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  1. Your life your choice mate. Sounds pretty dumb to me but I guess theres a chance it won't seriously injure or kill you. Good luck.
  2. I'm convinced that his connection to the Yorkshire ripper murders is more than just a coincidence.
  3. Hi everyone, Ive always been fascinated by the Charles Manson case. I read 'The Ultimate Evil' by Maury Terry many years ago and this led me onto 'Helter Skelter' by vincent Bugliosi. The interesting thing here was that within the first 200 pages of Helter Skelter I found it utterly unbelievable. After reading the book I was even more intrigued by the characters and the stories and of course I found the celebrity connections to the case extremely interesting, but most of all I was taken by just how misunderstood the whole case was. I, like many others, had always been under the impression that Charles Manson was a serial killer, but of course this is not what he was convicted for, he was in fact convicted for 'conspiracy to murder' whereby the prosecution accused Manson of being able to control the minds of his "family" and convince them to kill on command. Early on in my research I alluded to the idea that Manson could have been involved in MKUltra experiments. I never had any proof for these theories but it seemed like a logical area to explore. Skip forward many years... I was reading a book called 'Mass Control' by Jim Keith just before Christmas (someone on here recommended it) and in one of the Chapters it mentioned a guy by the name of Louis Jolyon West and it stated that he worked on MKUltra and also worked from a clinic in the Haight Ashbury area of San Francisco in the 60's. This started ringing bells and I immediately jumped onto the net to start looking up his name and Manson - to my surprise I found some articles, which in turn led me to another book called CHAOS by Tom O'Neill... How did I not know about this book before!? After 20 years of investigating the book was released in 2019 and I can honestly say it is one of the best books I have read. It absolutely demolishes the Manson 'Helter Skelter' motive and uncovers the mother of all cover ups. I can now say everything I had previously believed about Manson and his ties to MKULTRA seem to have a basis in truth backed up with some solid facts. I highly recommend the book to anyone interested in Manson/MKULTRA/True crime. Has anyone come across the name Louis Jolyon West before? As well as being Sidney Gottliebs right hand man in MKULTRA he also worked alongside David E Smith (who was given federal funding to research LSD) at the HAFMC (Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic) during the 60's where they 'studied' hippies. Believe it or not but Charles Mansons ex-parole officer, Roger Smith also just happened to work here! West also worked at Cornell University where he was in charge of 'deprogramming' prisoners of war and also made written claims that he had the ability to implant 'false memories' - West also interview Jack Ruby immediately after the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald. I have a lot more information noted down which needs to be written comprehensively, and I will revisit my Manson article in the future to do just that, but I feel there is a lot of connections to be made and I wonder what information anyone else has that might help? I always believed that the Manson murders were a catalyst for societal change, now I'm certain of it. Please check out my original Manson article here, and if anyone here has any rare or hard to find books on Manson or MKULTRA then please let me know. I have most of the good ones, but there are some I just cant get hold of. In particular there is a book that was never released written by Paul Tate (Sharon Tates father) and an intriguing character called Reeve Whitson, the book is called 5 down on Cielo Drive. If anyone has access to a copy please can you let me know.
  4. Interesting, I'll give this a watch. I notice also there is a white rabbit on the front cover, coincidental perhaps... unsure if this is the original cover but it's what I found when searching for a DVD copy.
  5. I post as much as I can about the topic under my Covid Index page. Dr Vernon coleman has produced an article with a lot of links to vaccine related injuries and side effects, this is also available from my index page.
  6. I wrote an article on Gates and ID2020 not long ago. https://www.conspiracytruths.co.uk/id2020
  7. I started seeing 33 everywhere around 2 years ago. I started a thread about it recently not realising this one was already here. Haven't been able to fully understand it but the strangest thing was when i asked family members if 33 meant anything to them, two responded by saying my brother used to see it everywhere and had told my Dad and his Girlfriend about it. My brother died in July 2019, I can't recall exactly when I started seeing 33 but it was certainly not that long after he had passed and it hasn't left me since. Given that he used to see the same number (and I had no awareness of this) I can't truly believe it is just a coincidence. But I still can't explain exactly what it means, if anything at all.
  8. This is really good information thanks for sharing it with us. I watched the full video and was not surprised to hear the likes of CRISPR being mentioned. I raised CRISPR in my original on Covid-19 and the only person I've heard talk about it since is Dr. David Martin. This video has a lot of great information even for those of us who may think we know a lot about what's been going on. Well worth watching and I have added it to my Covid-19 index as essential viewing.
  9. I know what you mean. But you've done a decent job with the site, it looks professional and is well laid out. What I started doing on my site is compiling all the covid-19 related info so it was all readily available to be found. Like yourself I couldn't keep up with writing new content all the time so I started linking the news articles, videos and information that I was coming across which I thought were worth sharing. I've found this really useful for keeping my site up to date without having to create all the content myself. Of course it's all sourced and linked and hopefully drives some traffic to other sites as well. I started the Latest News section in September and update this most days, more recently I created an index for all my Covid-19 related content which includes my own articles as well as some of the most relevant and informative articles/videos/links that I have come across. The plan is to keep updating these sections, but as I've said elsewhere, I don't get a lot of input from anyone else, if it is on my site then its something I've read/watched myself and I'm sure there is some great info out there that I have not come across. The more contributions that we can get for sites like ours, the better. I have welcomed people to bring contributions to my site for 12 years and I think I've been sent about 3 articles in total!
  10. I published some articles myself covering the UK and US banking systems - Money Manipulation by ConspiracyTruths
  11. Good resources here, I will link this from my covid index page assuming you are happy for me to do so? Is it still being updated?
  12. I'm a guitarist. Had just joined a classic rock covers band prior to covid but told the band I wouldn't submit to giving my details to venues (before things got much worse). Recall being told by the singer that I was being silly and it would all be over in a few weeks - OK mate and I'm sure you still believe that too. I was also playing with some other musicians to form a Status Quo tribute band, (this has always been my number one band) the plan was for me to be their 'Rick Parfitt' but sadly this seems to have dissolved following a long break again due to covid. I'm not even considering joining a new band because of the likely restrictions regards playing or entering venues so I just keep playing away at home and annoying the neighbours.
  13. I play guitar and make my own music. 6 years ago I spent some time editing the famous JFK ruthless and monolithic conspiracy speech and fitting it to some music. I kept as much of the speech as possible but did edit out a few bits so what remained had greater impact. It is free to download and share and you can also listen to more of my original songs via the soundcloud player on my website. Enjoy. Listen to JFK by ConspiracyTruths.co.uk
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