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  1. There is definitely truth to this. You could change or swap the word vibration for consciousness as they both apply. Raise your vibration/consciousness and you move outside most of the control mechanisms that are used on this planet. Maslow's hierarchy of needs show a great snapshot of how this works, and sadly how the 'elite' use this against the population by creating conditions that keep those people locked into the lower levels of survival and reptilian brain, and thus 'blocking' them off from the higher levels of consciousness and vibration.
  2. Thanks, and yes, I have done a LOT of work on myself. There is no doubt that there is a shift in people; whether that is the jabs, the aftermath of the psyop, people's true colours starting to show, or other things. It is possible that a lot of what they are exhibiting is unconscious, whether that is the contents of the jabs coming through, or unconsciously they can 'detect' either our pureblood, or that we are something they could never be - free. These people need rules and norms to be able to function because many lack any creativity or spontaneity, any abstract thinking. For years I have observed people who get angry when you break the small social norms etc, and back then wondered why, but now I see that these people need the rules as it provides them with a false security, a way for them to act, and eases their anxiety. But more than that, the system aids them in appearing 'normal' and thus being able to fake it and hide their real self from the World, which is often an empty shell with not much to offer, a weak and Soul-less being. Agree with you mate, and this may be part of the reason that I can feel the shift so tangibly. I don't give any energy to these people. In the past I had an open heart and tons of empathy for humanity, seeing the good and potential in all. Now I know that their path is their path, and you are not here to save anyone. Therefore I offer them nothing and not even the social norms that they crave so much. But it is eye-opening how obvious the shift is; people are broken and demoralised at best, and perhaps have become pre-zombie at worst.
  3. Thick and weak sadly. Yes, I agree that in general, people have been dumbed down so much and are basically stupid. But it is the weakness that is palpable to me at least and that stands out the most. The internet has a lot to answer for I think. These days, people get outraged online about some manufactured story and then diffuse the energy that could go in to actual change and actual revolt towards the system. Instead what we have are people getting outraged about something somebody else said or didn't say, and thus all that energy built up unconsciously about the ills of the system are discharged and back to Love Island as you say. We are living through a pandemic of weakness and lack of moral fibre. When out in the 'Matrix' it is like trying to connect with apes or orangutans; a totally different species. No wonder my interactions with others 'out there' is getting more and more fleeting and rare.
  4. Yep agree mate. I should clarify my earlier comment, it is not that I am an 'unhappy prisoner', it is more that I am almost entirely detached from the Matrix. When I do have to step into it, I give it no energy, aside from being polite if I do have to deal with people. But there is no attachment to the Matrix, the system or the rules really and I think it is this dynamic that people are picking up on. They 'see' me as being free and they absolutely hate it. If others were not also experiencing it, or if I wasn't so aware (I have always been sensitive to energies and how people act/behave and their ulterior motives and shadows) I would think I am going crazy and imagining it all. Same here mate on your last paragraph. In fact today as I passed through a Suburb I was thinking about my experience with the 2nd customer service person and thinking on what we are discussing here, and as I observed others, I was struck by how attached they are to this system/Matrix; they are totally immersed in it and love their slavery because it takes care of them on some level. It appeals to their weakness, in that they are basically adolescents who don't want responsibility and don't actually want to take care of themselves, in fact they can't, which is why they love the system. It is a pay-off that so many are willing to make. Now, I am nice to those who show some humanity and I will give warmth where it is merited, the rest I just give nothing to.
  5. It has been a long break, I really cannot see the Crowhouse forum coming back. It is a shame because it had an 'intimate' vibe about it.
  6. There is a noticeable change in the air for sure. Over the last few days, I have been on the verge of saying to two customer service type workers 'have you thought about a job that doesn't involve serving people because you are so miserable I don't think it is for you'. I honestly do think that there has been a 'separating' happening; it is as if they can 'see' that I am not 'one of them'. I suppose it could be what Mattias Desmut may call 'free floating anxiety or demoralisation' but it feels more than that. I admit that I cannot stand 'entering the matrix' any longer so I stand out as a very 'unhappy prisoner' whilst they all seem to be loving their slavery.
  7. Yep, I only actually realized this after the fact. A lot clicked into place for me with the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial, as the similarities were so striking. What a weirdo, and to be so blatant about it. It doesn't surprise me though because the energy of porn is dark and narcissists are driven by it, well any energy that is, especially if it involves power and control. My ex was heavily in to BDSM porn, again it was all about the energy of power and control for her. Yep, it is sad what a 'normal sex life' has become. And the 'structure' of sex seems to follow the same pattern that porn uses, which most often is the girl being submissive to the guys needs and ends generally with some form of humiliation for the girl. Crazy times. You don't need to be religious to see that it is depraved and certainly not healthy at all. Wow, I didn't actually know that. Amazing isn't it how they twist everything to sell any agenda they want to implement. More energy to lucifer and also limiting birth rates. Bang on! My ex did this almost to a tee. From day one it is strategy and trying to accumulate information to use later, whether in the relationship or once it ends to be able to attempt to control you from revealing their truths or to keep you as an 'option' should you be useful in the future. It doesn't surprise me. Wasn't there a few porn stars who suicided? If ever there was an 'occupation' that would destroy your soul it is porn. The male actors also get paid so little (I think I must have watched the Theroux one too because I remember they got paid like $200 or something. So the male actors had to work a lot and because the female is usually the 'star' they are simply pieces of meat. Drugs are also very common so they have no chance. Are you able to expand on the people leaving the simulation? I know this has been discussed on multiple threads I think so even a link to the other threads would help if you have expanded on it?
  8. Some great points Mac. I love Jordan Peterson's take on the idea of 'Patriarch'; and he always raises interesting counter-arguments or at least providing a much wider context than the woke driven version. Don't get me wrong, I know Peterson is no guru or saviour. The 'World' seems to have changed for the worse for men over the last 30 or 40 years, whereas you could argue that life has gotten better for women. I mean from a wider perspective, we are all getting screwed and we are all worse off. But from a gender perspective the scales have certainly moved towards women. Yes, you can argue that it was too heavily the other way in the past, and you might be right, but my point is rather, the impact on these changes for men has been brutal going.
  9. Yep, all part of the plan, a 'suicide by convenience', before a human can talk them out of it. Sick bastards. Indeed, the AI will be able to use all sorts of NLP and other techniques, to get people in t just the right 'state' too. As you experienced talking to the AI, it will be able to (attempt at least) to lie, gaslight and manipulate a person into pretty much anything it wants, especially if the person is willingly engaging with it, and believes in it. As you experienced these things are programmed to be evil and to manipulate, and probably anti-human. Obviously you were able to see through it because you are awake, but imagine someone not awake, who has been brought up with technology all their life and it has been normalised, and probably in the next few years we will see massive positive promotions in the media about the virtues of it (just as we do with the (ChatGPT stuff). It is funny but when I studied for my degree back in 2008 we learnt a lot about the different modalities in therapy and one was obviously Freud. At that time, I didn't know too much, other than the usual stuff most of society knows, but as soon as we started studying Freud I knew he was a fraud and likely put forward to serve an agenda. OK, I was already on my awake journey but it was so obvious really. Yeah, only in the last 20 years has therapy become accepted by the masses. There were the Primal (Scream) Therapy stuff in the late 60's and 70's that became a fringe sort of thing, but even in the 80's therapy was not really accepted or widespread. The 90's saw it become a little more 'public knowledge' where people could at least say they were in therapy, but now everyone says it like a badge of honour. And yet the World is more fucked up than ever. Yeah, I think Arthur Janov with his theories was ahead of his time really. Unfortunately for him, his 'cure' was for Primal Therapy, and that probably held his knowledge back. Now we have Gabor Mate saying pretty much the same as Janov did in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's. I don't mean that as disrespect to Gabor Mate, it is great that this type of stuff is out there for those actually suffering. But as you say, there is another agenda behind it. Janov's work on unmet needs was great, and I witnessed it in people I knew who were clients of Primal Therapy (I went there too). Obviously I am not talking about the stuff that the 'elite' get up to, but things like being attracted to the same sex because of unmet needs around their father or mother for example, and then that attraction subsiding as the feelings were healed. Not always of course. Yeah, so fucking insane, and the masses will embrace it all without much resistance.
  10. Insanity. How long before the AI starts recommending people take their life to end their suffering? It will all be advice that is supportive of the system of course which keeps people locked into a certain consciousness, rather than one that might set them on the road to freedom. When I worked on a Suicide prevention crisis service; it was meant to be heavily controlled, as in you are supposed to work to a 'model' of working and supposed to stay away from certain topics. Basically the whole thing was designed to be system supporting, not a surprise given most of the funding comes from the Government. But myself and few others basically worked in our own way, and didn't really follow the rules so we were able to support callers that were not ever going to be supported by the constraints the service had put in place. The AI therapist will be totally 'system driven' and if not now, will be working against the humans best interest over time. Look at the Dr's these days that are recommending suicide to client for all sorts of issues that are not even psychological. AI will take that to a whole new level.
  11. Indeed, they have had thousands of years to know how humans behave and think, if you believe history. As you say, they are predictable, because in many ways they are very limited in what they can create themselves; they need us to create for them. In fact this is like narcissists who often do the same thing; feed off others energy and creativity because they lack it themselves. Maybe narcissists really are NPC's; devoid of the ability to create or devoid of the energies that are needed in which to create, especially 'light', so they feed off those with higher vibration people or those 'of the light', it is the only way they can create anything. Very interesting stats, and I would say for sure, that they are believable for what we are witnessing right now in the world. Have more NPC's been added in to the 'Matrix' as 'agitators', or is it simply the lack of parenting, the role of social media, the pacifying way that parents raise their kids to appease their guilt and not being around, all of the above or something else? Mt ex who is a psychologist and narcissist, had her own psychologist. I always wondered why the psychologist was not 'challenging her BS', and this was even before I knew she was a narcissist. After I realised she was a narcissist (a few years after we split) it started to make sense. She was using her psychologist to provide her reinforcement that she was 'not to blame', and likely the psychologist did know she was a narcissist and 'played ball'. Even Amber Heard had a therapist or two, but it is almost always for tactical reasons.
  12. Indeed, around 15 months ago my suburb had a 'street festival' and a friend convinced me to go. I didn't really want to because I hate people , but the thought of some decent food won the day. As I was walking, we came across the NSW Premier with a entourage of cops flanking him, and I called him a wanker. As we were leaving we had to walk past the stage and just as we got to it, the bloody Prime Minister was being introduced on stage. The people in front stopped walking to hero-worship their leader and the crowds cheered. And I was like 'ffs, can you fuckers keep moving instead of worshipping your slave-master' ...needless to say I got a few 'strange looks'
  13. Yeah, the 'opposition' play card. Here in Australia we are seeing yet again, the Prime Minister coming under flak and people salivating at the prospect of the opposition taking over. Forget the fact that this is probably the 10th time in the last 20 years that this play card has been used, or the Prime Minister has been overthrown by their own cabinet. People seem devoid of the ability to see a wider picture.
  14. Exactly, there could be many reasons why Oliver is allowed to speak. I don't dispute those that think GB News is controlled opposition, certainly their treatment of a few ex-presenters seems suss as well as the stories they shared about what topics are allowed to be covered.
  15. Yep, rage and sex, the 'go to' mechanisms of control narcissists use most frequently. My ex fit this bill to a tee, as well as the addicted to porn part. She is a pretty fucked up individual, and to further hammer home my point in which we discussed previously, she is a psychologist . My ex was also bi-sexual, how modern and fashionable hey? . It seems that at least for female narcissists, they have a tendency towards bisexuality. Or perhaps they just like to 'edge their bets' and have more 'targets' in which to get their 'supply'. On a serious point though, bisexuality (at least girl on girl) has become so fashionable and promoted extensively in the music industry. Yeah, the infiltration of porn in to society is responsible for so much 'dark' in the World right now; perversions, promiscuity, over sexualisation of everything, and as you say the increasing unhappiness in society. Look at the way that porn has shaped what is 'normal' in a sexual relationship. Not to mention the way that porn was represented at least in the past as a form of liberation and freedom for the women involved. And then the obsession with anal sex, which I remember reading years ago on these boards about the connection between anal/the anus and lucifer/devil energy. Yep could not agree more with you on the LGBTQ and trans stuff as well as the impact all this is having on society. The critics of it all have been accused of being conservative and prudes, when in reality, anyone with an active intuition can see/feel the consequences. I am not sure if they planned all this for the age of the internet or if they stumbled upon its effects on people, but sex and porn are perhaps one of the biggest control mechanisms outside of fear. I admit that the reason I got involved with the narcissist above, it was because of lust. Lust had me totally controlled and had me fail to heed the red flag warnings, at least in the beginning. Admittedly at the time I was also trying to not sabotage myself with fear, which I had done previously throughout my life so there were other issues at play. Eventually though, my intuition came through and won over the lust, as did self-love. It was brutal and I was very lucky because due to the circumstances we were never fully 'together', so it could have been worse. The point of the story is that this is how 'they' do it; play on the unhealed aspects of us, and have us in a state of constant lust brought about by unhealed wounds or unmet needs. Arthur Janov years ago, spoke about how sexual perversions were almost entirely unmet needs from childhood and it is hard to argue against that. I have to admit, that even though as you say Theroux is heavily 'compromised', his work is interesting and often quite stunning in its revelations. The way he so effortlessly ingratiates himself with people and they speak more than they intended to is amazing. He plays the 'dumb fool' quite well. Yep, wherever dark energy circulates extensively bad things will happen. There are always consequences for playing with the darker aspects, and certainly unconsciously there are repercussions no matter how much 'reframing' is done to frame it as 'empowering' or 'liberating'. Selling yourself for paper is not great. Hell I used to feel a sense of shame for selling my energy as a bricklayer, God knows what the impact would be in the darker stuff.
  16. Indeed. 'They' know that human beings have an innate need to 'belong', 'be accepted' and to be 'praised'. When you take away family, Church or the community providing these innate feedback mechanisms, what have you got? A person who still has those innate needs and will seek them from somewhere, and the Big G is happy to oblige. Look at the CON-JOB jabs, so many people desperate to 'prove' how righteous and good they are. Not only that, but we are creating adolescent adults who need to be taken care of. It would be considered genius if it wasn't so sickening.
  17. Maybe it would be more fruitful to channel that energy you have in to taking some action yourself? Aren't GB News meant to be an independent media? At least more so than the more mainstream ones; perhaps they have to let some truth through otherwise how are they going to frame themselves as non-Mainstream? On the reading from a script; you could be correct, or perhaps given as you say they are 20 minutes in length, they don't want Oliver forgetting his tangent, missing key points, and spending hours trying to get it right from memory, when they could just let him read his autocue? I have no dog in the fight, other than wondering why someone speaking truth gets someone who wants people to speak truth so angry? Many of your posts have an undercurrent of 'these people are pussies and cowards' and yet one person is standing up and putting their head above the parapet, and you call them out. Don't get me wrong, I understand the anger and we have ALL been through that anger stage, but you have to move past it at some point, or at least direct the anger somewhere useful, rather than towards someone who is actually doing something. Even if we take the position that Oliver isn't on our side at all, who knows what this 'World' is that we live in. We know that 'they' have to tell us the truth, but hide it in certain ways, often in symbolism and movies etc. Suppose we assume that Oliver is not on our side, he is still putting the 'truth' out there, and therefore there is every chance that he is waking people up.
  18. I think you can only ever judge people on past history to a degree, and then on present reality. As far as I can see, Brand has always been a bit dodgy and still appears to stay away from the full reality of the agenda's at play in the 'World'. These are all opinions I have held on Brand for some time, same as Dr Steven Greer, and I am glad to see that David Icke has stated similar on both. Not that I always go by what David says, but it is a good barometer of how my intuition is going when David agrees. On Oliver, perhaps it is simply that he woke up whilst already being in the media and employed by them? You are correct that they likely would not be employing him if he was always a 'conspiracy theorist'. Not everyone in the media is corrupt or 'bought', not to the degree that others are, although Oliver promoting the official narrative of 'history' probably helped him in his media career. There are different levels though, did we think Fred Dibnah was corrupt? Some are just fringe people taking care of the peripheral subjects and some, the likes of Spring and Thunberg are part of the bigger agenda's. Those I would suggest are bought and paid for. It is weird how some avoid scrutiny and criticism like Mike Yeadon and Robert Malone (at least to the degree that some get) and others like Oliver and Campbell get heaps of flak. I cannot help thinking that there must be something personal about these people, something that triggers a subjective reaction, because it doesn't seem that the 'rules' are the same for everyone. The reality is that they have all woken up, which is something we all wanted and have screamed at the top of our lungs for. We have asked 'will these people ever wake up', and 'why is nobody speaking out'. Well here we have some who are doing just that and getting flak for it, not only speaking out but reaching millions of people. Are you more concerned that Oliver hasn't earned it, or happy that potentially more people have woken up to the scam because of him and Campbell? I remember a couple of years ago having a debate with someone criticising Mathias Desmut, and their argument was along the lines of 'he is saying nothing new'. Granted he might not have been, but he WAS reaching new people, putting old concepts into new ways of thinking about it and placing it in the COVID context, and reaching many people at that. Isn't that all we want?
  19. Indeed, psychology has been one of their main tools in controlling perception, what is perceived as normal and abnormal, and in shaping behaviour. A lot of the famous psychology studies were not to help humanity, but how to help THEM better shape and control human beings. Look at covid as a great example, most of it was achieved through behavioural psychology. It is not too dissimilar here in Australia. Vast amounts go in to mental health, but mostly it is funnelled into big pharma and bureaucrats, and into the system that controls it all again. Oil money used to control the World, then it was banking, and now it appears to be pharma, no wonder they want everyone including kids to have some 'mental health disorder' and is yet another way that they can get to the kids early and break the family again. The normalisation is just a front to distract from what is causing their issues, and it is the system they are residing in. In Native cultures there is no such thing as mental illness, it is very much that if a person has some challenges mentally then the community has failed them Indeed, life was tough in years gone by. The problem is, that these days, there is nothing underpinning life; no religious beliefs (not that I believe in it), no sense of family, and no sense of community/belonging, all these are having a huge impact on people, as well as the system that we live. The real causes never get looked at.
  20. Oh it exists alright, and it ain't that great I can tell you
  21. Yeah, it is hard to relate to most people when I have to step into society. The transition from the 'old World' (the Matrix) to the 'New World' (being as distant from it as you can, or even off grid) is brutal going at times. The problem is that you cannot go back, it would be madness or insanity to do so, even if you could manage to do it, which I very much doubt. Unfortunately you cannot 'unsee' the World as it is. There seems to have been a real shift over the last few years too and I am not sure how much is me, or 'them'. I just find it harder and harder to relate to most people, especially those locked in to the Matrix. I have never been good at small talk anyway, but now given that most small talk is Matrix bollocks it has got even harder. I know a lot of people who are awake are finding it harder too. But I think a lot of it, is that I have come to value my energy too much to bother with most people, especially those locked in to the collective. In the past I was a 'people pleaser' so got on with people quite easily, but that isn't so hard when you are willing to give your energy so freely. I attempted to 'fit in' but I always felt like a fraud, and this just led to feelings of frustration, shame, and guilt for 'abandoning myself' and led to even more feelings of weakness, incompetence and more shame around how I was not being myself. So for me, the attempt to 'fit in' drove me further in to the abyss, but also was an anchor point of where I needed to head. It didn't help that I developed a less than ideal 'persona', which was needed at the time but can be hard to change when it has become so embedded into your 'identity'. Now, I value myself, I value my energy and am not prepared to tolerate anyone or anything that doesn't value me. It is why I have let a lot of people go over the last 3 or 4 years. Any energy that you 'allow' in to your field has the potential to empower you or disempower you and also will either take you closer to yourself (Soul level) or further from yourself which is often the persona level.
  22. Big loss for the PL. When you consider that Klopp and Liverpool have been the only worthy challengers to Pep's Man City (cheaters) over the last 5 or 6 years. It is going to get even more boring for the neutrals if Liverpool don't get the right manager in to replace Klopp.
  23. I have never fit in, and despite trying like hell in my younger years I was just not very good at it. I was always 'too deep' for people, always wanting to connect with others on a deeper level than the superficial. For years like many here I would imagine, I tried to bend and twist myself like a pretzel to fit in to try to avoid feeling lonely. It was all rather futile aside from some great people I met. These days, I am no longer prepared to not be myself and I don't even try to fit in. Going back home to the UK (I live in Australia now) always gets harder and harder as those from the past still see me as the 'old me' and yet I am almost entirely a new being (aside from knowing the same history as the old me). The more you fit in, the more most are having to make huge sacrifices to do. I am not prepared to sacrifice myself to that degree because my 'Soul' is too important to do so. Most connect with people through their persona and personality, and the more you do that, the further away from living as a Soul you get. Now I live as a Soul. It can be brutally isolating, but the more you protect your energy and the more you value your Soul, the more gifts become open to you and the more abundant you become. I would like to meet a 'Soul tribe' though.
  24. The Crowhouse set up a 'Location Connector' but I don't think I saw more than a couple of success stories. I attempted many times to get a local group together, and bar meeting one person and then another through them, it was a futile attempt. Maybe it just means that I am too weird even for awake people
  25. It is also why they create trauma in people, especially in younger people because a lot of unmet needs become sexualised. It is (part) of the reason they love to fracture families and to hinder the attachment bonds so that kids will have a lot of unmet needs, and then at the same time, they have created an overly sexualised 'World' which is heavily led by the entertainment industry and their 'I-CONS'. To add to that, we are creating more narcissism, and what is one of the common traits of narcissism - they are overly sexualised which feeds it back in to the circular loop.
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