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  1. 21 minutes ago, Athenry04 said:

    Pure theatre to further divide and destabilise America.

    Yep! America is going down and fast. The great reset cannot happen if the likes of America is strong and thriving. The American Dream was a nightmare all along, or at least a fairy-tale. As much as I hate a lot of what America has stood for over the years, having lived there for a few years it was also a great Country with many great people. Sadly though, if you are dreaming, you are asleep and many have not seen the warning signs which have been apparent for 30 years. 911 was a wake up call and yet many still think a bunch of Muslims with box cutters and a 'how to fly a jumbo jet for dummies' book took down America. 

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  2. Trump is like Musk, judge him on his actions not his words. Given nothing much happened under his watch other than helping to produce a covid 'vaccine' and the swamp is still overflowing and stinky, then you have to say he is the 'opposition', aka as the other puppet on a string/different cheek of the same arse. In times of great propaganda it pays to control the opposition too. They know that people are waking up/that their agenda is now so close that it is in full view, that they need to control the seeming opposition = controlled opposition. 

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  3. On 7/12/2024 at 1:56 AM, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

    It’s weird cos everytime I do hard work outside I’m breaking out in sniffles and sneezing. 
    Could be pollen but it’s unusual as I never react like that.

    It’s only if I exert myself 


    Might be time to try the Wm Hoff breathing technique. It might help? I have just started doing this again myself after doing it regularly a few years ago;



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  4. I think it is worth throwing Gary Waterman's work into this too. He has been researching the connections and fraud of many high profile companies and how they are linked to 5G/6G directed energy weapons, adrenochrome and child trafficking. Gary has come to believe that the 5G is the real weapon and not the vaxxes and that the vaxxes are actually the cover story for the real culprit 5G. Putting this here because I think it is worth noting it here and because people might not be across all threads on the forum;



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  5. 9 hours ago, Occulus5 said:

    No there wasn't tons of CCTV around, even in the late 90s and early 2000s there wasn't that much unless it was in a really big town or city, but now they are everywhere. Talking about this murder to regular people I often get a look of "you're weird", even if you are pointing out things like the route the two murderers took, where's the rest of the CCTV footage, etc people think you are strange. It's because I want to get to the truth about these things and don't trust what the media, police and govt tells me. For most people it's a case closed, two young boys murdered a child and that's the end of the matter.

    I suppose as we say, there wasn't much CCTV back then so perhaps there was very little other footage? 


    Yeah, unfortunately this is the way of most 'normal folk' they don't question anything, and certainly not 'authority'; the CIA and media have done a great job brainwashing people to be too scared of seemingly being 'paranoid' to question anything and it works to a tee. 


    In reading a little about the case, I think one of the other things that was so heart-breaking/shocking (aside from the culprits being 10 year olds) was the fact that the three of them came across many adults who did not act on their hunches and protect James even though they could either see his distress, had a gut feeling that something was wrong, or even witnessed the boys abusing James. He could have been saved many times over and wasn't and I think this really caused a lot of shock in this case. 

  6. 10 hours ago, SuperstarNeilC said:


    Great conversation. I think many in the 'awake community' are coming to the same conclusion and I totally agree that I think this is where most 'awake' people 'should' arrive at if you are truly seeking the truth. I had Spiritual friends in the past who were so 'love and light' that they would never even consider these types of thoughts and I always thought to myself, 'how can you be Spiritual with absolutely zero access to intuition'. 


    Some interesting ideas in here although I slightly disagreed with the ideas around 'karma' in here. It is not about 'being good'; it is about standing in your power. Most people who are 'being good' do so for reasons that are 'hidden' and quite often 'selfish'. They are 'nice' and 'good' because they want approval/acceptance/love/to be seen as nice and good, sometimes so they can take the moral high-ground, sometimes because they are 'rescuers', and many other reasons. Sometimes it is because they have learned from a young age to 'be good' and that this will bring them rewards. So 'being good' is quite often plagued with selfishness, or if not that at least putting your needs aside and putting others above yourself out of a belief that you are unworthy. This is what brings 'bad karma'. In the second video Mark talked about and example of one of his listeners talking about their mum and dad; mum died younger and was a 'good person' whilst dad lived over 20 years longer and was a 'tyrant'. But looked at another way; mum 'gave her energy away' and dad 'took energy from', no wonder they both had the outcomes they had. One depleted their life force and the other kept 'topping theirs up'. 

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  7. 4 hours ago, XelNaga said:

    Didn't the governments use the lockdown to install 5g towers everywhere?


    And didn't they cut down trees during the lockdown?


    And some people said that trees are getting in the way of 5g signal?

    Indeed. And let us not forget the ' spinners' who dropped dead on CCTV cameras everywhere, were they testing the tech out? I remember one where a man on a bicycle just keeled over and another of a woman in a nail salon getting a flash on her phone and then 'spinning'. And wasn't one of the first places that 5G was turned on Wuhan? 


    Don't get me wrong, there is every chance that the vaxxes are causing untold damage and that they are toxic (all vaccines are). But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense that the vaxxes are actually part of the cover story because that way, the damage can continue from 5G whilst we have enquiry after enquiry about the vaxxes. The slow release of the 'truth' regarding the vaxxes would also make sense as they want to create the illusion of 'resisting' that truth when in reality it is all by design. The video's that the Gary geezer has done make compelling viewing when you look at the ties and connections around the 'defence force' and 5G and 6G tech companies. It also backs up David Icke who is rarely wrong on this stuff. 


    Maybe be it is double jeopardy and both are killing people. It is strange that during COVID we also had a chip shortage across the world. I have always thought that this cannot be unrelated. Maybe chips really are in some of the vaxxes and they will be the ones that can be triggered easier. 

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  8. 15 hours ago, Talorgan said:



    Interesting discussion here where Gary


     He links  importance of 



    to spikes  in excess deaths etc especially important as more masts going up now

    + The  alleged massive fraud of the illegal entity companies like the 5G mast companies etc etc situation - companies house

    & Directed energy weapons link to 5G

    Eg dragons fire 

    Eg nightingale co.s ,

    So he suggests vaccines and COVID false flags for roll out 5G etc 


    Perhaps it's both  vaccines and EMF in full spectrum dominance 

    I think Gary has got a lot of bat on ball with these videos. Not only is it explosive information regarding the adrenochrome and the fraud with all the Companies etc. But his theory that the vaccines are actually a big part of this fraud rang true for me. What Gary says is that perhaps the vaccines are the convenient cover for the damage that the 5G (and later 6G) are/will be causing. The vaccines are the scapegoat whilst the true culprit is 5G/6G and goes on unnoticed (all by design) and thus continued whilst people are under the impression their disease was from the vax. 


    Admittedly the vaxxes are probably also causing damage (as all seem to do), especially the 'bad batches' we have all heard so much about. I think Gary is on to something and it would fit David Icke's initial ideas at the outset of this scam. If Gary is correct, then we all need to change our focus, at least to spend as much time informing people about the 5G than we do the vax damage as we may inadvertently be part of the cover story. I definitely can look back over the last 3 years or so and recognise experiences of what appear to be radiation attacks. Food for though for sure and I think Gary is on to something, perhaps not entirely 100% but I think he may have pieced some of the puzzle together. His videos need much more traction imho. 

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  9. 14 minutes ago, Eagle Eye said:

    Accurate labeling can be quite useful, especially should one come across a bottle containing poison…



    Yeah I agree. I would say though, that for every 'OMG thank God I now know what it is', there are probably 4 or 5 people who will live a 'life-sentence' based on that diagnosis. Yes, there are the odd anomaly that pushes against a diagnosis, but for many it is like 'Consistency Theory' in that it creates blocks for people and inhibits normal functioning. 

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  10. On 7/6/2024 at 11:21 AM, Mr H said:

    Yes. But I think we may be mixing things here, i.e. cash and universal credit and crypto currencies and potential new monetary systems. Which is not the same or substitute. In my previous example I was just trying to offer a practical solution for someone fearful of cash (only) itself being removed - in this situation can use many other options with already agreed upon prices, e.g btc, gold, silver or goods and services 



    If we speak about the social credit system. That's not something I particularly am fond of. I never rule anything out, but I don't see any precedent in following what China does, if anything, the west is very anti.china and quite mocking of Chinese society, so I can't see it happening, but you never know, I'm open to it. I do know if it does happen here I will get absolutely zero say in the matter. 


    As for central bank digital currencies. I think will be very similar to our digital system now. Depending upon how it will work, privacy potentially would be biggest concern here. But unless we have actually seen the proposal in detail, we can't really comment. 


    With respect, I am not sure you can separate them out quite that easily. Sure, if we did not know what the agenda is, we could play 'make-believe' and pretend that they are not linked. But in reality, we know exactly where 'they' want to take this/us and it is certainly the Chinese model. Gold and Silvers value right now is probably aided by cash as much as anything. 


    I am not sure that you are correct on the China thing. Sure that is the 'illusion' that they have wanted people to believe, but it is far from the reality. China is the new 'bogey-man' and perceived enemy just as Russia is/was in the past. It is illusion and theatre because in reality as we know they are all in collusion with each other. For years the 'West' laughed at the internet policing in China, and yet have/are following them to a tee. They blame China for cheap rubbish products but did nothing (in fact highly subsidized) manufacturing in China and helped create the market for Chinese 'rubbish'. It is an illusion. 

  11. 8 hours ago, Talorgan said:



    Interesting discussion here where Gary


     He links  importance of 



    to spikes  in excess deaths etc especially important as more masts going up now

    + The  alleged massive fraud of the illegal entity companies like the 5G mast companies etc etc situation - companies house

    & Directed energy weapons link to 5G

    Eg dragons fire 

    Eg nightingale co.s ,

    So he suggests vaccines and COVID false flags for roll out 5G etc 


    Perhaps it's both  vaccines and EMF in full spectrum dominance 

    Thanks for posting this here. @northern star posted these on the Nicola Bulley thread and I was tempted to post it here so thanks for doing. It is explosive stuff and links it all together quite nicely. It shows clearly that 5G and 6G are going to be the means that they 'target' people with, further confirming many peoples suspicions that the jabs and 5G may be linked. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, Occulus5 said:

    It would be interesting to see if there is any numerology or occultic symbolism around the killing as you, if there is it's strange noone has talked about it.


    I do tend to think that the murder was the ideal and perfect opportunity for them to get the public used to having CCTV cameras in public places where they would be more acceptant of it after the murder.

    I guess it being a case from 1993 and pre-internet it has not got as much attention as those that came along during the internet years or that were at least fresher in the memory. Maybe there is not enough in this crime to catch the attention of the internet sleuths and that it really was just an horrific crime that sent shockwaves across the world. No doubt the élite' too full advantage as they always do in these circumstances. I mean there wasn't tons of CCTV around in 1993, well not from my recollection anyway so it is quite the odds that CCTV happened to be in this mall and two kids horrifically murdered young James. I think it was the first case in the UK of children brutally murdering another child. Those are some pretty long odds really. 

  13. Just now, Occulus5 said:

    Maybe the person who wrote the article I linked is just getting a little carried out away by assuming there is some massive cover up about the murder when there probably isn't.

    Wow, poor bastard! I can well believe that discovering the body of a child under those circumstances when you are a child yourself could have long lasting effects. 1993 was still a period in time where there was expectation to be tough, especially for boys and men so he was probably expected to just get on with it and cope. Obviously there were probably socio-economic factors at play too causing him to fall into the drug spiral but compounded by his earlier experience finding James. 


    If you mean the original piece on the first post, I agree. I think there were many 'leaps' in his thinking, some logical and some really stretching almost looking for things that weren't there. It would be interesting what the numerology/symbolism was around the killing but that is not my strong point at all. 

  14. 11 hours ago, Occulus5 said:

    I listened to the audio from the police tape recordings of the two boys being asked about the murder, and from what I can tell I couldn't see any indication that they were part of some pedophile ring that under MKUltra. Apparently both boys had quite a troubled upbringing, Thompson's parents had separated and he was having trouble at school truanting and was then transferred to a different school which made things worse, the same school as Venables. All that is just based on a few mainstream documentares I've watched. I find it hard to believe they were evil kids as such just that they had a troubled upbringing. But it still doesn't mean the murder wasn't taken advantage of by TPTB, and what Ralph Bulger was talking about in his book I've not a clue.

    Yeah I remember hearing about the troubled upbringing. Whether they were born evil or 'made' evil, it is the same outcome and only evil would kill a defenceless child so they were evil. It is interesting the Ralph Bulger angle; presumably on researching what happened to the two killers and how the system protected them, he stumbled across how this world really works. Let us not forget that Jimmy Saville and Cyril Smith were two famous people 'protected', so it is not difficult to come across the web of evil depravity if you look. Maybe that is all he was meaning. 

  15. On 7/10/2024 at 9:21 AM, northern star said:

    This really hits it home, seeing the names, ages, blood type of the children being trafficked, and the military bases where they were disposed of. Guantanamo Bay seems to be a popular one.  So horrific. Happening here in the UK too. Links to government and royalty. These people should be rounded up, with immediate effect.












    This was a bombshell video indeed and this guy is in serious danger. It shows how it is all linked and the same people are involved right to the very top. OK, much of it is what we have all suspected for so long, but this is undeniable proof that the 5G and 6G tech is intended to take out dissident voices and the 'foreign enemies' tag is just BS. It is interesting too that the same thins that happened with the Companies House changing info happened here in Australia when some alternative media were looking into something (cannot remember what but I suspect it was how Australia is a corporation) and like this, the info changed overnight. The alphabet agencies all across the world must be notified if anyone so much as looks at their pages. 

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  16. 8 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

    So, more to the point, how pathetic must one's life has to be to adopt those shadowy talking heads as family, even trust them over really worried pleading relatives and still listen to those bitches while injured from the last time they followed the advice of those reckless projected humanoids?

    It is the pay-off that so many are willing to take. It is either wake up to how the 'World' truly is and feel alone, scared, uncertain, under pressure to take care of themselves and others, and take total responsibility for themselves and their lives, or to 'pretend' that the 'leaders' are simply flawed human being who mean well but make mistakes. These are weak 'people' unfortunately; adolescents who don't want to grow up and who don't want to take any responsibility. The elite know this, and play on it to a fine art. People's need to be liked/accepted/approved of runs paramount to anything else. 

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  17. 13 hours ago, Occulus5 said:

    It's possible they were mind controlled, and I know that sounds far fetched to some. But if they were under mind control then they would have no recollection of what they did when they were brought into the police station and interviewed. They seem to admit that they killed James, although it's odd they sat in court and were never asked to speak, supposedly because they had already admitted to the murder. Having said that, I still find it hard to believe that two 10 year old boys murdered a 2 year old child. Odd that you never hear anything talked about the two, nothing from their teachers at school or them interviewed about what they were like.

    All possibilities remain open when it comes to this stuff. No doubt that the impact that this had on the public was 'you cannot trust anybody and everyone is a potential danger'. I do remember vaguely an article that did cover the boys home life and it was said that one of them was from a really bad background and that he had been the ringleader of the killing of James. 


    Yeah, that 'he has already plead guilty so no need to have them on the stand' has been used before. I think the mass shooter in the movie theatre (James Holmes) was one such case that I remember. I do think that even kids can murder and be so evil to carry out such acts. Obviously that is a massive indictment on society as a whole because in a 'normal' society that would not happen. You only need to look at psychopaths and even narcissists and their whole existence is based around snuffing out the light of others. 

  18. 26 minutes ago, Occulus5 said:

    Yes I doubt the CCTV back then was anywhere near as hi tech as it is today with the facial recognition we have and that the cameras today will be monitored/manned 24/7.

    Exactly. Don't forget that it was another false flag (911) that made 'security' more of an industry and much more widespread. So you have two events that both likely played their part in the surveillance state and in the Problem Reaction Solution you mention. 


    28 minutes ago, Occulus5 said:

    When the story kept being mentioned on the local news throughout the 1990s they always made a point about the CCTV footage, it's as if they were trying to condition people into thinking that the cameras where the key to catching them and that this is what's needed to stop things like that happening again - ie. problem, reaction, solution. The James Bulger murder was the first time I had ever heard of closed curcuit TV cameras in public places. Speaking of CCTV, but the news media stated that Venables and Thompson were seen on CCTV outside the Strand pulling James down the road, but as far as I'm aware no such footage has ever been shown.

    Yep, that is my recollection too, that whenever it was covered by the media they would show the CCTV stills. Obviously they could have been used because of the powerful nature of the images, but as with all media coverage, there is an agenda at play. 


    30 minutes ago, Occulus5 said:

    I think alot of truth type people who are suspicious of stories like this then to look for far out theories, like for instance that it was a cover up of a pedophile ring etc, but it really could be a genuine murder but was used as a problem, reaction, solution pysop in order to push through some new legislation or law, in the James Bulger case to help normalise CCTV and be accepted.

    I agree. Sometimes it is simply a crime that the elite fully take advantage of, and at other times it is one they created, and sometimes it is both at the same time. Certainly, and I am going off logic more than memory here, you would have to think that the Bulger case 'facilitated' people more willing to accept CCTV in malls as did the 911 and 7/7 events in all other public places. 


    Just now, Occulus5 said:

    I'm not quite sure what you mean by patsies. Weren't they ones who murdered James?.

     I am assuming that Ralph was meaning that although the boys killed James, it was either by order of the elites, or through some sort of MK Ultra type way. 

  19. Some good questions and points raised in that article. Certainly very curious that James father Ralph noted his suspicions that the two boys may have been 'patsies' used to cover up a pedo ring (and the 5 computers that uncle Jimmy went through in such a short time researching the two killers). It was certainly a case that gained widespread coverage and caused much outrage. The article does make some basic errors though imho; it fails to really place itself back in 1993 and looks at things through the lens of now rather than then, especially so when it claims that security should have caught these kids in the shopping centre for so long and that the mother of another boy who was targeted by the two boys should/would have done more. It was this case that really 'woke' many up to the dangers and security back then was not as professional as it is now. In fact I doubt back then it was even 'manned' by security full time. It was the Bulger case that made people realize that 'kids could be killers', certainly in the UK, so the other mum probably thought the boys were just being cheeky rather than evil little bastards, until after the fact. 


    It certainly could have been a psyop though. It certainly brought much fear and outrage and probably helped CCTV to become more normalised and widespread/accepted. 

  20. Is it because there are no unique Spiritual experiences, or is it that humans lack the range of language necessary to explain those experiences? We are very limited in how we describe things, because one, in order to make sense of any experiences we need to draw on ideas/concepts/archetypes to describe those, but also we are often attempting to describe these TO OTHERS which means we must attempt to enter the 'World' of another to help them to understand. 


    So perhaps it is not that there are no unique experiences, but that the language required to conceptualize is primitive and not yet formed well enough to put into words. It may also be that as humans we are limited in what experiences are open to us, certainly this is true in 3D and even in 4D or 5D they are limited. Maybe there are no unique experiences because you would have evolved out of this 'realm' to be able to experience it? If you are here in 3D you have not evolved enough to experience what we would consider 'unique'. If we are separate fragments of the whole, then none of us are special or unique and so unique experiences would not exist anyway.  

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  21. On 7/8/2024 at 3:43 AM, Screamingeagle said:

    all planed,engineered  by the cult,shadow people on the behave of non human entities.........


    Try again!!

    100%! Have we ever had humanity living freely without the control of the 'shadow people'? Probably not, so it is hard to know just how well we could all live harmoniously together or not. What we do have is an 'elite' who are hell bent on causing division, perceived differences, forcing change on people that is not organic, wars and terror, as well as ensuring some Countries are in severe poverty and starving. It is the Global equivalent of the ensuring that a Country only ever has jobs for 90% of the people so those with jobs can look at those in poverty or homelessness and think 'shit, I better keep running on this treadmill'. It is ALL engineered so talk of 'how things are' will always have to be seen through that context. 


    Most humans are inherently good and want to 'help thy neighbour' but unfortunately the elite play on people's fear, insecurities and their shadow side to engineer all of the above. Yes, some people are evil, but they are a small number in comparison to the whole. However some people can be 'made' evil by not healing their shadow and will then 'act out' all the darker aspects on to their environment and those around them.  

  22. 1 hour ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:


    On a relevant side note the master plan to enslave humanity as outlined in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is not to be questioned or altered.


    How can anyone drafting such a plan neglect to consider the critical function of adjusting the course to stay on course? 🤔


    A navigational enigma. Course plotted, don't veer for iceburgs? 😁



    The thing we need to remember is that those controlling things are either not human/as in possibly AI or Alien, or even quite possibly it is a virus running in the simulation. As David Icke has said for many years, these entities are not intelligent, they basically repeat patterns that have been successful in the past, very much as narcissists do. The more I learn about narcissists the more that I see the parallels between them and the 'elite'. Both play on your fears and insecurities and steal your energy to create because they lack the divine spark (creativity). Both are in constant fear of being exposed and both have at their central core a need for power and control and to dim the light from those who have the divine spark. 


    Once you see the narc for what they are, their games no longer work, the exact same as we find when we 'wake up' and we can 'predict the future'. There is nothing intelligent about any of it, it is quite primitive in fact which is why they cannot change course very easily because it is outside the patterns. They have limited games and techniques, and the sooner we all realize this and use it to our advantage the better. Whislt I get your point about 'The Protocols of Zion' it is much bigger than that, that is merely a manifesto for one group of 'people' to follow, but the real 'architects' are likely AI/aliens/a virus. 

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  23. 5 hours ago, Bombadil said:

    I think this is sleepwalking into tyranny. The way we would know we had won, or at least improved something, would be a complete collapse of the current system and msm.



    Maybe it would be more like a business that is struggling? We see many businesses who are insolvent trading for a while with at first subtle signs they are in trouble, and then a little later you can see major red flags. Not sure we are seeing this in the Political sphere right now, but I do agree with others that there are some signs they are losing ground and losing control of the narrative and control of the agenda being on schedule. Is it enough, only time will tell, but there are some good signs out there. The truth about these poison shots has come out way faster than they had hoped/planned for I think. 


    They are in a race against 'time' no doubt, and their own 'masters' are probably applying major pressure to them. Let us not forget that their 'masters' are not human and so don't work to a plan that takes into account 'human logic', they are master manipulators but work on repetition and following the same patterns over and over but don't adjust for when the human 'light-bulb' starts to take affect. Many are not yet awake, but the seeds have been planted and are germinating. They will get more desperate from here, which makes their agenda even more obvious. I would not go as far as to say 'we are winning this' but we are at least putting up more of a fight than they ever anticipated. All of us who are 'awake' need to keep raising our vibration because this is as much (if not way more so) a Spiritual war as it is an information one.  Let all of us who are awake keep bringing light via information and vibration and just maybe we can speed up the process of those germinating seeds. 

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  24. 2 hours ago, Mr H said:

    I don't know about you guys. And it's difficult to keep track. But I did notice that all these sudden deaths of folks, the obvious ones reported in papers, seem to have died down recently. 


    Like up to a few months ago you couldn't read a daily newspaper without seeing at least one mysterious death. Maybe it's seasonal because we're in summer now, or it's not reported. Either way just something I noticed.  See if it picks up again in the colder months. Or whether this thing is slowly running it's course already 🙏

    Maybe it depends where you live? I am in Australia and those stories are still happening here, perhaps not as regular but I have read at least a few in the last couple of weeks and I don't even read mainstream. It is winter here though so maybe that is it. 

  25. On 6/14/2024 at 7:30 AM, Occulus5 said:

    Yeah he felt uncomfortable with her bashing gay people like it's their fault and all this "they will be judged" by god crap. Dunno what to make of her views. I have a big issue with all this LGBTQ nonsense because it is part of an agenda, but her not wanting to have anything to do with her gay friends anymore, that's just a little stupid. She also talked about autism and Andrew Wakefield. Nearly every person I have mentioned autism to, some who have autism, they beleived it to be genetic related and nothing to do with vaccines. I would tend to agree, though I could be wrong. There are autistic people who've never had any vaccinations.

    I think Richard was off his game in that interview. It was not his best work from start to finish; a bit all over the place, awkward moments, and Richard seemed to struggle to bring all the various topics together. Not being harsh on him as he has had a lot to contend with recently but it was not a great interview. I agree that the topic of homosexuality heightened his already 'uncomfortable' disposition. I think had he been on his game, he would have handled it better, he even admitted during that part Í am not sure what I am trying to say'. Just one of those days I think for him. 

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