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  1. I have worked in 3 different settings, with thousands of people, no masks. How come I have never caught this virus? I don't want to know who has caught it, why, where or when. I want to know why I have never caught it. I have had everything else, Shingles, mumps, measles, tonsils out, Flu, Cold, Panic attacks, metal work in leg, 7 teeth out with gas. But I have never caught Covid 19. Not one cough, or a speck of a symptom. I must me just imagining not catching it... lol.
  2. I have seen the video of the Austrian supermarket that has a plastic apar tide down the middle of the aisle separating the unvaxxed and vaxxed. How them sheep put up with it is beyond me. I went is Asda the other day with no mask and forgot to use the exemption badge, nobody pulled me at all. I think the staff have finally said its not our job to police masks. Anyone pulls me from now on, I will just tell em fuck off and mind your business. They arnt my GP and I have no reason to tell em why. I heard a bus driver asked an elderly woman why she was exempt. The driver is a sad fucker to even ask why. Why does he care he is sat behind a plastic screen. I make no wonder they are danger money, it wont be some drug dealer that sticks nut on em, it will be some 85 years olds hanbag round the head. Nosey Fuckers
  3. How can they make a vaccine mandatory when you have to sign a disclaimer if you volunteer. You cant make someone sign a disclaimer by force and force a vaccine to be taken if there are side effects that are killing people. That is classed as legal manslaughter. That is like an airline pilot flying a plane into the ocean and the airline has no accountability for the deaths of the passengers. The reason of a disclaimer is for someone to be not accountable in a court for their actions that have caused damage to the person who has taken it. Right, we the Uk are going to make everyone take a vaccine for Covid 19. Those who are exempt don't have to take it. So what about those who are not exempt under non medical grounds such as ethical vegans, religious groups like Church of Christian Science who wont take a vaccine. You cant just have them take it without their consent. If they say no, because of any reason is classed as exempt. If you have a view that a vaccine has side effects you are scared of, then they cant force you to take it and sign a disclaimer as well. They are accountable if they mandate them on people that have a reaction to them if its forced upon them. These countries that are mandating them are talking absolute b*****ks. They are breaking all laws on human rights. The UK health and Safety Executive cant even provide proof that its been isolated and purified and classed as existing, so what chance have they got of forcing a vaccine to a virus that doesnt exist on people. Are they just gonna pin you down by army inject you and say, we dont care if there is no virus, you are taking this shot regardless. They are leaving them open to millions of dollars in law suits. Even more amazing, its taken months of research for scientists to find the trigger of clotting issues. But its only taken them less than a week to find out that the vaccine isnt effective against the Moronic variant. I reckon thats because all this was planned years in advance they had already done the research in the variants effect of the vaccines. And the reason for the clotting issues because these are new side effects...
  4. This is what the government and media has had to do to get the franken shot into people. They have attacked the Conspiracy lot. Ho this guy who thought Covid was a conspiracy has died of covid after refusing the frankenshot. All media.. now they have just started on the Vegans with exemptions. Against animal testing. HO, this guy has just died cos he did not take the frankenshot. Just in news now. What a load of low, and how low you go to ridicule people. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/uk-news/vegan-who-refused-vaccine-because-22306094?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=exchange
  5. I have just done a google on kayak today. To get from Botswana to Hong Kong, you have to do this route. 42 hours. What are the odds of someone from this country Botswana be visiting Hong Kong on a £1500 to £3000 flight that takes 3 stop overs and a 33 to 42 hour journey. The odds of someone in these countries even having £1500 are a million to 1 Let alone to waste on a flight of this length. The BBC have cocked up with there lies on this article that two people from Botswana were tested for the new variant in Hong Kong airport on Saturday morning. The variant was only found alleged Thursday night. This is absolute impossible that this occured.
  6. 1% Bilderberg lies. 1% Conspiracy theory. 98% Morons. That is the 100% of the walking earth I am afraid..
  7. This is how embarrasing you make the government look when you go into the rabbit hole like David Icke does.. Where is this flight from Botswana??? I will have a look via Amsterdam KLM.. I got it, maybe the case in the Netherlands was someone who was sat next to somebody on the flight from Botwana to Amsterdam leg thursday night. But there is no flight from Gaborne airport to Amsterdam on thursday... LOL. I am lost here...
  8. Maybe the QR 4661 that went thursday via Doha, the variant flew via Qatar to Hong Kong and the variant was discovered there. But how did they Hong Kong authorities have a PCR test on Thursday night of the PCR test was invented last night that tests for the new variant in the UK? This is unbelievable beyond science. FACT = the above, a flight record from Botwana to UK = 0 OPINION = It could have got on board a Qatar flight and got to Hong Kong = 0 I want to see the facts of how this vairant got to UK out of botswana on thursday Boris.. Please inbox.. Cos I am scratching my head here... LOL
  9. This Omnicron variant came out of Botwana in last 72 hours. Here is the departure list today of all flights from Gaberone airport. I dont see any direct flights bor any that could possibly connect to UK flying today a busy day like sunday. I am trying to get flight data for last 72 hours. Any clues here.. It came on a flight from Botwana??? Where is the Data.. GBE DEPARTURES Date: Sun 28-Nov-2021 Departures Arrivals Airport: (GBE) Sir Seretse Khama International Airport Gaborone, BW More GBE Departures GBE Weather GBE Airport Delays Flight Carrier Destination Departure Status BP 201 Air Botswana (JNB) Johannesburg 8:00 AM Landed QR 4665 ^ Qatar Airways (JNB) Johannesburg 8:00 AM Landed BP 30 Air Botswana (MUB) Maun 9:30 AM Landed 4Z 177 Airlink (JNB) Johannesburg 12:40 PM En Route BP 22 Air Botswana (FRW) Francistown 2:15 PM En Route BP 205 Air Botswana (JNB) Johannesburg 2:50 PM Landed QR 4661 ^ Qatar Airways (JNB) Johannesburg 2:50 PM Landed BP 233 Air Botswana (CPT) Cape Town 3:00 PM Scheduled QR 4654 ^ Qatar Airways (CPT) Cape Town 3:00 PM Scheduled ET 829 Ethiopian Airlines (ADD) Addis Ababa 3:10 PM En Route SQ 6124 ^ Singapore Airlines (ADD) Addis Ababa 3:10 PM En Route 4Z 179 Airlink (JNB) Johannesburg 6:00 PM Scheduled ^ = Codeshare Flight
  10. It was only announced less than 72 hours ago, as David describes it. "MORONIC" variant. Not only has this new variant been discovered in the last 72 hours in Africa. They have actually found all the culprits who have spread it in the last 72 hours. It has passed all the laws in parliament to get face masks back for crimbo. This variant has got a mandatory PCR test on arrival approved within 72 hours by the FDA. It took them over 4 months to invent the original PCR test for the Covid 19 fairy story virus. Now they have invented one in the last 72 hours. May I remind people it only takes a person over 12 years full time to get a PHD at a university in Virology. It bypassed all vaccines, all that research has been done in the last 72 hours. 3 days... LOL In last hour someone has been caught with variant in Netherlands and Hong Kong... LOL Last hour, they are able to say that the cabin crew has been tested positive for the new variant. But how has this PCR test got to Hong Kong of it was only invented yesterday and made legal. It takes 14 hours to fly to Hong Kong. Maybe this PCR test was able to post its self yesterday and arrive in Hong Kong today when it takes 3 days for all other air mail to arrive in Hong Kong. Absolutely miracle has happened here.
  11. Can I ask a question? Why do people who have a medical exemption have to show a badge on public transport to state they are exempt from wearing a facemask? My medical status is confidential and is between me and my GP. What right has the government have me or anyone with a condition have to show a badge to a bus driver to gain access to a bus. If you havent got a mask and I was a driver, I would just let them on and think Oh they must be a reason hes got a mask on. Why should a bus driver have to ask a person for a badge, when they have no rights, no the medical qualification to ask why. People should be just able to get on a bus with no questions asked. Even if you let someone on who lies about their medical status because they are a C Theorist. What is the point of asking. Anyone can wear a badge of exemption. So what is the point of wearing one at all. None I guess. They cant refuse entry under D dis laws so they are wasting peoples time on shop doors. I just thought of writing and A4 paper. " I AM NOT SHOWING YOU MY MEDICAL STATUS FOR WEARING A MASK< COS IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU> IT IS BETWEEN ME AND MY GP ALRIGHT>
  12. The Bilderberg don't control me. I do what ever I want. No Rothchilds tells me to wear a mask on a fucking bus over a new variant of a fairy story. I am getting on that bus Rothschilds without a mask... I am sorry for what happened for your family in the past. But I dont wear a mask cos of your vendetta call covid 19. Fuck you.
  13. I am so glad that Austria and Dutch people have kicked off. Send a message to BOJO of what the governments gonna get if they try that here. Mandatory.... He and the NWO got no chance against people. I just think they are doing these street scenes to put online to scaremonger. Take know notice of BBC and Sky News, the worlds two biggest fake news sites.
  14. Article 8 Right to respect for private and family life 1Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence. 2There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others. Where is the right for a pub landlord or a restaurant owner to see my personal medical vaccination status in this law. A public authority is a court or tribunal. Not Big Dave down at the Rose and Crown to decide if I am vaccinated or not. You can refuse to show any kind of vaccine status based on this law to any cinema owner or SIA doorman. They are not qualified medical professionals..
  15. Trying to extend it in Scotland as well to pubs etc. Is Sturgeon going to foot the bill when all the venues go bust? My basic answers are to here in a nutshell. I can't got Cinema + eat out cos Im unvaxxed = then download it off Firestick for free = no box office revenue for Hollywood. I cant goto pub = I will get a 4 pack from Asda and keep all the profits in the bank. I cant go on holiday and spend £3000 in a fortnight= get a 4k monitor and watch passed footage and the new livestreams from abroad. I wont be able to spend £200 to watch a band live = bootlegs. Mrs Sturgeon, unvaxxed people have never had has much money in bank in savings thanks for your docile Covid passport. Ban me from everywhere, Im loving it, watching the global economy fall while I get richer.. Ban me from work and shopping, then I will be states problem on £440 quid a month sat drinking as a recluse. I want to know where you went to school in economics, cos I need to see your credentials.
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