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  1. Ciara Cusack: Initials CC = 33
  2. I believe it's this episode from 2005: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0629268/
  3. I'm pretty sure declaring war on your own citizens is treason.
  4. Adreno Chrome... it was following on from the logos people were posting.
  5. Cracking new song by the Stranglers: Can't help feel there's something symbolic about a group of masked men chasing Stuart "Psycho" Pearxe
  6. Aspiring actress, psychopath and paedophile.
  7. Luckily she had the jab (known to cause blood clots). Imagine how bad the blood clotting could have been if she hadn't had the jab (known to cause blood clots)
  8. How do you prove natural immunity? Is this a loophole I wonder?
  9. It's not that weird: https://www.etymonline.com/search?q=virus
  10. Busta Rhymes, Mike Tyson, Ian Brown
  11. I was about to say he's having a sniff to see if she smells different down there due to all the wear and tear.
  12. I would have thought the very idea of vaccines is suggesting God's own creation (including the human immune system) is flawed. Isn't God meant to be perfect?
  13. Interesting red pill/blue pill design to make the heart
  14. DEL(ta)... D'EL... OF GOD LAMB(da)... LAMB OF GOD... ta-da!!! Edit: I've just noticed TA-DA could as easily be DATA
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