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  1. It is interesting you say this and that I am reading this 2 weeks late (catching up on the thread from a couple of weeks ago). For a while I been feeling a shift in people, certainly towards me. I say this as someone that is 'Spiritual' and I often work on my energy/vibration to clear negative energies etc. I have had periods in my life where I have felt I 'stand out', but due to the way I often felt in my early years, I was convinced others could 'see' how bad I felt about myself. But over the past year or so I have felt it on another level and have questioned if those jabbed can sense a non-jabbed person etc. I am still making my mind up on that, and it could simply be that I am vibrating at a level now that my energy draws attention. But just this morning I was standing outside the Post Office in line (big line due to the holidays) and I turn around to see a guy just staring at me. I look at him and he continues to stare and he has sunglasses on and perhaps mistakenly believes I cannot see his eyes. So I keep looking and so does he, so I shake my head and turn away a little voicing 'wanker' not aloud but still obvious to him. I turn around again and he has now turned 90 degrees so he is not looking at me. He was with his kid so didn't make a scene and the kid was behind a pillar so he didn't see any of it. He was waiting for his Mrs in the Post Office. But such a bizarre experience. I am certain if I had a pair of those 'They Live' glasses he would have been a reptile . This is an extreme example but I get more diluted versions of this almost daily now. Something is definitely weird. It was so weird today that I was actually considering posting this on a separate thread to ask if others experience this but then read your post.
  2. Bang on mate! My thinking down to a tee. Who knows what this 'realm' even is, maybe the 'sheep' are simply NPC's here to provide the obstacles/opportunities for the Souls to grow. Even if they are not, those not yet 'wakened' may either be too fearful to move away from the control systems of approval, acceptance, fitting in and being isolated. As you say, forcing the issue is actually counterproductive; plant seeds yes, but forceful will only strengthen peoples belief systems.
  3. Must admit Northern, that initially PF gave me 'masonic vibes'. But putting that aside, I can see how initially he may have doubted his equipment and his own opinions when he says he found Nicola and then the Police say 'it was nothing'. He may have been implanted in to the narrative as you say, to be set up to play the fall guy from the start. But watching him being interviewed on the link I posted, I actually thought he sounded legit. Much of his story subtly tells us that much was wrong with this case, not just in how it was handled but the whole protocols that PF has experienced as normal, were not present in this case. The 'Man in black' he speaks of too, is very interesting and adds weight to those of us who have maintained that this cover up, was from the highest levels and that someone involved in this case, is f high importance, or protection. Nicola stumbled upon some truth, I have no doubt of that, and this likely caused the 'breakdown' she had when the Police were called 10 days or so prior to her going missing.
  4. Very interesting interview with Peter Faulding which goes in to more detail on what he believes his team found (Nicola);
  5. Although I see it differently I love your perspective. I think what is apparent though, regardless of if we can escape the 'reincarnation trap', is that we simply must heal ourselves whilst we are here. Only then can we hope to stop creating karma for ourselves; heal the shadow, heal your trauma/wounds, so that you can make Soul choices that free you from karmic debt.
  6. Yes, unfortunately this is pretty much the conclusion I have arrived at too. The only thing undecided from me, is 'is there still a way out, and are we still helped even from this realm by the 'light' side'? It could simply be that our consciousness has been trapped here (or at least a part of it, a Soul fragment separate from the Oversoul), maybe we even 'came here' to try to retrieve that part of us. There is no doubt that I have 'been helped' at stages of my life. Now this could be another part of the control system which takes care of all of us whether we follow the mass, or become errants. Or, there really is 'dark and light' operating in this realm, and that the 'light' are her to help us break free. I remember reading a few years ago a PDF by Wes Penre in which he talked about the Pleiadians, and how they were now communicating with us to warn us that we should not make the same mistakes they did; which was to become too entwined with technology. They had essentially been trapped here for fusing to technology (transhumanism anyone. Maybe we are The Pleiadians?
  7. Read an article yesterday about this and it stinks to high heaven. The fact Peter Faulkner has been discredited lends weight to the theory of a cover-up in my opinion. His and his teams gut feeling of 'something is not right' speaks volumes, rarely is that gut instinct wrong, especially when added to years of experience. It is all looking very much similar to the Maddie McCann case; doesn't add up, police cover up, experts discredited, and as in that case, it looks like people are being protected here. If that is the case, what did Nicola uncover? In the article it also quotes Peter Faulkner saying that the body he identified on the sonar was in the foetal position, would that be a normal position for a body in water to be?
  8. None of us know for sure, all we have are our own opinions, and even these change with 'time'. My own thoughts are that we live in a reincarnation cycle, and we will need to learn and make the right choices. Now whether there is an 'out' I am not sure. I have heard from some Spiritual people that if you choose suicide as an option you would need to do a lot of healing 'in between Worlds', and the chances are you would be back here anyway. I can understand why people choose this option for sure and I have known a number of people who have indeed taken this 'choice'. Sometimes life is so brutal that even momentary 'peace' can seem appealing. Did we 'choose' to come here, because if we truly did, then there should be no 'Spiritual consequences' for pulling the plug. Is there really a way out of this reincarnation cycle? I am undecided.
  9. Part of the future planning of the excuses for the excess deaths. Here in Australia most GP's have stopped 'bulk billing' whereby the GP Clinic claim the money back from the Health Dept. (Medicare). Now you have to pay to see a GP (in most cases) and then claim back around 70% from Medicare. On top of that, a lot of GP Clinic's are now charging a fee to register with that Clinic if you have not visited them in the last 12 months (some are charging if not seen them in last 24 months). Cannot help thinking that this is the line they will use to blame on the excess deaths, similar to the excuse they used in the beginning of the rollouts 'because people put off seeing the GP due to the lockdowns'. Seems every Country have been given a script on how they explain away the excess deaths. I honestly think they are trying really hard to ignore the stats right now, and hoping they will get away with it long enough that the excuses can be used in a year or two.
  10. Off the top of my head Peterson has; Stood against the Freedom of speech or compelled speech with regards to the gender issues which is a massive part of the current agenda towards transhumanism Stood up to the Universities, Psychological institutions Stood up against the idea that we should have equality based on quota's not on abilities Stood against a lot of the woke agenda Helped millions of people and inspired thousands to turn their lives around He is not a 'truther' just a guy doing his part, or doing the best he can with what he knows and is right now. Is he perfect, hell no, but none of us are. I am surprised that many are calling him out given that he has never claimed to be a 'truth guru'. Some people must be perfect if they can so freely cast aspersions towards someone who is actually doing good (outside the truth community in the real World), albeit not perfect.
  11. True Robin. But I think we also sometimes make the mistake of starting to place people in places they don't wish to be, or group people in camps so we can better make sense of them. How many of us, have got talking to someone who is awake to one aspect of the agenda, only to be disappointed (even shocked) at how much other stuff they don't know, or are not willing to even look at. Recently I have come across a few of those, and you think "oh great someone who is awake', only to find they are not as awake to much of it as you thought. From that perspective you might harshly judge someone, but it was ME who placed them in that position. A lot are doing that with Peterson. Yes, no doubt he comments on a lot of things like an expert these days, but I would imagine he gets asked his opinion a lot (how much did David get asked about things on the Geordie Podcast about others) and given he has many millions of fans, Peterson I am sure feels a responsibility to voice his. Lets be honest here, we ALL have opinions on pretty much everything, we just don't all have millions of fans or a Worldwide audience picking it all apart. I say this fully acknowledging that Peterson's recent comments on the Palestine and further back on COVID are disappointing and evidence at the minimum, that he is asleep on the much wider agenda. But, I have some sympathy to a degree, or maybe it is compassion for someone who is going through their awakening, whilst dealing with a lot of cr@p thrown at him, where everything he says is now scrutinised. Many of us had years away from the spotlight to wake up.
  12. Going off a lot of his video's from his early days in his university lectures, Jungian. I think we need to judge Peterson in context; if people have placed him in the 'truth community' then they will judge him quite harshly from that perspective. But judging him as clinical psychologist thrust into the spotlight whilst he was mostly asleep; he is simply a flawed individual with much to learn - like most of us.
  13. As said, Peterson isn't a 'truther'; he is simply a psychologist offering what he believes is helpful advice for younger people. He just happened to become famous overnight for taking a stand against freedom of speech. He may fit what David calls the 'here and no further barricade', but then I am not sure Peterson has ever considered himself to be in the 'alternative community'. Certainly his thoughts on the vaccines (early on) and the Palestine stuff are major red flags, or simply proof that he has not fully woken up yet. But there is also no doubt, that Peterson has helped many thousands of people. Low hanging fruit people are also needed if people are to grow and evolve, certainly Peterson may not be helpful for those who are awake and not needing direction in life. The thing is, people have placed Peterson within the 'alternative media' space, because he disagreed with one aspect of the agenda. I am not sure Peterson himself has ever considered himself part of the 'truth community'. As much as he may not be the solution, he has helped a lot more people than I likely ever will.
  14. Jordan Peterson talks about how the lack of responsibility we all take within our community and the World at large, creates the opportunity for the psychopaths to move in to that void. We could say the same about the 'truth movement'; the more we see the flawed people and don't add our voices to the mix, the more we allow the same said people to remain in that gap producing either disinformation, gate-keeping, or as David says, 'the here and no further' narratives. The 'truth movement' is in many ways, like the 'World' at large; opportunists take advantage of the fact that most people (within and outside of the 'truth community) are too weak to take their own responsibility or to take action themselves. I get it of course, for years I was doing the same. Only recently have I started to take more action and get involved in things more. A lot of people in the 'truth community' are fantastic, live with wisdom and walk the talk; and then there are others who simply have the 'balls' to put themselves out there, and are what David might call 'the repeaters'. But as I have said a lot recently; I believe that we must also walk the Spiritual path, because that is where freedom truly lies. We might find out at the end of this 'game' that the goal was to grow Spiritually, and many won't have even put their shoes on to start the walk on the path.
  15. The only way we will get an alternative media reset, is if those of us that have done our work, or at least have the right morals step up to the plate and start creating. This is why I am becoming critical of 'seeking information', as all it does is keep the status quo of who is producing that information, and leaves a space for those that have less than good and honest intentions. I still have some patience for some in the alternative media, some have simply not woken up the wider agenda. Some admittedly are 'playing it safe' whilst they rake in the big bucks
  16. I think there has to be a distinction between those that know 'the truth' or at least the deeper agenda (people like Brand you would imagine), and people like Peterson. One is in the 'truth community', and the other is a clinical psychologist thrust in to the spotlight fighting for free speech who was very much inside the systems of the medical model, Universities, and academia. I think people like Peterson are perhaps still waking up fully to the scam and agenda's. Waking up is like zooming out from Google maps; the more you zoom out the more you see the bigger picture and agenda, but that takes time, and the more you zoom out, the more you can lose your bearings from your starting point. But there are those in the 'alternative community' who refuse to touch the big stuff or go deeper into the Spiritual aspects which (at least in my humble opinion) are an essential part of the journey towards greater freedom. Information is the first step not the final destination, healing and growing on the Spiritual is another crucial aspect. Of course seeing the full agenda takes time and requires bravery to 'go there', but we have seen with the last 4 years how quickly someone CAN wake up when one part doesn't make sense such as Mike Yeadon.
  17. Yeah I really enjoyed this one too. I don't watch too many of David's interviews these days as they tend to be a 'bit samey' with David going on long monologues which all of us who have been around a while have heard. But for some reason, I think Brian got something a little bit different here in this interview. David's thoughts on what he calls 'here and no further barricade' (at 1:57:56 in the video) in the 'alternative community' was excellent analysis. He includes Jordan Peterson in that, and although I think Peterson has done wonders, David is spot on with this description. Of course, it might simply be the stage of awakening these people are at. Great interview though. Edited to add: David's ideas on the potential pitfalls of some of the more prominent 'alternative faces' these days is very interesting too. There is a quote used in therapy circles by John Rowan 'you can only take your clients as far as you have gone', and this rings true for 'alternative voices' too. This whole point was made earlier in the thread of people like Brand limiting his followers in going deeper down the rabbit-hole (sometimes called a gate-keeper). People like Brand and Peterson will only ever take you so far, so it is important that people never have one guru.
  18. Very interesting to hear David's take on Brand on the recent True Geordie Podcast. The clip starts where David is talking about the likes of Musk, Tucker Carlson and Brand;
  19. I say this with tongue firmly in cheek, maybe it was the 'White hats'? , and I have actually seen that put forward on Reddit. But certainly, it is possible that these 'rituals' are not rituals as we know them, but 'magick rituals', in making someone disappear and harvesting the grief energy.
  20. Indeed. The reason that I posted earlier about the clip with the three cranberries and it looking like at least one other person is present, is that it dispels the idea I have seen on places like Reddit that are suggesting Perry was posting his last messages on social media as a 'cry for help'. If someone else was present for the cranberry video, then it suggests that the 2nd person was 'in on it' in terms of the weird social media posts, which then dispels to a large degree the idea that he was back on drugs, was posting the cryptic messages for a cry for help. Too many oddities as usual with these deaths. For me, it is looking more like a ritual sacrifice and that Perry was under some sort of mind or chemical control, or a dark entity. The fact that he posted photos of the moon in his last posts too adds weight to the 'Moon sacrifice' idea. If Perry had not died, his recent posts would be considered really strange (which they were at the time as lots of people were asking on his insta account, if he was ok, and should they send help), but the fact he dies after these weird posts close to Halloween, the cranberries (who the fuck eats cranberries), the moon, bathtub, wasn't there an eclipse too....weird as shit.
  21. There is more about the meaning of the Occult Water symbolism in the following podcast, which outlines the representing the hidden dimension, making contact with other dimensions and the subconscious. The podcast was aired in 2020 so is interesting now looking at the Matthew Perry stuff and his social media posts prior to his 'death'; https://www.bullhorn.fm/conspiracytheoriesandunpopularcu/posts/madonna-and-the
  22. Some decent points made in the following video. I am not familiar with the creator and it is a little long, but at 1.25x it is ok.
  23. Looking back at that clip, it looks very unnatural positioning for only one person to place the cranberries, step back as the shadow shows, but also be able to zoom in to the cranberries. That suggests at least one other person was present. I might be wrong, it just looks 'off' to me, and difficult to nail and control it all if he presumably had a phone in his right hand filming the clip.
  24. I don't know. Man survives for 54 years, even though he is an apparent ex-addict who with his fame and wealth has likely access to all sorts of stuff that can be dangerous and put you in much danger. Same man is apparently jabbed if you believe his social media posts, as was Shane Warne another who 'has lived life on the edge'. Within a couple of years of the jab rollout both have died from likely heart 'complications'. His recent social media posts just add another twist to this, and more mystery or depth to the suspiciousness. The social media posts almost seem like he was possessed by an 'entity'.
  25. That is great if true. I used to watch some of Jeff's walk and talks years ago and they were good, but I always felt his 'ego' got in the way. By 'ego', I mean the unhealed and shadow aspects of him. Great to hear he is taking this path seriously now. I do admit that, on top of the 'ego stuff', there were other red flags that @RobinJ has pointed out. But having watched a video of Jeff last night through the Inspired channel he says that every penny will be counted for and the figures from all donations transparent, make of that what you will. Maybe Jeff has turned a corner on his path and is really on the path of the 'light' or 'good' these days. He also did say he tried to warn others of the 'hurricane' and got his neighbours to safety who have young kids as they were the only ones who would listen and so he got them and I presume those in his house in Acapulco out. We can only really judge people by their current actions.
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