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  1. Yes, quite scary to realise how 'dark' some people truly are. I was talking to a fairly new friend over the last 6 months whose mum was a narcissist and the depth of 'evil' is staggering at times. And I say evil in this context because that is the word he uses himself. One of my ex-partners mum is a narcissist and again, some of the brutality bestowed on my ex was horrific and for no other reason than power, control, and a fragile ego. So true. After all we see this in the 'masses' who are too 'weak' to face reality about what is happening in the World, who is running it, and what they are willing to do to keep control. People would prefer to pretend that this is not possible so they can stay in their 'comfort zone'. Before my experience with the ex-narcissist I was lucky that I had not experienced the truly dark aspects of it, even though now I can see that I have had many narcissists in my life. But this one was a brutal awakening not just to the depth of what the narcissist is willing to do (and lie about despite the truth being obvious), but also what they will do when exposed. The Amber Heard/Johnny Depp trial was illuminating for many (and me tbh) because it so brilliantly showed the narcissistic game, but how it works. It works generally because the people that they do their most damage to, are people that have love for them or are attached to them, or perhaps have some ties to them like lust in my case and likely the same for Depp. Depp and Amber's sister were able to be controlled and manipulated because they wanted to see the good in her, they had likely fallen for the fake crying when exposed or victim playing that is common. The narcissist can believe they are brilliant, but it works only because of the bond. What we saw during the trial, is that none of it is really that sophisticated. If you are not emotionally attached, the manipulation, the lies, the deceit, the lack of logic is so obvious.
  2. The other thing which I never hear anything about and that 'blocks' a lot of people off from manifesting, is people not being willing to cut those people off around them that are lowering their vibration/or keeping them tethered to their old ways/beliefs. It is similar to what @DaleP is saying, but I would go one step further. Yes, no doubt the 'noises' people around you make about your plans/goals, can either consciously (or probably more commonly subconsciously) bring you down and put doubt in your mind about your goals, as well as subconsciously put fears such as 'they will not approve', or 'they might leave me if I become successful' etc.. But more than that and something I am coming to believe about this LOA stuff, is what if you are say in a relationship with someone who because of their own karma/soul agreements 'chose' to live a life based in poverty or tied to the system? How would you manifest your goals of freedom, tethered to someone who is manifesting theirs of poverty and lack of freedom? Now of course you can argue that you probably shouldn't be together, but that is the point, many stop at letting people go that are either blocking their manifestations, or tethering them to the old. Thankfully over the years with my healing journey, I have become very good at manifesting, but previously when I didn't really have any goals, I was happy to go along with say a partners goals and because of the choices of partner, they always tended to be driven and very good at achieving their goals. In many ways, you can easily block each other, especially if you are manifesting different things and are operating from different levels of consciousness, and many do stay in co-dependent relationships. In many ways, I am coming to realise that your best chance at not only manifesting (but more importantly, getting closer to living on a Soul level) it might be only possible as a lone wolf. Many people in the Matrix are so easily controlled because they are tethered so strongly with their friends and family. It stops billions of people from waking up and facing reality. But even for us 'Spiritual' or 'Awake' people, we can also be too tethered to others to really achieve all that we can be. It stops us fully becoming who we are and finding our Soul purpose.
  3. Indeed, business transactions is a good way of describing it. It is at its core a transaction of energy. Yes, exactly on the attachment issues. My ex was quick to identify (and use what she perceived as my) attachment style for her games. She was/is a psychologist so on top of the very well oiled narcissistic tricks, she was able to add her knowledge to those skills. Another aspect that I healed through this was a common empath trait - being a rescuer. Being a 'rescuer' has meant that I have always tended to see the good in people, but it also means that you tend to overlook traits in others that should cause alarm bells. There were many red flags prior to (and during) my relationship with the ex. Part of overlooking them, were the lust elements previously stated, but also that rescuer aspect that always saw the good in people and the potential. It meant that I had very dysfunctional boundaries. Yes, I would agree with that. As you say, they 'compliment' each other perfectly on one level, and certainly in my case I can see clearly how the unhealed aspects were a perfect match for the narcissistic. From the higher perspective, perhaps we do need each other as they are almost perfect polarity aspects. Certainly in my case, it was only through the brutality of that relationship, that I was forced into saying to myself 'how did this happen, what did I do to bring this in, and how can I make sure that this never happens again'.
  4. One of the things I feel most fortunate about, is that I have always had the trait of humility which has helped me to always be willing to learn, to accept when I am wrong, or to know when I need to learn or grow up. Because of this I have always tried to find the lessons in experiences. Put this together with my willingness to heal and it has been a formidable force. Exactly this. All my healing, all my research about the 'Grand conspiracy' all my hard work in raising my vibration/frequency, all my dedication t manifesting were with the sole (or should it really be SOUL) purpose of becoming free. Even now, most of my day to day actions are with the purpose of finding more and more freedom.
  5. Yep indeed. On my journey I came to first realise that many (me too) were failing in LOA was because of lack of action towards the goal. The Secret doesn't really give enough weight to the need to take action. Then I realised that my old beliefs were holding me back. It is impossible to manifest much if your core beliefs are those of 'I don't deserve good things' or 'there is something wrong with me'. And finally I have identified another level which is similar to what you say here. For every 1 person that benefitted from The Secret, there probably 2 million who beat themselves up for not being able to do what was proclaimed 'to be simple but powerful' knowledge.
  6. Yep, easy to say all that when you are no longer in a position to have to put your money where your mouth is. In saying that, the fact he even went on their show was a good sign as they are well known for coming out against the mandates. To be fair to Abbott too, he seems to not be as 'compromised' as other Politicians but who knows. The whole interview that this quote was taken from is below for anyone interested; https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=650721643851640 But I have to be honest, he seemed to fall back in to typical Politician speak at times, or maybe he was just being diplomatic. He apparently had 3 jabs himself so unless it was saline he won't be around long anyway.
  7. Bloody hell, that is one of the best breakdowns and explanations for why LOA doesn't work for many and mirrors my own conclusions on this topic almost to a tee. I would never have been able to so brilliantly and concisely piece it together like that though. Kudos to you, and thanks.
  8. I used to think like you @RobinJ, but I am not so sure these days. None of us know what 'this' thing is we are 'living in', who knows if it is malevolent or benevolent? Don't get me wrong, I learnt so much and am glad I did. I wouldn't change what happened in any way, but did that happen SO I could learn, or did I learn IN SPITE of what was thrown at me? And I don't mean to claim victimhood here, what happened although brutal, could have been so much worse, and I got rather lucky really. As I say though, much of what happened to me, could only have happened due to my 'consent', that being having the unhealed aspects of me bringing it in to my reality. Edited to add: I am talking here about attracting a narcissist from the perspective of being an adult. I know a few people who had a narcissistic parent who had no 'choice' (at least not in terms of this Earthly existence) who were brutalised in childhood. I cannot even imagine having a narcissistic parent even though I have seen the impact in friends. I agree that we will be seeing more of the veils dropping away and we will be seeing a lot of the dark being exposed. As we enter a new astrological era, hopefully the changes in society start to assist in the creation of community driven societies rather than the top down systems we have been living through.
  9. Great post! Indeed, narcissists quite often border on evil. In my case, lust and my need for others to take the lead were the two biggest factors in how I was attracting narcissists in to my life. In relationships lust was running the show and also my propensity to feel I needed an/other to achieve things because I was always indecisive. Not only that, but due to my childhood I never really had dreams for the future, so had no navigational system really. Narcissists tend to have very clear goals and dreams, or at least targets in which to get their supply, and also they need to take control and power (all of which as an empath I have never wanted or needed). In effect I was leaving an open door to take what they wanted. The lust element also attracts those narcissists who use sex as their main weapon (and many do). What surprised me however, is how many narcissists I have had in friendships. Again, my personality traits and lack of boundaries were an open invitation. Being a people pleaser as well as an empath, idealist who saw the good in people was not exactly perfect attributes to identify the narcissist. Thankfully over the years I have done a ton of work on myself around valuing self and in fact, a massive part of that was one relationship with an ex-narcissist that changed the course of my life. I have healed the lust to a large degree and now also have very strong boundaries. I am able to identify the narcissist a lot easier and cut them off as soon as I realise. I have cut 4 out of my life over the last couple of years and no longer engage with them if they reach out. Although the relationship with one was brutal, it honestly was the best thing that could have happened to me. It took me from being a love and light idealist, to someone who now knows that true evil does indeed exist and rather than trying to have empathy for them and try to help them change, you are best to run and then run some more. Have nothing to do with them because no good can come of it.
  10. Thanks for starting this thread. I must admit, around a year ago I used the search function here to see if there was much on narcissism and found very little which was a huge surprise. It is strange that something that is so prevalent, is rarely spoke about much in these types of forums. However, I think narcissism is still so misunderstood that people often don't even know they have been impacted by a narcissist or that they have one in their life and I include myself in this. Up until 3 or 4 years ago, I wasn't really aware of narcissists in my own life either. Over the last few months (even weeks), I have come to reflect on my life and have been able to see just how many narcissists I have 'attracted' in to my life. Those of us who would be considered 'empaths' are highly targeted by the narcissist, and sadly being 'givers' are a perfect match for the narcissist that loves to 'take'. In my personal situation, I was 'attracted' to a certain 'type' that quite often is a narcissist type too; not in physical attributes but in personality aspects. In many ways I was the perfect yin to the yang. I think there are many reasons that the narcissist is on the rise; social media, shifts in the way society is shaped, parenting (or lack of) and the fact that a lot of the control mechanisms on this planet align with the narcissist MO. Honestly, even up until a couple of weeks ago, I have been identifying more and more people from my past who happened to be narcissists and I am quite shocked that this is the case.
  11. In saying all that though, I do wonder how much of my life has been my choices, or a pre-determined script from the computer simulation already decided. Even the change in directions I have made in life, were they really my decision, or were they simply already pre-determined to happen? Here I am thinking I have 'changed' when in reality, the path was already decided for me. At times, I believe this is not only possible, but probably inevitable, and then at others I do believe that we have some choice/free will here. Anyone who has watched Jason Breshears (Archaix) will be familiar with his idea of 'breaking pattern' - doing something completely different to your normal pattern that the construct sits up and takes notice of.
  12. Thoughts are only one aspect of the whole though. Let us take an example of 'intent'; let us say that you make the intention that you will move away from the 'Matrix' and intend to move off-grid and away from the system. Yes, you will have many millions of thoughts over the next few years, but it is the actions that will define whether you succeed with that intention, not only thoughts. Thoughts are inevitable as we go about our day and come into contact with others, or other stimulation/distractions, but it is possible to wander off track into those, but then use focus again to get back on track and take actions towards your main goal/objective. We do this all the time as we say work, lose focus and drift in to daydreaming, but then bring ourselves back. Yes thoughts may be quite random at times, but actions are the thing that define life. Obviously there is truth to 'energy flows where attention goes', but it is possible to control what matters most.
  13. Great topic. I think there is a lot of truth in what you say @Mr H and certainly there are varying degrees of how much (if any) personal responsibility a person has over their life or within this 'Matrix'. Certainly for those who have not healed their trauma, or having an out of control shadow/ego, their degree of personal responsibility will be less than someone who has healed and who perhaps also does much 'internal work' and much conscious living with tools such as meditation, mindfulness and brutal self-honesty. Obviously, none of those tools make us infallible or perfect, it is always an ongoing process. However, I can see the change in myself from how I used to be (reactive, living with a great deal of subjective reasoning, letting old beliefs run rampant subconsciously and dictate my thoughts/feelings and actions. The more you heal or the more you raise your level of consciousness/vibration, the more freedom you discover in the thoughts, feelings and actions you have/take. So as an example, something as basic as objectivity over subjectivity has a massive impact on how you live your life. The way to be more objective is to heal and raise your consciousness and as you do so, the more you live objectively for the most part which opens up more intelligence, more balance, and ultimately more choice and freedom. Obviously as a human, there may always be an element of subjectivity, but if I compare myself to how I used to be as an example, I live much more from an objective standpoint than I did years ago. Obviously the 'elites' target the human mind constantly to keep them in lower levels of consciousness, keep them in fear, keep them viewing the World subjectively and bombard them with distractions to control their perceptions. They want us divided on anything and everything because if they do, they create the subjectivity, the biases, the polarities and the tribalism that keeps feeding the subjective reactions. If you have ever followed football for example, you can see how clearly this plays out and how 'reactive' football fans become about their club, or their perceived 'rivals'. I have witnessed normal 'intelligent' people reduced to blubbering and quivering toddlers as they lose all objective reasoning as the biased beliefs kick in or are mobilised. They target all this because ultimately the 'elite' DO know that human beings CAN be free from all that control. It is a battle of consciousness, and the more you raise yours, the more you become a fearless warrior who has greater control over all aspects of your reality; thoughts, feelings, actions and thus the 'life' you create. I agree. Obviously we are all a 'work in progress' but there are many times that I now catch myself in a thought or feeling, and am able to catch it, question if it is real or faulty, and then choose to change it or let it continue. The more you work on yourself, the more 'space' is created between a thought/feeling in which you can bring in many other alternative thoughts or feelings. As an example, I have always been sensitive to others around me, and particularly in how they treat me. In the past I may get 'triggered' by someone treating me like shit, and that could fester for weeks; running over and over on thoughts like 'I am a piece of shit'. Now the reason for this is because that is how I used to think/believe myself to be so outside triggers would mirror internal feelings and thoughts/beliefs. But now if that happens in the present, I am able to take that 'trigger' but have the space to question it all, reframe it, decide to not let it in or decide that they were having a bad day and it wasn't personal, decide I don't care anyway, and perhaps another 10 different alternatives. I catch myself a LOT these days as there is now space between that was never there in the past. Now, what this 'realm' is and how much actual 'choice' or personal agency we have is open to debate of course. But if I look back at my journey, I can see huge changes and most of it has come from raising my consciousness which came from healing my trauma and beliefs. All this led to greater freedom. I don't believe Maslow was wrong on his hierarchy of needs, nor were the great teachers of levels of consciousness, it fits for my own experiences.
  14. I should add; we have been told for years that 'this is an information war', and that is partly true. However, this is only the beginning of it. You can give people information, but you cannot give people courage and it is courage and bravery that is needed to take that information and allow it in to challenge your belief systems. Too many people lack the courage to go against their 'social circle', to have the courage to start to see the World as it really is, and the courage to become an adult rather than an adolescent looking to others to save them. We can all probably name 50 people we tried to wake up with information, but it fell on deaf ears, not because the information was wrong, but because the person was not ready to hear it, or in simpler terms they lacked the courage to face reality. Look at COVID and how many supposed academics and 'smart' people were fooled. This is NOT an information war, it is fear that is the issue. People consent because they have no courage to do anything else. I have said this before, but it is an epidemic of cowardice that we are living through.
  15. Exactly, all this happens by consent. Although I have compassion for those locked into the 'Matrix level thinking' (most of my family and friends fit this category), this only happens through consent, it is the only way it can happen. I am beyond feeling sorry for these people though; anything that comes their way is simply karma unfortunately. Some may think this harsh, but I disagree, it is just a higher level way of looking at this.
  16. For sure! One of the best examples semi-recently was the interview David Icke did with Alex Jones and Elon Musk......sorry I mean 'Adrian' . One is all about the bigger picture and living from a Soul level, and the other two are all about self, ego and personality/persona. Alex desperately trying to get David to apologise and David saying 'look stop trying to make this personal. Can we just stick to what is going on'. I have butchered the quote a bit no doubt, but it is a good example of the different paths and different intentions/areas of focus.
  17. Indeed. I think this is partly what I am experiencing when out and about. I no longer give any energy to the BS stuff that most in the Matrix do; I don't really get involved in the egoic behaviours that are so prevalent in the Matrix World where ego rules. I just go about my business expending the least amount of energy and obviously this must stand out and irk people as there is a freedom to it that many who are so desperately tethered to the system can only dream about. Obviously it is only one aspect, there are likely many running simultaneously.
  18. Yep, very much like a bank account. You need to be aware of how much is going out and how much is coming in, but also how much you are 'wasting' on frivolous stuff. You also need to try to go to places where you are likely to find the best deals, not continuously going to the wrong places (meaning being around those of a higher vibration than lower ones). Interesting you say this. Over the last few months I have been wondering if the scamdemic was in many ways the means by which 'karma' is playing out? I admit that for a year or so, the idea of karma has been one that has been in the forefront of my mind for various reasons. But lately, I have wondered if what we are seeing now, is simply karma playing out and the scamdemic was the means by which this could happen on a grand scale. If we view this 'realm' as indeed being a simulation and then going one step further and agreeing with some peoples ideas that the 'construct' attempts to keep most people in a 'collective consciousness' to preserve energy for the construct, it would also make sense that things like 'karma' would be dealt with in the same way - in the least energetic way that uses the least data, memory and energy. Indeed. We may only know what this was all about AFTER we leave this construct. For all we know, they chose this path, and chose to sacrifice themselves. Or, they were never meant to wake up and evolve, that was not their role.
  19. There is definitely truth to this. You could change or swap the word vibration for consciousness as they both apply. Raise your vibration/consciousness and you move outside most of the control mechanisms that are used on this planet. Maslow's hierarchy of needs show a great snapshot of how this works, and sadly how the 'elite' use this against the population by creating conditions that keep those people locked into the lower levels of survival and reptilian brain, and thus 'blocking' them off from the higher levels of consciousness and vibration.
  20. Thanks, and yes, I have done a LOT of work on myself. There is no doubt that there is a shift in people; whether that is the jabs, the aftermath of the psyop, people's true colours starting to show, or other things. It is possible that a lot of what they are exhibiting is unconscious, whether that is the contents of the jabs coming through, or unconsciously they can 'detect' either our pureblood, or that we are something they could never be - free. These people need rules and norms to be able to function because many lack any creativity or spontaneity, any abstract thinking. For years I have observed people who get angry when you break the small social norms etc, and back then wondered why, but now I see that these people need the rules as it provides them with a false security, a way for them to act, and eases their anxiety. But more than that, the system aids them in appearing 'normal' and thus being able to fake it and hide their real self from the World, which is often an empty shell with not much to offer, a weak and Soul-less being. Agree with you mate, and this may be part of the reason that I can feel the shift so tangibly. I don't give any energy to these people. In the past I had an open heart and tons of empathy for humanity, seeing the good and potential in all. Now I know that their path is their path, and you are not here to save anyone. Therefore I offer them nothing and not even the social norms that they crave so much. But it is eye-opening how obvious the shift is; people are broken and demoralised at best, and perhaps have become pre-zombie at worst.
  21. Thick and weak sadly. Yes, I agree that in general, people have been dumbed down so much and are basically stupid. But it is the weakness that is palpable to me at least and that stands out the most. The internet has a lot to answer for I think. These days, people get outraged online about some manufactured story and then diffuse the energy that could go in to actual change and actual revolt towards the system. Instead what we have are people getting outraged about something somebody else said or didn't say, and thus all that energy built up unconsciously about the ills of the system are discharged and back to Love Island as you say. We are living through a pandemic of weakness and lack of moral fibre. When out in the 'Matrix' it is like trying to connect with apes or orangutans; a totally different species. No wonder my interactions with others 'out there' is getting more and more fleeting and rare.
  22. Yep agree mate. I should clarify my earlier comment, it is not that I am an 'unhappy prisoner', it is more that I am almost entirely detached from the Matrix. When I do have to step into it, I give it no energy, aside from being polite if I do have to deal with people. But there is no attachment to the Matrix, the system or the rules really and I think it is this dynamic that people are picking up on. They 'see' me as being free and they absolutely hate it. If others were not also experiencing it, or if I wasn't so aware (I have always been sensitive to energies and how people act/behave and their ulterior motives and shadows) I would think I am going crazy and imagining it all. Same here mate on your last paragraph. In fact today as I passed through a Suburb I was thinking about my experience with the 2nd customer service person and thinking on what we are discussing here, and as I observed others, I was struck by how attached they are to this system/Matrix; they are totally immersed in it and love their slavery because it takes care of them on some level. It appeals to their weakness, in that they are basically adolescents who don't want responsibility and don't actually want to take care of themselves, in fact they can't, which is why they love the system. It is a pay-off that so many are willing to make. Now, I am nice to those who show some humanity and I will give warmth where it is merited, the rest I just give nothing to.
  23. It has been a long break, I really cannot see the Crowhouse forum coming back. It is a shame because it had an 'intimate' vibe about it.
  24. There is a noticeable change in the air for sure. Over the last few days, I have been on the verge of saying to two customer service type workers 'have you thought about a job that doesn't involve serving people because you are so miserable I don't think it is for you'. I honestly do think that there has been a 'separating' happening; it is as if they can 'see' that I am not 'one of them'. I suppose it could be what Mattias Desmut may call 'free floating anxiety or demoralisation' but it feels more than that. I admit that I cannot stand 'entering the matrix' any longer so I stand out as a very 'unhappy prisoner' whilst they all seem to be loving their slavery.
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