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  1. Maybe the QR 4661 that went thursday via Doha, the variant flew via Qatar to Hong Kong and the variant was discovered there. But how did they Hong Kong authorities have a PCR test on Thursday night of the PCR test was invented last night that tests for the new variant in the UK? This is unbelievable beyond science. FACT = the above, a flight record from Botwana to UK = 0 OPINION = It could have got on board a Qatar flight and got to Hong Kong = 0 I want to see the facts of how this vairant got to UK out of botswana on thursday Boris.. Please inbox.. Cos I am scratching my head here... LOL
  2. This Omnicron variant came out of Botwana in last 72 hours. Here is the departure list today of all flights from Gaberone airport. I dont see any direct flights bor any that could possibly connect to UK flying today a busy day like sunday. I am trying to get flight data for last 72 hours. Any clues here.. It came on a flight from Botwana??? Where is the Data.. GBE DEPARTURES Date: Sun 28-Nov-2021 Departures Arrivals Airport: (GBE) Sir Seretse Khama International Airport Gaborone, BW More GBE Departures GBE Weather GBE Airport Delays Flight Carrier Destination Departure Status BP 201 Air Botswana (JNB) Johannesburg 8:00 AM Landed QR 4665 ^ Qatar Airways (JNB) Johannesburg 8:00 AM Landed BP 30 Air Botswana (MUB) Maun 9:30 AM Landed 4Z 177 Airlink (JNB) Johannesburg 12:40 PM En Route BP 22 Air Botswana (FRW) Francistown 2:15 PM En Route BP 205 Air Botswana (JNB) Johannesburg 2:50 PM Landed QR 4661 ^ Qatar Airways (JNB) Johannesburg 2:50 PM Landed BP 233 Air Botswana (CPT) Cape Town 3:00 PM Scheduled QR 4654 ^ Qatar Airways (CPT) Cape Town 3:00 PM Scheduled ET 829 Ethiopian Airlines (ADD) Addis Ababa 3:10 PM En Route SQ 6124 ^ Singapore Airlines (ADD) Addis Ababa 3:10 PM En Route 4Z 179 Airlink (JNB) Johannesburg 6:00 PM Scheduled ^ = Codeshare Flight
  3. It was only announced less than 72 hours ago, as David describes it. "MORONIC" variant. Not only has this new variant been discovered in the last 72 hours in Africa. They have actually found all the culprits who have spread it in the last 72 hours. It has passed all the laws in parliament to get face masks back for crimbo. This variant has got a mandatory PCR test on arrival approved within 72 hours by the FDA. It took them over 4 months to invent the original PCR test for the Covid 19 fairy story virus. Now they have invented one in the last 72 hours. May I remind people it only takes a person over 12 years full time to get a PHD at a university in Virology. It bypassed all vaccines, all that research has been done in the last 72 hours. 3 days... LOL In last hour someone has been caught with variant in Netherlands and Hong Kong... LOL Last hour, they are able to say that the cabin crew has been tested positive for the new variant. But how has this PCR test got to Hong Kong of it was only invented yesterday and made legal. It takes 14 hours to fly to Hong Kong. Maybe this PCR test was able to post its self yesterday and arrive in Hong Kong today when it takes 3 days for all other air mail to arrive in Hong Kong. Absolutely miracle has happened here.
  4. Can I ask a question? Why do people who have a medical exemption have to show a badge on public transport to state they are exempt from wearing a facemask? My medical status is confidential and is between me and my GP. What right has the government have me or anyone with a condition have to show a badge to a bus driver to gain access to a bus. If you havent got a mask and I was a driver, I would just let them on and think Oh they must be a reason hes got a mask on. Why should a bus driver have to ask a person for a badge, when they have no rights, no the medical qualification to ask why. People should be just able to get on a bus with no questions asked. Even if you let someone on who lies about their medical status because they are a C Theorist. What is the point of asking. Anyone can wear a badge of exemption. So what is the point of wearing one at all. None I guess. They cant refuse entry under D dis laws so they are wasting peoples time on shop doors. I just thought of writing and A4 paper. " I AM NOT SHOWING YOU MY MEDICAL STATUS FOR WEARING A MASK< COS IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU> IT IS BETWEEN ME AND MY GP ALRIGHT>
  5. The Bilderberg don't control me. I do what ever I want. No Rothchilds tells me to wear a mask on a fucking bus over a new variant of a fairy story. I am getting on that bus Rothschilds without a mask... I am sorry for what happened for your family in the past. But I dont wear a mask cos of your vendetta call covid 19. Fuck you.
  6. I am so glad that Austria and Dutch people have kicked off. Send a message to BOJO of what the governments gonna get if they try that here. Mandatory.... He and the NWO got no chance against people. I just think they are doing these street scenes to put online to scaremonger. Take know notice of BBC and Sky News, the worlds two biggest fake news sites.
  7. Article 8 Right to respect for private and family life 1Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence. 2There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others. Where is the right for a pub landlord or a restaurant owner to see my personal medical vaccination status in this law. A public authority is a court or tribunal. Not Big Dave down at the Rose and Crown to decide if I am vaccinated or not. You can refuse to show any kind of vaccine status based on this law to any cinema owner or SIA doorman. They are not qualified medical professionals..
  8. Trying to extend it in Scotland as well to pubs etc. Is Sturgeon going to foot the bill when all the venues go bust? My basic answers are to here in a nutshell. I can't got Cinema + eat out cos Im unvaxxed = then download it off Firestick for free = no box office revenue for Hollywood. I cant goto pub = I will get a 4 pack from Asda and keep all the profits in the bank. I cant go on holiday and spend £3000 in a fortnight= get a 4k monitor and watch passed footage and the new livestreams from abroad. I wont be able to spend £200 to watch a band live = bootlegs. Mrs Sturgeon, unvaxxed people have never had has much money in bank in savings thanks for your docile Covid passport. Ban me from everywhere, Im loving it, watching the global economy fall while I get richer.. Ban me from work and shopping, then I will be states problem on £440 quid a month sat drinking as a recluse. I want to know where you went to school in economics, cos I need to see your credentials.
  9. Austria is telling Unvaxxed you can only go to work and shop! So I can still goto work and catch the fairy story? Now the Irish Media onnabowt closing pubs early. BBC Media saying there is a concern among people about the virus numbers going up in Thailand Which people is this who is concerned. The ones thats being censored in the streets getting watercannoned? Yet in England everything is gonna be not like last Christmas. What I want to know, how much money have these elite got, before they have to stop these lies and get back to normal. The news is full of so much garbage, I cant even believe the real stories in sport or other subjects. Has UK now got a special exemption from all the rest of the world? Cambodia is fastracking tourism and the Thailand one has extended the ban. This is like reading a joke book. All I can do sit down and just laugh at it all day long. I am thinking of printing all these off and start using them as bog roll. Your not going to pub if your unvaxxed? But I can goto work with the vaccinated. There has been companies with sick, the brainwashed with a cough going off work for 2 weeks. I look at this every time and can only see this from one way. They are trying to crash every economy on earth. I have read enough over the last 2 years to convince myself as this case is closed. It is not a theory and misinformation. Is is all true, and no one will every prove me into believing otherwise in the media or government.
  10. Then the government and Sky and Hollywood is moaning about the Box office takings and IPTV illegal subscriptions with the firesticks. I think they are going to call it a day with restrictions on Cinemas, when the next blockbuster is on piratebay for free. Stupid is as stupid gets. They'e got no chance of policing the piracy going off in the country. What chance have they got when you want to goto pictures with no vaccine.
  11. There is no such thing as Covid 19. It was designed by Bilderberg group to crash the economy. All you people are very wrong. Its this Global take over. You people have never studied history. You listen to some infowars guy. Why dont you google the Industrial Age. Alex Jones and David Icke are half right. There is a central force behind Covid. But from all science according to them. Economics is the leading subject of the world not Science. Why would a federal reserve bank run by Rothschilds crash an economy with no ROI? More lockdowns? Where is the return? ROI$ You all on here, do you know what an ABSORTION RATE is? Exactly. Absorbtion rate, is an accounting term. A nappy full of wet liquid. I think, what we need to do as people who think this is about global domination. Is start getting some qualifications and read books. Cos you all talk fairy stories...
  12. I mean, I know its a load of rubbish, its not about finding £600 quid to find this out. Its about, they are using excuses to bypass the original point. Has it been isolated, " NO"? They think the average person wont take it further. I've got the £600 quid, but where am I going to get this back? Its only the public that want to know the truth. Covid hasn't affected me, so I am happy to know HSE are lying before I shell out money for info. I'm not interested in the fake virus. Never have been. I'm just interested in why Bildaberg group think they rule the world, a few people against 6 billion. They have no chance.. Even with a bio weapon, they cant beat the people.
  13. I need to clarify in all the law breaking that's going off globally over the scam virus. The new travel laws state, cheaper lateral flow tests are now in law for those who are fully jabbed. Those who are unvaccinated still need to self isolate to the fake virus upon return to UK after visiting a red list place, also got to pay for the PCR fake test. So what about people who are exempt on medical, religion and philosophical grounds? Not one mention of these people on the media, which makes up to 10% of the population. If the vaccinated are allowed to travel cheaply, this means the PCR test has to be taken by, 1. Unvaccinated. 2 The exempted. But data shows that the vaccinated people are still catching the fake flu. AKA Covid 19. AKA Sars 2002. So what difference does it make anywhere in the world if you take a PCR test or Lateral flow test or not. David Icke has the evidence that its a fake test. What is the point of this Plan B? Covid Passport and bringing back the mask. The mask never worked in lockdown, so why are they bringing back the mask now? Everyone has caught this fake disease. Why are they still trying to co hearse people into a 3rd vaccine, when everyone knows its a load of make believe, the whole thing to crash the worlds economy. I have watch the BBC news, and politics over the last 3 years. You can see true politicians and those who arnt. Rachel Reeves Labour party, bring in Plan B. Everything is so false in the media. Like its been written out years ago. Its a script... The Covid pass has failed in other countries, why waste money on it here. What is this, some last tactic to enslave the UK people. The people who should have David Icke be prime minister. What are the UK government gonna do now, David has this mass following. Maybe he is the son of God as they portrayed his as a nutter. Or maybe, in reality, he the same as people like me. He has done his research on the Rothschilds and history and other subjects that has brought Covid 19 to this point of fairy stories. Miggy
  14. Well, I've got better things to spend £600 quid on pal, but the answer is clear. Fobbed off. A freedom info act is free! End of
  15. So what's the reply to this, go find £600 quid? More like go post it all over internet HSE. I've got £600 quid to take up this request. So I can post it to David Icke. Refusal is an excuse to hide. Denial is the first admission of defeat of an opposition who plausible deny and accept responsiblilty.
  16. Dear Grumpy Owl and your fantastic forum, Grumpy, I submitted this email to HSE over 3 months ago to HSE UK. Can you forward this privately to David Icke and and Gareth. I have edited the correspondences from the document for data protection reasons. I can send the original document to David or Gareth at request, also want you to send it to ALEX JONES. They have refused in the email about Covid 19 being Isolated in UK labs unless I pay £600 quid. This is free (DOM) but I got to give em £600 for what? I might crowdfund this one, cos this smells like a 6 foot rat.
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