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  1. Not us, but the masses are. They still believe in different political parties, still believe MSM and still believe they are all heroes for following the covid narrative. It is the masses that are targeted and there is a reason for that, they are gullible and easily manipulated/hypnotised.
  2. The mental gymnastics of these people as they try to keep control of their firmly held belief system and try to also find a way to justify their virtue signalling bullshit is something to behold.
  3. I wonder what could be causing such a 'demand' on ambulance services; Ambulances in NSW are taking longer to respond to emergencies than at any point since records were publicly available 12 years ago, new data reveals. Key points: The median time for responses to the most urgent cases was within the 10-minute target At 8.8 minutes it is at the highest mark since BHI records were first published Mother Bree Edge said waiting an hour for an ambulance was "not acceptable" The quarterly report from the Bureau of Health Information (BHI) tracked the performance of public hospitals and ambulance services from January to March this year. "In general, patients waited longer for care in emergency departments, for elective surgery and for ambulances," BHI chief executive Diane Watson said. The quarter saw a high number of Omicron cases and a relaxing of public health restrictions, resulting in a "fluctuation in hospital and ambulance activity and performance", Dr Watson said. NSW records longest ambulance wait times since records were made publicly available - ABC News
  4. Sorry I forgot to reply to this. Thanks for that. Yes, I do meditate but you will not be surprised to hear that I have not been doing too much of that recently. You can always tell when you stop meditating that you become ungrounded and very much in the 'mental body'. I have been meditating again the past few days. I am surprised how quickly my thinking has changed on these issues though, but as we know, we are being 'tested' more and more as time speeds up. Thanks again mate.
  5. Brilliant post! This is where I am 'at' in my thinking these days. Back in 2013 I 'intuitively' felt we are in computer simulation, and now I am 'intuitively' sensing that we are in a reincarnation prison. The repeating 'patterns' we see are everywhere in our current reality. How many times do we see 'those in power' use the same script, and why? Because it works for them and yes, they have limited intelligence. What they are experts at is manipulation of the human.
  6. I also find Mike Adams (although a bit sensationalist at times) trustworthy too. Not sure about his source but if he has checked them out then I would say this is legitimate. Crazy.
  7. I agree that 'entities' can easily come in, but I do regular 'revoking' of such energies. I think @Morpheusabove laid out exactly what my thinking is on this 'prison' or reincarnation trap. I agree that I am certainly in transition, from one view of 'the world' to another. I am not sure I agree on the fear, I feel it is the opposite; facing the fear. All this love and light is just 'another wing' on the same bird, it is all part of the trap and I would rather face that than pretend it is not so.
  8. Thanks mate, a good reminder and many valid points. I agree with a lot of that. I am trying to find some ways to 'live' in this matrix, and ways to not feed it or the archons. Maybe it has happened too quickly and I am panicking a bit, but it feels brutal right now. But you are right, over the last few weeks I have been trying to come up with some ideas for 'withdrawing' my energy from the matrix and to stay as high in my vibration as possible. Thanks so much for your thoughtful post, it really helped. I am trying to come up with a 'philosophy of living' that fits my new way of thinking about the 'world' and ways that I can stay clear of the matrix and the archon energies. It is a work in progress. Thanks again.
  9. Perhaps it is just where I am at right now; but it feels like the 'information' I have come across these past few months/weeks has 'woken' me up to a deeper 'agenda' and so all that I thought I knew up until recently has changed. I had a purpose to try to 'assist' others, to be the unique vibration that I am, to learn and grow and I guess to work through karma. Now I don't believe in many elements of the above' karma, lessons, purpose etc, not in the way they are commonly used by the 'Spiritual community' or 'new-age' people. I believe we are in a prison here; one that is ultimately about harvesting our energies. Maybe when we 'get out' of here all those things above about lessons, growth, purpose will be relevant again. But here, in this purgatory I am not so sure. Maybe I am going through a 'transition' from one way of viewing the 'world' to another, and maybe it is a Dark Night moment that will pass.
  10. I agree Gremmels, it certainly feels like 'knowing'. I will admit to feeling very lost right now. For years I had been on the 'Spiritual path', embracing lessons, embracing challenges as opportunities to grow, bringing 'light' in blah, blah, blah. I thought I 'knew' what this 'World' was about, thought I 'knew' why we as souls go on a soul 'journey'. Now it just feels like I know 'no-thing'. Maybe it is the understandable position of someone whose view of the 'World' has shattered, but at the moment it feels very destabilising and cosmically-nihilist right now. Obviously the moment of 'death' is what we must work towards and prepare for to try to break free. May I ask those who have come to this conclusion about 'reality' how they have integrated this in to their world? It feels like I now lack the coordinates to go on with the world. I would appreciate any insights anyone has on what this 'awareness' has left you with?
  11. Only weeks ago I was thinking exactly the same things. But recently I have started to 'feel' that we are in a prison; one in which 'karma' is used to trap us in to endless 'soul lessons' and 'karmic debt'. Maybe outside of this 'Earthly realm' those 'missions' are real, but this 'realm' is controlled by unseen forces and they are not here to help us 'grow', 'learn' or 'evolve'. Maybe I have entered a 'personal crisis of confidence' but I don't think so. To me the 'Spiritual path' is just another 'net' to grab those people who broke free from the masses to co-opt them into just another distraction.
  12. Great post! This resonates with where I am these days in making sense of this 'reality'. I seem to have very much followed Peggy's journey and somehow have come to the same conclusions (rightly or wrongly). Of course I am quite sure I have read certain information on these topics that became seeds in expanding my thinking, but it also feels very much like my 'intuition' has guided me to this point of 'seeing' this 'reality' in the same way as Peggy. This has all happened very quickly for me, maybe the musings have been around for a long time, but only weeks ago, certainly only months ago I was believing in 'lessons' and 'soul journey', maybe it is a bit of both, but I CERTAINLY feel that we are in a prison here and that we are caught in a never-ending reincarnation trap. It also does not feel 'right' that I came here to support Earth in it's evolution as some believe.
  13. Wow $3000 the price for selling your soul; $3000 'thank you' payment for NSW healthcare workers (msn.com) Absolutely disgusting. 'Healthcare' workers given $3000 each for 'their efforts' during the scam.
  14. Great video! Isn't it amazing how many times we think a certain thought and that find a video that explains exactly what we were just thinking/saying. I posted a reply to Robin before I saw this video which was further in the thread and it is so similar to what I was saying about the 'spheres of influence' that social circles can place on you. Thanks for posting, very interesting video.
  15. Yes indeed. We all have a choice here, but a lot of people (the vast majority) CHOOSE to stay in their comfort zone. They are 'conditioned' to need approval, acceptance and respect from their peers and community which keeps them locked in to the 'artificial' matrix. I have been very fortunate though that having a history of very small social circles and also moving around a lot in my adult life, I have had less 'spheres of influence' pushing on me to reel me back into conformity. Sadly lots don't have this afforded to them. It is still a choice however. I lost respect for Max Igan with all the BS stuff when he left Australia. However, some of his thinking recently about 911 and waking souls, and also the idea that AI may be running the show certainly resonate with me.
  16. Totally agree! It is becoming obvious that some people are simply 'Non Playing Characters'. Like him, hate him, or just indifference to him but Max Igan as postulated that 911 was a wake up call to 'souls', and a way of identifying 'real souls'. I think this COVID thing is a deeper level to that; in that it is about protecting your 'soul', an ultimate test of self value, self love, integrity, authenticity, bravery, warrior like defiance. We cannot wake anyone up, those who will wake up, will wake up. Yes we can plant seeds, but we cannot force anyone. People must make their own choices, ultimately I believe that is part of our purpose on this 'Earthly realm', to 'know' we are all one, but at the same time as a separate being we are here to allow others to go their way, even if we know their way is fraught with danger. We also must learn that ultimately, these 'attachments' we have to others are both illusion and truth/love, they can hinder or assist us, we must be willing to let it ALL go.
  17. Quite a nice visual @DaleP, I am much better at 'regulating' once I know I am 'out of kilter' but it is a really good reminder and visual to use to try to get the vibration working for and not against yourself.
  18. Not sure if this has been posted but another 'died suddenly' and only 30 years old I believe; Mystery as award winning Aussie soccer star's young wife dies (msn.com)
  19. [email protected] tragic! The more this goes on the more I am starting to think that this whole thing is a giant test for us awake in just coming to the realisation that we must let people choose their own path. We have no control over what our loved ones and indeed 'others' do. It is hard, but maybe this is one of the tests, you have to allow others to make their 'choices' awake or not. If people are not awake now, they likely never will and we just need to accept that.
  20. That is interesting. A month or so ago (maybe longer who knows these days) during my meditation I was seeing that EXACT image whilst working (cleansing) my third eye chakra. At the same time I have been going through a period where I am constantly being 'tested' to trust my intuition.
  21. So sad mate. My mum passed in January and I think her illness was likely brought to the surface from the vaxxes too. Probably the worst scenario to have an idea of 'the truth' once it is done and caused.
  22. Yes, I am noticing that too. A lot more of these stories do not even hint at the cause of death which in my opinion only happens when the person has taken their own life, and then even if that does happen, they almost always include the number of the Samaritans or Lifeline (here in Australia) which indicates the cause. Something definitely off with all these deaths with not a hint of the causes.
  23. Having a dram of Kilkerran Heavily Peated this evening. Incredible dram.
  24. Paterson is a legend of the industry and has a great sense of humour!!
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