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  1. That "old man" is definitely somebody wearing a mask.
  2. Has anyone noticed the name Sarah Everard contains the names of two of the most important Biblical women, SARAH and EVE.
  3. I wonder if the Pfizer vaccine having to be stored at -80°C can cause chillblains.
  4. Not quite as old, but Bram Stoker wrote a conspiracy book of sorts called Famous Imposters: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Famous_Impostors Including the Bisley Boy which postulates that Queen Elizabeth I died when staying at Berkeley Castle and was replaced by a local boy. Interestingly, Dracula has been mentioned in a couple of threads recently. I wonder if this Stoker book was disinformation or if he genuinely believed these theories.
  5. The new "South ParQ: Vaccination Special" is pretty good. The METRO says it "obliterates" QAnon so you can guess what it really does. It actually does well to expose the paedophilia.
  6. Wearing a mask is a sign that you consent to the ruling class trafficking children and them fucking and killing them. The thought of that causes me distress. I don't consider THAT to be wimpy.
  7. Prince Charles has talked about how he is descended from Vlad the Impaler
  8. Barbara Windsor sneezes and her bikini top flies off so Matron Hattie Jaques slaps a DNR on her.
  9. Out of interest, since you mentioned body building, I wonder if it would be possible to wear a prosthetic arm muscle covering thick enough so that the injection goes into it and not your arm. Obviously you'd have to have skinny arms in the first place.
  10. It would also be interesting to see the energy consumption figures because I'd guess heating your home uses more energy per capita than heating an office. Certainly offices should be more efficient. Greta should be outraged.
  11. I normally counter that with "so you'd happily have a camera installed in your shower?" and their brain starts to melt.
  12. Couldn't we use a situation like this to our advantage? If someone asks why you aren't wearing a mask tell them you've been vaccinated and are now immune. It will then be down to them to argue why the vaccine actually doesn't make you immune and you can watch as they try to convince themselves.
  13. I like how Thorpe was endorsed by 2 confirmed paedophiles
  14. I'd argue pollution is a deliberate thing. Plastics were discussed as a problem back in the 1970s but they just kept producing more and more until a couple of years ago they were problematic so pretended to decrease their usage and wage war on single use plastics. Until Covid came along and everyone started wearing plastic masks and it was momentarily forgotten.
  15. Jeez, is that really a thing? I thought it was just a normal shield that he'd put on upside down because he's a twat
  16. Isn't it an UPSIDE DOWN face shield?
  17. This video is fascinating if you can ignore the "Flat Earth" in the title. This particular video has nothing to do with the Flat Earth, it's analysing the Oera Linda - a Norse Creation account. The Flat Earth aspect comes from the belief that the Garden of Eden was at the North Pole.
  18. I'd go a step further and rant about loss of personal data and quote GDPR and demand that he finds out what happened to it.
  19. From Wikipaedo: "Relf had several health problems throughout his life, including emphysema and asthma" Sounds like it might have been Covid.
  20. I know this was posted earlier in the thread but I think it deserves another airing...
  21. I should've clicked on the Tweet first. @skitzorat was right - the replies are gold.
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