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  1. Mac, I have just seen another load of dots to connect here. So this Uk restrictions on travel are to be eased for the fake jabbed on 11th February. I have just seen an obscure country like the Philippines opening the doors to the fake jabbed on the 10th of February. This is a day before the UK lifts restrictions. I am researching now all countries in the world to se if theses dates are close together. It seems it is centrally controlled by timing. The top agenda of Bilderberg is " A stable strategic order" Order of events by time, I am thinking. I mean if the 3 day hotel meeting in Montreax, Switzerland in May 2019 was only 3 days. No minutes are taken. Are these people actually planning stuff by dates? The 2020 and 2021 Meetings were cancelled due to travel restrictions is a load of cobblers. Because Joe Biden cam to Cornwall for the G Summit. How did these events go ahead of there was restrictions? The nitty gritty is what I am saying that the Covid hoax was played out in 2019 at Bilderberg to last 3 years and the meeting was deliberately cancelled not down to travel. Bus a sort of break. It will be back in May time 2022. Guaranteed.
  2. Hi all, A random fact checking website came into my eye just now. I have read through this and would like to show the forum this article. Very interesting to research this.. As always, Alex Jones is blaming Klaus for Covid. Is there a link here between the Cult and the Who? https://fullfact.org/online/klaus-schwab-rothschild-false/
  3. I was looking at the one word agenda in the Bilderberg Agenda of 2019. I had a theory it was to do with the Navalny scandal. It did not seen a big enough subject to be the meaning of the one word " Russia" As a defined stable strategic order to be a timeline of events from 2019. I am starting to realize that all the agendas have come true is a sense that Russia is the Ukraine thing on T.V. now. Are they waging war here. Now that seems to be a topic of interest. I cannot believe after all this now that Bilderberg is even going to continue now after the weekend ralley. I have never seen as many people awakened now. Everyone I seen now even them who don't even know what Bilderberg is, that is all a fix. I would say up 40% of people would say its a hoax now after the ralley. Thousands of people now see it. It is a good thing. The rockerfellas and are on public display now.
  4. Hi all, its live now on youtube. I am trying to rip the stream, but you cant download a live stream. Only way you are gonna get this ripped is to use Xbox screen cam.
  5. Boris Johnson will escape jail again for one reason. It does not matter whether he went to a private party or not. It does not matter if someone lost out on seeing a loved one. IT all gets thrown out all of it. Because there is no evidence of Covid 19 being Isolated on earth. Party or no party. Where is the evidence of Sars Cov 2 or Covid being isolated? Cos Boris will need this in court.
  6. Here pal, if you know anyone who gets sack over Covid, don't waste your time with law firms. Send them to me. I will sort it out for free. I have had my previous firm prosecuted and last one grassed them up to Inland revenue over Furlough Fraud. They sent me a solicitors letter saying I arnt allowed to talk to other firms. I wiped their £250 quid letter on my backside for toilet roll when I had a Madras. Anyone who is scared to come forward over employment matters and are getting harrassed, inbox me and I will show you who the daddy is. I fought for unions for years and if I see anyone getting mis treat over Covid 19 I will come down on the employer like a ton on bricks..
  7. The Importance of Space. Hands, face, space, please stand 2 meters apart. Why would you stand 2 meters apart, because space is important. Have you got it yet??????
  8. I saw the video today, and as for someone who has not a lot of time, I watched every minute of it. David never mentions who the cult are. He only mentions the Rockerfellers. Unless I am watching a non subscribed or unedited version of the video, I have only one conclusion he is talking about the Rothschilds family. Down to my own deep and extensive research on Bilderberg, half of David Ickes interview is breathtaking. But it is when he starts going off course at the end of videos it starts to become debatable. That last video he made has got my own research matched with his own about the lockdowns and furlough schemes and the history of Thatcher and the Miners in Yorkshire and the take over of coal mines. Silence payments to shut down indy businesses. But if you do not all mind my own views that counter argue Davids interview. I trust everything David says in the interview till the near end. His interview breaks my own theories of Covid. I do actually trust my own views on the World War costs and Covid being nothing more than a crash and rebuild, profit scenario. My view on Bilderberg is actually, lets say, I do not believe there will be a one world government and one currency global. Davids view I will also on Crypto, I do not think Rothchilds has the power to control a central government, due to the failure of wars on Iraq and Afghanistan and also North Korea. I do actually believe that Bilderberg are planning things in advance of 3 to 4 years, but it is central banks lending money and austerity over a period of time. As for David saying that skills and shortages of money is being controlled to create A Hunger Games Society. I think the world is controlled by Rothchilds for a reason. Because David Icke has not explained the Guilded era on here which I have researched. The reason that Rockerfellers, Vanderbilts and Rothchilds plan things 100 years ahead. There is a point in history that created the last 30 years with Bill Gates. I researched a lot of stuff and what gives everything away is Edward Snowden. When you see that youtube video of David Partius of CIA going into the hotel in Switzerland in 2019 from some you tube camera. This is the point I saw Rothschilds making their biggest mistake ever, coming out of the shadows. If you read the Bilderberg Agendas from years ago. They become talking points and then one word headline agendas. 1. A Stable Strategic Order - A course of events from 2019 till 2022 = lockdowns in a stable order globally. 2. What Next for Europe? - France, Austria, Germany, Netherlands leaving EU after the Covid passport stuff. 3. Climate Change and Sustainability - Still in the twist - electric cars??? 4. China - Wuhan lab and Covid 19 release - Hong Kong Riots. 5. Russia - Navalny poisoning and Ukraine situation. 6. The Future of Capitalism - Global Fascist experiment. 7. Brexit - Article 16 coming soon. 8. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence - Google Quantam Computing. 9. The Weaponisation of Social Media - Donald Trump Incitation of White House and Bleach drinking on Twitter. 10. The Importance of Space - Social Distancing, please stand 2 meters apart, hands face space. 11. Cyber Threat - ???? Happens all the time.
  9. It will boil down to, why do you care, its a fake virus. But it is not a fake virus, its an influenza that's been amplified into fake virus. And fake tests amplified from fake past tests.
  10. This is the problem, you have people going into work and scared of losing money. But then you have unvaxxed could get caught out and get sent home due to the arsholse spreading influenza (aka - clod - flu - fake virus)
  11. I have a person came near me other day, said he had cold symptoms, he did a lateral flow test, positive. The company have a policy to take a photo of the test before they get sent home. I would rather a company gets stricter on the people at a workplace and do temp checks random on people, like checking a pub toilets, every hour and keep a proper track of what's going on at the time than not at work. Then I get, yeh but you say there is no such thing as Covid and tests dont not work, that is not my point. Cold and Flu are rife every winter and lateral flow tests might be fake to a lot of CT people, but the tests do have some idea even if its only 20% of detecting a small amount of cold. My point is, temperature checking is the most reliable form of any influenza. Because in airports in far east, it has been very reliable for seeing people with any temperature, which is the most common symptom of any influenza. My views that Covid is a hoax have nothing to do with tests, vaccines or quarantines. My point is, there is an influenza around us everyday, regardless of what the Cult has renamed it. I think companies getting ripped off by fake sickkies, should ramp up check on workplaces to cut down the fraudster faking a sick leave for the fake virus.
  12. I just read that IKEA are cutting sick pay for unvaccinated workers on a case by case basis if they contract the fake virus and have to self isolate. I can understand any company wanting to cut sick pay for anyone who is using the fake virus opportunity to get a couple of weeks off when they have no symptoms. What I can never understand, is why should an unvaccinated worker who is forced to wear a mask all day, and work with unvaccinated and vaccinated workers who have got a cold or flu and hiding the symptoms at work cos they are scared of no sick pay. That means someone who is deliberate spreading a cold round others and an unvaccinated person is caught in the cross fire of working with people spreading it on purpose. That means the unvaccinated person who is wearing a mask and taking caution even though we know they don't work, is going to end up on sick and a bad time keeping record because of others posing a risk. So the vaxxed up get full sick pay and the unvaxxed don't. Even though its the vaxxed or purposely at work with a cold person. If it was me, I'd be saying to IKEA, I get full sick pay or I wont be coming f**king back, how does that sound. They moan they are short of staff. Now they are intimidating unvaxxed over sick pay. I know what I would say. Laters Bro... I am off to work somewhere else.
  13. I have booked the day of work.. I will be at this demo on 22nd . Let me know where and when.
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