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  1. Poison ivy? That will take over other plants root space and slowly take over a garden strangling the life out of other plants https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/blog/2021/08/is-ivy-poisonous/
  2. I'm the sort of weirdo that reads the labels meticulously! Glucose syrup is an amazing one because when I was a child at school corn syrup / corn starch was a known awful additive in junk.food. There was a lot of attempts from school mums at the time to eradicate it. So when I discovered this glucose syrup years later; I soon realised after googling that it was one and the same thing as corn starch / corn syrup / corn flour... Just rebranded and renamed as glucose syrup. The glucose actually comes from you guessed it , corn, barley , rapeseed and all the other Monsanto based crap! Another interesting one is palm oil being labelled as palm fats or even vegetable fats. Not sure how they got away with renaming these things and introducing it into our foods so easily. It's similar to how they use rhetoric in law etc .. they just rebrand words and terms so we don't understand them... Elite bastards
  3. Eton and other astute private schools have assembly halls that are modelled on the houses of parliament. From a young age students there are conditioned for higher society jobs.
  4. You are probably right. The woman in this 40 min onwards gives a good account on Diana and why she wouldn't have known / been involved fully. Although she does seem a bit batshit!
  5. Hands, face, space has a whole new meaning
  6. An old man in his 80s I know is given pints of blood once a week and that's what keeps him alive He's been like that for a good year and he still manages to have a decent quality of life. He has his down days when his levels are low but whenever he comes back from the hospital he's tip top for a few days! It's great and humorous at the same time
  7. Likewise mate I enjoy the challenges that arise from it and look forward to being questioned in a way. I found a multitude of reactions to deal with any approach that comes my way about not wearing one. Unfortunately it soon became apparent that unless I look anxious, nervous or guilty not wearing a mask, then no one seems to approach me anyway. Subconscious vibrations I guess. I also noticed the increase in mask wearers on the street, and also in cars driving alone? These people are off their nuts surely?
  8. Reverse psychology tactics. As others said, those who have heavily invested in this covid scam will be out in force wearing masks and apposing those who don't.. We have all seen how pissed off the brainwashed get at our anti agenda logical ways of thinking. Well imagine how pissed they will be when they feel the government is not protecting them and they feel at "risk" because of us. They have been loaded with propaganda against the unvaccinated being the problem for months. The government taking their foot off the gas with restrictions, that will be the catalyst to the true hate between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Non Mask wearing is about to be frowned upon like never before I think.
  9. Soon as they switched to LED I could know, feel and sense it was bad news. I am the only person I know to mention it or complain until I read your post. That's why I love this forum. Moments of realisation that I'm not the insane one; it's the brain-dead masses among us who are.
  10. Anyone that can give me some insight on to what they think might happen in 2022 with covid DM me Bit lost on what will happen next in the short term. Particular the effect.of the vaccine on people etc. Also why is the alternative media now reporting unvaccinated as 22.5 million and not 5 million? I believe them but I'm just wondering what brought this change and if anyone has a source, etc
  11. It's not a loophole It's an open barn door. That should be utilized to it's max potential (I go watch my local football team with this loophole as often as poss) Same with wearing a mask. You don't have to at all. Law states if wearing a mask causes you "adverse distress" then you don't have too. It's entirely your choice During 1st lockdown customers were even getting compensation for being discriminated against by supermarket staff for not wearing a mask. Psy-op is the term I believe they use on here.
  12. it doesn't bruise my ego if you knew and believed what you read about before it happened. It's good you were noble enough to be so adamant with your thoughts back then. I was well aware it might happen I have always followed this forum even before it got reset on a new platform I remember reading about bill gates and the virus experimentation in Africa when it was going on, etc.. depopulation has always been a tool used by elites, it's the cause of every war known in history.. I thought that was relatively common knowledge.. yes I remember icke and Alex Jones saying about operation lock step but I mean did I ever think it would be a reality implemented as soon as it has? I can't say I saw that coming And yes I have the same thing with family and friends.. I continually tell them what is going to happen next with covid and all the other topics... But by the time it happens they forget I have told them ages ago and don't recognise my accurate prediction. that is the cycle of awakening my friend. But we shouldn't be negative about trying to help others gain information my brother It's not a competition of who's the most awake. we are one as humans.
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