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  1. Again I am sorry you are going through this. It does sound like your mum has completely changed her tune which is very sad. None of us know how we would react under the stress and brainwashing mum is likely getting. It is easy for us to sit and imagine it but another to be faced with nurse after nurse and dr after dr feeding you BS. Unfortunately though as others have said you may not have any options if mum is insisting that she wants to be there. The best you can do now is advocate for her with the staff and look after yourself, particularly the housing situation. If mum changes tune again then you will then be able to act on her behalf.
  2. Very strange terminology used by the BBC "heart lesions'. In all my time following football, close to 40 years I have never heard any footballer missing a game due to 'heart lesions'. You have to be a special kind of asleep or stubborn to not see through this yet.
  3. As I said he might not respond given all he has gone through himself recently but prior to his hospitalisation he was trying to help others and taking calls from other concerned people; https://www.mkffs.co.uk/about-us Good luck mate, you have a lot of people on these boards willing you on.
  4. The John O'Looney story shows that it is possible to get out of hospital. Sadly it will likely be costly given the need for a solicitor and medical Doctor who would likely need to take over her care. Unfortunately though, you may have no options if mum really has changed her tune. I don't know if John O'Looney would respond given his own recent issues but it might be worth reaching out to him as he may be able to give some pointers? I think the first thing is to find a legal way of visiting mum, that way you can figure out if mum wants to stay there or not. I really feel for you man.
  5. Yes, it is hard going witnessing this. At times it is very distressing and you cannot help feel incredibly sad and pain for these poor souls. At other times I am more philosophical in that we all have to make our own choices, and I have shared with some the truth of this stuff only to see them go into the nightmare as we all have tried.
  6. Exactly right!! If it is now in the media, then they want it to be in the media. And if they want it to be in the media then they are trying to either distract from something else, or the next phase of their plan is in the making and it will be exit stage Johnson and enter stage next controlled actor.
  7. It is incredible isn't it. It is almost every week now that this is happening. I have followed football for years and can only remember this happening at best, say 4 or 5 times in 30+ years. And still the sheep sleep on.....
  8. Yes, me too. Thomas Sheridan talked about it in a video below. No doubt he was heavily involved, perhaps he may have even been the original Ripper with PS becoming the patsy later on?
  9. Sorry to hear of your experiences @Athenry04and @Observed. I got formally 'stood down' today by HR and my Team Leader by Microsoft Teams. I was at least able to tell them a lot of home truths as they did so and told them they are on the wrong side of history as well as a number of other truth bombs. We must now be the warriors we came here to be.
  10. Djokovic wins Court case on his visa ruling. Massive.
  11. My ex-girlfriend was constantly going on about this for months a while ago as she is an avid Redditor. The reasons never really made much sense why there was a supply shortage. I wonder if it because a lot of the components have been used in the vaccine's......
  12. Out of likes but agree with you. Yes some celebs possibly know what they are doing with these images but others will be completely oblivious to it all. Surely we are evolved enough as truth seekers to be looking at people's actions rather than a few images some photographers have manipulated/coerced people into taking.
  13. This is the way I see it too. Rather than Novak backing down, surely he is trying to do what we all advocate, which is to try to beat them at their own game or beat them with the loopholes and rules that exist. He may still beat them using their own rules which surely is a won not a defeat. At the same time he has exposed them further and perhaps woke up a few of the 40%'ers. And up until 6 months ago I didn't even like Novak, now he is my favourite player in the world for his stance.
  14. This is interesting, apparently Australia may see a mass resignation crisis in the workforce. But, according to this mob completely by choice of the employees. Of course not because they are refusing the vax. Sounds like normalising to me, but I admit it would be good if true and people really were becoming more conscious; 'The great resignation' likely to occur in Australia (msn.com) Although digging on the McCrindle Research who present this shows them to have a less than honest past; https://www.abc.net.au/mediawatch/episodes/researching-the-researcher/9974156
  15. Well said! It is like people have completely lost the ability to spot a psychopath these days and the politicians could not be making it any easier for them.
  16. These people truly believe they are heroes. Just one big virtue signalling echo chamber now. Still they have made their choices, chosen their side and as we all will, will face the karmic consequences of those actions. There will be a whole lot of pain in the coming years regardless of if the 'truth' comes out.
  17. To add further intrigue in the case one of the murders (Josephine Whittaker) in Halifax was at Savile Park believe it or not. https://www.visitcalderdale.com/see-and-do/attractions/savile-park/ Possibly a nod to the Police that he was untouchable and to laugh in their faces. Truly evil piece of shit that guy.
  18. What an incredible person Kylie is!! Very inspiring and a great example of what is needed right now.
  19. In the absence of Darian, anyone seen him recently? I will try to post anything Australian specific until @DarianFreturns. Recently the Australian Government introduced a new compensation pathway for vaccine damage. I could not help but think this is simply a way to keep claims from reaching court and the truth coming out through the court system;
  20. I will take a look at that as this is such a fascinating topic. David had a video recently on his site by Mattias Desmet which is one of the best videos I have seen in some time. I had watched Mattias on a few other videos but this one is the best as the interviewer doesn't interrupt too much. His clear explanation of how 'Mass Formation' comes in to being is truly fascinating. He also raises the issue of why it is still so important to try to speak out to the 40% of the population he deems to be 'on the fence' (the rest of the 60% is made up of 30% who will never wake up as they are essentially hypnotised and the other 30% are the awake. In a previous video I believe he has outlined that of the 30% that are awake 10% are active and outspoken). What he outlines is that the 40% may still be able to be swayed (although he admits this is unlikely to be huge numbers until the narrative is obviously flawed), but the most important reason to speak out is that historically it has been shown that the small minority are capable of preventing atrocities by their act of speaking out because that plays on the conscience of the masses.
  21. I am glad you said this as I thought I was going mad. I mean I live in Sydney which is not exactly known for great driving but lately when driving I have thought to myself possibly 100 times 'why the [email protected] am I always behind the slow [email protected]". Just the other day I was behind someone going 40kmh in a 50kmh zone. I assumed the driver was elderly or something but no, when I managed to get two lanes and could pass her she could not have been older than 25 and she was completely In a world of her own...like completely zombied.
  22. There has been a few of these in Australia just in the past few weeks too which I wondered about. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/dec/24/man-dies-in-second-fatal-light-plane-crash-in-queensland-in-less-than-a-week https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-12-19/plane-crashes-into-ocean-near-brisbane/100712252 https://www.mandurahmail.com.au/story/7537901/pilot-perishes-in-nsw-light-plane-crash/ https://www.9news.com.au/national/perth-plane-crash-lucky-escape-serpentine-airfield-in-hopeland/c0d8a77d-d15c-4b00-bbee-89bc00e8a356 These are just what I remember over the last few weeks. Add to that footballers and sportspeople dropping like flies, medical episodes in the crowds and all these 'died after a short illness' and you wonder if/when the penny will drop with the 40%'ers?
  23. By some synchronistic luck I am 120 pages behind on this thread (you take a week off and suddenly you get way behind) and watched the Yorkshire Ripper - This is Personal and I could not help but think of Jimmy Saville at many times throughout this although admittedly I had heard the rumours of their connection previously. Given this I researched it and came across the Thomas Sheridan video which still exists below:
  24. Sadly I doubt anything would happen. I used to work for the Australia equivalent of Samaritans and I can tell you a lot of the staff are quite judgmental and biased. Some are truly lovely souls but honestly there are a lot of people who work those lines that do not have the skills, patience or empathy. Some of the stuff you hear is shocking to be honest, of course always AFTER they have checked for suicide ideation. Many times if the caller had been drinking or was being quite passionate (angry) the call would be ended as soon as they feel they are not intending to take their life. The Australian one is funded by the Government mostly and once they are involved it never improves things. The amount of people I used to speak to who were 'truth seekers' or who had been through some form of 'systemic abuse' who would be almost 'hung up on' because the telephone counsellor did not believe them or did not want to hear it. It was a tough gig but I loved speaking to those type of callers because I believed them and they could tell I believed them. Sadly I would bet the Samaritans is no different to the Australian version and I can say with certainty that it is not some ideal utopia.
  25. It is quite astounding how much air-play he gets now and the reverence that Sky and the media provide him. No doubt he is being used by them politically and for ratings. Gary Neville is a master at self promotion and playing to the crowd. He appears to 'talk sense' but only in areas his theories cannot be tested and yet he is the voice of football in the UK. He failed badly at his one gig in management and his football club Salford are hardly the bastion of success either. He is a fake and a fraud as shown by his bias towards his mate Ole.
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