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  1. What a takedown that was! There is something incredibly powerful in witnessing someone who is clearly much more intelligent, reasoned and informed with evidence and facts taking down a shill and ego-centric fuckwit. All that she laid out was what all of 'truthers' have known for years, very well done that woman!!
  2. That is a brilliant post mate, so well put and so on point. There was a reason most of this covid scam was driven by computer models and behavioural psychologists.
  3. The following story at least to me lends weight to the theory that each vaccine connects you to a grid, and is traceable. How else do they scupper these ways of avoiding the vaccine? These and the other stories previously about saline, nurses not administering the vaccine, family members going to another family member all to avoid vaccines, does make you wonder if there is truth to those who say the vaccine connects you to a grid (bluetooth) Brisbane teacher fined over COVID-19 vaccine fraud plot (msn.com)
  4. And right on cue, another 52 year old (like Shane Warne) dies 'suddenly'. All perfectly normal though, 52 year olds die all the time, at least in the post vaccine world they do. Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching has died aged 52 (msn.com)
  5. That does not surprise me Ziggy. I have heard of people (several) dying locally and then having to wait 5 or 6 weeks for the service and that is in crematoriums who probably can get through many more services. When I was last in the UK (4 years ago or so as my last planned trip was cancelled due to the bollocks) my ex-step father passed and from death to service it was around 7 or 8 days, so 'something' has certainly changed. I was tempted to ask a load of questions to the Funeral Services we used for mum but the timing was never right with family around. The little bit he did reveal was that they are 'very busy'. When you sit in a pub and can hear conversations back and front of death and collapses you know something is not right. I mean we all knew anyway, but it seems to be everywhere.
  6. I am back in the UK at the moment, well just about to leave in the next couple of days (was back due to my mum passing away) and I was in a Wetherspoons (a chain of pubs in the UK for those who don't know). Sitting there in the space of 20 minutes or so I heard conversations behind and in front of me. Firstly a young couple with the lady saying "you know, that woman from work I was telling you about who collapsed", and behind me an elderly gentleman saying to a staff member "yeah I a hanging in there, my son died 4 weeks ago and I am just about surviving day to day, luckily I have great friends. My son was only 57" On top of this I have heard family saying "so many people have died in the last 12 months'. Heard people on a football forum saying "so many of our supporters have died in the last couple of years". And funeral services seem to be around 5-6 weeks from death to ceremony. Definitely more people dying.
  7. This is great news regardless. I mean it just goes to show how fear controls people. A lot of people would have succumbed to this through fear and a sense of powerlessness and hopelessness. It was all a show, and sadly a lot of people caved in so easily.
  8. It is very sad mate, and especially if he has early dementia. Probably all you can do is to try to divert him towards something more pleasing and light or get him out of the house a bit. Dementia really sucks and the right kind of stimulation is so important.
  9. Yeah exactly. it is not like top sportspeople are valuable commodities that likely do extensive medicals to satisfy large insurance companies is it.....hang on a minute...
  10. Shane Warne died from 'natural causes' according to the Thai authorities. Yeah, yeah the COVD vaccine is very natural isn't it. Apparently Warne had a 'congenital disease'. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-60645939
  11. It is looking very much like there are no places where you can freely speak and ask questions, even places designed to fight for freedom.
  12. Yeah huge shock. A brilliant, brilliant cricketer, maybe the best ever. I would say almost certainly vaxxed.
  13. What we all know of course, but at least we know there is one coroner with some balls and ethics still intact. 44 year old Tasmanian man's death ruled to be caused by Astra Zeneca jab; Vaccine caused Tas man's death: Coroner (msn.com)
  14. It is tragic. I am in the UK from Australia to visit family (my mum passed away so managed to get an exemption to fly) and the TV is on almost all the time that someone is home. On the first few days of being back one of my sisters asked me what I watch on TV and I told her 'I don't have a TV', she nearly fell of the chair and the look on her face was like I had told her I farted in her cup of tea. No wonder it is so easy for the cabal to keep fooling people when they are being propagandised constantly. It is a tragedy of human consciousness that people veg out in front of an idiot box all day.
  15. Sounds a lot like some of the symptoms of dementia. I have always thought that at least one part of this poison would be to try to trigger dementia in people. It is a 'slow kill' and with the rise in numbers year on year of dementia, quite easily 'hidden' to some degree. With the average lifespan of dementia being around 7-9 years too its sadly an easy weapon for the cabal.
  16. Yeah it is astounding! It seems if the MSM can name ONE SINGLE example of a fan dying years ago in similar circumstances and a game being stopped for it, then that is enough for the sheep to go back to sleep and be happy that 'this has always happened". But than as we know from Mattias Desmut, 30% will always stay asleep. Hopefully some of the 40% will start to see it.
  17. Yes, seems to be a lot of people passing out and collapsing, more than I ever remember, including those who the MSM claim have 'fainted' like the 'comedian' (allegedly a comedian). I am back in the UK for a family tragedy and I have heard from family now of two people who died from 'falls'. One a woman 31 years old 'fell' down the stairs and died and another male aged around 49 or 50 found dead at his front doorstep having 'fell' and smashed his head on the step. Yes, these things have always happened but perhaps once every few years in a particular location, now it is happening on live TV, in football crowds almost every week, on the sports fields every other week and happening in small Towns probably all over the world as in the two cases above in the last 6 months. Nothing to worry about though... On top of that my family have told me that 'loads of people have died in the last 12 months' and they have no clue I think it is all a scam. Sadly they have not put two and two together.
  18. Ahh yes, now I remember him and the scandal. It is so weird how you can forget a person even exists until you hear the name again.
  19. I am currently in the UK (sadly my dear mum passed away) and you are right, there are tons of ads for funeral plans and cremation services. I said as much to family I am staying with (as much of the UK sadly the TV is on in the background almost all the time).
  20. I know the Underground is a different thing, but I went to Leeds the other day (A large Northern England City in Yorkshire for those overseas) and there cannot have been more than 5% max wearing a mask. I took the train both ways and walked around the City about twice as I am not that familiar with it LOL. I was both surprised and very pleased that it was so low.
  21. Can you remind me what the Zen Gardner incident was? I completely forgot Zen Gardner even existed, it is so long since I heard that name.
  22. I must admit I feel very similar about Max. When it first happened and he fled to Mexico I felt like you that he was a massive hypocrite as he was certainly talking about 'standing your ground' and talking about the ways he would/and we should fight against the tyranny, even talking about 'taking a few with him' if ever they came knocking on his door to be forced jabbed. Now he just tells others how to stand firm whilst he himself has fled. He also left his (admittedly adult) son behind in Australia, but did have the decency to offer his stockpile of food to his son and landlord, IF he cannot return LOL. I agree on the weak excuses too, which he repeated ad-nauseum which I personally felt was his need to justify his actions to others but perhaps more importantly himself. Admittedly we all do this when we make a dodgy decision, we are in-built for rationalising our fears and act-outs. I have tried to be a bit more understanding to Max since he first fled, but the doubts still linger. His association with Jeff Berwick certainly do not help the red flags and doubts.
  23. And yet ANOTHER 'medical incident' in the crowd at the Blackburn vs Middlesboro game tonight with the game stopped for 8 minutes.
  24. Well on getting out I may be eligible for compassionate reasons but not sure if this will be approved or arrive in time. The tests I believe can now be done using the rapid antigen tests so that's better. A lot of fucking loops to jump through though from both ends and I really do not look forward to the 14 day quarantine when coming back to Australia and I don't have enough time on my side to actually organise to get myself to a point where I could leave for a considerable amount of time.
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