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  1. I thought this was an interesting watch too. Mark McDonald a criminal barista who raises some good questions and points about this case. I don't know what to make of it personally, but it is good that some well qualified people are questioning it, at least on the terms of conviction and lack of actual evidence, which is healthy in a 'normal society';
  2. Yes, I think when this 'decision' or more accurately 'choice' needed to be made; it woke a lot up, almost as if this was the beginning of 'their Soul awakening'. For those of us fortunate to have already been awake, it was a no brainer of course. But I know a few people who were adamant that they would not take the jab, who went on to take it when threatened with losing their jobs; some of them 'Spiritual' too, who you would 'hope' may have had better 'intuition'. But for those who were not awake prior to this, then I think some compassion should be afforded them. It is lazy when some (not you BTW) lump all those vaxxed together and generalise about some of the treatment dished out by those most vehement and expressive. Those who were 'asleep' prior come in all ages; are we expecting those 18-25 for example to have been already awake having only just exited the institutional brainwashing of the 'education system' as one example. For many of us, 911 was our defining moment, but you had to be at a certain age to experience that and to be old enough to even have the ability to question it. I have said it before, but I count myself lucky/fortunate, not superior to those who were not 'awake'. Let us not forget that those of us who woke up for example around 911, have been immune from the fear and propaganda that is now 24/7 so it never touched us, but I cannot even imagine being a younger person who has been the target of the institutions, social media and 24/7 media like never before, just as it must be hell if you are at school and being bullied these days, the same applies to the non-stop propaganda. We are all different, but I choose to have some compassion for these people. Some are just butt hurt (and maybe justifiably if they have endured judgement, ridicule and rejection personally from all this), but it is time to deal with your hurt if you haven't because we all need to put our ego aside and try to help those now waking up and seeking sanctuary in finding the truth and a supportive environment. We were all 'asleep' at some point.
  3. Very true. I was saying to a friend recently that for many, the speed of the agenda is really making it harder to cope. I honestly don't know if I would have been able to cope if I had come to all this in the last few years (like many have). Having had time to digest the plans and the direction, it has made it easier to cope during this time, even though the speed is hard for all of us. From going from 'at some point in the future' with regards to the core plans the 'elite' have, it is all 'right here, right now' as the agenda is coming on thick and fast. I know a lot of those new to this, that are struggling to cope with the speed.
  4. Yes, he was a legend of 'the community' as was Rik Clay for his very brief and tragically short time. I think the other thing that is likely part of the 'challenge' we all face in the way we might be feeling, is that we are all quite 'seasoned' now. It is probably a bit like being a student; back in the days of Anders time, many of us likely had so much to still learn and research. 10+ years later, many of us have gone around the information 'merry-go-round' many times. Like a student learning a new subject you have much to learn and many directions to go. Over time as you learn more and more, you start to reach a point where there isn't much new stuff to learn, and because of the way this 'realm' is structured and the way the conspiracy rolls on, it all works in patterns and cycles so it is all very familiar, even if the 'topics' of focus slightly change. I think this is why many welcomed the work of Jason Breshears as it is to a degree very fresh information and a new perspective for many. Maybe it is like the 'therapy circles' where new clients ask 'where are all the success stories'? And the answer is often 'they are out there living their lives', maybe we have to take a leaf out of their books and stop gathering more and more 'information', and put those years of research and growth to good use?
  5. Yes I think so mate. Ahh yes, I do remember Ciggy now you mention the name. There were some really top quality people on here back in the day; top contributors. That is not to say that there are not great people now, perhaps it is simply the levels those of us that have been around for some time were at then, and are at now.
  6. Some great points on both sides. I agree that this forum has changed a lot over the years, from the halcyon days of the likes of Anders and Rik Clay etc. Perhaps at some point though, going over and over seeking and digesting 'information' becomes a bit 'old hat', and you come to a point where there is very little 'new information' to come across and you find yourself very much within information cycles like an orbiting 'planet' which comes around again and again. Perhaps the content changes, but the process (the reasons, the agenda, the why of right now) remains pretty fixed. On top of that, there is obviously (and thankfully) a lot of newer people who come across the agenda and quite understandably ask the questions already asked, or talk about topics already discussed many times over many years. Speaking for myself, I have not come across any 'new information' for some years (aside from say the Archaix stuff by Jason Breshears, which is still up for debate to a large extent). Another aspect, is that at some point I feel you need to do more than 'seek information', you have to take some personal responsibility in some ways; perhaps create the content you crave, or at least get living life in ways that encompass all the knowledge gained and perhaps some are doing just that and have left behind the 'information phase' of the 'journey'? At some point, it becomes a bit like 'well what are you going to do with it all', all that information is useful, perhaps even powerful, but as David Icke says so often, 'it is not knowledge that is power, it is the use of knowledge that is power'. At some point perhaps all of us have to stop seeking it, and do something with the vast knowledge we have accrued. I know I have a bias here as I have felt this way for a year or more now, but I include myself here in the above. It is not just an Icke forum thing either, the Crowhouse became very quiet too.
  7. Great thread. There is no doubt indeed that sexual energy is powerful and thus is exactly the reason that the 'cabal' have built a system so totally obsessed with sex, or at least lust. Similar to the 'Can You Love Another' thread; true sexual energy is an expression of pure love (or can be); it is life-enhancing, a cosmic expression and expansion, it is an expression of divine energy, and when done in a loving and conscious relationship can be Spiritually powerful. The problem is that those that 'steer reality' have built a reality in which sex is God, but not just any sex, casual sex has become the God, the way to express your freedom, personality, to express yourself. In reality, this caters for those who have done little shadow work, who have become 'addicted to the drug of sex'. On top of this, many people use sex as a way to attempt to get their unmet needs met (often stemming back to childhood), just the same as others do with food, drugs, alcohol and many other ways. The promulgation of porn has fed into this of course; easily accessible and free, and has helped to shape the 'desires' of many and the types of sex they crave; which also happen to be the types of sex that foster 'dark energies'.
  8. Too true! I was arguing with a friend a couple or more years ago about how bad Sheeran's lyrics were (I decided to go down the breaking the shitness into sections ) and the friend was adamant that his lyrics were OK. Then not long after there was one of those breakfast radio 'games' on the radio (I listen sometimes when I am driving as my car is really old it doesn't have a good system) and it was song lyrics. They were tearing the lyrics to bits and some of the presenters themselves were shocked they were Ed Sheeran lyrics. Shows how easily it is to fool people with 'he's a genius, who produces all his own music'. I mean it's great that the 'less attractive' looking people are being given a go now instead of the talentless 'boy or girl bands' we were subjected to for so long. Different faces/agenda, same old shit though.
  9. It certainly is collapsing, the only thing up for debate, is this a 'controlled demolition', an inevitable cycle of the ages, part of the in-built program/simulation, or something else? I am not invested in any of those theories, but when you consider some of the current 'World events' or recent events: depopulation bio-weapon, total economic collapse, possible Great Reset and all that will bring, it is hard to think this is just part of some astrological age. Or perhaps the 'Elite' just carry on in their plans regardless of the other stuff going on, much like a computer virus working in the background with a fixed aim.
  10. Yeah I agree, some are frustrating going at times with all the intros and stringing it out. Sadly YouTube content creators seem to have become 'consistent' in how they think their videos should play out. I suppose to be fair, a lot of them gain followings based on their personalities so bring some of that to the table in their videos. I watch a lot of videos on 1:25 or 1:5 speed these days.
  11. Interesting video. Makes you wonder how many Rick Fife's have been 'witnesses' in these sorts of cases over the years. If this video is true, then 'Rick Fife' must be another 'asset'. How many assets exist? Or are they simply members of 'the club' who are brought out when one of 'their kin' are in trouble such as the Madeline McCann case. It would be interesting to know how many times some 'witnesses' show up in strange cases.
  12. Who knows Peter, as I say it is just one of many possibilities. But I think the way that the narrative unfolded is interesting and there are rarely any coincidences when it comes to the 'stories' the MSM choose to focus on. In the first few days the narrative was about how unsafe this sub was, and how it had not passed all the testing, as well as how much the 'rescue operation' was costing, when these people were billionaires. We know that with technology and the internet, many more millionaires and billionaires are being 'created'. In years gone by, millionaires and billionaires were easy to spot and infiltrate and perhaps be lets say co-opted in to 'a club'. There was more control over these people in the past I reckon. Now we have people who can come from nowhere and become millionaires so quickly. At the same time, technology has advanced so quickly that it won't be long before some wealthy people start to explore areas of the Earth that were previously only explored by military. I am never attached to any idea I have, I only care about the 'truth', but I cannot help feeling that intuitively there is something here about making sure that those mavericks not controlled by the 'Elites' are stopped from doing these sorts of expeditions. 'They' managed that with the patenting system in the past, and it would not surprise me if this is another way to keep control. We will know more over the coming months where the direction of this goes.
  13. It certainly could be Peter, but it doesn't mean that it wasn't also planned, or that there is something bigger behind the whole thing. One thought that occurred to me in the first day or two from the way the stories were being 'portrayed' was that there appeared to be an 'implied' idea that there should be greater controls on these types of 'operators', in that greater Government control would be placed on these designers and operators. Like everything, it is another way that those 'in power' can control the wealth by limiting those who want to be innovative and explore more of this 'planet'. They wouldn't want anyone not in their club discovering 'secrets' or resources now would they. I am not saying it is definitely so, it is just one theory of many, but consider it from the Problem - Reaction - Solution idea; Problem - People with wealth that are not part of 'our club' are starting to invent things that allow them to explore areas of the Earth that up until now, were exclusive areas of their domain. They might stumble across hidden knowledge, proof that 'his-story' is not as we have been taught, or they may discover vast resources of great wealth. Reaction - Create something like an 'OceanGate disaster' Solution - Greater 'control' of those not in the club, with tighter design patents and tighter restrictions. Voila - job done.
  14. It would be nuts to not think there is something more to this whole 'story'. With the 'elites' baying for total control and power, and the recent history of media being totally bought and paid for by the tiny percent, anything given such 'coverage' should be looked at more closely imho. Do the media run stories that are not influenced by the 'elite'? Of course they do, just like the Police and Courts do some actual work when the cases involve those they have no vested interest in that is. But stories that are being run with such vast coverage in all media outlets across the World at the same time? Doubtful. So whether this was a 'ritual sacrifice', has hidden or symbolic meaning, or those onboard were targeted, something is likely behind all this. What better way than to target your enemies; create expensive and exclusive 'missions' and because of their exclusivity you can ensure that more than one enemy is onboard. Or perhaps there was a hidden message in this; given the financial system right now, words like 'implosion', 'sinking', 'running out of oxygen' could even mean the bubble is about to burst, there could be many messages here. In Hindi 'Titan' is also the largest satellite or moon of Saturn. Who knows, but something given so much coverage is unlikely to be pure coincidence, even if it is only to send a symbolic or unconscious message to the masses - 'stay safe in your home. Wealth cannot protect you from danger'.
  15. Nothing has changed. The inconsistencies, anomalies, holes in the story still exist, as does the very strange occult numbers and over-saturation of this whole story in the media. The ONLY thing that has changed is some Government 'authority' has ruled this an accident, that is the only thing that has changed, and just like it did with the Kiely Rodni case, it appears to have dampened the spirits of those who have been following this case and baying for justice, as per the whole point of the inquest, as it is with the big G 'enquiries', 'Royal Commissions' etc. Cadaver dogs, a dive team search on day 1 or 2 by the team that come out after suspected suicides, Peter Faulding's expert team, and nothing shows up, no sign of Nicola, until a 'Psychic' finds her in the water after a 'hunch'. Someone is a protected asset, no doubt about it, and with that level of protection, you have to wonder who that person is, and what 'they do' to be afforded such protection. More likely Nicola had stumbled on to knowledge and was silenced for it.
  16. To be fair to the poster who coined this; it was supported by many for a long time thus encouraging it rather than calling it out. Some if us tried to raise attention to it but it fell on deaf ears. So it was not all @Nip fault, possibly 'played to the crowd' as some seemed to love it. Just shows that you can be awake, but if you don't have self reflection or work on your shadow side, you are still as programmed and possibly as destructive as 'the normies'.
  17. Some of us have been saying this exact thing for a while now. Needing to 'fit-in' and to be accepted and approved of by the 'community' is a massive part of the control mechanism, and most of it built in to being by the 'ego'.....aka fear.
  18. I agree @RobinJ, the other things that are often overlooked is that you must also remove all the blocks that are limiting your manifesting. For most, these are old belief systems or blocked energy caused by trauma. Without doing that, people often start to believe that manifesting DOESN'T work, when you have not released the things blocking it. I like Jason Breshears idea of manifesting (although I don't think he puts it in these terms), which is loosely paraphrased as "your reality becomes who you are', meaning your external life, reflects your internal state. Through my life and particularly the past 10 years or so when I have been actively 'manifesting', I have seen times when I am reaching a ceiling of my beliefs, in that I can feel when I have reached a new ceiling that I need to push through to manifest the next level. Most often these ceilings are belief systems which I need to overcome to reach the next level/target.
  19. Yeah she probably will at those prices . I used to think in similar ways to be honest, about making money being 'un-Spiritual', but I no longer think like that. Money like everything is simply energy, but obviously there are different ways to make that 'energy'. You can coerce, steal, supply products that harm others, be in the big control industries of Banking/Medicine/Law, or you can offer a service that 'may' help people in immeasurable ways and I see that being very different. Look at David Icke as an a example of someone doing it the right way, and no, I don't think David is a millionaire, but he does get paid handsomely for the work he provides. I actually don't know much about the guy, I was sent by a friend and thought the 'basis' of his idea is something that might contain merit based on my own experiences. But you don't need to manifest money, you can just as easily manifest a 'Soul tribe', and off-grid community, work that you are passionate about, to find your soul purpose, or simply better health.
  20. Not quite sure about this, it sounds very intriguing but also a bit far-fetched, but at the same time I have been seeing some good results with my own limited experience with quantum vibrations/meditation. The guy is an Australian and I was sent this by a friend, I have not tried it yet;
  21. I think the plan is to simply kill off most people. If the idea that there will be a great cataclysm around 2040-42 is correct, then the plan could be to eliminate the possibility that many will survive that cataclysm. Some of the population will go in to the DUMBS with the 'elite' and rebuild again when things settle down. But they will only want a very small population to be able to control the rewriting of 'His-story' again as they have countless other times in the 'past'. That is one lens, of course there are many others, it could simply be that 'the rats' have bred too much and now it is culling time. In the first scenario, humans will still be required to an extent to rebuild society, on the second, then with AI (and no cataclysm) we are no longer needed for anything other than the 'rituals' that are performed, even then, they may be breeding in the DUMBS for that outcome.
  22. Yes, I must admit, having let a lot of people go over the last few years, I do miss the conversations I used to have with some of those people, which often allowed me to 'stretch' my thinking more and more. I no longer get lonely, but I do miss deep connections with people I can have great conversations with. It is one of the biggest challenges I personally face in this reality; having so much thoughts and trying to navigate my learning and figuring out this stuff, without many people to talk on these deep levels with. But then again, perhaps that is part of my own growth, not needing others to get stuff done, to be able to create and to come to the answers on my own. Perhaps the 'answers' are different for all of us too. Exactly, I have pondered this too. What purpose could there be to send separate aspects out, in an effort to learn more about itself, when 'it is all that is, all that it ever was, and all that ever could be' (loosely quoting David Icke). I do agree that all of this is likely mathematical, it would make sense that whatever this 'creation' is, was made from mathematics and vibration. It may be that we do have 'free-will' here, but there are pre-determined consequences for all actions.
  23. I seem to be having so many thoughts these days, that I am constantly in a state of flux; in that what I 'believe' about this reality changes constantly. Yes, there are some common themes within those thoughts and beliefs, but it is surprising how varied my thinking is on this. In many ways it is exciting because the possibilities are endless and in many other ways, I am no longer attached to any outcome, in that I have accepted to a certain degree that this 'reality' might possibly be a prison/simulation designed not FOR us, but AGAINST' us. So I am no longer locked in to attempts to 'put a positive spin' on things, or 'false light teachings' in an effort to understand some of the crazy stuff we experience in this 'realm'. On reading back the first paragraph above, perhaps it is not so much that my 'beliefs' change daily, but that I am simply more open to all the possibilities so I am often catching myself saying 'I wonder if this is what this realm is', or similar. Yesterday I started to wonder if 'this reality' is 'designed' to let 'Souls' learn to hone their skills of making decisions that are based on protecting the soul/sovereign aspects. Over the last few years many of us have had to make extremely tough decisions and step out of our comfort zones. I am starting to see that the 'Universe' rewards those that take tough decisions, and make difficult choices, and maybe on some level (this realm) this is a part of the 'game'. Perhaps we were separated from source/oneness and this 'reality' was created to fully embrace that, to honour that separation, to fully celebrate that 'individual' aspect, and what better than to throw these separate fragments, into a reality that is built on 'hive mind' and the collective. Perhaps it is true that as most of us have suspected, there are many NPC's that work to the collective consciousness, so that we can have full opposition to our 'mission' which is to fully embrace the separation? Perhaps it is no coincidence that this 'level' is very much based on polarities, seemingly giving us choices such as right and wrong, good and evil, love and hate, and many others. But perhaps all this is to distract us into thinking that there is a right and wrong, and to promote separation and collective, when all this is designed to let us hone our skills in making tough choices and truly celebrating the 'separate' aspects. I do think this 'realm', 'rewards' those that make big decisions and tough choices, I see that in my own life over the past few years. I haven't fully expressed this in the way I intended, but it is the best I can do right now
  24. Yeah good question. I believe that the really old stuff, the deep rooted programs may still have a 'groove' much like an operating system which functions on pathways and from data. But in my personal 'reality' I am seeing old beliefs changing and even some of the pathways changing as I keep working on raising my frequency which is outside the old frequencies. Again I am not expressing this very well . Perhaps the truly deep, long held pathways will always exist to a degree, especially if these were compounded many times throughout ones life making these grooves deeper and more automatic. In saying that though, I am noticing changes that I could have only dreamed about 10 years ago. It doesn't change the fact that I do believe we could still be in a prison of sorts, or a simulation created by a crazy and evil AI or Alien being. I have spent a long time healing programs/beliefs/conclusions/trauma from my childhood. Some would say, they were the lessons I needed (and came here to learn), but a part of me doubts that these lessons would need to be learnt at all, and especially for a kid to go through that to then spend half their life undoing it all. But then perhaps this whole thing really is just a computer simulation, supported by things like astrology which is simply data/the rules of the program/coding. Perhaps you are starting to experience the mathematics behind it all.
  25. Yes, I experience this too Mr H. There are times when I can witness the old 'programming' which then gets stopped in its tracks and is replaced with awareness of that programming, but the mechanism or 'groove' with which that 'program' has run on for many years is still present, only with awareness and higher levels of consciousness, I can at least 'choose' the reaction to it, and then end point of that 'groove'. So what may have been 'oh that person did not seem to like me, I must really be a worthless piece of shit' in the past, (the groove of the program) is now 'that person did not seem to like me......recognition of reaction.....awareness/consciousness.......groove stopped....and new choice of 'conclusion' of that experience.
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