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  1. Good to get a heads up, and a black light for future reference. Imagine the looks you would get taking your black light to the pharmacy and waving it over the kits until you get the one you want.
  2. Thanks mate. My mum is very sick and may not pull through and is currently in hospital. She has taken a downturn and it looks like it could be very ominous for her. I am looking at ways to get back to the UK but it seems that the only option is to go and do a 10 day isolation which may be too late. The only way I could do it is to stay at mum's but only if she is planning to go home from hospital if that's the way she chooses to go. However, the way I read the rules it would mean my family may not be able to visit her if I am there. My family are pretty tuned into the narrative. Even then the way I read the rules again, I would need to apply for a compassionate exemption to not have to stay in 'managed quarantine', and that application can take up to 14 days.
  3. Is there anyone here who has arrived back in the UK from another Country in recent times? Are there any ways around the 10 day isolation period on entering the UK?
  4. Am I reading this correctly; of the NSW deaths (26) 25 of these had received at least two doses (two people had received 3 doses); Huge drops in hospital and ICU Covid patients in NSW (msn.com) Hospital and ICU patients with Covid have dropped in NSW and Victoria as the Omicron wave peaks across Australia's east coast. NSW recorded 20,324 new Covid-19 cases, 2,712 hospitalisations and 34 deaths, while Victoria saw 13,091 positive test results and 14 deaths. Deaths in NSW comprised 26 men and eight women - including one person in their 40s, five people were aged in their 50s, five people were aged in their 60s, nine people in the 70s, 10 people were aged in their 80s, and four people in their 90s. Two people had received three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. 23 had received two doses.
  5. Exactly he is a fake. The only thing Gary Neville is truly passionate about is self-interest and self-promotion.
  6. This does not surprise me. I commented on the Max Igan boards a while ago after Max mentioned how often do we hear ambulances. At the time which was some months ago I had noticed a huge rise, perhaps I was hearing 4 or 5 a day. This died down a lot over the last couple of months but in the last 4 or 5 days I have been hearing them regularly again (perhaps again 4 or 5 per day), sometimes late at night or early hours too. All is not well as we know.
  7. He is a dead set knob! He get's a LOT of airtime and is the golden child of Sky Sports because he is seen as intelligent, passionate and moralistic, when in fact he is simply playing to the crowd, spouting soundbites with his fake outrage and says a lot of stuff that cannot be tested. He is also extremely hypocritical as shown in his club sacking managers for fun and his lack of impartiality around his mate Ole. Why people take him seriously I do not know. It is possibly more of a reflection on the other 'pundits' that Neville is seen as the smart one.
  8. Yes, I must admit I am questioning myself too . I disliked him mostly because I liked Andy Murray and Rafa Nadal and so I disliked Novak because he was just too damn good mentally against those players, especially after all Rafa's injuries. But to be honest I had never really bothered to listen to Novak and I think most of us make those kind of assumptions about people and we don't have the time to look into every single individual, we have to make snap judgements. I admit I was wrong on Novak; having watched a few videos of him now he comes across as a very down to earth, humble and open guy.
  9. I agree with you. He comes across as sincere and humble and on a quest for Spiritual truth and improvement. And I say that having hated Novak for the last however many years. The Wim Hof interview was very good and both came across very well.
  10. It all sounds deliberately confusing doesn't it? No doubt they either have the data, or they know enough to know that it is best not to have the data on who is exactly dying; On Australia’s deadliest day of Covid pandemic, experts say we don’t know enough about who is dying (msn.com)
  11. Yeah I agree. I honestly have never had an illness lasting so long. I would get very tired and drained at times too. I am glad to be well again too mate. What I have noticed is that I need to get good sleep. I have worked night shifts in the past and so being sleep deprived is not unusual. However, over the past couple of years if I only get say 2 hours of sleep my immune system crashes and I get sick. I think this happened on the 1st for me too, I didn't sleep and I think the 5G is making my immune system weaker. If I get good sleep I seem to be on top of it, but if I don't then I go down fast.
  12. I can see why you would think that. I was struck down with 'something' on the 1st January and only around the 14th have all the symptoms gone. I am in Sydney, Australia too so we are in the height of summer here so a cold is certainly not that normal for me at this time of the year. The first symptoms were severe body aches which then led to the worst sciatic pain I have had for many years; I lost all taste and smell, well when I say that I could taste themes like sweet, bitter and sour but not actually taste or smell anything. Other symptoms were a headache and stuffy nose, at no time did I have a runny nose or sore throat other than a bit of dryness on waking up in a morning which is quite normal. I posted on Max Igan's site the Crowhouse as I too was quite confused by the symptoms as I had certainly never had these collection of symptoms before together, especially without running nose and phlegm etc. However, In my case I have come to think that either one of the following three things were the cause; 1) Shedding as I had spent time with a friend triple vaxxed on the 30th who had recently had her booster. 2) Perhaps there is NOW a virus coming through the vaxxes? 3) This is the most likely thing for me and the one that my gut instinct says is right - 5G. There is no doubt that my symptoms were very much inflammatory responses. My body went into a severe inflammatory response. As I said I have experienced sciatic pain in the past, the worst being around 2002, but now only experiences slight 'twinges' at times. This was horrific to the point of not being able to sit or lay down without painkillers. So I can see why people would think they have had the virus. For me I am almost certain it was the effects of 5G.
  13. What an idiot Danny Murphy is. Listen to him on TalkSport and he actually thinks he is intelligent. As others have said he tows the party line. He is a wanker no doubt, and an idiotic wanker at that.
  14. I feel much the same way, along with that Sean guy whose surname escapes me and Jeff Berwick. Maybe it just shows to be fair that we don't live in an ideal world and needs must. But yeah, I am not sure I agree with it either when there are so many other platforms out there now.
  15. This is the angle that people like GBNews and RT News etc need to be taking on this. I think the biggest truth right now is that there is no way that the elite who should be better informed than the rest of society on risks would put themselves in harms way (nor would be allowed to be by the security services) if the virus was real and as dangerous as claimed. Let's not forget that the two heir's to the throne were also in a football stadium with 50,000 other peasants along with Kate. Would that happen if a dangerous pandemic was present and airborne? Of course it wouldn't and it makes no sense how on one hand the Government have been stoking the fear and risks and yet themselves are partying and maskless at the G10 or whatever that thing is called........this is the smoking gun.
  16. I used to detest Novak and in the past was convinced he was controlled. In fact such was my conviction about this due to his mental strength I once attempted to block his 'powers' using my mind to try to block of the black magic powers I felt he had. Now could be a coincidence but for the few minutes I was able to he was missing shots and Andy Murray was in the ascendency . But I am prepared to be wrong on this and say that I feel he is a good guy. Yes, there are many images of the one eyed symbolism but that is more likely down to the photographer than Novak. When I listen to him speak I now see him as just far mentally superior to the likes of Andy Murray (who in fairness mentally was a disaster) and Rafa Nadal. I think he is very good at visualisation and self control/self power. I am prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt and be proved wrong. We simply need allies right now.
  17. I think you are onto something here. I think the narrative is falling apart so fast that they are either going to have to become more overt (yes that is possible) or they are going to have to backtrack a little and the only way they can do that is to throw some minions to the lions. It will probably be framed as 'total failure by the political leaders' (as it always is) so they can try to contain the truth. It will be 'we got it wrong' and then the 70% will just go back to sleep again happy that 'the truth has been exposed and people will pay'.
  18. Yep, these fuckers are self-serving tw@ts. There are more and more now coming out and crying to the cameras and media about how they will lose their jobs after going along with this whole scam for 2 years now. It is a myth as big as the 'if that were true it would be on the TV', in that people in certain professions are morally superior. People go in to these fields for power, prestige and money. Very few are doing it for love. I saw through that illusion when my ex had lock-jaw and the staff were just two-faced gossipping idiots. I am in an industry where again people assume everyone is holier than though but of course not, the same ugly, selfish, two-faced, self serving, egotistical and yet virtue signalling f@cktards exist. I think this idea about professions and the moral character of those within them is so ingrained in us that it often overrides our own experiences that counter this. Btw I know you know this, it is more for me highlighting another layer and element of the matrix.
  19. Spot on Mac, this is exactly the way I see it too! All these people are going to want support and sympathy when the deadline get's closer and closer but very few are speaking out for the safety of the rest of the community. They only care about themselves. Now granted, losing your job and career is a big price to pay but surely that is better than going along with something you know to be both BS and dangerous. It is that famous quote "at first they came for...", well now they are coming for the nurses and medical professionals and NOW they speak out. Cowards!!
  20. Again I am sorry you are going through this. It does sound like your mum has completely changed her tune which is very sad. None of us know how we would react under the stress and brainwashing mum is likely getting. It is easy for us to sit and imagine it but another to be faced with nurse after nurse and dr after dr feeding you BS. Unfortunately though as others have said you may not have any options if mum is insisting that she wants to be there. The best you can do now is advocate for her with the staff and look after yourself, particularly the housing situation. If mum changes tune again then you will then be able to act on her behalf.
  21. Very strange terminology used by the BBC "heart lesions'. In all my time following football, close to 40 years I have never heard any footballer missing a game due to 'heart lesions'. You have to be a special kind of asleep or stubborn to not see through this yet.
  22. As I said he might not respond given all he has gone through himself recently but prior to his hospitalisation he was trying to help others and taking calls from other concerned people; https://www.mkffs.co.uk/about-us Good luck mate, you have a lot of people on these boards willing you on.
  23. The John O'Looney story shows that it is possible to get out of hospital. Sadly it will likely be costly given the need for a solicitor and medical Doctor who would likely need to take over her care. Unfortunately though, you may have no options if mum really has changed her tune. I don't know if John O'Looney would respond given his own recent issues but it might be worth reaching out to him as he may be able to give some pointers? I think the first thing is to find a legal way of visiting mum, that way you can figure out if mum wants to stay there or not. I really feel for you man.
  24. Yes, it is hard going witnessing this. At times it is very distressing and you cannot help feel incredibly sad and pain for these poor souls. At other times I am more philosophical in that we all have to make our own choices, and I have shared with some the truth of this stuff only to see them go into the nightmare as we all have tried.
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