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  1. Really brilliant post! I think many of us just had an intuitive sense that something is 'off' with Brand all along. The points about the 'truth movement' and the sharing of knowledge and information is so spot on. I agree that ego is running rife throughout the 'movement', not just about the sharing of information, but in the pursuit of who is the 'best truther'. But also, many who are not creators but follow the 'truth movement' also often are run by ego; their own fears and insecurities have them doubting everyone, not wanting to like anyone or being jealous because people are creating content that they only wish (but know they can't because of those fears) they could. We should not be surprised of course as this 'reality' is run almost entirely by creating, then fuelling that ego to better control people. Perhaps we expect too much of those in the 'truth community'; at the end of the day, we are all flawed individuals on our own journey. But it does show that expanding your consciousness by 'truth' only, is only one part of the road to true freedom. David Icke is a great example of expanding on many levels.
  2. To be fair he is not alone in this. Many others in the 'truth community' (and out of it to be fair) only offer repeats of what many others are saying. Part of this might simply be that there is nothing new to add (and there is very little new in the World), and as we often hear, people respond to different people in different ways, or at least how they deliver the message. I agree with you that he could offer much more, certainly about his working in the industry and the contacts he has had with people. I have always been suss about Brand, but the fact he never talks about any of that stuff or exposes it, is just another red flag for me. He has a large following not because of what information he delivers, but because he is supposedly good looking, charming and funny. If he looked like Chris Whitty he wouldn't have any sort of following. I suppose though, that the more people are talking about 'truth' the better. There have been suggestions on here that some other 'truthers' read stuff on here and then make videos about it, and I get why that annoys people somewhat, but perhaps 'the more the merrier' when it comes to this stuff. The only problem is whether that person is controlled oppo or a pied piper, and the jury is out right now for Brand on that. In many ways, Brand shows us how fickle people even in the 'truth community' are, in that even with knowledge of the way this 'Matrix' is built and how society is shaped, they are still going towards the better looking 'leaders' rather than the quality of their content/character.
  3. Also apologies for steering this more towards trauma, rather than releasing emotions. Although they can be the same thing, emotions in day to day present life don't need to have any trauma attached. For me, when I can feel that there are emotions 'trapped', it starts to set off a kind of 'funk' in my mood, and perhaps the old coping mechanisms such as comfort eating, distracting myself. Sometimes simply laying down and doing a sort of body scan (concentrating on areas where there is some sensation, perhaps a sense of where the trapped emotions are) is enough for an emotional release. Sometimes it is as simple as breathing into the areas or feelings that are rising. Other times when the emotions are linked to 'old wounds' (which are often harder to access) I will use music that moves me, or perhaps some YouTube videos that have inspired me or moved me in the past. For example there is a really old video of Diamond Dallas Page helping a veteran who had put on weight and could barely walk and through Yoga and DDP's help transformed. There is a part where the veteran runs past the camera after previously being unable to walk, that gets me every time as you can see the determination in his eyes. It s very powerful and inspiring. So for me, anything that contains 'divine love or wisdom' will allow me to access some emotion that I can then use to access my own emotions. Most of the time, the first two work for me. But in certain situations where the emotions seem blocked, or even backed up if much has happened, or are just too bog, I will use the 'artificial means' above to find a 'way in'. Obviously that may only work for me, but I hope you find something that works for you. This is for releasing present day emotions, although they are often inextricably linked to the old wounds, for trauma release it is an entirely different proposition I believe.
  4. Indeed @RobinJ, for me, once I set out on the 'path' it is something that I have taken very seriously. Part of this was personally and Spiritually, and partly professionally because of the work I was doing which is imperative to heal your own wounds. Over the years I have met many on their 'healing journey' and a lot dropped and off and became disillusioned and gave up, but their lives never really improved due to that. But in many ways, I was fortunate. My particular 'wounds' were so obvious they were hard to ignore and were paralysing my ability to have a normal or decent life. Many I met in the Primal Therapy community were similar, so when you are that point, there is only a move towards help and healing, or the destructive path. For many though, they are perhaps not so aware that there are things that need healing, or that are running and ruining their lives. Many perhaps need healing, but they have personalities, persona's or pain that propels them out in to the World and they can be quite successful; having a decent job, frequent relationships, a good social circle, and thus they perhaps never even think they may need healing. Someone with insecurity issues may hide from the World, or develop a personality that is out to prove their worth, and if they are remotely successful and those insecurities are not unduly ruining their life, they are less likely to cast self-awareness at themselves or seek healing. A lot of the time, people seek healing (or Spirituality) because they are 'not good at the game' or life is not working well. So in many ways, a person needs a crisis to see things clearly and seek healing. If life is working, then people don't stop to question it all. So in the course of my life I saw many stop their healing journey short, many never started, and others have used 'Spiritual bypassing' as a way to not heal themselves deeply or to avoid seeing the World clearly. Of course it is all relative, some need a lot of healing, others not so much, but all of us have shadow work to heal and many don't, even in the 'Spiritual community' and certainly many in the 'truth community', some still make a tremendous difference, but others end up damaging the 'community' as a whole because they fail to take responsibility for their behaviour. But as I say, I was fortunate in many ways. I had no choice to heal as it was impacting life so severely. And when I look back to periods in my life where I was so scared and so timid, even though I can remember that it was 'me', in many ways it feels like it was a different lifetime. I don't say this to blow my own trumpet, I still have much to heal, but I say it from the perspective of how much change you can affect in your own life and healing. Ultimately, I think we are all seeking freedom. 'Alternative truth' will only give you so much of that, the rest is through the 'Spiritual' and through healing. Freedom comes from raising our consciousness and vibration, but you can only raise your vibration by raising your consciousness, and some of that will ultimately need to be achieved through healing aspects like old trauma, the shadow and ego.
  5. Arthur Janov (the founder of Primal Therapy) used to say "Feelings are the Royal Road to the Unconscious", which was a counter to Freud's ideas about dreams being the Royal Road. So, emotions I think do hold a place, or perhaps more accurately, they CAN be valuable information or an 'access point' to heal old trauma's, old feelings and thus eventually to heal the beliefs and conclusions about 'self' that are often the result of trauma, which is the true plague. Gabor Mate often talks about this; "Trauma is a Greek word for wound. Literally that's what it means. So when you understand that, then you realize...trauma is not what happens to you. Trauma is what happens inside you as a result of what happened to you. "Trauma is not the event that inflicted the wound. So, the trauma is not the sexual abuse, the trauma is not the war. Trauma is not the abandonment. The trauma is not the inability of your parents to see you for who you were. Trauma is the wound that you sustained as a result. So my wound wasn't that my mother gave me [away temporarily] to a stranger [when I was a child]. My wound was that I made that mean that I wasn't lovable and I wasn't wanted and I was being abandoned, which is a good thing. Because if the trauma was what happened to you, guess what? It' ll never unhappen." What Gabor Mate is saying here, is what is often termed the 'meaning making', or as I said earlier, the conclusions made about our experiences. It is often what is 'left over' from the trauma; "I am unlovable', 'the World is a scary place', 'everyone is out to get me', 'I cannot be myself and be loved'. However, emotions are only ONE of the ways that we can heal these trauma's. For many I met in Primal Therapy no amount of smashing the punchbag, the walls or the deep sobbing that could last an hour, were enough to heal the old wounds or the conclusions about oneself. I think Primal Therapy offered so much, but it also lacked something. What Primal Therapy was 'looking for' was often the insights that came from such Primal experiences (Primal's) and no doubt the insights that came from a true Primal (which is a connected feeling on all levels) were very powerful, but you can get those insights in other ways that don't require the deep emotional release. One of the biggest insights I ever had was outside of Primal Therapy and it really shifted so much for me. From that experience, a lot changed for me, and this was just through talking things through. So for me at least, anything that will shift the core beliefs about self and the deeply held conclusions about self are the keys to healing and those might be different for each person. I think Primal Therapy and the like, appeal to those who are quite badly 'damaged' as a result of their early life. Someone less 'damaged' may be better suited to other modalities.
  6. Yeah, some of the 'techniques' to access feeling and emotions sounds similar. It is a bit of an inaccurate myth that Primal Therapy was all just hitting pillows, walls and wailing on the floor. Yes, those things did exist as 'tools' to help people to access the deeper stuff and to bring the feelings more to the surface, but it was a lot more complex than that, especially in later years. But as I say, nothing has come close to the 'relief' or 'catharsis' that Primal Therapy brought after an emotional release. It also brought through a much healthier way of relating to the World and others because the 'honesty' of the Therapy often translated out to the relationships we have. All in all, it was the thing that started me on my healing journey and I learned a lot of techniques and theory that have helped in my personal and professional life. But, it was not quite the life-changing therapy that I and many expected. It is always hard to quantify which parts of something worked the most or least, but I would say the Spiritual path has brought much more healing and growth. It is only my personal opinion, but Primal Therapy is the 'long way around'. But I do still think it is of great benefit to release trapped emotions if we can. I do this more energetically now than physically but just the other day I had a really deep emotional release which felt damn good.
  7. I agree Robin. Although I don't find 'journaling' too successful for emotional release, I have found it a very helpful tool in accessing other parts of me like the Higher Self, 'Observer' aspect, and parts of the subconscious. In a way it is a little like Freud's 'free association'. I have often been very surprised reading back some of the journaling, or the insights and wisdom that comes forth. It is also interesting if you come across it a few years later, how different' you notice the communication style is, or the level of consciousness. It as if another 'person' wrote it, which in many ways it is.
  8. I actually did Primal Therapy for a few years back in the early 2000's and found it really good for dealing with everyday emotions and current day 'triggers'. As a coping mechanism it was an incredible tool to use to both cope with daily life, but also to connect it with old wounds and trauma's. In fact this is where I witnessed what I talked about in another thread the other day; the core emotions behind the present day anger that most of us experience. As a therapy to heal the deepest wounds, I am not sure Primal Therapy is really is successful for that, at least not in my experience and in those I was friends with from that time in my life.
  9. Thanks mate. I will never claim it was easy, and really feel for those who go through similar but without the tools, knowledge and Spiritual foundation that I had which helped a lot. It is so easy to get led into really toxic situations, especially in our younger years as much of life is about the pursuit of sexual pleasure, trying to 'fit in' and trying to be fab, funky, fresh, groovy, fly, phat, lit, gnarly, rad, the cat's meow or whatever is the term for the day. I agree on the suspension of instinct or intuition. Similar happened to me, lust pushed it away to a degree, and at the time I was trying not to act out of fear or insecurity so stuck at it longer than I perhaps would have, had it been different timing. But in the end, my intuition came back strong and I was able to act. But it is more evidence that healing the shadow is such a crucial part of this journey.
  10. For me, it was a long process. The problems with relationships with narcissists are well documented but it was probably my first intimate relationship with one and to be honest, I only realised she was a narcissist some time down the line. So the healing for me, was on many levels; psychologically, physically and sexually I suppose, and the last part of the healing was Spiritually. Although, I have to say that the healing still continues even 6 years later, not least on healing aspects of the shadow that brought the likes of her into my life. Don't get me wrong, as with most things, this relationship highlighted the Yin and Yang elements so stunningly. That relationship was the most traumatic relationship I have ever endured; cheating, lies, gaslighting, love-bombing, bread-crumbing, grandiosity of the relationship bordering on delusional thinking (which are all common in relationships with a narcissist), and to top mine off Police, the Courts and work having to get involved (I worked with her). On the flip side, that relationship is probably responsible for some of the biggest lessons I have learned, and thus tremendous levels of growth and healing; both adult and mostly childhood traumas and issues. At the same time, the circumstances around our relationship were very fortunate in hindsight and afforded me levels of 'protection' that under different circumstances would have not been there. I was lucky in retrospect and it could have been far worse. But, I have to say that I handled myself very well. Not to blow my own horn; but I handled myself with dignity, grace, and humility and perhaps more importantly, for the first time in my life I valued myself with self respect, and put myself first, something I had never done in my life as I was a people pleaser. So as tough as it was, something kicked in very early, a new strength and 'Sovereignty' that I never knew was there. You could say that, 'self-love' kicked in. But honestly, the mind fuckery that this relationship caused took a lot of healing and because I was blinkered to the fact that she was a narcissist, it took longer than it perhaps could have. For the first couple of years I could not make sense of it; how to make sense of the dichotomy between who I 'thought' she was, and the 'reality' of who she was as it played out in front of me. Don't get me wrong, I should have not got involved with her, I failed to heed the red flags, and succumbed to lust. But I think the fact that she was/is a Psychologist played into that sense of disbelief and difficulty in facing the 'truth' of who she really was, as opposed to who she portrayed herself to be. So the healing took place on many levels; and it was part hard work and determination, a willingness to be brutally honest about myself, a lot of healing of old wounds, separating my actions from hers and taking only responsibility for mine, lots of meditation and clearing my energy, lots of talking it through with friends and a Spiritual counsellor I have worked with for many years, one Jordan Peterson video in particular where he talked about 'betrayal' and the impact of this helped me to understand and validate why this had been so traumatic for me, new relationships with great women helped to heal the wound if I am honest as all of them were stunning Souls, the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp case tied up a lot of loose ends too, and really helped me to see that none of what happened was 'personal', it is just the way that narcissists operate. Looking back, as I say, it could have been far worse, and honestly, I do believe that the Universe had my back a little on this. I knew something was 'off' and did bide my time to let the 'truth play out', so I played my part with as I said earlier much grace, but the Universe also helped a lot and showed me what I needed to see. Because of the work I had done for many years with Spiritual work and energy work, I think that helped more than I perhaps realised until now. Because of the work I was doing working at Lifeline (the Australian equivalent of the Samaritans) energy healing and clearing was a massive part of my self care routine and so I was well versed in clearing my ex's energy and the debris. As has been noted down the thread, clearing energy is not that difficult (for most energies that is, but darker entities can be really hard to shift alone), so lots of transmuting and removal of energies 'attached' to me. And then healing aspects of the shadow that brought these types of people into my life. But the healing goes on. Ever since I started doing my 'own work', I committed to it 100% and this is ongoing of course. So as I heal other aspects, they also heal that relationship and vice versa. There is probably much I have missed of course because anyone who has had a relationship with a narcissist knows only too well that you could write a book on it very easily. I suppose all of the above could be condensed down to; be brutally honest with yourself, value yourself, understand that these 'entities' or people ARE dangerous, learn what did/is bringing them into your life, heal the shadow, clear the energy (which is ongoing), take responsibility for your own part, and release the rest and let it go.
  11. It is one of (the many) reasons to be particularly careful about your choice of sexual partner, especially the narcissist as they often have 'entities' attached to them. It is yet another reason to work on the shadow and heal the lust element. I am not ashamed to admit that lust brought a narcissist into my life which caused a whole World of trouble that took a long time to heal from. I take ultimate responsibility for 'attracting' it into my life. Like Amber Heard these people are dark and often have 'attachments' stuck to them.
  12. Even worse if you have an EV it seems. I am not sure how representative this guys experience is, but his insurance quote went from £650 to over £3000 and one insurance company told him they won't be offering insurance for EV's going forward. As he has come to expensively realise, EV's are worthless;
  13. I had a doppelganger too! People in my small Town would often claim they 'saw me', or asked me 'were you in such and such today' and I would say no, and they would not believe it was not me. It is great that you can look back and see clear evidence that 'your inner wisdom and knowing' was always present in you. Indeed, it seems everything must change over time, nothing is allowed to remain constant. The talk on Archaix about the Mandela Effect with Martin Lietcke and ShivaShampoo (one of Jason's subs) was interesting, if going over much of the same ground, but it was interesting to hear Jason's perspective on it from his research perspective and theory of the Similucrum (linked below in case anyone else is interested).
  14. Brilliant post and you write with such wisdom and power. I could not agree more; there are times when I look around and 'see' the World and people who appear to be living life like it is the only one you get, and wonder if they would change their perspective if they realised they have 'played this game' many times over. As humans there does appear to have been a lot of programming to make people 'not take life so seriously, have fun, party', but ultimately get 'bogged down' in the frivolous and superficial. But as a Soul, it is akin to the creepy Uncle who never grew up embarrassing themselves on the dancefloor. If people realised this 'game' that they seem to enjoy, has been played for many lifetimes, you wonder if they would start to think 'I better get sh!t done here'. But of course, this 'realm' was built that way, and for a reason, to actually hinder the Spiritual development of the Soul, or at least it seems that way, or at least one element of this 'realm' is controlled by those with this intent. Ultimately, It may be that this 'reality' is a master level game' where we enter to develop the skills of Warrior, Sovereignty, Individualisation, and to Create as a fragment and seemingly separate aspect of Source. But I agree, in order to enter into this 'path', one must be truly honest and ready to face one's deepest fears which is not easy at all. Most people spend most of their time running from the things that will ultimately set them free, never realising that freedom lies in going 'through'.
  15. Yes, as we know a lot of truth resides in the Movies and shows that are developed and Westworld was one of them. Much like the Mandela Effect, as Archaix recently said on their show regarding it, it could be the way that 'the construct lets us know this is not real'. I agree, the key in this 'reality' is to ultimately break free. Fortunately or unfortunately I have been on a journey of doing this for some time. Initially I needed to break free from the childhood programming and family dynamics or 'trauma' as I always felt like a prisoner trapped in my own mind/feelings/trauma/conditioning/perception of myself. This led me on a discovery of the 'bigger programming' of which the likes of David Icke talked about. And finally, to the even bigger programming of what this 'reality is'. I am sure I am not finished yet and there are more layers to this. So for me at least, I was always destined to seek the truth as I needed to break free from the terrified kid I was; scared of the World, people, my own insecurities and fears and always feeling 'different', 'worthless' and a whole host of other lovely things that made a life a nightmare. Thankfully I have healed a lot, but there is always more to do. It is great that you have been 'fast-tracked' after 'allowing it in'. I wouldn't change any of my journey, but it wasn't exactly easy as I am sure if hasn't been for anyone. But in the end, as we say, the goal is to become 'free', in whatever way that looks like for all of us.
  16. It is interesting you use Westworld as an example, as I have been using this for a year or so myself. Where we perhaps differ is our way of seeing the parallels. For me, I wonder if this realm is much like Westworld in the way it 'encourages' or even begins the Genesis of the 'Soul'? By this, I mean perhaps like Westworld the realm is built with many NPC's, but through experience, relationships, and ultimately love and attachments, the Soul is 'born', or created? Only once the 'Soul is awakened' can you see through the veil and ultimately seek the 'truth' and 'a way out'. Perhaps this 'realm' created to 'grow Souls', or at least allow Souls the opportunity to expand. Perhaps the 'resets' are the way the realm 'cleanses' those who have not had the Genesis of the Soul experience and then allows those Souls who have developed to move outside of the 'realm'. Or as you say, perhaps it is US (that is we Souls) that break free by intent and determination. As I write this, I see that our different ideas are minimal, perhaps it is merely differences in language, or the limits of trying to explain concepts in minimal amount of words.
  17. It could well be, and this aligns somewhat with Jason Breshears from Archaix ideas. If I remembering correctly Jason has postulated that perhaps the 'resets' or cataclysms are possibly the work of the 'good side' in 'regulating' the 'darker AI', although these terms I am using are significantly butchering his work
  18. I am coming to the conclusion that this realm was created to give us (separate aspects of the true Source) the opportunity to grow and learn, and this is done through the opportunity of 'free-will'. 'Free-will' within a realm where there are polarities, temptations, opposites and 'separate-ness' affords us the opportunity to make any decision we want; for 'dark and light', but the consequences of 'free-will' are the 'karmic consequences'. So I agree, I am coming to the conclusion that those things only exist in this 'realm' where we appear 'separate' from Source and not a part of it, and all others here. Perhaps this is why the 'Dark forces' are so intent on limiting our Spiritual growth so that we remain locked into this 'game'; whether that is for our benefit, theirs, or both is open for debate personally as I am not convinced either way on that part.
  19. The problem is, that anger is almost always a secondary emotion, which means it is quite often masking other more core emotions such as fear, anxiety, sadness or such. Yes, anger can have it's place and might even be needed in certain situations, but there is a difference between an anger response to a life-threatening situation or attack on self or other, to anger towards others when there is no real threat. I have seen many times how people who are angry suddenly become like a child sobbing because the anger subsides and they are left with the core emotion such as helplessness or fear. But I also agree with @Mr H that a lot of emotions used by humans are unnecessary and in many ways are stages of evolution of levels of consciousness. They are needed at certain stages of life, and are positive in that they provide much needed feedback about the environment even as adults. But they also show us where we still need to heal. That is why staying in the secondary emotions is not that helpful (unless it is a life-threatening situation) because they hold us back from discovering what wounds still exist or from aspects of the shadow, ego or wounded child (trauma). Gabor Mate's work in this area shows us how this manifests, although his work stems from pioneers of the 60's and 70's.
  20. I think a lot of those people do so out of desperately wanting all around them to change so they don't have to. What I mean by that, is a lot of people don't want their reality to change too much; they want to keep the same job, live in the same areas, have the same friendship/family and social circle. In effect they want the World to change so they don't need to - wake up people so that I can carry on in pretty much the same ways. All that does is rob you of the opportunity to heal and grow. And I get it of course, all of us will have gone through that desperation to wake others up around us as we come across this information, but you need to move past it at some stage, and some don't. Over the last few years, I have had to let many people go in order to grow more fully and to really face the shadow and ego. It isn't easy of course and I can see why people avoid it, because it really does test you and your ability to face the loneliness and isolation head on. But at the same time, you can only grow so much if those around you are tethering you to the 'old self'. I have compassion for those who are new to this stuff though of course; it is brutal going, and it takes time to process it all and to come to the 'new reality'. But at some point, you are going to have to face the reality that perhaps those around you, are not meant to 'wake up'. Perhaps this whole realm is a test of character to become totally individualized; willing to be a lone wolf ready to face anything, and alone if need be. Once you reach that point, there is nothing to hold you back; no more need for approval, acceptance or having to sacrifice parts of yourself that those around you are not willing to see.
  21. As are 'medical emergencies' in football crowds. The Leyton Orient vs Lincoln match abandoned at 84 minutes due to said 'medical emergency'. Prior to the last few years this was extremely rare for a game to even be paused for medical issues in the crowd, yet here we are where this happens quite regularly. Cannot remember a match being abandoned for one, and certainly not for an isolated or single case; https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/66920527 Tuesday's League One match between Leyton Orient and Lincoln City was abandoned after 84 minutes following a medical emergency in the crowd.
  22. Could be. I am not sure who the cyclists are, but going off the video the guy filming it must be semi well known for biking. It does sort of feel like one of those staged 'good cops to the rescue' type videos, or the ones where cop buys homeless person shoes sort of vibe . Perhaps it is a PR stunt to make Charles seem more 'relatable'.
  23. It is also like all things, they attract the type of people that resonate with that person. So those that have not dealt with their own anger/ego/shadow, will be attracted to the type of 'alternative person' that gets angry and lacks a coherent overarching theory. It is why you see some in the 'alternative scene' become really popular, and why another perhaps more balanced and rational 'alternative person' has only a small following. Obviously there can be many other reasons for this; more interesting content, more bling and more clickbait type content, and sometimes luck, not to mention the possibility of some being controlled opposition. So in many ways, these types exist only because those following have not healed their shadow, which in a way is a reciprocal enabling affect, with both inadvertently holding the other back, at least from healing and true Spiritual growth. Anger is only one stage of the grief process, and you are meant to move past it to heal the other 4 aspects, but many get locked in to a 'holding pattern' with only the anger part getting any attention.
  24. Maybe I am too 'soft' but I noticed that at the time too, but put it down to the 'programming' and perhaps some 'nostalgia' that plays tricks with the mind when a person dies. We know a massive amount of 'programming' goes into 'forgiving' those who have lived a less than 'moral' life, or at least the programming of 'forgive and forget' or don't attack the dead etc, and the hero's that are created when a false flag happens to enhance the believability. Perhaps he had a momentary slip into the programme or sentiment; he is after all an Historian (mainstream not real LOL), and he has only quite recently 'woken'. I can forgive that; hell even I had a brief moment of falling for the BS when she died, and I have been awake for many years. In fact I saw a clip the other day where some mountain bikers ran into the King whilst out biking in Scotland. Not sure how random it really was; but even I was a bit 'confused' at how chilled and open Charlie was. I will link it in case anyone is interested (Charlie's 'role' starts at 4:24);
  25. Indeed, it does make you wonder if this is a symbolic gesture here. We know that it is likely that years of 'aggressive immigration' has an effect on the mass of the population in eroding aspects of the culture and 'history' by diluting the culture and common bond. So what do these 'stories' do for a collective consciousness within a population? Do they demoralise as you say, or do they provoke the opposite, or any other emotion/reaction? It is likely that it does destroy it to some degree; as in 'its only a tree, or a pub, at least nobody was hurt, it's just things'. Perhaps it would have been merely a coincidence if on a macro level; the likes of WEF were not stripping away the same things in all Countries across the World at the same time and trying to erode any sense of 'identity' to make their transhumanist agenda easier to implement.
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