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  1. I saw the stupidest comment imaginable. It was something like: "There'd be no need for vaccine passports if everyone took the vaccine" It was so fucking stupid I couldn't even respond to it.
  2. I have a letter from them that says "You must complete the census by law or you could be fined up to £1000". Make of that what you will but in my eyes this government rules by consent so if I don't consent then they have no power over me. I didn't fill it in online but I'm presuming there was a "signature" box you had to click which is where you agree to their terms and conditions ie give your consent.
  3. If you fill it in you are consenting to the process and the process includes them fining you for deliberately giving false information.
  4. Is that addressed to me? My point was meant to be that - certainly at my local football club - most of the fans' top ten would contain at least one black player and therefore those fans are not racist.
  5. That's a bit old by their standards.
  6. To judge how racist a football fan is, ask them to name their top ten favourite players from their club and see if any of them are black.
  7. We own everything so you don't have to.
  8. My favourite current hypocrisy is the people who said "trust the experts, don't listen to random people on Facebook" are now posting on Facebook "Take the vaccine" even though they are far from fucking experts.
  9. On the rare occurrences that I've been asked I've just said "I'm exempt" and that has been enough. I personally think that the fact I'm not wearing a mask shows that I'm exempt.
  10. I wonder how long before they introduce the first paedo superhero
  11. To be honest, were gonna need more lampposts especially around Parliament Square
  12. Perhaps that's why they were pushing the anal swabs. They were planning to fake some results showing the anus produced Covid antigens so you should sew your mouth to another's anus to protect you.
  13. Presumably there are environmental triggers. For example cold weather obviously triggers normal flu seasons. There must be other triggers... local pesticide usage - that sort of thing.
  14. So by that logic, the worse the side effects, the better it has worked and by extending that logic, the best possible outcome is, therefore, death.
  15. What I want to know is 'how do they know it's South African or Brazilian or whatever? ... Did they find its passport in the rubble?
  16. I think that would be more effective without the ticks on it anyway because it would force the reader to think about the question rather than lead them to an answer they can then reject. Also, Facebook could not accuse it of being false information since it isn't any information.
  17. Yup, 3/22 in US date format, 22/3 (BB/C) everywhere else.
  18. An observation: When I first saw this image I noticed the moles on her face and was reminded of the PLOUGH (also known as the BIG DIPPER) constellation (at least partial). Now, someone mentioned the murder suspect WAYNE COUZENS and I immediately thought of BATMAN (Bruce WAYNE). The name WAYNE means WAIN/WAGON and WAGON is another name for the PLOUGH constellation. NB: It is also known as the SAUCEPAN (remember the banging of pans?) and the GREAT BEAR amongst other things.
  19. Oh yeah, I forgot "mask" has a different meaning these days. I meant a prosthetic face covering so it's probably somebody well known (and young) pretending to be an old man.
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