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  1. 100%! Have we ever had humanity living freely without the control of the 'shadow people'? Probably not, so it is hard to know just how well we could all live harmoniously together or not. What we do have is an 'elite' who are hell bent on causing division, perceived differences, forcing change on people that is not organic, wars and terror, as well as ensuring some Countries are in severe poverty and starving. It is the Global equivalent of the ensuring that a Country only ever has jobs for 90% of the people so those with jobs can look at those in poverty or homelessness and think 'shit, I better keep running on this treadmill'. It is ALL engineered so talk of 'how things are' will always have to be seen through that context. Most humans are inherently good and want to 'help thy neighbour' but unfortunately the elite play on people's fear, insecurities and their shadow side to engineer all of the above. Yes, some people are evil, but they are a small number in comparison to the whole. However some people can be 'made' evil by not healing their shadow and will then 'act out' all the darker aspects on to their environment and those around them.
  2. The thing we need to remember is that those controlling things are either not human/as in possibly AI or Alien, or even quite possibly it is a virus running in the simulation. As David Icke has said for many years, these entities are not intelligent, they basically repeat patterns that have been successful in the past, very much as narcissists do. The more I learn about narcissists the more that I see the parallels between them and the 'elite'. Both play on your fears and insecurities and steal your energy to create because they lack the divine spark (creativity). Both are in constant fear of being exposed and both have at their central core a need for power and control and to dim the light from those who have the divine spark. Once you see the narc for what they are, their games no longer work, the exact same as we find when we 'wake up' and we can 'predict the future'. There is nothing intelligent about any of it, it is quite primitive in fact which is why they cannot change course very easily because it is outside the patterns. They have limited games and techniques, and the sooner we all realize this and use it to our advantage the better. Whislt I get your point about 'The Protocols of Zion' it is much bigger than that, that is merely a manifesto for one group of 'people' to follow, but the real 'architects' are likely AI/aliens/a virus.
  3. Maybe it would be more like a business that is struggling? We see many businesses who are insolvent trading for a while with at first subtle signs they are in trouble, and then a little later you can see major red flags. Not sure we are seeing this in the Political sphere right now, but I do agree with others that there are some signs they are losing ground and losing control of the narrative and control of the agenda being on schedule. Is it enough, only time will tell, but there are some good signs out there. The truth about these poison shots has come out way faster than they had hoped/planned for I think. They are in a race against 'time' no doubt, and their own 'masters' are probably applying major pressure to them. Let us not forget that their 'masters' are not human and so don't work to a plan that takes into account 'human logic', they are master manipulators but work on repetition and following the same patterns over and over but don't adjust for when the human 'light-bulb' starts to take affect. Many are not yet awake, but the seeds have been planted and are germinating. They will get more desperate from here, which makes their agenda even more obvious. I would not go as far as to say 'we are winning this' but we are at least putting up more of a fight than they ever anticipated. All of us who are 'awake' need to keep raising our vibration because this is as much (if not way more so) a Spiritual war as it is an information one. Let all of us who are awake keep bringing light via information and vibration and just maybe we can speed up the process of those germinating seeds.
  4. Maybe it depends where you live? I am in Australia and those stories are still happening here, perhaps not as regular but I have read at least a few in the last couple of weeks and I don't even read mainstream. It is winter here though so maybe that is it.
  5. I think Richard was off his game in that interview. It was not his best work from start to finish; a bit all over the place, awkward moments, and Richard seemed to struggle to bring all the various topics together. Not being harsh on him as he has had a lot to contend with recently but it was not a great interview. I agree that the topic of homosexuality heightened his already 'uncomfortable' disposition. I think had he been on his game, he would have handled it better, he even admitted during that part Í am not sure what I am trying to say'. Just one of those days I think for him.
  6. Hahaha yeah it has that affect on many, but sadly not me. If anything it goes the other way, unless the coffee has been made badly and is milky, then it does the same as you Jeez, that is a lot. My dear mum (God rest her soul) used to drink 20+ cups a day. OK, it was instant coffee so likely not as high in caffeine content as cafe bought stuff but probably more impurities. I think that is another aspect that is individual too in how coffee may affect you, it all depends on how much hydration you get elsewhere. Having worked in construction for many years it was incredible how many of the guys would drink no water, but would drink coke all day and beer by night. I used to wonder how they functioned. Yep the headaches are a very common symptom of giving up/cutting back on coffee. I will get a blinding headache on about day 3 of coffee withdrawal. It only lasts 24 hours or maybe 36 max. Everything is feedback and it certainly says something is not right with it.
  7. We need to remember too that some people might do 'OK' on coffee/caffeine, whilst others don't. I always maintained this when I would argue with friends about the health impacts of coffee whilst discussing it over a coffee (see what I mean about rituals). The way out bodies process certain things is different depending on our make-up. Obviously some things are bad for everyone, some are bad for most, and some are good. But I heard recently about the impact of coffee on an empty stomach and this made so much sense. It said that drinking coffee, particularly on an empty stomach raises the cortisol levels and stress hormones tremendously. This might explain why some people are affected more by coffee that others, not to mention the acidity which impact people differently depending on numerous other factors.
  8. Coffee is highly addictive and one of my only vices. Like others I have become a little reliant on it, and definitely addicted. Here in Australia there is a massive coffee culture and it is probably one of the biggest industries, it is certainly one of the few that are surviving although that is getting harder and harder for many. The coffee here is amongst the best in the world which does not help with an addiction to it. There is no doubt it is not good for you and I have had heated arguments with people in the past who are also addicted but don't want to admit it is bad for you. I only have one cup a day, but like others, I hate that it has control to the degree it does. I can go days without it, but it being one of my few vices left I often go back to it. The last few posts are reminding me why I need to get back to limiting it to begin with and then giving it up entirely. I have gone 6 months without in the past so know it can be done. The one thing you need to do though is to recognise that it is not just the 'substance' you need to beat, it is the ritual OF THE substance.
  9. Yeah there was definitely some strange changes in his voice here. As you say there was a twang to it, that or he was sucking on a black-jack at the time (those things do stick to the roof of your mouth ) or he has an abscess. Or maybe it is to get around copyright and they have 'adjusted' his voice a bit. Or maybe this is Ozzy Dave his twin brother.
  10. Yes, they can print money whenever they wish, and cause bubbles and crashes almost at will as they have done with the inflation we are in. No doubt it is as far from perfect as it could be and many in the awake community (if that even exists) have been talking about the fiat currency and financial system for many many years and how it is a control mechanism. But that does not make crypto or digital currency attractive or the answer, just as the answer to fire is not to pour petrol on it. The digital currency is probably inevitable, but it does not make it 'good', 'not worth resisting' 'the answer' or any other words that gloss over the reality. Crypto will never be the solution because at some point 'they' will have control over it, and anything 'they' control will only be good for them and not good for the masses. If getting rich from crypto and becoming free (as much as can be) is your goal then good for you. However, we all need to be honest with ourselves and not distort the reality to fit our actions. Crypto is gaining traction because people are gravitating towards it to make 'money', I have no real problem with that, other than they are helping to usher in an even worse control system that will be far more totalitarian than cash currently is and can offer. Do what you need to do, but just be honest about it, at the end of the day, it does not really matter I suppose if you are honest with yourself or not, we cannot hide from what we help to create.
  11. I get your point and of course, many of us having been saying for years that cash is merely paper and is worth only the representation of it, or the 'agreed' value. However, it all depends on what you replace it with. If you replace cash with pebbles from the beach, then these are widely available and most people in the world can be part of society. But if you replace with something like the social credit system, then that is a very different beast, controlled totally at the mercy of those who control the system (which is not quite how cash functions right now). China is the example of how it will be and we know that people can be 'cut-off' very easily. Those like 'us' who go against the system will be easy to cut off, as we might have been had this system been in place during COVID. Not only that, but cash still allows you to limit how much tax you pay, again another way that the 'elite' get more advantage t wage their wars against the people and the people lose even more control. I take your point, but it definitely matters what replaces cash and it will be the central digital currencies/social credit system. How that is not a problem I don't know.
  12. It could well be. Jason Breshears of Archaix believes that this 'world' is a copy of the real one. But like many, he believes that it was designed for 'good' or even that our oversouls created this. I am not so sure about that last part, but certainly it being a copy of the real things is nothing new, I think many have said the same, that this was created as a copy, but to feed the dark entities. Lol you would need to ramp it up to get beyond my crazy
  13. I suppose my answer would depend on if this is a 'Earth school' or a 'Earth prison' . But I agree, they serve a purpose, especially for the construct, and I suppose for us, they do assist us to learn and grow (I have had a massive amount of growth from coming in contact with that narc ex). In a way I see the 'NPC's' as the 'attendants' or hive to feed the Queen Bee. In many ways they build the system, much like you would see in a SIMS game or something they provide the backdrop as Dolores Cannon says. In many ways the NPC's are programmed with their goals and targets (most often by the collective hive mind) and then get to work almost like ants 100% focused on fulfilling those objectives. In that sense they are very good at what they do, and will walk all over anything and anyone that gets in their way. But as you say, they have limits placed upon what they can achieve and that is the big difference between them and Souls who are boundless but are 'interfered' with in their own pursuits and goals, especially towards Soul expansion. I think it is possible. I think if us Souls could work on our shadows better, heal ourselves and be much better equipped to deal with their BS and games which are designed to limit us and slow us down, we could live side by side quite effectively. In fact if we raise our vibration enough I don't think they could even touch us.
  14. Yep, empathy is one of the core indicators I believe between having a Soul and not. Having come to understand narcissists they tend to be devoid of empathy and creativity, exactly the traits that David Icke has spoken about for many years about the 'elite'. Narcissists and the elite are one and the same, both on the 'dark side', devoid of any creative force which is why they need to beg, borrow and steal others. The elite (and narcissists) need those with Souls to feed off otherwise they would not be able to create anything. Yes, it is all energy, but we must realise that it is creative energy they need and we all (those of us who have a soul) need to heal ourselves so 'they' have nothing to feed on. Remember both narcs and the elite do not have the 'divine spark' and must seek it outside of themselves. We need to make sure we cut off their supply both consciously and unconsciously. We should not therefore be surprised that narcissism has been encouraged and has grown tremendously over the last 20 years, right at the time of the mass awakening. The 'dark' is clinging on and trying like hell to muddy the waters and corrupt the potential awakening. It is why you must heal your shadow.
  15. LOL I only saw your post after writing mine below, but exactly! In order to most effectively create a hive mind or collective reality, you would surely control the majority so that YOU get to control the hive mind which in turn shapes 'reality' and skews the real souls off course.
  16. I think there are. Some seem to get upset when you say this, claiming some faux outrage as a way to present themselves as 'more loving/spiritual/compassionate/evolved'. If you built a realm in which to either 'create lessons so Souls can grow/create a prison planet', it would make sense to have NPC's or 'Soulless beings' because that would limit the power needed to 'run' this realm. It also makes sense that if you build a realm with polarities and karma, that you would have some control of a certain amount of beings in which to create the optimum conditions for either a 'Earth school' or to gain more control over the ones with Souls. It may also be that given this 'realm' seemingly has choice/free will/temptations/dark and light, that some beings lost their Soul through their actions. The term 'sold your Soul' is not there for no reason.
  17. I predicted this about 2 years ago. It is unfortunately a 'perfect' way to hide deaths because alzheimers is a slowish decline (average lifespan of 7-9 years once diagnosed). Some have aggressive forms of dementia and others it is slow but that average shows how quick the decline is. 'They' have been talking about the rising numbers of people living with dementia for a while now to normalise it too.
  18. Yep, they are getting a little bit easier to spot now. Poor quality footage (which makes it harder to spot that the mouth is not actually following what the words should be saying or that the mouth is moving unnaturally) and these videos never give the solution but ask you to click the link ... hopefully @Freedom Lane55 is a little less 'confused' now.
  19. Well yes of course. But at this moment we still have choices and options. If the system goes down you hopefully would have some cash around or can loan some from a friend of family member to buy the provisions. That won't be possible when cash is gone. A few times I over the past couple of years I have gone and got a good chunk of cash thinking that there may be an event to prepare just in case, again that won't be possible if the system went down or where this is heading, the social credit system says 'no you cannot buy this, you have been declined for saying something against the system online'. I get your point, and it is already way further down the line than some of us are comfortable with. But resignation to that fact will only speed up the agenda and have cash gone in 2 years or so. As much as cash is becoming hard to find/obtain here in Australia and the agenda seems to be to make Australia a shining example to the World, thankfully there is a bit of fight around cash here. I have started to pay more in cash which also helps to start conversations with others. I agree, that there would need to be a massive event for a real pushback to begin. Over the last 3 or 4 years here we have had banks not able to give out cash (a few times and a few different banks) a major internet provider going down for 8 hours which meant that businesses could not process payments, and still the agenda to get rid of cash rolls on without too much pushback.
  20. I think it is complex though. As I said to @LastOneLeftInTheCounty I am still learning this and from what I am seeing in my own experience, there are ways to 'call in' the karma, to break any contracts you have with people (and therefore the entities that may be attached to them) and then have 'protection' from those individuals (entities) as well. I haven't yet figured out of it is possible to go from the ability to do this in the 'personal' wo wider. The elites know the 'rules' of the 'realm' better than most humans which is why they get away with it. How the few can take it from the personal (about your own path) in to the wider sphere I am not sure yet. It doesn't help that billions are consenting which is the big problem we will always have. If a 'person' consents (whether consciously or unconsciously) then I am not sure how you can 'override' that.
  21. You should take it as a compliment. You are being attacked because you are powerful, and are 'of the light'. Those with the greatest potential will come under 'attack'. There are ways to stop it, and as @DaleP alludes to, to alchemise such attacks so that you gain the power. I am quite new to it if I am honest (new in this life but I have a feeling I am an expert in the higher dimensions, as many of us are), but I believe it is working in my case. However, you have to be ready to totally let go of those attacking you, cut the cords and I am pretty sure from my own experience, to be in 'good standing' in the Spiritual realms.
  22. I was hearing them very regularly around 12 months ago, but have to admit, I rarely hear them now. I am sure they have stopped putting their sirens on unless absolutely necessary. In fact come to think of it, I still see them semi regularly on the roads with their lights flashing but not always with the sirens blaring. Trying to hide it. I am not up to date with the excess death figures here in Australia so they may have dropped.
  23. Which makes you wonder what these 'people' have planned next. I suppose it would have been too obvious (even for the most ardent of head in the sanders) that the COVID jab would do it all. I mean they will continue to wreak havoc in untold numbers from here, but perhaps not to 'their' desired impact. So what else do they have planned. There is no doubt that they need to cull if the 'cataclysm resets' are true.
  24. 100%! I have been saying for perhaps a year or two now that more important than information gathering, is the healing your old trauma, shadow and wounds. Yes, information is important in understanding who the enemy is, and in understanding what tools they use and how to avoid them as well as trying to predict where they will take things next. But of far more importance is healing yourself because without doing so you will continually attract people (and by virtue the entities attached to them) or experiences that mirror where you are. As an example, I attracted a narc all because I had not dealt with my shadow. So in came a narc because lust had taken hold, and what most narcs have attached to them are dark entities who will feed off you, or try to destroy you, in my case it was both. It wasn't all lust of course, I had to have had old wounds that made me believe that I was unworthy. Thankfully as a person who likes to take responsibility one of the first things I did after we parted was to ask 'how did I attract this into my life'. By doing so I was able to identify a number of mechanisms that brought this in and set to work healing them. Weirdly, at the time I did not even know she was a narc, it was only about 3 or 4 years later that I realised this. Now, I don't let any energies in that take more than they give, my ability to spot a narc is well refined, and I am much more conscious about protecting my vibration and energy at all costs. The last 2 or 3 years I have evolved so much, not least in losing my innocence that brought people in that I should have never entertained (all because I saw the good in them, even when there wasn't any). Now I recognise that 'dark' does exist, and you must do all that you can to not let it in to your life, to not consent to it (in all the many ways we do in life), and to be very selective in where you place your energy. Healing and raising your vibration is the ONLY way out of this hell, information can only do so much.
  25. Surely that is fake? Maybe it is just the video quality but his jaw was doing 360 degree circles . I think it might be one of those AI generated videos, similar to ones I kept seeing of Elon Musk promoting some crypto get rich spoof. I mean sure, it could have been filmed using a Nokia from 2006 but in this age, any video that bad in quality needs to viewed through a suss lens.
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