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  1. I had a couple of hernia operations just before the plandemic hit... God knows what hospitals are like now it was bad before with waiting times.
  2. I do try and remain Stoic about everything though.
  3. It was such a pointless waste of life. When our soldiers where having the football match with the Germans in 1914 at Christmas both sides should have united and executed their officers and politicians. What did their bother fighting and dying for if their could see the state of their countries now ?. What where their fighting and dying for ?. OUR OWN GENOCIDE ?. The soldiers thought their where fighting for our freedom same with the Germans and all sides, But no the politicians knew really why because their want our genocide. Its the same with work... Why would anyone want to work and pay taxes these days what the fuck for ?... too contribute to our own genocide ?... The government wastes all of our tax money, their never listen to anything we say or want... we are just peasants UNTILL their want us to fight and die in lands for them. Their can go FUCK THEMSELVES....i will never lift one finger to help this country now. Not in its current state... what would be the point ?. I used to be extremely patriotic ?. But patriotic to what ?. a crime filled shit hole with a government and propaganda machine media that hates its own native white working class people and especially men. I quit my job last year because i am done contributing to a society which hates me and wants my genocide. Not only that but these days only the degenerates seem to breed.... people who work hard and are moral and nice dont seem to have any kids... so the future is bleak and is going down hill even faster.
  4. Yes that is right and only healthy BUT that is thought-crime to the satanic elites. If it gos against their agendas for us all. But Thanks man, I will do, i always stick to and defend my views no submitting and no surrender !, its hard to be happy living in a world like this, i am in despair at state of it all. But thats a good thing i suppose... because only the mentally insane could enjoy a world like this... to be depressed at it means i am still sane. The lunatics now run the asylum. My faith keeps me sane it is only thing that makes sense.
  5. Eyes are the window to the souls and these ''people'' all media propagandists and politicians are Most likely Clones. They have a Body... but no spirit or soul.
  6. Hi all i am Luke i am 28 from England. I have been awakened to all the brainwashing of this world since i was a little kid in school, i remember all the other kids typically woke and brainwashed and me been the only one been awakened to whatever it was going on. All the agendas are the same... whether it is race, sexuality, gender, religion, etc like David Icke says there is a pattern and you notice it and you connect the dots, all of it is the same controlled by the satanists. to divide all people, destroy society, and build a NWO. they dont really care about Blacks, Gays, Women, Trans, or whatever religion they defend mainly Islam even though its the most incompatible with they own agendas and beliefs. They just use them as they useful idiots and pawns to do they own bidding and use them as their common low tier thugs to change society to how they want. if for instance any black, or gay or woman gos against what the agenda says. The Organisations that ''support them'' like BLM, LGBT, Feminists etc will show their true colours and ATTACK that person and be racist, sexist, homophobic themselves in doing it !!, PROVING that they dont really give a sheeet about them they using them purely for an agenda, Thing is i have noticed a lot of people have started waking up even black people, gays and feminists themselves now.... Especially when the satanists start eating themselves people wake up and realise.... BUT i have been awaked to this all of my life a little kid in primary school till now Most woke people are not gonna wake up untill their the ones been shipped to camps.... but by then it will be too late. Plus all this Covid stuff i knew from the start was an hoax i could go on forever about it, it is disgusting how even if it was real ( which it isnt ). it as a survival rate of 99.9% they shut down society and destroy an economy for that BUT YET they stop all the cancer treatment and other treatments which is far more serious and kills at a far higher rate 1 in 2 people get cancer now, and as a far lower survival rate depending on when you discover it etc personally i believe in vitamin b-17 as the cure and prevention for cancer... but that as to be your own personal choice, They is alot more to it all anywhere a topic for another time i could go on forever about these things. I also NEVER wear a MASK a MASK is only one letter away from the MARK of the beast, SO i will not wear the MASK of the BEAST or take any MARK it is also a symbol of subjugation and silence. I have been viewing this forum for years now it is good to finally join it and have people to talk to about this stuff and know what i am talking about and understand, because i am driving myself crazy talking to myself about it hah.
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