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  1. Thanks for posting this. I had never heard of Rab but he came across as a lovely, down to Earth, humble but driven bloke. A very sad loss and heart-breaking to witness such great people succumb to this poison. RIP Rab mate, a life well lived. His partners words were brutally raw and I hope she get's through all this.
  2. It is very sad. The 'elite' have all the weapons in terms of social and behavioural engineering, likely far beyond what we currently understand/know as well. It is all eerily like the Asch conformity experiments. Most people will follow the majority, especially if they have very little 'access' to their intuition, and we know that society is shaped to discount the intuitive senses over the head and mental reasoning. Tragic.
  3. Indeed, and the fact that the coroner has already ruled 'car accident' as cause of death. We know these 'hits' are often very quick to be dealt with when it comes to inquests and coroner investigations. The fact that Anne was becoming more vocal about the ills of the world make me 100% certain she was taken out. RIP Anne, very sad.
  4. The only scenario that makes any sense is that she was taken out by remote controlled car override. She apparently bought a red wig at 10:35am from Venice Beach, and after is seen speeding through alley's and seen crashing into a garage. The hairdresser did not make any reference to Heche being under the influence of anything, and she looks fine in the selfie that he posted with Anne. If you were suicidal, would you bother going to buy a red wig, and if you wanted to wear it for the act of suicide, why was she not wearing it when pulled from the car? This says that she was not suicidal to me. 30 minutes after leaving the hairdressers Anne crashes in to the house at 1766 Walgrove Avenue. So where else did she go after leaving the Venice salon. I lived in the Mar Vista and Venice areas and it does not take any more that 10 minutes from Venice to the Mar Vista site that she crashed and that is in bad traffic. Even then it seems Anne was familiar with the area as she was taking the alleys and shortcuts and avoiding the major roads. I am not sure where Anne lived as it seems she sold her property at Silver Lake in 2021, although the route she was taking through Mar Vista would make sense if she still lived around the Silver Lake area. I do remember watching a video of Anne with her friend Amy who lives in the Eastern Columbia building where Johnny Depp and Amber Heard lived and I thought that perhaps Anne also lived there. If she did, I suppose that route through Mar Vista would also make sense as she could have taken the I-10 freeway for both options.
  5. Indeed, I think it is a bit of both. On one hand the plans are coming to a head now, and as this happens the agenda is becoming difficult to ignore/see (for those with eyes). On the other hand, I think there is a certain 'spell' cast when they quite obviously pull of something like the examples you have given, as well as the likely assassination of Anne Heche. In a way it is the breaking down that you often see in abuse, and what they do in their ritualistic sacrifices. So I agree, I think their is some 'power' or 'magik' created in doing it this way.
  6. Thanks for posting this, I found it very good reading. I don't agree with everything in the article but there was much that did resonate with my own thinking and there were some really good parts that expanded my awareness.
  7. As David has been saying recently; the 'elite' are becoming quite desperate now as more and more people become aware of the conspiracy. This means that they are not choosing to be so obvious, but they are having to act fast and becoming sloppy perhaps. In the last 20-30 years the plans have all being preparation for this time; essentially getting their ducks in line behind the scenes. The problem now though is what were plans are now being enacted and thus the 'hidden' is becoming obvious. I don't doubt however, that they 'get off' on the fact that there is total lawlessness these days and they are not being held accountable, YET.
  8. As always, there seems to always be a bunch of 'coincidences' when these 'events' happen. What are the mathematical chances of Walorski and Heche both dying in car accidents a week apart whilst working on the child trafficking stuff?
  9. Looking at the CCTV footage of the house where she drives past and the straight line she appears to have taken, I would not be surprised if they had control of the steering wheel too (maybe the crash into the garage a few minutes before was a test run). If you had control of the steering wheel you would think that you would be trying to avoid hitting that house which she does not appear to have done. If I was in that situation I would be crashing into a car on the side of the street to the passenger side. I don't think she had any control over the car at all.
  10. Thanks for the heads up, I just took a look at it. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that the numerology is significant. I am not normally someone who looks for it either, but when I was looking at the street that this happened (to see how straight the car was travelling) the house it crashed into is definitely 1766 which could be seen as 666, and the Zip Code of Mar Vista is 90066, again could be seen as 666. I wonder how often Anne drove this route because what are the chances that a strange crash, and strange death given she was expected to survive, would happen at a house with 666, and in a Zip Code of 666? Looking at the street view, she must have missed that fire hydrant by inches from where her car would be on the right side of the Preston Way road, to where she went into the house. The crash could have happened in Venice where her hairdresser was which is 90291, or Culver City which is right next to Mar Vista which is 90231 and other close numbers (there are a few for Culver City) or even Santa Monica which maybe is where Anne was headed (does anyone know where Anne lived)) which is 904-- (again a few for Santa Monica. Very strange 'coincidence' I feel given those possibilities.
  11. Yes, I think for most of us, the fact that she seemed to be ok and going to survive to then suddenly be in a coma and then her passing is what makes it very suspicious, as well as the way she sat up on the stretcher and was pushed back down by the 'firefighter'. I don't know why, but I keep wondering if there is a very dark ritual to this, the fact that her organs were harvested for 'transplant' almost like that was the most important thing, and living people don't give up their organs. Shocking and very sad indeed.
  12. The fact that, if I am correct and she drove in an almost exact straight line in to the house, it would suggest something wrong with either Anne or the car. I don't know about others opinions but driving in a straight line, when you are about to crash is quite unusual I would have thought, even if suicidal you would imagine the distress would mean that keeping control to that accuracy would be difficult to say the least. I think this car was under remote operation.
  13. These two recent videos from David align with my own thoughts, even down to his pondering why when our passed loved ones come through mediums they never give us any info about this trap; https://davidicke.com/2022/08/04/the-trap-and-how-to-escape-david-icke-dot-connector-videocast/ https://davidicke.com/2022/08/14/david-icke-inspired-interview-august-2022/ Great to see David covering all this.
  14. My spidey-senses definitely think something is suspicious with this one. Because of the video above and comments about the brake like screeching noises I looked up the street. Would you believe that the house she ran into if I am looking correctly is 1766 (7 minus 1 leaves 666). Also she appears to have driven in an exact straight line down Preston Way and straight in to the house at 1766 Walgrove Avenue. If you look on the footage of her being taken away you can see a fire hydrant that she missed by what must have been a very small amount of distance to drive in that straight line from Preston Way in to the house, like missile straight. I don't know if there is anything significant about Preston Way or Walgrove in terms of occult but perhaps worth looking into. That house number is very strange if true. OMG I am researching as I type this, and would you believe it the Zip Code (what the Americans call postcodes) is 90066!! Reverse the 9 and you have another 666, definitely a sacrifice. Holy hell I have goosebumps now.
  15. Good observation. I listened a couple of times and yes, there is definitely a sound like screeching but I wonder if that could partly be down to distortion on the CCTV camera? But good spot.
  16. Congrats mate, you are building your own warrior army .
  17. Hahaha you should drop the shame and just be very proud . In saying that, these days I try to just think "it is their path' and move on, some people are destined to never wake up, maybe that is their avatar's role (NPC's). But great work on raising a warrior mate, just imagine what she will be like in junior school
  18. After posting that I watched a video with David Icke who mentioned about the power of the mind and how people who had been declared terminally ill (and who weren't as it transpired afterwards) died due to the suggestion that they were going to die soon. Sadly I think a LOT of people (maybe not in percentage terms, but in numbers terms) will get very sick if they realise that the jabs are actually dangerous. Of course it should not stop the truth coming out as it is what it is. Yes, good point. There will be a wave of suicides I think in years to come; either as you say from health professionals, from those jabbed who feel they have been given a death sentence and perhaps from loved ones witnessing their loved ones dropping like flies around them. Very sad.
  19. The truth MUST come out, but it does make you wonder if the truth does come out, how it may affect those jabbed. We know from the power of the mind with the placebo and nocebo phenomena how powerful the mind is for either making us sick, or helping us stay healthy. I wonder if the truth does come out and it is revealed the jabs are not safe, how this might impact people's health through the power of suggestion and mind. Scary, but as I say, the truth MUST come out, but God help these people.
  20. Isn't it David Icke who says humans now out-sheep the sheep, so true and tragic.
  21. Chris Martenson (Peak Prosperity) calls this 'when private knowledge becomes public knowledge', and I think he is on to something. It is all starting to become public knowledge and hopefully it starts to gather momentum so that even most of the masses start to see that the jabs were a total failure, and then hopefully on to the next step of a planned and engineered scam.
  22. Indeed. I had to do a paper on this back in 2003 and was surprised to find that having began the paper supporting assisted dying, at the end I came to the conclusion that it has implications that could get out of control. Seems I was right, because as we now see with the Liverpool Care Pathway and the midazolam scandals during the last couple of years, it can be used for pure evil. We will see over the next few years a shift even further in to the acceptance (even shaming) of the elderly being euthanized.
  23. Don't get me wrong, I still see David as the single most trustworthy and consistent voice on the big agenda's that rule our 'world', but I was wondering why he never spoke about this, especially the reincarnation trap stuff. So I admit I was relieved and glad he is now talking about this. Of course a book does not just spring up from nowhere so no doubt he has been researching this for some time and maybe wanted to come to his own conclusion before talking about it. It is strange though that since coming to the conclusion that my family members who have passed are either the archons themselves, or my family members still in the trap (in the Astral) the 'contact' with them has dispersed. That could of course be of my own making in closing down that connection. This control agenda is on so many levels and I guess we should not be surprised that they don't relinquish control easily, if they didn't care if we broke free, they wouldn't need all these agenda's.
  24. Yes, I was saying to a friend last week that I am relieved to see David writing and talking about this as over the last couple of years I was starting to doubt him a little for not coming to this conclusion. His example of the medium and loved ones not telling us that 'this reality is an illusion and controlled' was one I pondered over the last 6 months as I realised that my loved ones who came through to a medium session I had, were likely either stuck in the Astral, or were not even loved ones but archons.
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