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  1. Luckily he was fully vaccinated or it could've been a lot worse
  2. A picture from the Mail Online... ... 2/6... that'll be .33 then
  3. The butterfly hair grips and the way she grips her cabbalist handler's arm suggests she's MK Ultra'd to me.
  4. 5.5 = E.E which reflects to give 3.3
  5. If he worked in end-of-life care he was probably aware of the murder of the elderly. Although...
  6. The death of anything white is symbolic of the reduction of the white population. A stag is representative of a bridegroom - he has a stag do. Marriage is synonymous with procreation. So we have the death of white reproduction.
  7. I know there's no real shortage, but the elite washing their puppets' hair in oil isn't gonna help
  8. Ciara Cusack: Initials CC = 33
  9. I believe it's this episode from 2005: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0629268/
  10. I'm pretty sure declaring war on your own citizens is treason.
  11. Adreno Chrome... it was following on from the logos people were posting.
  12. Cracking new song by the Stranglers: Can't help feel there's something symbolic about a group of masked men chasing Stuart "Psycho" Pearxe
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