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  1. I totally agree and don't hear many saying this. I have a couple of now ex-friends (and a number of acquaintance) who are 'spiritual' but took the jabs, and one actually was trying to use fear to get me to take the jabs too. I believe like you that 'spirituality' encompasses but is not limited to; having a good intuition, being able to see bullshit, protecting your sovereignity/soul, not letting fear dictate your choices, and being able to mitigate to some degree what others think of you. So many gave in so easily, including those deeming themselves to be Spiritual.
  2. Very true Velma!! , thankfully I am not usually like that unless there is some injustice happening. I was surprised to see it as I stay away from malls if i can and its the first hub I have seen in one. Thankfully they had 'no customers' when I walked past both times.
  3. Pensioners fighting off these thugs and yet the younger generation are cowering in their apartments like 'good little citizens'. The other day I was in a mall (i try to avoid them when I can as i simply cannot stand the vibe) and saw a 'covid vaccination hub' set up. I was with a friend but as soon as I saw it I automatically shouted 'you fucking murdering bastards' and when they looked at me shouted 'yeah you, you murdering twats'. The friend I was with is fully jabbed and boosted and so pleaded with me to shut up which I eventually did for her sake. But I had no control over my words coming out they just auto spewed forth. That's what truth does for you
  4. Another heart attack to ex-cricketer Ryan Campbell; Aussie cricketer on the mend after heart attack (msn.com) His twitter suggests he was double poisoned and boosted;
  5. Thanks for your reply. I can now safely ignore you in the knowledge you are lost in the wrong forum for some reason.
  6. Sorry to hear of your loss Steve, loss of a parent is a really challenging time. I lost my mum on January 29th and likely the jabs compromised her immune system and allowed underlying conditions to prosper. There is no doubt that there is an increase in deaths; while back in the UK I heard many stories from friends and family about someone dying and a lot were fairly young (31, 49, 45, 52 etc). Services at the crematorium were taking 5-6 weeks instead of the 'usual' 8 or 9 days. Something is happening and only the blind and stupid cannot see it. Again sorry for your loss mate. Very interesting regarding the landlord and would be interested in any follow up conversations you have with him.
  7. I have posted my experience earlier in this thread but will do so again. I experienced an 'illness' at the turn of the year, cold chills, hot sweats, no taste or smell, severe body aches and the worst a recurrence of sciatic pain that would not allow me to sit, lie down or stand without pain killers for 3 or 4 full days. I too had not experienced anything like this, but at the same time I had no runny nose, no cough, none of the symptoms you usually associate with a flu or cold. I was also quite confused by the 'illness' because it was not something I had experienced before and posted over on the Crowhouse community. In the end I came to the conclusion that I had more than likely experienced effects of 5G poisoning as a number of other people had also been 'ill' even though the turn of the year is Summer here in Australia and some research had suggested that 5G had been turned on in some areas nearby. I was certainly having a huge inflammatory response to something. So just because you had gotten 'sick' and it was unusual does not 'prove' that it is COVID or a 'virus', it could likely be many other things that we do not fully understand. The bigger question for you though is why would you 'hang around' a thread and be so active if you don't agree with most of the information being presented here? It would be akin to hating Manchester United and buying a season ticket. You could argue that Manchester United are shit and you would enjoy watching them lose, but why would you waste your valuable time watching them when you could watch a team you actually enjoy? I don't really understand why you would be so 'active' here if you believe it to be real.
  8. Fantastic news and well done for your dedication and relentless advocating for your mum. I know it was a heart-breaking journey at times but glad she is now back and out of the hands of the medical system. You have done very well mate.
  9. This is EXACTLY my thoughts too. I think Dr Ardis has got it back to front on his theories of my they are testing the water. It is much more likely they are testing the levels to see how effective the spread has been through the vax rollout. Maybe the levels are supposed to increase and maybe they are testing for other things that would be found in the water supply too from the vaccines. I think Dr Ardis is on to something though and has a lot right. Certainly it would be very in line with the whole reptilian thing and don't both the WHO and AMA have the serpent logo's?
  10. Absolute evil bastards. Staying healthy is so important right now. I had already been aware that this 'could' be something they would do if they ever got the chance, but reading it in black and white just adds to the motivation to stay away from these fuckers.
  11. Good question mate. Honestly I think it's probably 50/50 of the people I know.
  12. I could not agree more. The only way things will change is when there are some real comebacks and consequences for these people. Even though we know that those perceived to be in power are really the puppets, it would send a message to both the other puppets and the puppet-masters.
  13. I think I remember Dr Peter McCulloch in one of his interviews saying that he would be recommending no exercise for 6 months for those jabbed and that interview was some time ago. It really does explain what is happening with people who suddenly drop dead.
  14. Same here mate. I know only five people in my network who are unjabbed in Australia. I know a couple of people in the UK also not poisoned, the rest are all poisoned.
  15. Totally agree on Dr Greer, my intuition screams he is not to be trusted. I actually looked into him a little as an ex-mate (who was awake but ended up getting jabbed anyway) idolises him and has even gone out looking to make contact with aliens with Dr Greer's app he has. David Icke was asked the question (this was after I had done my research on Greer and also after telling my ex-mate that I don't trust Greer) what does he think of Dr Greer and David answered "i wouldn't trust him to tell me the time in a room full of clocks'. I agree with David LOL.
  16. Indeed, whilst all attention is on heart attacks and such, there seems to be a catalogue of these types of deaths too. All these falls suggest that the person 'passed out' PRIOR to the fall. It reminds me of that video of the cyclist who caught on CCTV who just keeled over. These deaths are also easy to put down to 'falls' rather than the condition that CAUSED the fall.
  17. Seems there are lots of people now having these mysterious and catastrophic falls these days. I heard of two people when back in the UK recently who had died after a 'fall'; one a 31 years old woman who 'fell' down the stairs and another male 49ish who was found dead outside his home, having apparently 'fallen' and smashed his head on the doorstep. Add to these the countless videos we have seen of TV presenters passing out and the female 'comedian' who whilst saying 'Jesus loves me' fell and smashed her head after passing out. These are not normal; A woman whose body was found in an apartment in Sydney’s eastern suburbs may have died from an accidental fall, with police releasing her former boyfriend from custody. The body of a 38-year-old woman was discovered in a Bondi Beach apartment on O'Brien Street with severe and suspicious injuries to her face about 5am on Thursday morning. Police believe woman found dead in Bondi Beach unit may have died from accidental fall (msn.com)
  18. I believe the SA government are currently doing a vote on those mandates though. It will likely be rigged of course; https://www.education.sa.gov.au/webforms/covid-19-vaccination-policy-survey-non-employees
  19. South Australia drops all mandates for forced vaccination for teachers, transport workers and other workers; Vaccine mandate for South Australian teachers and transport workers dropped (msn.com) Unvaccinated teachers and school staff in South Australia, as well as public transport workers and taxi and rideshare drivers, will be able to return to work tomorrow. Vaccine mandates on workers in the school and passenger transport sectors will lifted at midnight, Police Commissioner Grant Stevens announced. Both sectors have faced workforce pressures amid escalating COVID-19 cases in South Australia. More to come.
  20. Great words, I am not sure why but I read that as a speech being written and read through the voice of Jimmy Reid the old trade unionist.
  21. I totally agree with you. If people have not woken up now then maybe they are not meant to. It is different if they show signs of doubting the narrative or having some concerns. Maybe these people are what are known as NPC's (a computer gaming term for Non-Playing character), maybe they are purely background 'people' designed to create problems and challenges for the main characters, those with souls? Too many are too invested in the narrative now, and being jabbed have gone too far down the path to concede they were wrong and you are right, people often are convinced if they are in the majority they must be right because the majority could not possibly be mistaken. This myth is similar to the myth of "if it were true it would be all over the TV', the myth of 'how could they possibly hide it from all these people', and the famous Hollywood one of 'if only the President knew, he would step in and save us all'.
  22. My sister had a hole in the heart too and still had to do cross country. Collapsing children are a modern thing don't you know, just like collapsing athletes and the hidden dangers of attending football matches as a supporter. Yeah I do not miss trying to run through melted snow up what we kids affectionately called 'killer hill'. I used to get a stich almost as soon as cross country started and would carry that stitch around the whole course.
  23. Good on this guy. Although triple vaxxed he at least still retains some moral fortitude. Got to hope there are many more like this guy who although vaxxed, has had enough; Adam is triple vaccinated but told 2GB on Monday that he believes the RFS is overstepping its boundaries by asking volunteers to reveal medical details. 'At what point do we say enough, no more? The government has been managing our lives for the last two years and at what point do you say hold on, I've had enough of this,' he said. 'I have a document in front of me from the commissioner, and it said only 29 per cent of volunteers have responded so far. 'I don't work for the commissioner, I work for the people of New South Wales.' Triple-vaxxed Aussie firefighter forced to stand down over mandate (msn.com)
  24. Not only a hundred yard run, we had cross country every winter that was probably a couple of miles at least. And yes, fat kids, weak kids, and not once did I ever hear of a kid in any class ever having a 'medical episode' after cross country. And I have 4 other older siblings spanning 8 years between oldest to youngest and again, not ONCE did I ever hear of any issues. The world has suddenly changed, and we all know why.
  25. I saw this too when I was recently visiting the UK and was going to post it here too. It is shocking that they are normalising this. Just like 911 when the laws of physics suddenly changed overnight, so too the laws of health in young people.
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