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  1. Yes, this is exactly what i was referring to on Dr Noack's research. It sounds very much like what Nadal is experiencing so considering that Nadal has been playing for months now, perhaps he recently had a booster?
  2. I really do feel we are living in the age of almost instant karma. So many people are showing us that right now, your words have real power. How many people have we seen saying similar comments like Nadal and then they die 'suddenly from a short illness'. I feel sorry for him too tbh. He is a sheep yes like many are, but he is a successful one and maybe the more successful you become in a system like the one we have, the more likely you are to buy in to that as opposed to the homeless or misfits that another poster mentioned recently who are much more aware.
  3. Yes, it is an interesting choice of words. It could be that Nadal is just a very rich and very successful sheep, rather than him being completely controlled and aware of that control. Maybe he is just a very rich, successful and powerful virtue signaller as opposed to the masses of unsuccessful virtue signallers we find everywhere now. It could also be that even if he is controlled or not, that his use of language is an unconscious revealing? I watch a few body language people as we well as psychological profilers and it is not uncommon that a killer will reveal things they had not intended to reveal such as 'victim blaming' or language that points to what happened. Maybe Nadal secretly fears it is the jab and is unconsciously letting that come through. Certainly we have one of the most elite sportsmen there is whose game is based on stamina and power. You would imagine he takes great care of himself and would have a good idea of what has changed in his health regime recently that is different? Very strange.
  4. Well I for one have never heard him claim to have any breathing difficulties prior. Didn't the German Dr, Andreas Noack who was tragically killed say that the vaxxes could lead to exactly what Nadal describes here; "It's tough for me to breathe. When I try to breathe, it's painful and it's very uncomfortable," said Nadal. "When I'm breathing, when I'm moving it's like a needle all the time inside here. I get dizzy a little bit because it's painful. It's a kind of pain that limits me a lot. It's not only about pain, I don't feel very well because it affects my breathing."
  5. Now that travel has opened up a lot, it could be those flying who need to be tested prior to flight? There would also likely be still a lot of jobs where you need to be tested, oh yeah and all the fucking idiots that just don't want COVID to go away so their lives still have some meaning and they get a chance to virtue signal still. There would be a mental health pandemic if COVID ever does end, as too many people won't be able to claim to be moralistically superior.
  6. Yes, accountability fits very nicely. Part of the reason that so many are asleep is because they are 'drawn' towards the dominant group. As long as they are in the majority then they are at ease and no matter how ridiculous the narrative gets, the safety in numbers stops them questioning anything. So essentially as long as they stay within what they 'believe' is the majority, then they are safe, even more so if the majority also includes the Government, media and most of the people they know. When you then add in that there is no 'accountability' at all for most of their actions, be it following or actively enforcing orders, then they get to stay very much in that perceived place of 'safety' or comfort zone. If those awake were to begin to call these people out, not serve them, challenge them when they are enforcing orders, and essentially 'remind' them that they live in the same communities as us, then just maybe that sense of safety would change (comfort zone), and only then is there any motivation to seek truth or make another choice. I know from past experience with fear that sometimes the only way to counter fear is to find something more fearful. Thankfully I no longer have much fear these days, but as we know, most of the asleep have a lot of at least unconscious fear (fear of not fitting in, fear of ridicule, fear of rejection, fear of not being a part of the community). They essentially stay asleep because they fear not being part of the majority.
  7. I have been thinking for perhaps a year now that this is the crux of the matter. Too many people either going along with this scam or actively enforcing it, are too complacent. They and their lives are not being impacted by following orders or enforcing them. As we have seen with the nurses and NHS staff, they don't act until shit affects them, then they start making video pleas for support to help them, the very people who have created this mess. And this is the key, people who live by fear, often only change when OTHER fear comes in to override the original fear, as with the above NHS staff. They basically went along with it because they had fear that they would lose their job, then they themselves become the target and NEW fear kicks in, and THEN they act. This is what we need to be creating across our communities. It has often been suggested that we should stop serving people who are enforcing this scam, stop serving Police officers, NHS staff and such; cause effect of their actions. The problem is a lot of the awake people are awake because they have compassion and empathy which often means they also don't like hurting or harming people. We are essentially giving a free ride to these people because the consequences of their actions (although it may be different karmically) are zero. It is the same for politicians, they fear their masters and that will always be the dominant force unless they have other fear. I am not advocating violence in any way, but we certainly do need to be making these people at a local level aware that their actions are being noted and that they live among us, as you and your customers did.
  8. Apologies if already posted, but I thought this story was quite interesting and heart-warming that the lies and inconsistencies are being covered. As I read I expected the article to turn back on itself and tell us all there was nothing to worry about. Interestingly it didn't. Maybe things are about to come out; Did official figures overestimate Britain’s grim Covid death toll? It’s a question that has been asked persistently by medics and members of the public alike almost since the start of the pandemic. First, disturbing stories emerged from bereaved relatives of terminally ill patients who died from the disease they’d battled, only to be posthumously labelled Covid victims. Then health chiefs admitted, embarrassingly, that the numbers they’d been feeding the Government were only an approximation – provoking fury from Ministers. Thousands of deaths could have been WRONGLY blamed on Covid (msn.com)
  9. This is exactly how I feel and felt recently being back in the UK and staying with family. The following Steve Hughes video sums it up perfectly;
  10. Sadly we know that will be the last place they look mate. People really are invested in their slumber now. All the athlete's dying or getting clots/heart attacks, the likes of Shame Warne passing at 52 along with the politician, and stories such as these about the ambo's. It takes a special kind of stubbornness to refuse to see what is right in front of you. Still we have to keep trying to work on the 40% who according to Mattias Desmut are potential 'wakers' given the right evidence.
  11. For some unknown reason the ambulance service seems very stretched in South Australia right now. I wonder what could be causing them to be so busy? (sarcasm alert) Fifth person dies waiting for ambulance in South Australia (msn.com) This confirms what some of us have been noticing about hearing an increase in ambulance sirens in our areas. I personally notice around 3 or 4 per day (at least) where prior to the poison roll-out I would hear one or two per WEEK.
  12. I was recently back in the UK (have now returned to Australia for my sins, and not sure I made the right decision) and spent time in both Leeds and Manchester and I would agree with your 95% figure, which I found slightly hopeful. I mean of course, maybe it is too little too late, and maybe if the fear would ramp up by the media again those people would be played like a flute, but the optimist in me can't help hoping that people are seeing through the BS now.
  13. It is like a macabre game of Blackjack. The sheep keep saying twist thinking the medical professionals and big G have it all safely in hand. Before they know it they have busted and kaputt - life over, try again next time.
  14. What a takedown that was! There is something incredibly powerful in witnessing someone who is clearly much more intelligent, reasoned and informed with evidence and facts taking down a shill and ego-centric fuckwit. All that she laid out was what all of 'truthers' have known for years, very well done that woman!!
  15. That is a brilliant post mate, so well put and so on point. There was a reason most of this covid scam was driven by computer models and behavioural psychologists.
  16. The following story at least to me lends weight to the theory that each vaccine connects you to a grid, and is traceable. How else do they scupper these ways of avoiding the vaccine? These and the other stories previously about saline, nurses not administering the vaccine, family members going to another family member all to avoid vaccines, does make you wonder if there is truth to those who say the vaccine connects you to a grid (bluetooth) Brisbane teacher fined over COVID-19 vaccine fraud plot (msn.com)
  17. And right on cue, another 52 year old (like Shane Warne) dies 'suddenly'. All perfectly normal though, 52 year olds die all the time, at least in the post vaccine world they do. Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching has died aged 52 (msn.com)
  18. That does not surprise me Ziggy. I have heard of people (several) dying locally and then having to wait 5 or 6 weeks for the service and that is in crematoriums who probably can get through many more services. When I was last in the UK (4 years ago or so as my last planned trip was cancelled due to the bollocks) my ex-step father passed and from death to service it was around 7 or 8 days, so 'something' has certainly changed. I was tempted to ask a load of questions to the Funeral Services we used for mum but the timing was never right with family around. The little bit he did reveal was that they are 'very busy'. When you sit in a pub and can hear conversations back and front of death and collapses you know something is not right. I mean we all knew anyway, but it seems to be everywhere.
  19. I am back in the UK at the moment, well just about to leave in the next couple of days (was back due to my mum passing away) and I was in a Wetherspoons (a chain of pubs in the UK for those who don't know). Sitting there in the space of 20 minutes or so I heard conversations behind and in front of me. Firstly a young couple with the lady saying "you know, that woman from work I was telling you about who collapsed", and behind me an elderly gentleman saying to a staff member "yeah I a hanging in there, my son died 4 weeks ago and I am just about surviving day to day, luckily I have great friends. My son was only 57" On top of this I have heard family saying "so many people have died in the last 12 months'. Heard people on a football forum saying "so many of our supporters have died in the last couple of years". And funeral services seem to be around 5-6 weeks from death to ceremony. Definitely more people dying.
  20. This is great news regardless. I mean it just goes to show how fear controls people. A lot of people would have succumbed to this through fear and a sense of powerlessness and hopelessness. It was all a show, and sadly a lot of people caved in so easily.
  21. It is very sad mate, and especially if he has early dementia. Probably all you can do is to try to divert him towards something more pleasing and light or get him out of the house a bit. Dementia really sucks and the right kind of stimulation is so important.
  22. Yeah exactly. it is not like top sportspeople are valuable commodities that likely do extensive medicals to satisfy large insurance companies is it.....hang on a minute...
  23. Shane Warne died from 'natural causes' according to the Thai authorities. Yeah, yeah the COVD vaccine is very natural isn't it. Apparently Warne had a 'congenital disease'. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-60645939
  24. It is looking very much like there are no places where you can freely speak and ask questions, even places designed to fight for freedom.
  25. Yeah huge shock. A brilliant, brilliant cricketer, maybe the best ever. I would say almost certainly vaxxed.
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