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  1. Same again means. You ask for the evidence and there is no evidence. No evidence = no virus...
  2. Wish all you all a merry xmas tommorrow. I just read a junk mail folder and it was a freedom of info request. Sent me nothing in return... I have deleted the numbers to reference. What does this mean. No side effects?? I dont understand. Have a good crimbo people. Thank you for your communication dated 2 December 2021. NHS England has assessed your communication as a request under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000. As such, your request is being dealt with under the terms of the FOI Act, and has been allocated the following reference number: Your exact request was: “I need a freedom of request from your records. Can you please send all records of all Patience that have suffered side effects from Covid 19 vaccines in the UK. I have got a load of conspiracy websites saying videos of patience are being censored on the internet that is misinformation. I need to see records and statistics so I can shut these sites down. Can you send all yellow card records of side effects from Covid 19 in the last 2 years.” NHS England does not hold information in relation to your request. It may assist you, however if we explain that any adverse effects (including possible deaths) related to the COVID-19 vaccines are collected via the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA) Yellow Card reporting scheme. The Yellow Card scheme is responsible for collating and monitoring reports about adverse reactions or safety concerns relating to the Covid-19 vaccines. The MHRA publishes a summary of findings from the Yellow Card scheme which can be accessed at the below link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-adverse-reactions/coronavirus-vaccine-summary-of-yellow-card-reporting Further information in relation to your request may therefore be held by the MHRA. As such you may wish to redirect your request to the MHRA. You can find their contact information at the below link: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/contact-mhra We hope this information is helpful. However, if you are dissatisfied, you have the right to ask for an internal review. This should be requested in writing within two months of the date of this letter. Your correspondence should be labelled “Internal Review” and should outline your concerns and/or the area(s) you would like the review to consider. Internal Review requests should be sent to: NHS England PO Box 16738 REDDITCH B97 9PT Email: [email protected] Please quote the reference number provided above in any future communications. If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review, you have the right to apply directly to the Information Commissioner for a decision. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) can be contacted at the following weblink: https://ico.org.uk/global/contact-us/ Please note there is no charge for making an appeal. Please be aware that in line with the Information Commissioner’s directive on the disclosure of information under the FOI Act, your request will be anonymised and published on our website as part of our disclosure log. Please do not reply to this email. This message has been sent from a central mailbox. To communicate with NHS England regarding Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, enquiries or complaints we ask these are sent directly to NHS England’s customer contact centre. This is to ensure all communications are progressed correctly. Their postal address, telephone number and email details are as follows: PO Box 16738, Redditch, B97 9PT; 0300 3 11 22 33, [email protected] Yours sincerely, Freedom of Information Communications Team Office of the Chairs, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer NHS England PO Box 16738 REDDITCH B97 9PT
  3. I will admit, I will take a vaccine but I want to know what it is for. Because there is such a thing as small pox I will gladly take a shot. But there is no such virus as Covid 19. It is a fairy story made up by the Bilderberg group. I find it an insult to the likes of Albert Einstein, Marie Curie and other world class scientists that spent their whole lives trying to find the answers. But this Chris Whitty who has come out of nowhere is nothing more than a phoney. People have asked for the evidence from them, but where is it? Ask for the theory of relativity? Then you only look at Hiroshima and you don't need any.. They are gonna threat a full lockdown in the next day or two. But all it is for is to get the booster to 80%. Once they have the 80% this game is all over. They win the game. Good luck to them and those who take the shot. As for the anti vaxxers.They will play the head immunity fairy story. You can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink it. I think after the new year Covid 19 will start to fade for good.
  4. Its funny how these recent David Icke interviews sound like he is a nutter. I watched that film prison break last year. After watching that Snowden and years ago Enemy of the State. It seems like this is all real. NSA and "The Company". Like we are living in a world 40 years behind the Cabal. In the Bilderberg interview with Alex Jones. These people are way ahead of the world or global situation. How are these people so clever to be in front of everybody else I ask? In the recent Icke interview, he states a family of generations that interbreed. I know who he is talking about. I have been researching how this Cabal came about. Who is the cabal? I mean is it all these billionaire families? There are some I have never heard of. An interesting film to watch about a the Du Pont family is called Dark Water. I hope David can research and to an ickonic about t he history of these familes in the Guilded Age.
  5. Javid David, You blame me the un vaxxed. You blame me for not taking a shot. Un vaxxed, vaxxed. Dear Javid. Maybe we can write a Crimbo number 1 record to challenge LAD BABY in 2022. GET the vax.... Rate my take away 2nd favourite fella. Moose
  6. My old man has been taken to respiratory ward after losing oxygen last two weeks. He refused hospital treatment and was declare capable and is seeing a specialist for further stuff on lungs at 75. Had double jab. He is in there now and my sister has been to see him. I am quite interested in what my sister said, she dint do no covid test on a respiratory ward on visits and saw others do none either. This is today. And staff nurses and visitors were walking patience families on 3 covid wards no tests, n o masks fuck all. Staff unvaxxed... Who were saying to my sister that people in Covid Ward were people with Asthma suffering. I am sorry, this is all I need to state that Covid is bollox. I am more concerned getting my old man out of that place at home where he is safe. Moose999
  7. Reply from Hilary Benn, Labour MP. this emails is only available to those who reply to me post. The photo dies not send full content. But its a start... Moose
  8. Got some info from top geeza.. Need to get this on the forum to argue.
  9. I can bring scotland yard down in 10 minutes. The power I have over them is devastiating.
  10. I have it on my hard drive.. I am kidding... It will get leaked for a price. I am the fucking joker.
  11. It depends if you have highly classified information that can bring them down> I dont have such in my posion.
  12. I mean when you look at BBC now they censor all the conspiracy, but yet they are showing all the leak allegations. Maybe this has been setup to some end game here of the PM.
  13. I am starting to connect some dots here on the last two days. The leaking of videos at downing street. The Covid passport plan b and Prime ministers new baby. I have a theory that all these leaks have been setup by MI6 so the prime minister will resign. Maybe this new kid on the block his him retiring early. I could be wrong, but it stinks again all the short timing of all 3 events...
  14. Erm, I want to go on holiday in January. I cant go because of the PCR test, quarantine and Vaccine. Whats it got to do with the app? Exemption means free from obligation. Get a paper version to get in events. Lie on paper then. What other choice have you got? You are a conspiracy theorist. Have you got proof that Covid exists? Then if you do, go take them to court.. Or show your theories to get in a football match.
  15. My advice to all Conspiracy people is just use the exemption on the NHS app and lie. Just play the government at their own game my good friends. Ignore all the fucking guidance like Boris Johnson has done and tell lies about your exemption on the Covid pass. Thats all they are doing, then follow the game and play the next card. They cant ask you why you are exempt.. All you do is just say reason why I am exempt, is because I am Bipolar, I am a normal person one minute then next I am a conspiracy theorist. Download the app and just put a load of crap into it.. I personally don't blame the prime minister for what is happening and the whistleblowing that's going off. He is following the agenda of Bilderberg, the agenda that is now not getting followed thanks to the hard work of Gareth, David Icke and Alex Jones spreading the word about the Bilderberg group. Exemption is everyone who CANNOT be vaccinated and those that DO NOT. DO NOT is a lie on the covid app called LIE.. The government lies, the media lies... Start the same. LIE.. Over and OUT.
  16. After seeing this leaked video footage of the Xmas Party and the resignation of the PM advisor over the leak. I cant believe how the BBC can keep posting subtitles Plan B has not yet planned to be introduced. Its game over for BOJO, he might as well resign him self. Hes gone past the point of no return. HE is doing nothing as he was voted in but defending number 10 against all these Covid rule allegations. The country regardless of the hoax virus has bigger problems than a flu. I have just got a swollen foot and rang NHS 111, all you get is an answer phone, I have just gone to asda and got and ice pack as I cant be arsed even trying to see a GP over the leg. This is where all the money is getting wasted, go and get a jab. Not the money I have paid into the system to see a Physio against a possible injury. Hospitals arnt getting the money that it should be used for. Other things, jobless people and getting people into work. Social Care, Crime. Serious crimes arnt getting investigated cos Police are too busy fining people over the hoax virus restrictions. Its pretty clear he is not fit to be a leader but just a comedian that has people around him that also dont have a clue how to run a country. I wish I could go back in time and bring Guy Fawkes to present day and let him finish off what he set out to do in 1605..
  17. I have worked in 3 different settings, with thousands of people, no masks. How come I have never caught this virus? I don't want to know who has caught it, why, where or when. I want to know why I have never caught it. I have had everything else, Shingles, mumps, measles, tonsils out, Flu, Cold, Panic attacks, metal work in leg, 7 teeth out with gas. But I have never caught Covid 19. Not one cough, or a speck of a symptom. I must me just imagining not catching it... lol.
  18. I have seen the video of the Austrian supermarket that has a plastic apar tide down the middle of the aisle separating the unvaxxed and vaxxed. How them sheep put up with it is beyond me. I went is Asda the other day with no mask and forgot to use the exemption badge, nobody pulled me at all. I think the staff have finally said its not our job to police masks. Anyone pulls me from now on, I will just tell em fuck off and mind your business. They arnt my GP and I have no reason to tell em why. I heard a bus driver asked an elderly woman why she was exempt. The driver is a sad fucker to even ask why. Why does he care he is sat behind a plastic screen. I make no wonder they are danger money, it wont be some drug dealer that sticks nut on em, it will be some 85 years olds hanbag round the head. Nosey Fuckers
  19. How can they make a vaccine mandatory when you have to sign a disclaimer if you volunteer. You cant make someone sign a disclaimer by force and force a vaccine to be taken if there are side effects that are killing people. That is classed as legal manslaughter. That is like an airline pilot flying a plane into the ocean and the airline has no accountability for the deaths of the passengers. The reason of a disclaimer is for someone to be not accountable in a court for their actions that have caused damage to the person who has taken it. Right, we the Uk are going to make everyone take a vaccine for Covid 19. Those who are exempt don't have to take it. So what about those who are not exempt under non medical grounds such as ethical vegans, religious groups like Church of Christian Science who wont take a vaccine. You cant just have them take it without their consent. If they say no, because of any reason is classed as exempt. If you have a view that a vaccine has side effects you are scared of, then they cant force you to take it and sign a disclaimer as well. They are accountable if they mandate them on people that have a reaction to them if its forced upon them. These countries that are mandating them are talking absolute b*****ks. They are breaking all laws on human rights. The UK health and Safety Executive cant even provide proof that its been isolated and purified and classed as existing, so what chance have they got of forcing a vaccine to a virus that doesnt exist on people. Are they just gonna pin you down by army inject you and say, we dont care if there is no virus, you are taking this shot regardless. They are leaving them open to millions of dollars in law suits. Even more amazing, its taken months of research for scientists to find the trigger of clotting issues. But its only taken them less than a week to find out that the vaccine isnt effective against the Moronic variant. I reckon thats because all this was planned years in advance they had already done the research in the variants effect of the vaccines. And the reason for the clotting issues because these are new side effects...
  20. This is what the government and media has had to do to get the franken shot into people. They have attacked the Conspiracy lot. Ho this guy who thought Covid was a conspiracy has died of covid after refusing the frankenshot. All media.. now they have just started on the Vegans with exemptions. Against animal testing. HO, this guy has just died cos he did not take the frankenshot. Just in news now. What a load of low, and how low you go to ridicule people. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/uk-news/vegan-who-refused-vaccine-because-22306094?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=exchange
  21. I have just done a google on kayak today. To get from Botswana to Hong Kong, you have to do this route. 42 hours. What are the odds of someone from this country Botswana be visiting Hong Kong on a £1500 to £3000 flight that takes 3 stop overs and a 33 to 42 hour journey. The odds of someone in these countries even having £1500 are a million to 1 Let alone to waste on a flight of this length. The BBC have cocked up with there lies on this article that two people from Botswana were tested for the new variant in Hong Kong airport on Saturday morning. The variant was only found alleged Thursday night. This is absolute impossible that this occured.
  22. 1% Bilderberg lies. 1% Conspiracy theory. 98% Morons. That is the 100% of the walking earth I am afraid..
  23. This is how embarrasing you make the government look when you go into the rabbit hole like David Icke does.. Where is this flight from Botswana??? I will have a look via Amsterdam KLM.. I got it, maybe the case in the Netherlands was someone who was sat next to somebody on the flight from Botwana to Amsterdam leg thursday night. But there is no flight from Gaborne airport to Amsterdam on thursday... LOL. I am lost here...
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