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  1. Surely the very concept of vaccination is saying that God's creation is flawed. I don't get how little faith these people can have
  2. My local Morrison's was about the same
  3. Shot 1: Threatened with prosecution for using mobile phone while driving... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1220999/Jimmy-Carr-gets-phone-driving-charge-Mr-Loophole-tells-court-He-telling-joke.html Shot 2: Exposed for tax avoidance... https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/13573825/jimmy-carr-tax-avoidance-shame-career/ Within weeks of which he was presenting the Queen's Diamond Jubilee gig. I wonder what shot 3 would've been.
  4. If I found that in my garden I'd stave its head in with a spade
  5. Who does he think he is? David fucking Blaine?
  6. Thought I'd try it because it's a good one
  7. Perhaps the plan is: The jab doesn't work, the pill doesn't work, so up steps someone with a new implantable technology
  8. They'll probably introduce a PCR that tests for carbon and many people will agree to take the test and agree to isolate until they test negative
  9. From the BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59300703 There are a few interesting comments, several "removed" so you've gotta be cunning like db451...
  10. Also, pizza? I'm no nutritionist but I'd have thought if recovering from a heart attack you'd be given healthy food like vegetables... Unless the PIZZA has another meaning.
  11. One thing I find interesting about PSI is the shape like a TRIDENT The symbol of POSEIDON (PSI-ODIN). Also the symbol for the planet NEPTUNE (the Roman equivalent god for Poseidon)
  12. I think the DOUGHNUT is symbolic to these sub-human parasites. The DOUGHNUT is a TORUS which is a homonym for TAURUS (the bull) and their fascination with the zodiac and BAAL/MOLOCH. Also TAU is the Greek letter τ This represents a cross Wikipaedo So, TAU-RUS Is a RED CROSS
  13. They were unresponsive because he fucking sat on them. Nothing to do with Covid.
  14. Luckily he was fully vaccinated or it could've been a lot worse
  15. A picture from the Mail Online... ... 2/6... that'll be .33 then
  16. The butterfly hair grips and the way she grips her cabbalist handler's arm suggests she's MK Ultra'd to me.
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