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  1. I see today augero went off with chest complications In Barcelona match I wonder if he is now the next victim of it.
  2. The masks are not there for anything other than just of a daily reminder of covid pandemic. It's there to reinforce it into the mind to help keep the pretence up. Could you imagine being at a real contagion outbreak site and being told this mask will protect you It's solely to help conditioning people
  3. I'm not going to, you do sometimes put some stuff of note on.
  4. I'm here to read, I'll leave the posting on this thread to people that put decent stuff up. When I decide to post I will. I'm not in a rush to see how quick I can get my post count up. My bosses told me I was in the wrong, if I'm to attack the thread go for someone that's not already doing a good job of derailing it
  5. Petty squabbling is making some stuff get lost and the purpose of this thread is not for arguing, debating yes. On a side note the way your going there won't be anyone left to read your posts
  6. I'm not gonna use the ignore button as I'm here to read the thread Just post your facts on it and leave it there. Everyone will see if the country goes into lockdown or we will see if it doesn't. But you don't need to spend time arguing over it. People will work out who was accurate and who was not.
  7. Dude you presume I've been here short term, You theory on pets getting taken worked well Your post about the gun (made out of homemade items) Odds telling you to post your chit chat elsewhere(he even started a thread for you to do it Your take your meds response to people. Telling grumpy owl no to posting on relevant pages While you post some funny stuff and some covid news your one of the biggest detailer here. Your calling me out as paid while you deliberately derail this thread constantly. The irony of that. And I'll laugh the day you turn up at preppers House for food and gold teeth. I only said stop derailing the thread
  8. Is this thread completely gone? Your talking about starting a thread to discuss teetotal to raging pisshead, while talking about yeast. I guess this is the chit chat mega thread now? What's yeast got to with sh*t here? I like reading this thread for covid news but this day by day has become a joke
  9. How many arguments are you going to get into in this site. Either time will prove you right or time will prove the other right so stop bickering and running off track. It's like a broken record. Either post some facts of evidence, memes, or something of interest but quit with the stupid arguments.
  10. On researching on my own stuff I made a link to Dr Basson. When I tried to get documents off the British they responded all files relating to him went up in smoke in a building fire. Do you know of anything program relating to him involving work in Britain. I know about project coast. But was wondering if you knew of any spin off, or different. I know he did come to Britain at points.
  11. This thread is deca take on gangstalking. How can it be a take on it if you don't back up what is said. Ask your Mason friends if they do it then your argument holds weight. Here is the other angle You can't prove they don't do it, wheres your proof of them not doing it? Oh I've had it collaborate by multiple sources within the organisation. Your last response was childlike be an adult and stop trying to throw petty little snide remarks around. Who do you think is targeting you by the way you've not mentioned that.
  12. I don't think it's used like that, but I'm not going to answer again as you will then say I'm gonna report if you don't stop. So I'll stop the discussion now
  13. For the purpose of this thread I agree with what you talk about on tech hats off to you for that. Will just agree to disagree on other aspects not to do with this thread and leave it be. But keep up the work
  14. Not sure the point to that as it just backs up what I said.
  15. I did but 47 sd cards were wiped by someone and my computer was corrupted and lost all copies on it. Don't quote me and I won't be on this thread, don't aim a message at me and I won't be on this thread
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