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  1. I just saw this after catching up on the last few pages and yes, this is what I feel I experienced on Thursday which has caused me to have the same symptoms as Doc did. The EMF Meter was definitely showing more than double 'safe' readings.
  2. I think it could well be arsenic poisoning. I saw a video over on the Crowhouse the other day (but unfortunately cannot find it now) of a couple in Australia who were filming what looked like fog at night from their car. Only it wasn't fog, it was a weird substance and they said they could see electrical particles in it. I am not sure what to make of it as I just came down with what you described above. This happened to me in January too which I posted about then believing it to be 5G or something. Well on Thursday I went to support the Aussie Cossack at his court hearing, one of the people attending had an EMF meter and he reckons it was more than double what it should be. Whilst there I could feel parts of my body 'tingling' and starting to ache (shoulders and joints etc). that night I came down with what you describe above. I was completely fine before going to the court. So it could also be an EMF attack. Just now I was watching Chris Martenson and his wife on their Peak Prosperity channel and they experienced the same thing while travelling recently, exact same symptoms, maybe we are being attacked with EMF?
  3. Very, very wise. I would not put it past them to have some kind of clerical error happen. There are many monsters out there believing they are heroes.
  4. QLD teacher developed severe reaction after 1st Pfizer shot, but article says no confirmed link. Strange how is anyone ever gets sick from drinking raw milk the link is not disputed as well as a ton of other things like visiting a naturopath etc. ; An Australian teacher says her life has 'essentially been ruined' after developing a blood disorder a month after getting a Covid vaccine, something she blames on the jab. Bek Bickerton, from Queensland, claims she experienced side effects after receiving her first Pfizer shot in October last year and was then barred from work after refusing to get her second dose. A month after her first shot, the 27-year-old teacher was hospitalised for a week with blurred vision, tingling down the arm, low blood pressure, extreme fatigue and dizziness. Bickerton was diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and sent home where she spent the next two months in bed, news.com.au reported. Queensland teacher's life and job ruined after suffering a severe reaction to first Pfizer vaccine (msn.com) And yet another person just developed a medical episode and dies; Awoman has died in the Whitsundays after having a medical episode while snorkelling in waters off Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays. Police say emergency services responded to a call-out around midday for a woman aged in her 50s being brought to shore in a critical condition. Woman dies from medical episode while snorkelling in the Whitsundays (msn.com)
  5. I am sure most can resonate with the roller coaster I go through in some days feeling humanity is screwed and others feeling a little bit optimistic. One bit of hope I have is that there is a good percentage of people who always sit somewhere in the middle, they are the ones a little more malleable. I reckon there is a tipping point at which those in the middle start to move over to our side, but only if numbers rise enough. So I don't believe that the shift (if it comes will be slow), it may be rapid once we reach what Chris Martenson calls "when private knowledge becomes public knowledge'. How far we are away from this I have no clue. Maybe I am having a good day LOL.
  6. Yes some good points and I didn't wish to open a can of worms. It is as I say coming from thinking maybe I would go back and start reading the thread from page 1 again but then thought it would be better if there was a point to doing so. And I didn't want to start doing that and then later on have some ideas and feel I had wasted my time. It would need to be done in an organised way, with a list of subjects that things fall into otherwise as you say it just becomes another version of this. I am not sure I am even communicating what I am thinking well. It just seems this thread is possibly the best single source of all covid info out there, but more than that it was 'real time' info that likely changed as did the narrative and perhaps there are things in this thread that even we who have followed it all along have forgotten was said.
  7. Yes indeed mate. I think as you say it works if you know how to phrase things but not great if you are looking for something very precise but with no real 'subject'. I think I will admit that part of my 'frustration' (if it can even ne called that) is that we are up against very well organised and long played out 'scripts' and at times the 'truth' community seems quite 'scattered' and individual in its approach. Such a wealth of info sitting there is such a powerful force but only if it can be easily accessed.
  8. Thanks Beau. I would not want the mega thread to end though as I think it needs to be kept as a 'master copy' if that makes sense. I also think any removing of videos should remain but with a 'link no longer working as of 26/06/22' sort of thing. I guess for me, what I am thinking is along the lines of trying to collate it in some way. You often see memes such as 'two weeks to flatten the curve >> masks for a short period >> to jabs etc and often they can easily be dismissed by people who no longer have recollection of the old 'narratives'. We know there are very few 'non awake' who would spend time going through all these pages, so I guess I was thinking more along the lines of collating certain info in to meaningful 'pockets' with the links and evidence so that it is not so easily debunked. Saying to a 'normie' 'oh the evidence exists somewhere, I know it does' is not going to work. To be honest all my thinking started from considering going through the thread again but then I thought it would make more sense to do it with some sort of purpose and goal. There is so much great information in this thread but it is probably like having a library with no subject sections or index where the info is just 'somewhere in the building'.
  9. This thread is such a wealth of information and historical data. Sometimes I feel like going back to page 1 and reading it again but bloody hell 4549 pages would be some task, especially without some bigger 'purpose'. Does anyone else feel like we could look at some volunteers to collate this information in to resource sections? Obviously keeping this thread as it is but there must be some very important data that we have now moved past that could be crucial in waking others up. I don't know what I am trying to say really, but I guess I mean is there something say 10 volunteers could do with all this info? It seems to be just 'sitting there' and all the nougats kind of lost within the whole? Am I making any sense here?
  10. Spot on! As well as to enforce the illusion that they are 'one of us too'. Exactly why the politicians all are photographed having a drink in the pub, kissing a baby, visiting schools and talking with the kids, and visiting factories etc, all to create the illusion that they are 'normal people' and care about the common person, children and education etc. All bullshit but all part of the subliminal hypnosis/spells.
  11. Are these real? I swear I have seen about 30 at least of these 'karmic interventions' on this thread. Either karma really does exist, or the death numbers are through the roof. These types of fuckers exist everywhere too and always have, but I have NEVER seen so much 'instant karma' happening on such a scale before, which tells you just how dangerous these fucking shots really are.
  12. This is an interesting thread. I would say there is some 'truth' to this, from my own experiences and from seeing this play out in others lives. But recently I have been wondering and I suppose reassessing some of my old beliefs. Now I wonder if 'suffering' is truly necessary for soul evolvement, or if this 'suffering' is just another part of the 'Matrix' that we are involved in here? Maybe as 'humans' we are prone to look for the meaning of things, the higher purpose because we struggle to accept that bad stuff just happens; so we look at our 'suffering', as it having some higher purpose. Or maybe it is simply the 'animal' aspect of us that searches for the 'lessons' so that we don't repeat them and thus increase our chances of survival. 6 months ago I was 'locked into', lessons, growth, journey's, duality, suffering as evolving, suffering as a way to evolve consciousness. At this moment in time I am no longer sure of this. I think perhaps aspects like, suffering, karma, growth, ascension are merely traps of the 'New age' or 'False-Light'. Just a different net designed to catch those who slipped out of the big net. So at this stage I am now unsure of the 'suffering as evolving' idea. Maybe it is simply a 'rule of this game', built in to co-opt those people who have suffered and want answers.
  13. Indeed; Put poison in billions to compromise immune system Limit access to good food by limiting supply, natural weather manipulation to destroy crops, inflate prices so access to fresh food almost impossible and force people to eat non-nutritious foods that cause more disease Make people fearful of sun and vitamin D which helps immune system Watch billions die - almost check
  14. Spot on mate! And the point about what we are up against. I think we all take this stuff for granted at times, both the knowledge we have AND where to look for it. Most in the awake community know exactly where to go to find things, but if you were a 'normal person', especially these days it is harder and harder to find things that don't fit the narrative. A good reminder about how to balance the scales in a way. Simple gentle reminders or seeds to people about where to look for things. Maybe we could make some of those JW 'Watchtower' like flyers you know "feel like something is not right with the world? Feel like there is more to the world than you can see? Go to Davidicke.com to find out"
  15. Indeed. That feeling when you go to the forum and see a thread has increased by many pages in a short period. The optimist always thinks 'maybe there is some really great new info', and the realist says from somewhere in the background "you idealist, have you learnt nothing about forums, you know it is just a troll out of control or bickering'. The realist is always right these days.
  16. Not us, but the masses are. They still believe in different political parties, still believe MSM and still believe they are all heroes for following the covid narrative. It is the masses that are targeted and there is a reason for that, they are gullible and easily manipulated/hypnotised.
  17. The mental gymnastics of these people as they try to keep control of their firmly held belief system and try to also find a way to justify their virtue signalling bullshit is something to behold.
  18. I wonder what could be causing such a 'demand' on ambulance services; Ambulances in NSW are taking longer to respond to emergencies than at any point since records were publicly available 12 years ago, new data reveals. Key points: The median time for responses to the most urgent cases was within the 10-minute target At 8.8 minutes it is at the highest mark since BHI records were first published Mother Bree Edge said waiting an hour for an ambulance was "not acceptable" The quarterly report from the Bureau of Health Information (BHI) tracked the performance of public hospitals and ambulance services from January to March this year. "In general, patients waited longer for care in emergency departments, for elective surgery and for ambulances," BHI chief executive Diane Watson said. The quarter saw a high number of Omicron cases and a relaxing of public health restrictions, resulting in a "fluctuation in hospital and ambulance activity and performance", Dr Watson said. NSW records longest ambulance wait times since records were made publicly available - ABC News
  19. Sorry I forgot to reply to this. Thanks for that. Yes, I do meditate but you will not be surprised to hear that I have not been doing too much of that recently. You can always tell when you stop meditating that you become ungrounded and very much in the 'mental body'. I have been meditating again the past few days. I am surprised how quickly my thinking has changed on these issues though, but as we know, we are being 'tested' more and more as time speeds up. Thanks again mate.
  20. Brilliant post! This is where I am 'at' in my thinking these days. Back in 2013 I 'intuitively' felt we are in computer simulation, and now I am 'intuitively' sensing that we are in a reincarnation prison. The repeating 'patterns' we see are everywhere in our current reality. How many times do we see 'those in power' use the same script, and why? Because it works for them and yes, they have limited intelligence. What they are experts at is manipulation of the human.
  21. I also find Mike Adams (although a bit sensationalist at times) trustworthy too. Not sure about his source but if he has checked them out then I would say this is legitimate. Crazy.
  22. I agree that 'entities' can easily come in, but I do regular 'revoking' of such energies. I think @Morpheusabove laid out exactly what my thinking is on this 'prison' or reincarnation trap. I agree that I am certainly in transition, from one view of 'the world' to another. I am not sure I agree on the fear, I feel it is the opposite; facing the fear. All this love and light is just 'another wing' on the same bird, it is all part of the trap and I would rather face that than pretend it is not so.
  23. Thanks mate, a good reminder and many valid points. I agree with a lot of that. I am trying to find some ways to 'live' in this matrix, and ways to not feed it or the archons. Maybe it has happened too quickly and I am panicking a bit, but it feels brutal right now. But you are right, over the last few weeks I have been trying to come up with some ideas for 'withdrawing' my energy from the matrix and to stay as high in my vibration as possible. Thanks so much for your thoughtful post, it really helped. I am trying to come up with a 'philosophy of living' that fits my new way of thinking about the 'world' and ways that I can stay clear of the matrix and the archon energies. It is a work in progress. Thanks again.
  24. Perhaps it is just where I am at right now; but it feels like the 'information' I have come across these past few months/weeks has 'woken' me up to a deeper 'agenda' and so all that I thought I knew up until recently has changed. I had a purpose to try to 'assist' others, to be the unique vibration that I am, to learn and grow and I guess to work through karma. Now I don't believe in many elements of the above' karma, lessons, purpose etc, not in the way they are commonly used by the 'Spiritual community' or 'new-age' people. I believe we are in a prison here; one that is ultimately about harvesting our energies. Maybe when we 'get out' of here all those things above about lessons, growth, purpose will be relevant again. But here, in this purgatory I am not so sure. Maybe I am going through a 'transition' from one way of viewing the 'world' to another, and maybe it is a Dark Night moment that will pass.
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