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  1. I can only speak for myself, and perhaps I am in danger of underplaying my own role in my 'growth', but I will concede that I have had good luck along the way; the right person saying the right thing, timing, and other things. Through circumstances, I was never 'locked into' other people's influences too much, and that is perhaps the biggest barrier to people finding 'truth', they are influenced so much by those around them that they never look into this stuff for fear of disapproval and social exclusion/ridicule. We are not all equal either, some have gone through brutal trauma that can severely inhibit the 'choices' open to you. I agree that most people on 'this Earth' are locked into a 'mind prison', it is what the Matrix is after-all, but I also think that there are prisons within prisons. There is no doubt that we are in a 'reincarnation trap cycle', and for some of us, I don't believe that is a choice we made with free-will. Having woken up to that 'fact' though, we now have a choice in trying to figure out a way out.
  2. Possibly, I am not sure I agree that some choose to be trapped by the agenda, which is actually another way of saying 'a prison'. I think some of us, were simply lucky to 'wake up' and be able to see the agenda. Some of us were also fortunate enough to be required to go on 'the healing journey' which opened up the 'Spiritual path'. I am still undecided on if this is a 'prison' or a 'school for souls'. But I remain open to both possibilities and some experiences over the last few years could be either of those. Of course it could be that this 'reality' is 'a school for hard knocks' where only the strong and individualized survive, no doubt the masses are controlled by need of approval and to 'fit in' to the crowd. But I hear a lot of people these days saying 'I am not coming back here', and 'I cannot believe I chose to be here'. There is a good chance this place is a 'prison', most will stay trapped here, and only those who 'know' we are in a prison will look for ways to break free.
  3. I don't believe that it is a belief system, more a conclusion reached after much research as well as intuition. In saying that though, I maintain that I don't know either way and often move from one side of the coin to the other. When you consider that a lot of the population has and is being manipulated into the transhumanist agenda where they may never be able to break free, then that would certainly seem like a prison. What of their own beliefs will they have at that point? The idea of the 'prison' often comes about because some feel that there is no way out of this reincarnation trap and this 'reality' (whatever that is), that does sound like a prison to me if so. Someone incarcerated can hold on to their beliefs, attitudes, and to some degree the way they act, but they are still not free, and are still in a prison. Of course we can consider what aspect is a prison to someone, and say that because they retain the above, they are only physically in a prison, but others will argue that on many other levels, they are STILL in a prison. Don't get me wrong, I am not sure of course (how can we be), but there is a lot of evidence that supports the idea that this realm is a prison. One thing is for sure though, only those that are open to the idea, will be looking to break free. I remain open to the possibility.
  4. Totally agree Peter, I have no fear of dying at all. The only concern I have is making a good fight of it, and then making sure that I don't end up back here. The rest is fine, but I would want to go down putting up a good fight. I think a good 'bug out' location is wise for what might come. It might not be a success of course, but at least we can make it harder for 'them'.
  5. Very much agree Peter. It might be a case of being on the move for a while, until that is no longer an option. I think building local communities is the way to go, but it still might not 'save us'. Things like MyPlace here in Australia are a great initiative, but perhaps too 'focal' to survive. The best bet might be tiny communities that are almost wholly self sufficient if possible but that is getting harder and harder to find. But who know, perhaps the 'elites' work on the proviso that they will attempt to coerce, manipulate, threaten and bribe people into their 'agenda' (much like CONVID) but outside of that, they may not be able to force the issue, maybe I am being a tad too positive here
  6. I see a lot of people who will not even truly consider if 'this is a prison with a reincarnation trap'. I think some who have woken up, or even those on the 'Spiritual path' still refuse to look at the negative and are locked in to viewing everything has having a 'divine purpose' and that is is all being guided by a supreme loving being, but there is a lot of evidence that says this is not the case. I have gone through periods where I totally believed in the concept of the 'divine' aspect of this Universe, and that it was a benevolent 'being'. But then I started to wonder if I was simply being deceived and that what is 'running this' is actually malevolent in 'nature'. I still move through each of these possibilities at times, and remain open to both. But I do see very educated people who remain steadfast in refusing to even consider this 'reality' may be malevolently controlled including Jason Breshears from Archaix who despite doing more research than any human on the planet today, will only look at it through the 'positive' lens. Of course, he may simply be right, but I do see people who for some reason, won't/don't want to consider the 'prison aspect'. Maybe it is something 'in built' in us that we see through the positive lens, but I think unless you have truly considered it fully, then you are running the risk of being deceived. Of course there is the possibility that this is BOTH; that 'outside' this 'reality' does exist the Universe we intuitively 'know', but that our Souls have been hijacked and imprisoned here, whether we CAN get out is another matter though.
  7. Well said, I have said similar on here in the past but it falls on deaf ears. For months now we have had posts mocking other people who were unfortunately 'asleep' at the wrong time in history. It is akin to getting angry and mocking someone in a house fire for not being awake at 4am and gloating that they are better than the other person (when in reality they just work nights). Lots of mocking, and lots of 'like' and 'laughing' emoji's. This is what this once great thread has descended to. I cannot imagine what someone newly 'waking' up might think if they joined and started looking through the last few hundred pages.
  8. It could be, but it would make a lot of sense that this control grid we live within and that is heavily controlled, would make allowances for those that 'wake up' and seek another path = Spirituality. There is no doubt that this is true within the 'false light teachings'. Who knows if it all corrupted and ultimately another layer of the prison?
  9. Bloody hell @DaleP, I thought I was a cheery f@cker, but this makes my posts seem like walks in meadows singing kumbaya and listen to Bob Marley . I mean, it could be true of course. I am finding myself fluctuating from seeing 'this World' as a place to grow, learn, and refine your Soul, to believing this is a prison for your Soul with no good at all to this 'journey'. It could be true.....I question everything these days and see that everything could be a possibility.
  10. Good point about Texas, a very unique part of the USA. It might actually be an option. I lived in California for a couple of years and loved it back then.
  11. You did well Peter to get out. I came in 2006 and the place has changed so much since then. I suppose I cannot grumble given I came here too, one of the millions of people to emigrate, which as we know is a big part of the agenda in the 'Western World' to stagnate wages and create a war for housing. Yes, I did very similar, would sometimes just go through the motions and pretend to open the QR code thing but rarely did. I totally agree Peter on your last line. I think for a lot of us, we simply are struggling to live in this 'reality' with what we 'know', i suppose 'in the World but not of it'. It is a real struggle, and this is not a Country specific issue, but a global one. But I also do see that there are still a few areas that might be a lot better right now to reside in.
  12. I hear you mate. I am totally over 'society' to be honest, and find living here in Sydney really oppressive and have been looking at options for a couple of years. I could move to another part of Australia, there are lots of areas of 'awake communities' but I am not sure if I really want to stay here in Australia. I am from the UK originally so that is another option, but not a great one really. I have explored Mexico (like many others LOL) and that looks pretty good, but I had never considered a lot of the other Latin American Countries. I have explored Bulgaria too which could be an option. I hope you find your location mate, if nothing else you must have had some great experiences already.
  13. Thanks heaps @Mr H, really in depth and helpful information. I did not know about Vilcabamba so that is great to hear, it sounds like a perfect place to be right now (as perfect as it can be of course). Are you travelling to find a place to settle, or just travelling to see the 'World'?
  14. Indeed, there will always be pros and cons. Can you elaborate more on the Countries you have visited; pros and cons?
  15. I cannot help thinking there is more to it than that. I mean, I agree with what you are saying, but that also applies to all sectors. Maybe the Gen Z generation are the first of those generations to come through the 'system' that have truly been programmed with all the leftist ideas; environmental issues, gender freedoms, transgender, by social media influencing all through their lives, by the left leaning education system, and by the notion that previous generations are to blame for all the ills of the 'World'. There are more I have missed too. I know we have all been pitted against each other, and no generation has been immune from being pitted against another, but I don't ever remember a time where everything wrong with the 'World' has been blamed on other generations before them, particularly around environmental issues, and price of property etc. And of course we know that it is not the previous generations, but the 'Elite' that are to blame, the 'Elite' have cleverly averted the blame somewhere else. And we know that the newer generations are being used to further the agenda as these generations are the most vocal and passionate (perhaps that is simply age, we were all more vocal when younger), particularly on social media where this 'war' is being played out. I have had heated 'debates' with the few Gen Z'ers I know over the blame they afford to 'baby boomers' and other gens, and have reminded them that all through history, every generation looks back with shame on things they allowed to happen, and that they won't be immune to that, and gave a few examples of the things that happen today that could be 'future shames' bestowed on them. I do think this is perhaps a well worn strategy being played out here; the 'Elite' use a certain demographic for their own gains, but then need to constantly monitor that and reign them in at times, a little like the 'whack a mole' game. I haven't explained myself well here for some reason, but I hope it makes sense. Edited to add: I think the gist of what I am proposing here is that, Gen Z have been afforded a certain amount of power to advance the agenda given they are/were the most active on social media and the most vocal, but that now, the ''Elite' recognise they have too much power and are having to reign in back in a little?
  16. It is curious why there is such a coordinated effort right now to attack Gen Z. Is it that Gen Z are too opinionated and have too much confidence in what they say? I am genuinely asking here as although yes, pitting generations, ages, genders against each other is nothing new, this does seem a bit too coordinated. Are they trying to bring Gen Z down a peg or two? What is the angle here?
  17. Seems to be a coordinated effort, I wonder what the motive is ; https://www.news.com.au/finance/work/at-work/gen-z-workers-blasted-as-selfish-amid-calls-to-return-to-the-office/news-story/be18fad67a49d7962aed2b455f43c5cf Gen Z workers blasted as ‘selfish’ amid calls to return to the office Young Aussies just can’t seem to catch a break, with a CEO now branding Gen Z workers “selfish” for engaging in a common work trend.
  18. I don't think it is black and white though. I don't necessarily believe that only posting on a message board is being a 'keyboard warrior', but I think there is a danger in over-inflating the value of posting things over and over for years. Obviously as @LastOneLeftInTheCounty alludes to, it is about balance. If all you do, is post information on a forum frequented by others who mostly know the information already, then the value is diluted to a large degree. But, if you are actively doing something in your own life; are perhaps inspiring those around you, are making attempts to build an alternative 'system', are speaking out freely, and 'modelling' a new way, then posting on forums as an adjunct to that might carry greater weight. But I suppose the point is that, we need 'Warriors' right now, and I am not sure we require more of the ones behind the keyboard. It might get to a point soon where that option does not exist. I don't really listen to Mark Passio much, but the bits I have come across, I tend to agree with him, we all need to do more and I include myself in that. If we are awake, we have a moral duty to do what we can.
  19. It certainly is a balancing act. We know that information is helpful, and as David Icke always says, 'it is not knowledge that is power, it is the use of knowledge that is power'. So I suppose for us, the balance should be, to use that knowledge in the World we live, in our own lives, and also sharing what we know with others where we can. We know that the biggest way to help people, is to 'model' all that we are and know, to show others the way and lead the way for them. We also know that information does help as almost ALL of us, have woken up by coming across information that either peaked our interest, or validated what we already felt and were seeking confirmation of that. But it also has to be said, that only posting on a message board for years, and thinking you are making a real difference is in my opinion, a part of the ego trying to make our actions more important than they really are.
  20. Good point. I think we are all guilty on this forum at times of both 'preaching to the echo chamber' and also 'letting our ego's rule our responses'. We have to pull together, accept our differences, and more importantly make REAL World differences out in the World. Too many are believing that posting on here is making a difference, it might be, but even if it is, it is likely minimal.
  21. Some good points here. I don't believe it is a lack of 'fighting skills' that are the problem though, I think it is a lack of moral fibre and lack of courage that is a bigger problem. No doubt that demonizing masculinity has led to a lot of the problems just on cue for the totalitarianism that we see today, with very little pushback. In fact most of the pushback is coming from 'mothers of children', than men, which says a lot. It is no coincidence that the World is lacking in masculinity at this time. It was all by design. You look at the way that the family has been destroyed since the 70's and 80's and you look at how the lack of male role models has contributed to this, then add in the media propaganda and then more lately the woke/leftists ideologies, and you have a game, set and match scenario. Both feminine AND masculine energy has been 'tampered with', in order to mess with balance and harmony, and this goes back to the beginning of time (as we know it). You make some good points on dating. Like most things these days, I am glad I am not a teen or young person, it must be horrific and brutal these days. A lot of the options for meeting someone, have been eliminated with wokeism and policies that make it almost impossible to ask someone out in the middle of the street or at work, for fear of getting accused of 'harassment', and that goes for all sexes/genders. For those of us 'awake' the pool to fish in, is so small it barely exists. However, it does afford us a little 'insulation' from some of the issues affecting those stuck well and truly in the Matrix.
  22. The 'fishermen' appear to the the 'cleaning crew' or 'fixers' don't they. The fact that CCTV was requested the day before is telling. So what did Nicola stumble on to, and was the Police call 10 days prior, Nicola starting to realise what she was caught up in (or more to the point what PA was caught up in).
  23. Yes, it seems almost all the GP clinics around me (Sydney) have stopped bulk billing and have also introduced the $120 fee for what they class as new patients, which is a patient not seen by a GP for 2 years. I cannot help thinking this has been 'encouraged' by the Health Authorities here in Australia to skew the figures over the next few years, it will be used as the excuse for all the excess deaths, no doubt in my mind about that. If it was not supported by Medicare or the Health Dept, there would have been stories and opposition, but of course there wasn't any.
  24. I've been saying this for years. I have met many people, even in the 'caring professions' who have zero emotional empathy, but plenty of the 'intellectual empathy'. They say the 'right things' but with zero care and zero meaning.
  25. First step is to expose them, bring their crimes to light, and then if enough people wake up, there won't be need for guns and traps. As Hilary Clinton said, and another prominent 'elite' member (could have been George Bush Snr) 'once the people find out, they will hang us from lamp-posts'. If enough people wake up to the crimes that have been committed, then people like Malcolm Roberts can step back and say, 'go for it chaps and chapesses'. The truth is coming out, and people like Malcolm Roberts are the voices that are aiding that.
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