff have recently spoken and acted in a manner which I find not only offensive, but morally wrong and bordering on psychopathic.
    During my recent visit to the practice, which was organised by yourselves, I was made to wait for almost 30 minutes when I arrived for my appointment on time and with only 2 people in the waiting room. You should know that I am immunosuppressed. This means I am more vulnerable to illness and infection. So I don't appreciate being made to sit in a waiting room filling up with uncontrolled kids coughing and spitting their chest infection germs everywhere - a chest infection could make me seriously ill. I politely and calmly made this point to the woman who was supposed to carry out my asthma review. Unbelievably, she then had the nerve to say I should be wearing a mask. This offended me for several reasons. First of all, I am asthmatic, I already have enough problems breathing without blocking my airways further, I could hardly believe that an 'asthma nurse' was suggesting this. I also pointed out to her that the masks do not protect you against covid-19 or indeed any respiratory illness, and reminded her that it clearly states this on the side of the box. I also questioned the nurse about the size of germs and indicated that unless your airways were sealed then theres no protection.
    Being asked to leave at this point showed that the 'nurse' was clearly offended that I didn't respect her ridiculous views which are flawed and wrong and supported nowhere by the medical profession. There are more peer reviewed studies to support the harm caused by masks that the benefits, especially graphene masks which are now BANNED for health reasons in many countries, but not the UK.
    After being thrown out of the practice for what was quite a trivial matter very badly handled by an angry nurse who clearly didn't like me because I have not fallen for the covid hoax I did feel the need to voice my opinion about the vaccinations that you and your staff are pushing on people. I do not care if it offends anyone that I believe these vaccines are seriously injuring and killing people. This is based on evidence and facts. You or anyone else being offended does not change the situation, the evidence, or the facts. 
    COVID-19 HAS NEVER BEEN PROVEN TO EXIST - it has not been isolated and purified. It has NEVER BEEN DEMONSTRATED that SARS-CoV2 causes Covid-19. The test swabs are coated in Ethylene oxide, it clearly states on the packet, Ethylene Oxide is a substance listed on Cancer.gov as a carcinogenic that you should avoid exposure to, yet testing children several times a week is perfectly acceptable? The Vaccines contain Graphene, aluminium, steel among other contaminants, this has been revealed in numerous independent studies. 
    REAL DOCTORS AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS NOT BEING PAID BY BIG PHARMA ARE SPEAKING OUT ABOUT THIS. How much commission are you getting to jab people? Money for murder, how much is a child's life worth these days? It was about £6 during swine flu. Utterly sickening, accepting payment to inject unknown, untested substances into kids - this is the definition of mental illness. The consequences will be devastating and the Nuremberg style trials that come will see GPs and their surgery staff rightfully put on trial for murder - in Nazi Germany saying "I was just doing my job" was no excuse for murder and the same principles will be applied to NHS staff when justice is served upon those who have inflicted so much death and harm upon others.
    Over 136,000 care home residents were murdered by Government policy after being injected with the lethal injection drug, Midazolam. this is why matt hancock resigned and is being taken to court for MURDER. These deaths are what the government then called the first wave and used as the excuse to lockdown the country, denying medical treatment and freedom to millions, resulting in more death, a pandemic of suicides and a wave of mental health problems that will be with us for generations to come. If you are happy playing your part in this, then keep doing what you are doing. If you are human and have any morals then please consider for one moment that I'm right, think about what you are doing and stop killing people. 
    This is a tiny selection of information that is available on the hoax that you have all fallen for. If you have any humanity in you, find out for yourself if this is correct. STOP DOING WHAT YOU ARE TOLD AND STOP LISTENING TO THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. They wont spare you or your family when the time comes. 
    You are welcome for the information, what you do with it is your choice, because freedom isn't about being coerced into doing things you do not agree with. 
    Whatever happens next, we need to stand together to overcome this tyranny.
    Sorry my views offend you. Mass murder offends me. So where do we go from here?


    How do you think they will respond?

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  9. I hadn't even heard about this to be honest. My initial thoughts are that this sort of event could be used as a way of gaining support for having an army of security guards outside hospitals. With more hospitals already employing this tactic to prevent people without masks entering the building and with more people being refused any treatment on the basis that theres a pandemic it seems more likely that hospitals will become targets. I for one have lost respect for anyone working in that field, including both of my parents. As someone who also suffers with chronic illness I have also experienced the frustration of not being able to see a doctor for the entire duration of the pandemic, while this is highly unlikely to kill me, the same treatment is certainly killing others and people with more threatening conditions are being ignored just the same. 

    Frankly I'm astonished that there haven't been more genuine cases where medical professionals have been targeted by family members of NHS victims, honestly not quite sure how I'd react to find out members of my family had been murdered by NHS staff/care home workers, but this is what is happening. 

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  10. I've just found the book you are looking for. I became intrigued and wanted it myself. After struggling so much to find it initially I thought this was going to be a scam of some kind but I looked at the details of the website and it's linked to a name I recognised as the publisher from another of his books. Seems legit, and I paid by paypal so if there's any issues I can claim it back. Its coming from the US so I've paid more for postage than for the book but at £28.05 total I thought it sounded worth grabbing. I hope they have another copy left and I haven't stolen the last one! Also I think you'll find some PDFs online if you look hard enough. In the meantime here's another good read you can download operationmindcontrol

  11. I find this a lot with books. I often look for books referenced in other books or from other sources I've come across. But so often these books are no longer available to easily obtain unless you are willing to pay a lot. I keep my eye out for a few. One in particular that I've been looking for for years and seems to be unobtainable (except in French) is The Manson File: Myth and Reality of an Outlaw shaman by Nicholas Schreck. After searching fruitlessly for years the author announced a new updated version is being released... I paid for that in March and I am still waiting... Covid delays! Still if it comes I'll be pleased. Manson and Mind control are two of my favourite subjects of interest.

  12. It's very simply explained without the need to be a virology expert. There are practices and procedures for identifying viruses, simply put these have not been followed for covid-19, at least no proof exists and for some reason no one is willing to prove it. What that means is that it is impossible to demonstrate that Covid-19 exists. (This would make creating a vaccine quite a challenge...) Source

  13. Interesting idea... Not sure on the facts behind it. I wrote in an old article that Both David Cameron and Boris Johnson were related through their common descent through King George II, unfortunately the source I've quoted is no longer online, but I'm sure someone can verify this? 

    If anyone's interested in reading my article on Savile then please click here. Most people are unaware that he was once head of Broadmoor, (not even kidding), had personal quarters in numerous hospitals where he voluntarily portered bodies to the morgue. He was also questioned by police as a suspect in the infamous Yorkshire ripper murders, among other 'coincidences' tying Savile to the case, one of the victims was murdered just yards away from Savile's home. 

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  14. Hi everyone, 

    I know there are other topics on here covering the number 33, however I felt this deserved a new topic because it specifically relates to my own experience of seeing this number everywhere for the past year or so. 

    I was already familiar with the esoteric significance of the number 33 before it started appearing everywhere and although I have read about people being haunted by numbers or patterns of some kind I never expected this to happen to me, although I wouldn't say it haunts me, it doesn't bother me, it's just always there. I don't recall exactly when this started happening but I'd guess it was within the last 2 years and the frequency of how often this appeared to me was way too much be considered a mere coincidence. I'm all too aware that when you focus on something you can subconsciously be drawn to it but this was something else. Still today, the number is chasing me several times a day. 


    Some odd information that may or may not be relevant to this...


    Sadly, my brother passed away in July 2019 after taking his own life. A few months ago, maybe 6 or more, I asked the family if the number 33 meant anything to anyone, my Dad told me that my brother had told him he used to see it everywhere. I'd had no previous knowledge of this and hadn't even told anyone that I was seeing it, I just asked if it meant anything to anyone else. My brothers girlfriend also confirmed that he used to have a thing about the number 33. 


    I'm not suggesting this is connected, but it's definitely a strange coincidence. I've come to the conclusion that someone or something is trying to tell me something, but it's not clear what that is. What I will say is that it was responsible for getting me back into writing and updating my website, that was the message I took from it. Prior to this I'd not written for 3 years, but in the last few months the whole site has been refreshed and updated. I still see 33 a lot so I don't know what the significance is.  I've not found a lot about 'patterns' which is what I believe this is called. If anyone has any info or suggestions then please share. 

  15. When I was a kid in the UK we had cold winters and hot summers. It seems now that we don't get either extreme except for very brief periods, summers do not seem as hot and winters are definitely not as cold as they used to be, in my opinion, and I definitely feel that the seasons moved like you've stated.  I think there's a lot of unnatural reasons for this as well as natural ones. While the climate does constantly change, and always has, mostly because of the sun (obvious right?), I have no doubt that what is being sprayed into the atmosphere via chemicals and weather modifying technology like haarp are altering the natural state of the environment. So many hot summer days are ruined by a mist of chemical cloud that only appears after planes have littered the skies with chemtrails. But I can't explain why the seasons appear to be moving.

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