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  1. I think that blindspot for most is 'social acceptance'. By far it is the biggest weapon the 'elite' foster and use against people. Most people have been so programmed to need acceptance and approval from others to feel valued that it is hard for many/most to step outside of that.
  2. I think some, ok one LOL which I think was Max Igan have mentioned that events like 911 were 'triggering events' for people to wake up. COVID was another modern day one I believe. There is still hope for many. Over the years I have talked to many people whose 'wake up event' was things like; dealing with the medical establishment, the legal establishment, the school system, family courts system, death of a loved one to some cause that highlighted a bigger agenda, and tons more. No doubt this 'event' has provided the 'opportunity', now it is down to the people.
  3. Excellent catch again Neil! What do you suppose is different from say these 'events' with the numbers 23 and 33, as opposed to say the Anne Heche 'sacrifice' that had a lot of links to 666? Is there something to learn here about the different types of occult numbers/numerology; say a Psyop versus an assassination? Does it suggest that the Nicola and Kiely 'cases' are 'communication' type events, and Heche's case an actual sacrifice, or are each set of numbers simply occult numbers and therefore there is no difference? Seems to me that there could be something significant in these.
  4. Quite an interesting take on Elon Musk here. This whole video is excellent but this section where they loosely discuss Musk is interesting;
  5. Ahh I did not know that about Kiely. That case has so many red flags it is unreal.
  6. The problem is that we know the 'elites' do both pysops and actual sacrifices so in cases like Nicola it is hard to know which is which. Certainly a LOT of these said events are accompanied by 'shoddy Police work', yes that often used defence of 'incompetence' that is so prevalent in Politics and such. It could also simply be that Nicola was killed in a act of anger by someone close to her, but if so, given the Police investigation and time spent since, her killer could simply be 'one of them'.
  7. It makes you wonder then, if these 'events' are partly a form of communication for those 'in the know'? If Neil is correct, then could 'physical confirmation of a spoken deed', be a code for initiating the next phase or of some action? Are these over promoted events ways that the 'elite' communicate their plans, instigate next level planning or action, and warn others 'in the know'? None of this is new of course, it has been mentioned many times over the years I think. I know TinTin used to have a thread all about this stuff many years ago.
  8. Brilliant post and exactly how I see it. It is no coincidence that we (or they) use terms like 'internet' or 'net' (in to the net?), and 'world wide web" or 'web', as in the spiders web. The internet functions to catch people's thoughts, ideas, data and energy, and then all that is used to further control, shape and inform what 'they' are going to do next. In the 25 years since we have had the internet (for the masses that is) it has evolved from information sharing, to perhaps THE major form of control, and now in to the AI realm where we may have already set in play the destruction of humanity (even if we all woke up). Yes, of course it has its upsides as you outline. It has allowed many people on the fringes (like ourselves) to connect and not feel so alone, and to be able to expand our confidence and consciousness with all the information available. So personally it has many benefits. But I am starting to come around to what Jason Breshears says in that 'we are not here to change the World, or to wake people up'. If this is true, and as I say I am starting to come around to this idea, then the main benefits of the internet that I have believed for many years, may not be so beneficial after-all.
  9. Great catch! I seem to remember her registration plate was also something that people were finding some meaning behind, particularly the 'YUR' wihin it, but I cannot find what that was now.
  10. This is exactly my thinking. The story, the whole media exposure given, the odd behaviour of people involved, all point to a likely sacrifice. The same with the Kiely Rodri case, too many strange holes in the story, and bungled Police investigations all point to 'protected people' being involved here.
  11. Whether you like Musk, think he is is on the side of humanity or not, he totally schooled the fake 'journalist' here. He sort of reminded me of Jordan Peterson who is able to follow the lies and inconsistencies and then call them out on it which is no mean feat. As @Observationsrightly says, if we saw more of this the scales would tip very fast. I suppose this is why they generally interview 'safe' people and if they can't interview or control some people, edit the shit out of interviews. I doubt Musk is on the side of humanity given his 'projects' and maybe he is there to capture those that are becoming disenchanted by the 'usual faces of power' and looking for an alternative, but this was good to watch.
  12. I agree, it is likely just as much about the photographer or production team as the 'artist' themselves. Yes of course some are knowingly using these signs and symbols, but many are just following orders from their team.
  13. Some of that is a bit of a stretch imho. I certainly believe that this story is not as it seems and if Nicola did exist, she was murdered in a ritualistic sacrifice or Paul is a 'protected person'. But I don't think there is anything strange about Nicola feeling in a rush and Paul not; Nicola was the busy one with needing to drop the kids off, take Willow for her walk and log on to the teams call at 9am so she was likely very aware of time that morning. Paul on the other hand sounded like he had all the time in the World to chill. His demeanour could simply be someone who doesn't care that much about the stress a partner is feeling. This footage could just reflect their different pressures that morning. I say all that totally believing that if Nicola was killed, Paul played a major role in that. It is possible that this footage has been manipulated of course.
  14. Great thread. I think for me, emotion is an expression of an experience or event, or to be more accurate, the meaning made of that person's experience or event. Two people could theoretically experience the same event, but experience totally different emotions or make meaning in entirely different ways. But I agree, that emotions serve a purpose; that they are in essence information fields. They can provide valuable information about what we still need to heal, our biases, our trauma's, our limited views of the World, and of our selves. So emotions may be personal representations of the environment. Can we use them to our advantage? I think we can, certainly as you develop your intuition, you can use your emotions to guide you, and to help you to discern truth from fiction. But intuition is obviously not always accurate. Certainly when it comes to manifesting, emotion or feeling must imbue the mental representation. But as know, emotions are also a major part of the control mechanism on this 'Planet'. They are valuable ways of control to the 'elite', that they play on, ramp up, create, and use to control us all and keep us in lower vibrations and ultimately lower levels of consciousness. So like everything, it can work for us, or against us. The more I 'grow and evolve' (or it should be said as the more I raise my vibration and consciousness) the more I tend to feel less and less emotions, other than 'love' and 'compassion'.
  15. I have come to similar conclusions, especially about the hijacking of this 'simulation'. It is said by some that this simulation was discovered to be just that by the 'elites' and instead of trying to 'escape' they decided to assume the role of God by keeping the secrets of this 'realm' and then by continuity in their bloodlines and secret knowledge. As Jason Breshears highlights, this simulation has regular resets where this whole thing is reset, either a total reset, or a mini reset that wipes out most humans. The 'elites' know this, and thus plan around this, maintaining their assumed 'God roles'. Parts of this narrative 'fit' for me, and others not quite. But it is all food for thought. Certainly as you highlight, there is enough to suggest in this 'reality' that it is run by malevolent 'beings'. In saying all that, I remain open to being proved wrong or incorrect. I used to be very much a 'false light' proponent, but saw through a lot of that which is just another control mechanism. One thing is for sure, we are in some kind of 'prison', but it remains to be seen if we volunteered for this or we are unwilling participants, or have been manipulated in to coming here to 'heal karmic debts' and other such 'hooks'.
  16. It sure is mate, brutal going at times. I mean I owe David Icke a LOT; he is still the single biggest influence on my 'awakening', and I can see the point he was trying to make in that video; i.e some do over-complicate things. However, I think we need to ne honest with this too; this is NOT an easy process, well not for many. Perhaps if you were lucky enough to have a semi-decent childhood, free from much trauma, and maybe feeling a sense of belonging and feeling loved, and also perhaps feeling safe, then maybe this process is a LOT easier for those. But facing the void (not A-VOIDING it), facing your shadow, learning to listen and then act on the wisdom of your Higher Self, facing the many 'Dark Nights of the Soul', all that is tough going, and alongside all that, most of it is a very lonely and isolating path. My comment about David, was not being flippant, hell I hope IT WAS easier for him. I think David had a lot of 'Divine support' along the way, which he has openly admitted, and being in the public eye afforded him the right circumstances for the total shattering of his ego, of course none of that is EASY, but it likely did speed up his process. Edited to add - I think at some point also, we need to question our 'guru's', and after posting my initial thoughts on David's comments with Rose, I thought 'wow, I cannot believe I am disagreeing with David', but then realised that this is a very healthy sign. All 'followers' must at some point question their 'master', and find their own path and forge their own ways. Not the right language of course, but it makes my point easier to understand.
  17. Thanks for the reminder Alexa! I had been meaning to watch this since it was suggested a year or so ago by someone.
  18. I agree, I think this is the biggest question we face. Who, or what is controlling the simulation and to what end? Some in the Spiritual community have a tendency to go straight to the positive with this question, refusing to even consider that this simulation could have been built for more nefarious ends. I don't know the answer either of course, but at times I go from seeing this simulation as an opportunity to grow and learn and thus expand, but at others I cannot help consider the 'other options'. Jason Breshears at Archaix has great ideas about the simulation, but like many others he also only really considers the possibility that this 'reality' was built for 'good'.
  19. I think you are coming at this from a reactive position here. I was merely saying that perhaps David is explaining how to 'expand perception and view of self' from his own experiences (which we all tend to do) and his no mention of those other things 'could' mean he never had much to let go of. As he stated himself, "other Spiritual guru's make it so complicated, but is it very simple". Maybe it WAS complex for others, and quite simple for him. But in my experience, ego-death, healing the shadow, dark nights of the soul, healing complex trauma (particularly childhood trauma) and facing the void, are not simple processes. And I would also say that David's own journey, suggests that it IS NOT simple. Having had many Spiritual and Profound experiences as he has described.
  20. It is a great video and I agree with what David says 100%, but I do also think that to truly be free, you must also heal your trauma, heal your shadow, and also perhaps face the 'void' that so many A-VOID. Without doing that, you will only get so far I think. In order to expand and reach higher levels of consciousness, you must let go of all that binds you to the lower levels. So whilst David's point is great, I do feel he has missed some important points. Perhaps David never had much to let go of which could explain this.
  21. That is a fair comment (yours btw). I totally get the distrust of the NHS these days, and the flak those who work for them now get. I worked for an organisation(not the NHS) that used to be totally aligned with providing good services for the community, until the 'Big G' funding and then the changes that they demand totally changed the organisation and what it could provide for the community. All the good people left, and of course they are replaced with people that more 'morally align' with the new way of doing things. So, I think anyone still working for the NHS at this stage, has proved they lack the moral compass to put others before self. The ones that are left, deserve every bit of criticism coming their way, as well as any responsibility that is deemed to be afforded to them through their actions.
  22. Pretty much exactly as I see it too! I recently stated very similar regarding the 'White Hats', anyone pinning their hopes on someone else is going to experience a severe wake-up call.
  23. I see your point. However, you might be making the mistake of thinking like a human being, and not like the 'entities' that carry out these sorts of things/sacrifices. It is similar to how the conspiracy is never believed by the masses, as they simply think through human terms and cannot see how other 'humans' would do the acts they do, or like COVID pull of such a monumental scam to get their depopulation agenda closer to the end goal. I can hear the masses saying 'why would they do that', almost every day of the week as they face truths that seem so preposterous to their limited frames of reference. But I agree, real crimes are being committed. But we must also look at WHY they are committed because without fully understanding the why's we cannot ever truly overcome this 'enemy'.
  24. Indeed, it is a massive funnelling of energy at work, whether intended or not cough cough.... I don't know why, but I feel that the Madeline McCann case might have been the beginning of this. Maybe through that they discovered massive energy harvesting possibilities. I can only imagine the massive amounts of energy that millions of people across the World would produce and thus the 'dark energy' that 'they' could tap into during any sacrifice. The sooner these entities are eradicated from the 'World' the better. Time for us all to ask for karma to be served on these 'beings'.
  25. I must admit, my gut feeling is it was a sacrifice too. I think 'they' have stumbled across a way to harness even more 'dark energy' from these sacrifices when the victim is being prayed for or sent energy from those following cases like these. I think Kiely Rodri was another victim of this type of sacrifice. Maybe Nicola's call to the Police a few weeks before she went missing was because she discovered something, but I agree that this sacrifice could have been for the initiation, it will be interesting to see what comes of those closest to her over the next year or so.
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