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  1. Hi all, its live now on youtube. I am trying to rip the stream, but you cant download a live stream. Only way you are gonna get this ripped is to use Xbox screen cam.
  2. Boris Johnson will escape jail again for one reason. It does not matter whether he went to a private party or not. It does not matter if someone lost out on seeing a loved one. IT all gets thrown out all of it. Because there is no evidence of Covid 19 being Isolated on earth. Party or no party. Where is the evidence of Sars Cov 2 or Covid being isolated? Cos Boris will need this in court.
  3. Here pal, if you know anyone who gets sack over Covid, don't waste your time with law firms. Send them to me. I will sort it out for free. I have had my previous firm prosecuted and last one grassed them up to Inland revenue over Furlough Fraud. They sent me a solicitors letter saying I arnt allowed to talk to other firms. I wiped their £250 quid letter on my backside for toilet roll when I had a Madras. Anyone who is scared to come forward over employment matters and are getting harrassed, inbox me and I will show you who the daddy is. I fought for unions for years and if I see anyone getting mis treat over Covid 19 I will come down on the employer like a ton on bricks..
  4. The Importance of Space. Hands, face, space, please stand 2 meters apart. Why would you stand 2 meters apart, because space is important. Have you got it yet??????
  5. I saw the video today, and as for someone who has not a lot of time, I watched every minute of it. David never mentions who the cult are. He only mentions the Rockerfellers. Unless I am watching a non subscribed or unedited version of the video, I have only one conclusion he is talking about the Rothschilds family. Down to my own deep and extensive research on Bilderberg, half of David Ickes interview is breathtaking. But it is when he starts going off course at the end of videos it starts to become debatable. That last video he made has got my own research matched with his own about the lockdowns and furlough schemes and the history of Thatcher and the Miners in Yorkshire and the take over of coal mines. Silence payments to shut down indy businesses. But if you do not all mind my own views that counter argue Davids interview. I trust everything David says in the interview till the near end. His interview breaks my own theories of Covid. I do actually trust my own views on the World War costs and Covid being nothing more than a crash and rebuild, profit scenario. My view on Bilderberg is actually, lets say, I do not believe there will be a one world government and one currency global. Davids view I will also on Crypto, I do not think Rothchilds has the power to control a central government, due to the failure of wars on Iraq and Afghanistan and also North Korea. I do actually believe that Bilderberg are planning things in advance of 3 to 4 years, but it is central banks lending money and austerity over a period of time. As for David saying that skills and shortages of money is being controlled to create A Hunger Games Society. I think the world is controlled by Rothchilds for a reason. Because David Icke has not explained the Guilded era on here which I have researched. The reason that Rockerfellers, Vanderbilts and Rothchilds plan things 100 years ahead. There is a point in history that created the last 30 years with Bill Gates. I researched a lot of stuff and what gives everything away is Edward Snowden. When you see that youtube video of David Partius of CIA going into the hotel in Switzerland in 2019 from some you tube camera. This is the point I saw Rothschilds making their biggest mistake ever, coming out of the shadows. If you read the Bilderberg Agendas from years ago. They become talking points and then one word headline agendas. 1. A Stable Strategic Order - A course of events from 2019 till 2022 = lockdowns in a stable order globally. 2. What Next for Europe? - France, Austria, Germany, Netherlands leaving EU after the Covid passport stuff. 3. Climate Change and Sustainability - Still in the twist - electric cars??? 4. China - Wuhan lab and Covid 19 release - Hong Kong Riots. 5. Russia - Navalny poisoning and Ukraine situation. 6. The Future of Capitalism - Global Fascist experiment. 7. Brexit - Article 16 coming soon. 8. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence - Google Quantam Computing. 9. The Weaponisation of Social Media - Donald Trump Incitation of White House and Bleach drinking on Twitter. 10. The Importance of Space - Social Distancing, please stand 2 meters apart, hands face space. 11. Cyber Threat - ???? Happens all the time.
  6. It will boil down to, why do you care, its a fake virus. But it is not a fake virus, its an influenza that's been amplified into fake virus. And fake tests amplified from fake past tests.
  7. This is the problem, you have people going into work and scared of losing money. But then you have unvaxxed could get caught out and get sent home due to the arsholse spreading influenza (aka - clod - flu - fake virus)
  8. I have a person came near me other day, said he had cold symptoms, he did a lateral flow test, positive. The company have a policy to take a photo of the test before they get sent home. I would rather a company gets stricter on the people at a workplace and do temp checks random on people, like checking a pub toilets, every hour and keep a proper track of what's going on at the time than not at work. Then I get, yeh but you say there is no such thing as Covid and tests dont not work, that is not my point. Cold and Flu are rife every winter and lateral flow tests might be fake to a lot of CT people, but the tests do have some idea even if its only 20% of detecting a small amount of cold. My point is, temperature checking is the most reliable form of any influenza. Because in airports in far east, it has been very reliable for seeing people with any temperature, which is the most common symptom of any influenza. My views that Covid is a hoax have nothing to do with tests, vaccines or quarantines. My point is, there is an influenza around us everyday, regardless of what the Cult has renamed it. I think companies getting ripped off by fake sickkies, should ramp up check on workplaces to cut down the fraudster faking a sick leave for the fake virus.
  9. I just read that IKEA are cutting sick pay for unvaccinated workers on a case by case basis if they contract the fake virus and have to self isolate. I can understand any company wanting to cut sick pay for anyone who is using the fake virus opportunity to get a couple of weeks off when they have no symptoms. What I can never understand, is why should an unvaccinated worker who is forced to wear a mask all day, and work with unvaccinated and vaccinated workers who have got a cold or flu and hiding the symptoms at work cos they are scared of no sick pay. That means someone who is deliberate spreading a cold round others and an unvaccinated person is caught in the cross fire of working with people spreading it on purpose. That means the unvaccinated person who is wearing a mask and taking caution even though we know they don't work, is going to end up on sick and a bad time keeping record because of others posing a risk. So the vaxxed up get full sick pay and the unvaxxed don't. Even though its the vaxxed or purposely at work with a cold person. If it was me, I'd be saying to IKEA, I get full sick pay or I wont be coming f**king back, how does that sound. They moan they are short of staff. Now they are intimidating unvaxxed over sick pay. I know what I would say. Laters Bro... I am off to work somewhere else.
  10. I have booked the day of work.. I will be at this demo on 22nd . Let me know where and when.
  11. Macnamara, you have some great wisdom on history. I would like to tell you about an event in my life whilst on holiday in Bangkok, Thailand about 5 years ago. I was waiting for a bus to the River Kwai tour. A drunken American guy was making fun of a guy who at the time was carrying a camera. The American guy was on the bus making fun of him, I think or had learnt that the American guy was some fucked up Vietnam veteran on holiday or probably lived their, he was crazy. He said to the Asian guy, " You taking photos of this place, it was you who blame for Pearl Harbour" And even more abusive racist language. He was banging on the guys chair, and calling him names you would turn over and be sick. I got involved and told the American guy, if you dont shut the fuck up, you are gonna be the one who is found dead in this place. He started being clever with me, Where you from Britain? Halleljuha we love you guys. He started going on about Vietnam and RIver Kwai. The end game was I took the guy around Bangkok and the Asian guy for a few beers and ended all up as good patriots and friends. I had told them the exact thing you are talking about Macs. History cannot be deleted but learn from it. When I went into the history of the River Kwai, the American guy shook hands with the Asian guy who turned out to by from Korea not Japan. Their holidays ended up being unforgettable. Just a short story I told you on here about history and personal interest in my love for every country on earth. You are right history is ugly. It should not be deleted as you say and should be corrected. I felt I had corrected this situation at the time accordingly in a peaceful and good way between people and was proud of what I did. To do it properly. But this statue event, maybe these people that did it were either clever to avoid jail or just completely stupid. But the point if what Grant Shapps said was un acceptable, petition? They don't even listen to people. Thus I can understand why people are going to extreme to get their voices heard.
  12. Can people please read this link on the Colsten 4. Its about the statue in Bristol that was damaged in the BLM protests. Please look at the following statement that Shapps made. “We live in a democratic country. If you want to see things changed you can get them changed, you do that through the ballot box, or petitioning your local council, etc. You don’t do it by going out and causing criminal damage." We live in a democratic country, where voting or petitioning makes change? We are living in a fascist state not a democratic one, decisions are getting made without public decision nor debate, thus resulting in public causing criminal damage. We are getting brainwashed into taking a fucking fake vaccine by means of mass media censorship over the truth. GO petition to your local council. A petition was filed and over 700,000 people have asked for Tony Blairs Garter Knighthood to be quashed. A war criminal, not hero has been given this honour. It stated in an article that they cant remove this over some bollox law. Yet as soon as Casting couch whistleblowers come out Harvey Weinstein had his order removed after he was found guilty. We live in a democratic state, where Tom Tugendhat and Andrew Adonis of opposite parties are discussing agendas in a hotel in Switzerland in 2019, called the Bilderberg meeting. A place where representatives from African or South American nations are not invited. The reason why people cause criminal damage is because they are fucking sick of being treat like fucking animals. That is why they did this. My message goes to Grant Shapps. Why do people like you, who have never done a days work in your life go out in the real world and get a real job instead of sat their talking absolute shite. I am going to put the sentence up to ten years with no maximum fine. You have no regard for human beings whatsoever.
  13. Why should he use the wild card to get out of the situation? He should use his status in tennis and say I go and I don't come back here again. Sponsors will follow him. A lot of celebrities have come on David Icke and shed their views and suffered repercussions. The only thing with Djokovic, he is standing his ground, cos he can afford to. I am glad he has done this because it will open a can of worms on travel and a persons privacy. The whole rule of exemption needs to be clarified. Where is the bottom line here? If I go through a country which has a different religion than me. Two Christian passengers go through and ethnic Irish traveller and my self if I am agnostic. Will I get questioned why I don't believe in religion? No I would not, I would get the same respect in a religious manner as I should medical or philosophical. I don't even know why the Australian government are even challenging this, because their tourism industry is already in turmoil over their fascist treatment towards its people. Same as Macron, " I vow to piss off the unvaccinated". So I cant go to cinema Mr Macron? Ok I will download the new spiderman film off the internet for free and the box office loses LOL. You are not pissing me off, you are pissing off the very people that need my cash fella the cinema. I vow to piss you off cos you are not vaccinated. I am rolling in money because of this pandemic cos of your restrictions LOL. As for Djokovic, is this some publicity stunt to wake up Australian people or is this man the legend he really is in sport? Win or lose, he did what I would have done, and said "Fuck you and your vaccine". I arn't a big fan of tennis, but a fan of sportsmen who stand out and tell it the way it is...
  14. He has been decline because he failed to provide evidence. Where is the Australians evidence???? Where is the scientific paper that Sars Cov 2 or Covid 19 has been isolated and purified in a lab?? Cos this is what stands up in a court not assumption or failure to provide fucking evidence. Failure to provide evidence= thrown out. Cos thats where this case is going, fucking no where very fast. Djokovic does not need any evidence for it, cos the Australian government has none either. Fucking joke
  15. Hi all, I am 100% behind Djokovic and his current situation in Australia. Exemption is the same as Agnostic. Agnostic is the same as conspiracy. There is a vaccine to a virus that does not exist. The virus is a conspiracy by the Bilderberg group. Lets get this clear and out in the open for once. Medical, religious or philosophical, whatever reason. Muslim, Christian, Ethnic Irish etc. White, Black, Chinese etc. Disabled, abled, normal etc. What is this new rule, the rule of exemption. That means to things under Australian law. Vaccinated and the unvaccinated. So there is no rule for exemption. Exempt or not exempt. So what does agnostic mean??? Agnostic is a philosophical view not a medical or religious one. It means the following, I choose " NOT TO BELIEVE " That is why Agnostic = Exempt. I choose not to take a vaccine because I know that Covid 19 is a conspiracy. Agnostic = Conspiracy theorist = Exempt. I choose to be exempt from taking a vaccine because I do not believe in the fucking VIRUS. I do not need to be medical exempt nor religious to be exempt from the vaccine. Whether Goran is exempt for whatever reason, he is EXEMPT. He shall be treat no different than anyone else for whatever reason. OK BORDER FORCE.
  16. I am very surprised on Gareth's stream last night Sue Cooke Crime watch. This is one of the most credible presenters on BBC has turned to alt media.. Awakening? The BBC should throw towel in now while they have chance. They dish awards out to anybody who is biased. Whitty and Van tam wont let me come on TV and show them my foi requests... That is Bias. Cooke is right on Gareths live stream, Unbalanced. But Bilderberg owns CIA and MI6 and NSA.. You open your mouth and they will just dis credit you with all the NSA data on your browsing history.
  17. I woke up this morning and read Chris Whitty and Van Tam have been given Knight hoods. This award is for someone who has dedicated their life to a passion, dream, career that is in the interest of the British people. June Brown and Willian Roache, Dot Cotton, Ken Barlow. 40 to 50 years of being inspirations in acting on T.V. Jimmy White, snooker player got one years ago and other several sports stars, that deserve this award or honour of British culture. Any one from any walks of life, that has been productive and inspirational to British people should be made M.B.E. or O.B.E. Years of hard work and dedication towards charities from so many people go un-noticed. Emma Radacanu I feel should deserve an honour but not at this level yet... I think she will one day and deserves one eventually if she can go onto inspire people. What has got me mad. Whilst Whitty has just been given a knighthood for all his lies and bullshit on the last 2 years after coming out of nowhere and claiming to be some guru of Virology. I find it and insult to the likes of Marcus Rashford who stood out for kids school meals out of his own pocket at times was given an M.B.E. just to shut him up. When and where and why and what for has ever Chriss Whitty inspired people of the UK and Van TAM to deserve this award of M.B.E. There knowledge I could write on the back of the award they have been given, and the lies that go with it. It seems that an M.B.E. is just as much value as Academy awards. Its just a shitty trophy that means nothing to nobody.
  18. I am writing a topic about the recent Sajid comments about "Anti-vaxxers are idiots" Because someone wont take the vaccine are already called or classed as an idiot. I want to go into the nitty gritty of what an idiot is and what an anti-vaxxer is. An anti-vaxxer is someone who is opposed to vaccinations due to some reason. Medical, philosophical or maybe religious. An idiot is someone who is not educated or has some mental problem with learning. So what Sajid is saying, cos I am an anti-vaxxer I am an idiot. I don't have the mental capacity to research the internet and find out why vaccines are fake. I just spent 3 years at college doing accounts and finance and got a distinction in many subjects. I am an idiot. I am not taking the vaccine because I have had several freedom of information requests from government bodies have no information nor evidence of Covid 19 being isolated or Sars Cov 2 being presented to me. I have spent over 200 hours of research on the internet on whistleblowers from NHS, and other global PHD scientists who have the same views as me. I am just wondering if I should write to Sajid Javid in Downing Street and ask him for a full blown apology in calling me an idiot. This is slander. Slander means spreading crap about someone in the public eye that is not true. The truth is, Sajid Javid is calling all anti-vaxxers idiots. I have met anti-vaxxers have PHD in science. Sajid Javid is the real idiot, for making statements about someone he knows nothing about. Sack the fucker.
  19. David, I have Christmas off, just watching your video 3 hours 48 long on Covid, brilliant sir.. I mean SIR DAVID ICKE. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/chris-whitty-to-be-knighted-in-queens-new-year-honours-list-k7zff8jwd I might write to the Queen and have you a Knight.. I cant this year cos your best fake mate has got it. SIR CHRIS WHITTY. For now its alright Dave mate.. SIR FAKE CHRIS WHITTY. FAKE SIR CHRIS. LOL Pissing myself laughing.
  20. Same again means. You ask for the evidence and there is no evidence. No evidence = no virus...
  21. Wish all you all a merry xmas tommorrow. I just read a junk mail folder and it was a freedom of info request. Sent me nothing in return... I have deleted the numbers to reference. What does this mean. No side effects?? I dont understand. Have a good crimbo people. Thank you for your communication dated 2 December 2021. NHS England has assessed your communication as a request under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000. As such, your request is being dealt with under the terms of the FOI Act, and has been allocated the following reference number: Your exact request was: “I need a freedom of request from your records. Can you please send all records of all Patience that have suffered side effects from Covid 19 vaccines in the UK. I have got a load of conspiracy websites saying videos of patience are being censored on the internet that is misinformation. I need to see records and statistics so I can shut these sites down. Can you send all yellow card records of side effects from Covid 19 in the last 2 years.” NHS England does not hold information in relation to your request. It may assist you, however if we explain that any adverse effects (including possible deaths) related to the COVID-19 vaccines are collected via the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA) Yellow Card reporting scheme. The Yellow Card scheme is responsible for collating and monitoring reports about adverse reactions or safety concerns relating to the Covid-19 vaccines. The MHRA publishes a summary of findings from the Yellow Card scheme which can be accessed at the below link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-adverse-reactions/coronavirus-vaccine-summary-of-yellow-card-reporting Further information in relation to your request may therefore be held by the MHRA. As such you may wish to redirect your request to the MHRA. You can find their contact information at the below link: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/contact-mhra We hope this information is helpful. However, if you are dissatisfied, you have the right to ask for an internal review. This should be requested in writing within two months of the date of this letter. Your correspondence should be labelled “Internal Review” and should outline your concerns and/or the area(s) you would like the review to consider. Internal Review requests should be sent to: NHS England PO Box 16738 REDDITCH B97 9PT Email: [email protected] Please quote the reference number provided above in any future communications. If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review, you have the right to apply directly to the Information Commissioner for a decision. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) can be contacted at the following weblink: https://ico.org.uk/global/contact-us/ Please note there is no charge for making an appeal. Please be aware that in line with the Information Commissioner’s directive on the disclosure of information under the FOI Act, your request will be anonymised and published on our website as part of our disclosure log. Please do not reply to this email. This message has been sent from a central mailbox. To communicate with NHS England regarding Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, enquiries or complaints we ask these are sent directly to NHS England’s customer contact centre. This is to ensure all communications are progressed correctly. Their postal address, telephone number and email details are as follows: PO Box 16738, Redditch, B97 9PT; 0300 3 11 22 33, [email protected] Yours sincerely, Freedom of Information Communications Team Office of the Chairs, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer NHS England PO Box 16738 REDDITCH B97 9PT
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