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  1. I would've payed 50p to see someone jump up there and superglue a Cartoon Head mask to her ugly face...
  2. According to the Mirror (obviously not the most reliable source), Sainsbury's won't be challenging those entering without a mask. https://www.mirror.co.uk/money/sainsburys-issues-guidance-shoppers-ahead-22398112
  3. I was wondering why mandatory wearing of masks in shops in England was coming into force on a Friday. Surely Monday would be more sensible - giving shops and shoppers the weekend and particularly Sunday to prepare. So I wondered if the date had something to do with it - did something happen historically on July 24th? Or maybe there's a Full Moon or something. Then it dawned on me that the date is written 24/7. So it's preparing us for wearing masks all the time.
  4. If it's like Feckbook in that you've got to have an account and log in just to lurk then I think this will put off any potential new members. I, personally, only log in when I want to post something otherwise I lurk anonymously.
  5. From Aangirfan... http://aanirfan.blogspot.com/2020/07/covid-19-masks-vaccinations-wars-goyim.html
  6. Sounds like the opposite to me. The attacker was resident at the Asylum Hotel and the victims were a receptionist and maintenance guy who were presumably Glaswegians. Speculation of course. Details seem to be deliberately sketchy. Daily Mail
  7. If white priviledge really did exist, Greta Thunberg is it
  8. And as if by magic there's a suggestion the Vulcan salute should replace the handshake... Currant Bun
  9. I think George W Bush has a look of the Queen about him.
  10. They should've called Bill Gates. He's a medical expert.
  11. The salmon was bludgeoned to death but on the death certificate it said "COVID"
  12. By Jean-Pierre Dantan. I think it might be in the London Museum, but don't quote me on that.
  13. One thing I've noticed is that the "Royal" section in the Daily Mail, which normally reached double figures in useless/pointless/feckless articles, has all but disappeared. This may lend credence to the theory that the Windsors have scarpered. A few concerns though... Why has has crest got 777 embedded in it? Seen better in relief here at the bottom of the poem "The Aramaic Christian Prayer for the New Age" on https://www.kingof.uk/ Also, he regularly uses the phrase Nomen est Omen... The Name is the Omen... which presumably we all know is a movie about the anti Christ The Omen - IMDb Note also the movie stars Gregory Peck whom Joseph Gregory Hallett uses as an example predictive programming from the movie Roman Holiday. A couple of other observation: He speaks of Joseph Gregory Hallett (in the third person) getting locked in Rosslyn Chapel. But he doesn't (unless I missed it) expand on how he escaped. A possible hint to being replaced. Then I capured this screenshot from one of his Caroline Stephens Chit Chat interviews on Youtube A subliminal one-eye gesture.
  14. This is also where I learned of the hanging from a doorknob murder made to look like suicide. One of the characters was in prison but was in danger of blabbing so he was strangled with his own belt and hung on the doorknob so that as the murderer left the room, the dead body fell back against the door making it seem impossible for anyone else to have been in the room at the time. This is a favoured method of the sub-human parasites in real life.
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