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  1. I was about to say he's having a sniff to see if she smells different down there due to all the wear and tear.
  2. I would have thought the very idea of vaccines is suggesting God's own creation (including the human immune system) is flawed. Isn't God meant to be perfect?
  3. Interesting red pill/blue pill design to make the heart
  4. DEL(ta)... D'EL... OF GOD LAMB(da)... LAMB OF GOD... ta-da!!! Edit: I've just noticed TA-DA could as easily be DATA
  5. The vax manufacturers have indemnity
  6. It's supposed to be stylized lungs... https://pulmonarywellness.org Definitely has a "paedo" vibe to it.
  7. I think I've sussed out why they changed the Indian variant to the DELTA variant... Duke of Edinburgh Life Time Achievement
  8. I was the doctor that performed your vasectomy
  9. But there's no room anywhere outside due to all the over-population, thanks to you.
  10. This statement only applies to the paedo-elite
  11. It's not necessarily my opinion but I think they believe it
  12. I wonder if the depopulation agenda is really a distraction from the true agenda to eradicate white Europeans (and their descendants - US, Canadians, Australians etc). Their motive for this would be their hatred of God's true chosen people.
  13. The problem wasn't pox, it was his man-servant
  14. I've just had a thought regarding the term NON-BINARY. Instead of the wokester's presumed meaning: "Instead of there being just TWO genders/sexes, there is an INFINITE SPECTRUM of genders" It could be just as easily interpreted as: "Instead of there being just TWO genders/sexes, there is only ONE" This second meaning is the BAPHOMET
  15. From the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) https://www.fhi.no/en/news/2021/astrazeneca-vaccine-removed-from-coronavirus-immunisation-programme-in-norw/
  16. He doesn't seem very committed to his gender identity: I [SINGULAR] will be judged by what WE do.... make you're mind up Owen HURCUM... HER CUM. Fuck off with you!!!
  17. I think there's a chapter in John Hamer's "Falsification of History" on HIV/AIDS. If I remember correctly, the patient has to fill out a questionnaire before taking an HIV test to make sure they fall in the desired demographic otherwise the test (like PCR - it may even be a PCR test?) gives too many false positives. Then it's the drugs they are given that further weakens the immune system causing AIDS.
  18. I noticed this: C is the chemical symbol for carbon which has an atomic number 6 O is the 15th letter of the alphabet and 1+5 = 6 VI in roman numerals is 6 D could stand for quite a lot of things - 4, 500, delta, digital... etc
  19. If Mike Judge and Trey Parker wrote the script for reality.
  20. Following the Covid success*, Oxford University have developed an effective** vaccine for malaria in a mere 37 years. [* success = successful con job. ** effective = some scientific re-definition which means "not really very effective at all"] "Can we finally wipe out malaria with a vaccine 37 years in the making?" - New Scientist (paywall) "Malaria vaccine hailed as potential breakthrough" - BBC 1) This creates a new vaccine to add to the passport for annual updates, and 2) Makes a mockery of the 6 month development time for the Covid stab
  21. That looks more like fucking Thatcher than the Queen
  22. I can't remember where I read about this but there are rumours Arnold Schwarzenegger, as an aspiring body builder, was living in London at the time and did the odd "job" for a local gangster... Nightclub security debt collecting etc. Lord Lucan was heavily in debt due to gambling so Arnold was sent round to "sort him out". The nanny witness this and so Arnold had to kill her as well and whatever followed was probably some kind of cover up. I can't imagine Arnold having the wit to stage it to look like Lucan did the murder and then absconded.
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