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  1. I think it is more likely that they are predisposed to cowardice than dementia. Most people with dementia are inherently aware of self preservation. We are living through a pandemic of cowardice. But saying that, who knows what all 'this' is about? What if those one might consider NPC's are really players designed to provide us tests and lessons, and create the conditions for those things to play out? From that perspective WE are the crazy ones trying to wake them up and at the same time ridiculing them.
  2. Got to say, brought a smile to my face watching that. I watched a few of Dr Drew's shows when he was interviewing a lot of prominent people like Peter McCullough and others and he seemed so closed off. He had a colleague, name of Dr Kelly something who was obviously awake and trying to open his eyes. I never thought he would in honesty. It just shows that eventually, even the greatest sceptics (or should it more accurately be called weakest people) can wake up and also highlights that people wake up not from one voice, but from many, or at least from the voice that resonates for them the most. It might have helped that RFK Jr blew a bit of smoke up his ass, but great result nonetheless.
  3. It would be interesting to know what types of dementia these people are being diagnosed with. The obvious ones are vascular dementia due to the clotting, but other types might reveal what the vaccines were designed to do. I remember a year or so ago commenting on symptoms that someone was saying they had noticed in a loved one and espousing that dementia might actually be one of the intended outcomes of the vaxxes. A lot has been made about the rises in dementia across the World for the last 10 years, and given that the average life expectancy once diagnosed is around 7 years it would be an ideal weapon to unleash and go largely under the radar.
  4. Brilliant! It lays it out perfectly for what I see, my own experience, and others I have seen on the journey of waking up.
  5. That's a brilliant analysis and spot on for my own experience and those around me. Can I ask where this is from? As you say, for someone like Brand, you could easily see how 'attached' he might be to certain elements of his lifestyle that are directly related to the agenda's at play, and whereby he would not want to consider level 3.
  6. Probably lined up for the Barca or Real Madrid jobs. Or as said he either has some health condition or a loved one does which has come on fast (cough cough you will never jab alone). It is interesting he has started to use the 'I'm an old man' line recently, especially when he is 56.
  7. A good way of describing it. In my early days of being awake this (well the old one) forum was indeed like a support group. Back then I was so determined not to make things easy for 'them' I did all my research at an internet cafe in a 4hr weekly block . But this forum was a Godsend; knowing others were out there seeing the same reality and knowing exactly what was going on in the 'World'.
  8. Yeah it is sad to see. Once you step out of seeing the Big G as there to help and support the citizens then everything becomes clear and as David often says, you can predict the future because you understand the full picture. Some will NOT wake up, that much is clear, and perhaps they are not meant to. It would be akin to waking up a NPC in a computer game. The others who do have potential, then unfortunately a lot of those will need to lose something dear to them to see it all. Too true! It needs to happen slowly. Look at David Icke as a good example of what can happen, fortunately he had the ability to get support from the right people and was already getting Spiritual support from whatever Spirit was supporting him. On the other hand, look at some of the more prominent people around today relating to 'COVID'; McCullough, Yeadon, Neil Oliver, Cambell and others who show that it is easier than ever to wake up fast, and that there is now a 'community' out there to support people. It wasn't always like that.
  9. Indeed, it is what David calls 'doing what is right, but not what is right for me, but what is right'. It has become how I live my life. Every act that puts the moral and ethical first over personal gain becomes an act of the Spiritual and balances the scales. For me, I am not so much talking about 'speaking truth' but personally, I guess I am 'living truth'. Yes, and in many ways it shows the harsh reality of ex-military. In many ways, they wake up and realize the stark reality of what they were used for, and face the trauma of that, or they stay asleep and face an even darker reality. It really is a catch-22 for them. I suppose like waking up generally, but thankfully most of us only have low level guilt and shame to deal with depending on the occupation you were involved in. Similar. I am sure many of us who have been awake for many years were around this forum when Bitcoin was new and I know some members bought a few, but I just could not do it as I didn't want to 'feed the beast' as you say. There have been many avenues we could have all benefitted from our 'insider knowledge' but it just never felt right to help create 'their reality' for them. Yep, it seems there is a 'change' within most people these days. In my day day to reality, it feels like there is a deep unhappiness about. Perhaps it is an unconscious knowing of what has transpired. Victims of trauma often exhibit similar symptoms to what I observe; a deep unhappiness, anger, mistrust, disdain, and many other symptoms. It is hard to not notice it these days.
  10. I think you are right to be sceptical, it is always best to start with scepticism and go from there such is the 'World' we live in and the agenda's at work. You are right with the Piers Morgan thing, it does seem suss, but it might speak more to how desperate Morgan is to follow whatever is trending than anything. But there are long games and short games, some people are planted for years ahead of time and others spring up instantly. And as I say, just because DR K has been around for a while doesn't mean he is not a plant or asset. I can't remember how I came across him on YouTube, if I was searching for something like piano music or if YouTube recommended him from nowhere, so it is always possible his channel was promoted. But then things pop up randomly, and as we know, the 'Elite' are masters of taking advantage of anything that can further their agenda as their system is so organised it can react instantly. And they are also masters of manufacturing stuff so they have all bases covered. Time will tell.
  11. Some good points and I think David is usually on the money (obviously not meaning to imply David has commented on this directly). However, this piano guy has been around for ages and I am sure quite a few of us have come across him before all this stuff kicked off ( I know I have). He has over 2.2M subs and some of his videos do get over a million views so it is not like he has sprung up from nowhere. Of course, it may have all been planned long ago and it could even be that YouTube has promoted him over the years so that he is known to many of us. Or perhaps this 'group' really were caught out and did not know they were on a live stream and all standing together and panicked. It will be interesting to see what happens to these people now. We have seen 'assets' disappear before now. Time will tell I suppose.
  12. Totally agree on RDH; ne of the best 'alternative researchers' out there, particularly when it comes to 'false flags' or the big cases like Maddie McCann, which is perhaps exactly why he has been targeted. Yes, the possibility that there was nothing in the cases exists, but I personally find it alarming how these researchers push for truth and so hard, only for them to totally give up when the 'authorities' say 'there is nothing to see here'. It is like that statement by authority totally disempowers them and they lose all the fight they had for the cause, which is personally find interesting and scary. It shows to me at least, that a lot of these researchers are still very much locked into fighting something that they do not understand fully. And yes, the problem is that 'true crime sells' and always had, even before the internet. I remember why mum being subscribed to a 'serial killers' crime series of magazines as a kid detailing the stories behind some of the mass killers. You look at some of the interrogation videos for some crimes and they have millions of views in weeks. Now, some of these YouTube creators are likely to have always had an interest in such crimes, but no doubt some see it as a easy way to grow their channel and make some money.
  13. Yes, it is certainly a very fine balance to strike isn't it. Some obviously come at things from quite obscure angles which can really cast a bad light on all researchers. But on the other hand, I think it is important that researchers don't give up easily on such cases which is often the case. You take say this case and the Kiely Rodni case, and how many of these 'researchers or content creators' moved on as soon as the 'authorities' came to their conclusions? Many researchers fell by the wayside as soon as the inquest came back with 'nothing to see here'. In both cases, I think there is bigger and far reaching consequences and bigger pictures at work, perhaps much grander conspiracies. It is hard to strike the right balance but it is good that some are still shining a light on such cases which may hopefully one day lead to a breakthrough.
  14. Yeah me too on Hyatt. I almost always watch his stuff and think he is highly credible and on the money. But, on Ansell I was surprised. Again, it could be that Ansell was highly coached but you would still imagine that Hyatt would pick up on that. The other possibility is that Nicola was killed as a warning to Ansell to stay quiet on whatever he is involved in, but yet again, surely Hyatt would have picked up on something. Thanks for the link, will check it out. Yeah there are a lot of theories out there. No doubt the area is strange though, as well as the residents. Then there are the family ties that Ansell apparently has to drug trafficking. This whole case is the UK's equivalent to the Kiely Rodni case, another that was strange from start to end with strange 'characters' and a strange death, and an area thought to be a waypoint for all sorts of nefarious stuff.
  15. Yes, certainly it does look like certain stories have been 'manufactured' for that purpose as Richard says. I am not sure if the Nicola Bulley case is one of those, but certainly given the attention it received and the fact none of it adds up, it could well be. Ahh yes, Paul Ansell, I actually like Peter Hyatt a lot and always find his points very valid, but admit I was surprised he thought Ansell sounded innocent. So either the 'training' these 'operatives' receive is of a very high standard, or Ansell was told 'don't worry, we will sort the clean up operation', thereby meaning Ansell was not involved in the act and thus aside from 'guilty knowledge' was able to come across without guilt? Whatever it is, it does seem the whole area is seeped in weirdness and perhaps the occult. Whatever happened, it seems Nicola became a 'danger' to them, whoever 'they' are.
  16. It is a great question. Personally I believe that there is no doubt that our beliefs create our reality, I have seen this play out all through my life. As I have changed my beliefs, my 'reality' has changed also, but it is not easy or a quick fix (another belief system maybe?). What I have noticed through my growth, is very distinct periods where I can almost 'feel' myself breaking through another level or ceiling of beliefs. I have felt 4 or 5 distinct times this has happened before another step up in levels. For me, it took years of healing my own beliefs about myself, and many of those as you mentioned are sub-conscious. As I have healed, my beliefs have changed about myself, and thus my 'reality' has changed to reflect back those beliefs. The 'problem' in the 'Truth community' is that we can invariably create beliefs that don't help us; for example, 'we are trapped in a prison', or 'this whole thing is designed to control us'. Now, of course these may be true, but the important thing is whether this 'thought or belief' empowers us, or disempowers us. I like Jason Breshears (Archaix) take on this; which is essentially, to come to view this simulation as 'working FOR you, rather than AGAINST you'. I think there is much truth to this from my own experiences. So we need to be careful 'on this truth path' that the information we come across, doesn't just swap one disempowering belief system, for another. Obviously, there are times that being 'awake' can save us from all sorts of crap, like the COVID vaxxes for instance, but there are pitfalls to this 'path' that we need to be aware of. Quite often, I identify a belief when something good happens to me; like 'oh wow, I cannot believe this is happening', which translates often to something along the lines of 'I am not sure I deserve this'. Identifying and changing our beliefs are perhaps the biggest 'game-changer' on this journey. Contrary to some Spiritual beliefs, we don't need to be poor to be 'Spiritual'.
  17. I would be interested in his thoughts on the Nicola Bulley case too. To me it seems more likely that Nicola stumbled on to some information that exposed Paul Bulley and whoever he works with/for. She was then silenced by Paul/and others and because Paul is 'protected' or at least who he works for/with is protected the 'powers that be for not much longer', initiated their cover up by pulling their 'clean up operatives' in the picture. On the Curtis thing, it could be any of those, or it may simply be that getting YouTube views/subs and such is a lucrative business these days and cases like Nicola's or 'True Crime' in general get a lot of hits.
  18. Definitely the same guy! I recently took a test through UNSW in facial recognition and was scored in the top 1% of participants, from an expert it is the same guy.
  19. It might also be what they blame some of the turbo cancer deaths/rates on. As you say, the fact this story was so promoted says there is an ulterior motive to do so.
  20. Ryan Upchurch has been doing some great video lately including this one where he dismisses the cover story;
  21. Exactly what I was thinking too! No way are they trying to help their citizens to stay healthy.
  22. Yep indeed! If we really think we can wake enough people up, to then force them out of power and we the people overthrow them, then we might be in for a rude awakening. If as some suggest that we have gone through many resets previously, then there is every chance they will initiate another one. What if their great plan isn't to eventually control everyone, but to keep power for as long as they can within each simulation cycle? They know they (like us) cannot escape this realm, so they vowed to control as much of it as they can. This involves retaining power through the resets, using humanity to rebuild the systems, then the technology, and they hope that they can do this by creating as much distraction/Spirituality bypassing as possible thereby retaining power up until the cataclysms/resets? We know that they; Allow crime so that Police forces are required. But they are not for 'us' but for 'them' They create wars so that Militaries are required. But again, they are not for 'us' but to protect 'them' if we ever turn against 'them' They have the 'Law' to control 'us' and to protect 'them'. It is a rigged game and probably always has been, and may always be so. If anyone needs more cheering up I am here most days
  23. Agree, it is an insult to the many elite level athletes of both sexes who were overlooked through the importance of the agenda. Football has always had some Political influence but since the Luis Suarez days it has got a whole lot worse. Grow the women's game and you have a whole new set of people to Politically influence, and almost nobody bar Joey Barton have the balls to come out and speak on it.
  24. Exactly mate. I am sure one of the comments summed it up, 'when Joey Barton becomes the voice of reason, you know how far society has fallen'. I have been saying for years that there is an agenda with the female football stuff but most are too scared/woke/desperate to fit in, to voice it.
  25. Spot on! The battle is on all fronts; hopefully more and more people wake up, but that looks doubtful. So, we need back up plans or should that be alternative plans. Get prepared, build real assets, learn skills, and work on yourself Spiritually.
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