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  1. I see today augero went off with chest complications In Barcelona match I wonder if he is now the next victim of it.
  2. The masks are not there for anything other than just of a daily reminder of covid pandemic. It's there to reinforce it into the mind to help keep the pretence up. Could you imagine being at a real contagion outbreak site and being told this mask will protect you It's solely to help conditioning people
  3. I'm not going to, you do sometimes put some stuff of note on.
  4. I'm here to read, I'll leave the posting on this thread to people that put decent stuff up. When I decide to post I will. I'm not in a rush to see how quick I can get my post count up. My bosses told me I was in the wrong, if I'm to attack the thread go for someone that's not already doing a good job of derailing it
  5. Petty squabbling is making some stuff get lost and the purpose of this thread is not for arguing, debating yes. On a side note the way your going there won't be anyone left to read your posts
  6. I'm not gonna use the ignore button as I'm here to read the thread Just post your facts on it and leave it there. Everyone will see if the country goes into lockdown or we will see if it doesn't. But you don't need to spend time arguing over it. People will work out who was accurate and who was not.
  7. Dude you presume I've been here short term, You theory on pets getting taken worked well Your post about the gun (made out of homemade items) Odds telling you to post your chit chat elsewhere(he even started a thread for you to do it Your take your meds response to people. Telling grumpy owl no to posting on relevant pages While you post some funny stuff and some covid news your one of the biggest detailer here. Your calling me out as paid while you deliberately derail this thread constantly. The irony of that. And I'll laugh the day you turn up at preppers House for food and gold teeth. I only said stop derailing the thread
  8. Is this thread completely gone? Your talking about starting a thread to discuss teetotal to raging pisshead, while talking about yeast. I guess this is the chit chat mega thread now? What's yeast got to with sh*t here? I like reading this thread for covid news but this day by day has become a joke
  9. How many arguments are you going to get into in this site. Either time will prove you right or time will prove the other right so stop bickering and running off track. It's like a broken record. Either post some facts of evidence, memes, or something of interest but quit with the stupid arguments.
  10. On researching on my own stuff I made a link to Dr Basson. When I tried to get documents off the British they responded all files relating to him went up in smoke in a building fire. Do you know of anything program relating to him involving work in Britain. I know about project coast. But was wondering if you knew of any spin off, or different. I know he did come to Britain at points.
  11. This thread is deca take on gangstalking. How can it be a take on it if you don't back up what is said. Ask your Mason friends if they do it then your argument holds weight. Here is the other angle You can't prove they don't do it, wheres your proof of them not doing it? Oh I've had it collaborate by multiple sources within the organisation. Your last response was childlike be an adult and stop trying to throw petty little snide remarks around. Who do you think is targeting you by the way you've not mentioned that.
  12. I don't think it's used like that, but I'm not going to answer again as you will then say I'm gonna report if you don't stop. So I'll stop the discussion now
  13. For the purpose of this thread I agree with what you talk about on tech hats off to you for that. Will just agree to disagree on other aspects not to do with this thread and leave it be. But keep up the work
  14. Not sure the point to that as it just backs up what I said.
  15. I did but 47 sd cards were wiped by someone and my computer was corrupted and lost all copies on it. Don't quote me and I won't be on this thread, don't aim a message at me and I won't be on this thread
  16. When I first noticed it there was not much online accounts, within two years the net is flooded with accounts. It is being used as misdirection and giving them cover. I agree to that. But I also believe the tech is used and the otherside of it is deployed aswell. It all goes into altering the brains cognitive function. Subliminal plays alongside the tech.
  17. There is but the Dr starts with suppose(it's not fact) Saying tech CAN be used in a certain way doesn't say it is how they are using it. Look I believe that's how they do and will use it by the way. But the same arguments can be applied on Masons. If you asked them if they deploy these tactics you would know they do. You choose not to which is your right to do so, but you shouldn't then claim they don't. I believe the masons are used for that purpose, but off something else's orders not because its what they just go round doing for sh*ts and giggles, but because they are told to do it by a higher element.
  18. Look as I said I agree with the stuff you say on this thread. But my point was about the burden of proof. (Even though I agree with you on the tech angle) it is a interpretation that that's how they will use it to target one individual. There's no proof they will use it like that, even tho I know they will. Its just a personal take thats how they will deploy it. Saying thats what there going to do and them actually doing it are two different levels of proof. As I said I agree with the fact thats exactly how they will use it, but in a court of law that's not going to cut it. With the Mason side of it, you won't take evidence of pics of cars, you won't take the harrased individuals word, and tbh those on there own don't prove anything so the only thing you have left is the masons word. You will never get them in court so it will never reach court, but testimony from multiple sources within there organisation will give yourself they fact they do, it's not court certified evidence but it's the most your ever gonna get. As they have a say in control of the system, police, lawyers, judges you would never be successful anyhow. So like with your stuff you will only reach a certain level of proof that is all. You said you had mates that's not guilt by association, I asked you as you said mates go ask them if they would ever deploy those tactics against anyone as an organisation, you tried to get funny about there to busy hobnobbing I said ask them but you deflect away from that. If you had someone from within the workings of what you talk about on radar tech you would be all over it as proof, if you had multi people saying that you would say I've hit the jackpot in terms of levels of proof. But if you get multiple members of freemasonry your saying that's not good enough. It's double standards. The fact you dismiss it without checking that out is lazy in terms of saying it doesn't happen, as you no members you don't even need to find away of finding them. Freemasons aren't top of the food chain, there part of it. They all work in sync with one another there part of the problem as are many other parts.
  19. Hang on a sec deca, firstly I was intrigued by what your thread was about, secondly I ain't in tandem with anyone other than my self, you got shirty over proof and I told you a way of going to find that out, you didn't want to so I hope false accusations and gossip isn't being leveled at me. Your the one who has Mason mates so I can imagine your motives on not wanting them associated with the phenom. You go on about proof but don't want to prove that avenue. So on proof I already pointed out one was just stating surveillance so I don't need to that one but your follow up with what you put secondly as your proof Actually this is a by product that will effect everyone now prove that it is to be targeted against a singular individual. I don't want to be doing this with you but as you made the point of burden of truth and mine is just an opinion(which again you can go ask your Mason mates to get your answer, but you choose not to when it will prove it and you no that) I shall say again, where is your proof because it is just your interpretation of what is being presented. Why does it not effect everyone, are you special. Not everyone is running round claiming there being targeted. Again I agree with what your claiming on this subject but I'm just pointing out while you want absolute proof off of others you cannot offer absolute proof on you theory. So leave out the buddy's link as I don't know the other chap, the old saying people in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones springs to mind. I told you to leave me out of it but would return if you referenced me, so I will leave again for now but don't bring me into it, if you have a spat with the other guy you deal with him and not me. I don't want to derail your thread and you don't want me to derail your thread so just leave me out of it
  20. I never said to talk to them like that, I actually advocated a different way, and Freemason activities are soo out of question but I'm being electrically assaulted sounds so normal and not delusional in any way. Go talk to people and state I'm the victim of being electrically harrased and watch them think your a nut job and run. I'm not saying to you to go to them and ask them if there attacking you, I said ask them if they do it to someone who has pissed them off, you don't need to be rude when asking them, it's easy for you to get the answers from them but you just have to ask them to get it confirmed. I find it strange that a relativity easy thing to do to get the proof you need to confirm if they do it would result in a stubburn I don't want to ask them that. I'll just say they don't instead when you can easily have it confirmed by them. Everything did work out for me, I still have my kids, never got sectioned, I interact on a daily basis with plenty of people, I'm not viewed as the local nut job, I work and have a three bed property, poly tunnel, pets. I didn't cave in mentally I only asked them questions in a saine reasoned fashion. You presume I run around acting psychotic over the matter when that's so far from the truth. The evidence I had of the cars was good enough for the police to accept over matters and social services to accept, my only problem was that they were then wiped and my computer got fkd. At the end of the day I will leave this thread unless it pops up I'm quoted again, you have a chance to ask Masons if they do do it or if they don't, that's not my opinion but your chance to ask and rule it out or in. That would give you a more factual look on it whether I'm right or wrong. But not doing it would appear narrow minded when you dismiss other peoples take on the matter for nothing more than your opinion on it. I hope your thread works out for you and I'll bid you good day
  21. I get from that response you never asked them tho, and good to know your mates with them Good to know That only states its tracking movements, doesn't state there going to electrically attack people. As I've said I do believe they will be using tech and do currently use to attack. I told you freemasons had confirmed it to me and said to you ask them, that will prove it.(easy as you know some) On gangstalking you think I believe they just do that stuff to wind a victim up?. You no there's plenty of subliminal techniques that can be deployed to make you do and act in a certain way, and there's multi ways of implementing that. Car registration plates is just one way of getting that to the recipient
  22. If your not sure where to start looking for Masons, any stonemason, any bricklayer that owns his own company, any mechanic that owns his own business, most if not all pub landlords. Study online the handshake levels that they have to represent there currant degree level and observe peoples handshakes in public, study tattoos is another way. They are easy to find. Don't talk to them aggressively or scatty, talk sympathetically and with a level head. Don't just jump in with direct questions build a base with them first. Hey even suggest your interested in joining(this only works outside of area you live in) as you had a friend that went through this situation and it peaked your interested but was concerned if this goes on. Suggest you may have pissed someone off but your not sure, do whatever you need to get the answers your looking for. But don't just write something off without investigating yourself. Don't rely on others information, take it in but then try to prove it. If you can't prove it then it becomes less likely. If you can refute it then great. With footage you seeon line about tech assault, carry out the process you research, remember on videos onlinr you can't see if a microwave is on off camera producing results. Never rely on just because someone said something, that works both ways, I never expect or care if someone believes me or not but I would expect them to consider and then verify for themselves rather than dismiss for no other reason than because that's there opinion without checking for themselves the facts. If someone tells you there's a way to check something out then you should check that out for yourself rather than just believe what's being said. The worst that happens it's just a dead end but confirms your suspicion, the best that can happen is it can prove to yourself this actually happens and then you don't need to rely on well someone else said this or that so it must be true. You instead know what your talking about and it doesn't matter what others try to say.
  23. Forgot to ask a pertinate question in that last post. Just yes or no please. Are you a freemason?
  24. 1. I'm not bothered or stressing about cars and have already told you that. 2. You say freemason are in decline(probably are but don't care about that) yet you could still talk to masons on this issue but your stubbornness to challenge people on this is leading you to having a closed mind. If you go ask one they will answer you. Are you scared of them or not wanting to find out. I'm not sure which, but you are closing your mind off and are not willing to learn/find out stuff. 3. I've seen plenty of reports on radar tech and believe that is used. But in saying that show me actual footage of it being done. Magnetic fields can spike for various reasons and fk it ghost hunters have tech that they claim spike for no other reason of than ghosts 4. I take it you have no proof other than what someone else has said and presented in a certain way. The harp Centre provides some phenoms that have been magnetically, electrically etc recorded but that doesn't prove what there doing. There's guestamations but that's it, it's not proof of what's going on. 5.illuminate, Masons, you say are in small numbers, you are aware the knights templars and all there sub groups formed freemasonry then ditch templars and moved group. These groups are in sync with one and other. Don't close your mind off, they still big enough to hold all positions of power but your telling me the numbers are dying off, laughable. Its easy for you to find out if Masons do what is claimed yet you can't be bothered to go find out. He'll you may claim to know what's going on but I think if you don't ask the questions you will never know what's going on. What is your problem in finding things out for yourself. I'm comfortable with the fact I know it goes on as I had plenty of evidence that confirmed plus I had Masons confirm it. I'm comfortable with knowing the tech being used against people as I've seen enough to believe it. You can say your comfortable with tech, but you won't go ask a few questions to prove or substansiate others claims. It actually wouldn't take long. Before mk ultra, project Coast and other forms of programs it was the same, people are making it up, people's minds are skewed, then oh maybe we should have investigated there claims properly. You keep resorting to oh your scared of cars, when in actual fact that's not the case it's a fact of knowing what there up to, but you've said that a few times now and I'm beginning to think about your reasons for closed off mind. Anyone who goes down the rabbit hole of conspiracies has to have a open mind, you can ask a Mason but your choosing not to, why? What's the worst, they say na it don't happen, yeah it does happen. Shop around, ask a few, if you ask them straight out if there a freemason a Mason has to answer that he is, because he can't be ashamed of being one. But your response will be I don't have to ask anyone i know everything. Just check it out so you have your facts in order, it will either strengthen your argument, or collapse it . Resorting to well there numbers are in decline doesn't prove one thing, I didn't say go find out there numbers I said go ask a Mason a question about targeting someone. If you was truly interested in finding stuff out it would be simply done, if your not into questioning things your in the wrong game as theres plenty of misinformation everywhere and you have to wade through things, learning new things, proving things go on, ruling things out. If you can't be bothered to question them, then hey wtf are you doing on a site that promotes the theory of shape shifting reptilians that have never had a shred of proof exsist other than a theory? I'm here to learn on the subject along with the anunaki to try to get a better understanding. I don't come here and go its all balls and I don't want to question to learn about it. Just go ask a Mason or don't bother dismissing something if your not prepared to find out for yourself.(for a group in decline there still easily found)
  25. If you want evidence find a Mason a build a rapport with them. Once you have discuss the scenario of people following you, there response is always the same.. ah you must have pissed a Mason off. I've spoke to many people who claim there Masons and they always put it down to that line, which in turn says that it does go on. So you have Masons that say it goes on, you see ex embers of scientology say the same. Regardless if that's the actual reason for why they do it, they say it themselves, straight from the horses mouth. Electrical assault most likely is in the mix but I'd imagine most don't even realise it goes on as well. They only notice part of what is going on and get fixated on those parts. Whether it's anti social bracket if there deliberately doing it to you as opposed to targeted for whatever is a mute point really, wheres your proof on electrical assault, just saying, can you see radio waves or is it the fact you need to trust what someone is saying.(I don't doubt its happening to you) I'd expect you would have took pics of all the electrical assault weapons and displayed them here for us to see. Yes in terms of reporting stuff to the police and council you have to term it right to get any action but your be lucky to get any action taken. When you have a camera pointing away from your property that's your camera they can tell you to move it and only having it fixed on showing your property as that is what they done to me, and the results are they start building anti social case against yourself. The camera positioned like that doesn't get the number plate of said car so no action as a result and they no this. Putting pics of cars with number plates online is also a offense so I'd be carefull as its someone's personal details and again will be used against the person uploading the pics. How many times have you heard cases collapse because evidence not handled in correct manner by police I'm extremely wary of ti sites and anything to do on this topic as I believe a lot are there to discredit people who actually have stuff happen to them.
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