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  1. Having a dram of Kilkerran Heavily Peated this evening. Incredible dram.
  2. Paterson is a legend of the industry and has a great sense of humour!!
  3. Not sure where to post this topic but this looked the best place. Having noticed a couple of posters mention having a 'dram' in the last 24hrs I thought it might be good to have a dedicated thread for what you are dramming right now. A dram is a measure of most often whisky or whiskey depending on which part of the world you reside. I realise this might be the only post ever posted on this thread LOL but who cares. Obviously I am not trying to support anyone's alcoholism and as the great Ralfy says "quality over quantity'. Right now I am having a dram of the Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye, mainly because I need to empty a few bottles I have had open for a while . I guess this thread could also be a bit more light-hearted and maybe become a little bit of a virtual bar or pub.
  4. Me too! In fact I am going to pour a dram now.....so many open bottles I sometimes decide not to bother because I cannot decide which to have
  5. The other thing I wonder and may be I am way off but, is it possible that the way society is shaped is not 'producing' these types of personalities any more? We often say that us that bit older fear for these newer generations as they hardly ever experience life, they don't 'play-out' as kids but spend their time in front of screens, they lack emotional self-regulation, they seem to have no resilience, and there seems to be a real lack of creativity. Maybe we are seeing the results of this degradation of ingenuity, creativity, lived experience (how many times do we see people at concerts and events 'experiencing' it through their smart-phone, not living it in the flesh), empathy and social skills as well as many other things. Maybe we are seeing al this play out in the lack of new top level sportspeople, artists and any new ideas played out in movies etc. Even in football Messi and Ronaldo have been the best players for the last 15 years. It is like the world has been 'paused'.
  6. Yeah the snooker thing is a weird one. Although snooker is often seen as a non-physical sport and played by people of all ages, historically the best players got worse with age like Hendry and Davis. Yet here we are with O'Sullivan, Williams and Higgins all still better than the newer crop, maybe it is just an anomaly but it is weird for me. Higgins and Williams had also almost 'given up' and had been slipping down the rankings but are able to start practicing regularly again and get back to being at the top which is weird. Even in the womens game Serena Williams has been at the top forever, now admittedly she might be a dude but it is weird.
  7. It sure does. Pretty much everything is 'off' at the moment. The only thing that seems to be progressing is technology and destruction, everything else is stagnating; no new and interesting movies, music is crap, even this morning (it is morning here in Australia) I was thinking even sport appears to have stagnated. We have the like of Nadal, Federer and Djokovic STILL at the top of the game, in snooker the 'class of 92' are still dominating the game with 3 in the semi-finals recently. Time is speeding up to the point that months are going faster than weeks used to and years are going by like months.
  8. Yes, I totally agree on intuition. I do have a strong intuition which has developed over the years. The feeling of living in a computer simulation probably began right after the 2012 period that the Mayan's predicted, culminating in me asking that question on the Gumtree website. I sometimes try to talk myself out of intuition, the conscious mind doubting what I am feeling is correct. In fact just yesterday before reading this thread for the first time in many weeks and the Nick Hutton stuff, I was going through this 'bind'; do I trust my intuition or could it be wrong/paranoia. This whole reading of the thread and looking up when I posted that ad on Gumtree has reminded me that I need to trust my intuition and let this person go from my life. Quite synchronistic.
  9. This so fascinating and thanks for posting Nick Hinton's stuff as I had never come across this. What is very weird is I knew I had posted an ad on Gumtree in Australia a long time ago (assuming it was around 2015 or so) asking "Are we living in a Computer Simulation", well I just looked through my old emails (as the ad is long gone is time sensitive) and I posted that ad on 5/02/2013, I am really blown away actually because I had no idea it was that long ago and after reading through some of the Nick Hinton stuff I felt strongly that I should check when I posted that Gumtree ad. Now I am not claiming to be some special person here as I know many others are feeling things are off and the whole ME stuff, but I am kinda freaked that my intuition knew something may have changed!!
  10. So interesting that you say this because just yesterday in conversation with a friend in relation to the 'new' Top Gun movie and the Jurassic Park movie coming out, I was saying "is there nothing original made anymore'. She suggested that it is because Hollywood is very strict on 'funding' these days and so 'do not want to take any risks' so they are more likely to keeping remaking movies that were successful. I don't buy it at all and came back with it seems to be another way of dumbing people down, or perhaps they don't even need to try anymore because people are so hypnotised they will keep watching the same thing over and over not even realising they have seen it before. I did not push my friend because she gets all her info from Reddit and there is only so much my brain can take of trying to argue that bullshit and we just end up arguing
  11. Very strange video. The 'narration' sounds almost exactly like that famous interview with the 'bystander' actor who started to 'plant' the narrative in the public about terrorists and 'building fell probably due to the extreme heat' or something along those lines. The guys background is all very suss too as his his 'story' that he had published the video on YouTube years ago but inadvertently put it on 'private'. His retirement video on his channel and his speech towards the end almost sound like he is admitting that the video got him many 'gigs' after with the likes of the Pentagon. You have to ask why the video was held back if like some of the other videos of that day, they intended to use it. Very suss.
  12. Interesting you say this, I do the same. I put it down to time speeding up and even perhaps for me, down to not wanting to accept I am getting older. But, even today I was thinking that time seems to have gone so fast in an abnormal way for what preceded it. Time is very different these days no doubt.
  13. I totally agree and don't hear many saying this. I have a couple of now ex-friends (and a number of acquaintance) who are 'spiritual' but took the jabs, and one actually was trying to use fear to get me to take the jabs too. I believe like you that 'spirituality' encompasses but is not limited to; having a good intuition, being able to see bullshit, protecting your sovereignity/soul, not letting fear dictate your choices, and being able to mitigate to some degree what others think of you. So many gave in so easily, including those deeming themselves to be Spiritual.
  14. Very true Velma!! , thankfully I am not usually like that unless there is some injustice happening. I was surprised to see it as I stay away from malls if i can and its the first hub I have seen in one. Thankfully they had 'no customers' when I walked past both times.
  15. Pensioners fighting off these thugs and yet the younger generation are cowering in their apartments like 'good little citizens'. The other day I was in a mall (i try to avoid them when I can as i simply cannot stand the vibe) and saw a 'covid vaccination hub' set up. I was with a friend but as soon as I saw it I automatically shouted 'you fucking murdering bastards' and when they looked at me shouted 'yeah you, you murdering twats'. The friend I was with is fully jabbed and boosted and so pleaded with me to shut up which I eventually did for her sake. But I had no control over my words coming out they just auto spewed forth. That's what truth does for you
  16. Another heart attack to ex-cricketer Ryan Campbell; Aussie cricketer on the mend after heart attack (msn.com) His twitter suggests he was double poisoned and boosted;
  17. Thanks for your reply. I can now safely ignore you in the knowledge you are lost in the wrong forum for some reason.
  18. Sorry to hear of your loss Steve, loss of a parent is a really challenging time. I lost my mum on January 29th and likely the jabs compromised her immune system and allowed underlying conditions to prosper. There is no doubt that there is an increase in deaths; while back in the UK I heard many stories from friends and family about someone dying and a lot were fairly young (31, 49, 45, 52 etc). Services at the crematorium were taking 5-6 weeks instead of the 'usual' 8 or 9 days. Something is happening and only the blind and stupid cannot see it. Again sorry for your loss mate. Very interesting regarding the landlord and would be interested in any follow up conversations you have with him.
  19. I have posted my experience earlier in this thread but will do so again. I experienced an 'illness' at the turn of the year, cold chills, hot sweats, no taste or smell, severe body aches and the worst a recurrence of sciatic pain that would not allow me to sit, lie down or stand without pain killers for 3 or 4 full days. I too had not experienced anything like this, but at the same time I had no runny nose, no cough, none of the symptoms you usually associate with a flu or cold. I was also quite confused by the 'illness' because it was not something I had experienced before and posted over on the Crowhouse community. In the end I came to the conclusion that I had more than likely experienced effects of 5G poisoning as a number of other people had also been 'ill' even though the turn of the year is Summer here in Australia and some research had suggested that 5G had been turned on in some areas nearby. I was certainly having a huge inflammatory response to something. So just because you had gotten 'sick' and it was unusual does not 'prove' that it is COVID or a 'virus', it could likely be many other things that we do not fully understand. The bigger question for you though is why would you 'hang around' a thread and be so active if you don't agree with most of the information being presented here? It would be akin to hating Manchester United and buying a season ticket. You could argue that Manchester United are shit and you would enjoy watching them lose, but why would you waste your valuable time watching them when you could watch a team you actually enjoy? I don't really understand why you would be so 'active' here if you believe it to be real.
  20. Fantastic news and well done for your dedication and relentless advocating for your mum. I know it was a heart-breaking journey at times but glad she is now back and out of the hands of the medical system. You have done very well mate.
  21. This is EXACTLY my thoughts too. I think Dr Ardis has got it back to front on his theories of my they are testing the water. It is much more likely they are testing the levels to see how effective the spread has been through the vax rollout. Maybe the levels are supposed to increase and maybe they are testing for other things that would be found in the water supply too from the vaccines. I think Dr Ardis is on to something though and has a lot right. Certainly it would be very in line with the whole reptilian thing and don't both the WHO and AMA have the serpent logo's?
  22. Absolute evil bastards. Staying healthy is so important right now. I had already been aware that this 'could' be something they would do if they ever got the chance, but reading it in black and white just adds to the motivation to stay away from these fuckers.
  23. Good question mate. Honestly I think it's probably 50/50 of the people I know.
  24. I could not agree more. The only way things will change is when there are some real comebacks and consequences for these people. Even though we know that those perceived to be in power are really the puppets, it would send a message to both the other puppets and the puppet-masters.
  25. I think I remember Dr Peter McCulloch in one of his interviews saying that he would be recommending no exercise for 6 months for those jabbed and that interview was some time ago. It really does explain what is happening with people who suddenly drop dead.
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