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  1. 7 hours ago, RobinJ said:

    I have also been doing a similar thing for many years, trying to work less and less so that the system couldn't take it all,  and that was before I was either awake or spiritually awake.

    I now live off grid, which is a challenge to be sure, but better than the work-eat-sleep mindset in a million ways.

    In your case I would just say to be careful of only online money, it could be removed in an instant if the grid does go down. Good to have back ups. 

    Yes, that pull away from the system is a strong inherent pull I would say, especially for those of us who are in touch with our Souls. 


    Great that you are off-grid, it takes a lot of work and motivation and as you say even though a major challenge, definitely worth it. I just don't want to feed the best and will avoid it if I can. 


    Sure good point. A lot of the things I have are tangible assets, and if anything would be more valuable in a SHTF scenario so I am kind of covered. Obviously things can go wrong still, but it is why I am really wanting to get out of it now and put those assets into land and off-grid living. 

  2. 53 minutes ago, Mr H said:

    I guess so. But it is not going beyond 5 sense perception to some new mystical perception.


    The experience of I has always been there in all of us. It is always being experienced by all of us at all times.


    People are just not noticing it because objects are more "exciting". It is that experience that arises prior to objects 


    The pathway is through self enquiry which also requires no additional skills, or awareness just the ability to formulate a question and provide an honest answer.


    Truth is "enlightenment" is too boring for most. It is nothing special or exciting in comparison to Objective experience Objective experience is more intoxicating and therefore folks only look to enlightenment after a period of suffering in the objective world ,or not getting what they want from objects, namely happiness, which can never be found there ....

    Yes, sure. I think some Spiritual 'gurus' do make it sound very mystical, but then perhaps they have had those experiences. 


    Agreed, but that is exactly why this Matrix is built like this, to make sure we are too busy, too distracted to notice what is truly important, and therefore for us to not look inward. It is no surprise that many come to this inner inquiry through trauma or disappointment in their life. 


    But yes, there is certainly much ego in 'Spiritual growth' for some, a way to feel superior to others. This certainly exists, but isn't the norm. Most 'spiritual people' have come to this through suffering, self examination and then raising of awareness as David would say. 

  3. 5 minutes ago, Mr H said:

    Personally I think speak of fragments of souls etc is also erroneous thinking. There is no separation of anything. You are it. There are no personal experiences so to speak, just one viewed from multiple angles.(us)The light of gods awareness shines brightly in all creation whether we deem it evil, good, spiritual non spiritual. Just sometimes it is forgotten. Once remembered you eliminate what we call evil, unconscious behaviors..


    Yes I'm not even speaking potentially. Every so called being has the exact same awareness as everyone else. because of mistaken identity they use their awareness to focus on objective experience because it's so intoxicating and beliefs that go with the misunderstanding - I am limited I will die. 


    Same awareness capabilities, because essentially that's what you're made of. Just utilized differently depending on your understanding. So folks without this understanding will use their awareness for activities to perpetuate the ego, or undertake activities due to beliefs of lack, or fear of death, rather than for more practical and holistic purposes.


    There is only one awareness and it shines brightly in all of us. You just need to remember and get out of cultural programming 

    I think we are largely saying the same thing, just in different ways. In essence, you are quoting the body of David Icke's work, which is to expand our awareness beyond the 5 senses and to recognise 'we are not little Ethel on the checkout'. 


    But again, these are only capabilities, until they are utilised. But there is no doubt to me having seen my own evolution, that levels of consciousness do exist. 

  4. Just now, Mr H said:

    Yes I think need to be careful labelling some folks NPCs and others spiritual. Although it may seem that way...just another way to separate folks and enhance spiritual egos.


    I use the word God as it has more power, you used the word I, we could also use, universe, spirit, consciousness, creation etc.


    But how would it be possible for something to be separate from all there is and could ever be?


    There are no people's with more awareness than others, more spiritual than others.


    The situation is. Culturally people have been led to believe they are a limited human. Even here with many awake people if I mention you are not limited human it often gets met with violent opposition.


    It's difficult to change your identity. People are not taught self enquiry.


    It's a case of ignorance rather than some folks are spiritual and others NPCs in my experience 

    Yes, it is not easy to distinguish it all. Btw I was not using the term 'I-ness' I was quoting D Murphy from the video posted. 


    I suppose it could be possible to separate something out and 'cut it off' at least in an illusory sense. Say 'God' or 'Spirit' wanted to experience a multitude of experiences simultaneously, or to experience the dark and light at once? Or perhaps as some believe this 'World' was created to allow each Soul fragment to experience, grow and evolve more rapidly? OK, is that fragment really cut off, probably not in essence, but in an illusory sense it is and maybe that is all that is needed? 


    I think you raise a good point on 'Spiritual ego's'. However, I think what you are talking about is only in the realm of 'potential'; yes, perhaps everyone has the potential to reach the same awareness level, same with consciousness, but they remain only potentials until they are reached and not everyone is going to, or indeed even interested in doing so, Until that time, there are varying degrees of levels I am afraid, at least in my opinion. So I would agree, that ignorance is the main barrier, but until that changes, they are I am afraid 'not as spiritual' or not as 'aware/conscious'. Just the same as we all have the potential to be a bricklayer, but until we start to lay bricks, we cannot expect to be as good or at the same level as a bricklayer who has been doing the job for 30 years. 


    At the same time, we don't really know what 'this' is. If we accept that whatever this realm is has introduced the polarity element as one of its 'rules of the game' we could assume that in order for that to work effectively, there needs to be those of the dark purposely placed here, and if that were true, it would make sense that these what some call agitators may indeed be the Soulless beings. I don't know for sure and am not wedded to any thought, just churning out thoughts as I type. 

  5. On 2/19/2024 at 11:20 PM, 78ast78dgyad said:

    incredible conversation about reality


    Also I find dmurphy very likable and self aware , not at all pretentious.



    I watched this the other day and thought it was interesting. The part about NPC's was intriguing where he talked about the 'inner monologue' and a part of society not having that 'I-ness'. If that is true it answers a lot of questions about a good percentage of the population about why we cannot 'wake them up'. 

  6. On 8/3/2023 at 10:32 PM, Certified Green of Heart said:

     cool how this was something just ordinary by how casual it was, but the glitch is no less extraordinary..... I've never experienced one, but that doesn't mean I get cynical about it all. 

    Me either. Totally believe in them and find some of the stories really compelling. There used to be a website about this which was great, now you generally have to go to Reddit to find that stuff. Some are amazing though and I admit I am envious as I would love to experience one. 

  7. 3 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    can i humbly suggest a re-title?


    instead of 'conspiracy theorist' perhaps 'conspiracy researcher' seeing as we are using fact based evidence to expose a real and increasingly evident conspiracy?

    LOL, you can. I was more referencing what the two guys would call me. All of us know we are truth finders. 

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  8. 8 hours ago, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

    Squid ink? Don’t know what that is.


    Is it like when people say ‘based’ or call pictures a ‘meme’. What the fuck does ‘based’ even mean? A meme is a self replicating unit of thought, not a sarcastic cartoon on social media. 

    IngSoc news speech seems to have taken over, and words with different meanings are used to describe things that they aren’t, but the kids think it’s normal. Knobheads 

    Squid Ink is/was a TV series I think (I refused to watch it but was told about it) that is basically produced by psycho's for psycho's where characters in the series are pitted against each other in a sort of 'Hunger Games situation' and then are picked off and brutally murdered. It is like a cross between the Saw movies and Hunger Games. Perfect show for today's younger generations. Apparently the show was big? 


    LOL, I just searched for it, and it is called Squid Game, shows how much I listen to shit I don't care about. Here is a synopsis;


    'The series revolves around a secret contest where 456 players, all of whom are in deep financial hardship, risk their lives to play a series of deadly children's games for the chance to win a 45.6 billion prize. The series' title draws from a similarly named Korean children's game.  The players are made to wear green tracksuits and are kept under watch at all times by masked guards in pink jumpsuits, with the games overseen by the Front Man, who wears a black mask and black uniform. The players soon discover that losing a game results in their deaths, with each death contributing 100 million to the potential 45.6 billion grand prize'

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  9. Just now, Nip said:


    ,,,,, and then think of all the Joe Blogs of the world with the same issues and dying who never make the media. FFS !


    If celebs are dying more than ever, us plebs are being 'exterminated' en mass

    Well of course, that goes without saying, but was said earlier 🤣


    It was pointed out as one of the markers not as a plea for sympathy for them.  

  10. Just now, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

    A few years ago it would’ve been a massive coincidence but not these days. They’re popping their clogs all over the place. Isn’t Aus supposed to be a healthy place, more so than uk? 

    I must have witnessed more deaths during the first part of the first vaccine roll out than I have ever since. 
    Saw lots of people get ill, take time off, and others just became seriously ill and died, presumably from the jibbidy jab, but I know covid the virus was blamed everytime.


    ‘Did you hear about so and so? It got im! That covid got im!’ 

    I heard about two suicides, both in the same geographical area, both due to ‘lockdown stress’. Their world basically crumbled and they couldn’t take it.

    You gotta be cold and hard to survive the future world which is dawning, which is why this generation of kids coming up now are such evil twisted little fuckers, they know…. 

    Yeah, people are dropping like flies now. It is sad that the guy I overheard was going to two funerals for the elderly. A friend mentioned a few months ago that a few of her friends grandparents had died in a short period.


    These days the headlines are awash with 'celebs' or at least people in the media dying young(ish) and many have health issues if they are not dying. 


    Yeah I used to work on a suicide prevention line and have friends still that work there and they were saying the call numbers were crazy during lockdowns. Most people's lives are heavily reliant on others (rightly or wrongly) and it does not take much for it to crumble. Loneliness is a real killer at the best of times. 


    Yeah brutal people ready for a brutal World. Squid Ink in Real Life.


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  11. 3 hours ago, Phil26 said:

    Something I will say is all the new age, spiritual bs and religious bs won't get you untangled from the simulation. There is no spirituality, it is just another distraction. You don't learn lessons. You're not living your karma. 🙄 You just need to get your arse out of the simulation. This world is a trick, a horror show a playground for those who are psychopaths and narcissists. The simulation is cruel, sadistic and a dead end trap.


    On a side note it's useful for you to learn exactly how narcissists function and behave, their tactics, motivation and behaviour. In a sense the simulation is one giant narcissistic entity and you're inside its fantasy having a shared dream experience.


    Another important aspect is trauma. One of the main weapons in their arsenal is trauma. You have to be aware of that on all levels.


    I recommend the audio versions of The Trap and The Dream. Reading them is great but hearing David Icke's narration brings out nuance from the text of the books.


    Great post. I took some of it out as it doesn't relate to the parts I want to reply to. Even though I would class myself as 'Spiritual' I vacillate quite regularly between this 'realm' is a reincarnation trap simply designed to keep us here and harvest our energy. And on the other side, I often do feel we are here to learn and grow, in order to expand and raise our consciousness out of this realm. I say this not because I want input or advice, but more that I agree with your premise, this realm could certainly be what you describe and I know I have talked about both sides on this forum, depending where I am 'sitting' on any given day. I am open to both right now. There is as much chance this is a prison, than it is a 'school' that is for sure, in fact the 'evidence' for it being a prison is probably greater than it is for the school side of the argument. 


    Could not agree more on both the narcissist and trauma aspects you mention. I think I have always attracted narcissists without realizing it, or maybe they have attracted me, with me being an 'empath'. It was only after a short term relationship that I truly realized this, and how my own shadow had facilitated this to a large extent, especially the lust element. It is only from this perspective that I was able to look back and see how many others I had been involved with and how pervasive these narcissists are. Since coming to this realisation  2 or 3 years ago, I have cut 5 people from my life who had varying degrees of the narcissist element, two full blown. Now I can spot it very clearly and am able to defend myself a lot better these days, and to prevent getting into even more tricky situations. Most of the system is built on narcissistic elements. Here in Sydney for instance, you have no value unless you are uber good-looking, uber rich, or uber popular. The superficiality is the bedrock of the City. My experience with the ex-narcissist was brutal and we were only together for 6ish months. I got lucky because of the situation otherwise t could have been worse, and honestly it was BRUTAL as it was. 


    On trauma, I have thought this for a long time. Even the way births are conducted is a part of this. Literally from birth you are traumatised and brutalised into the system. The 'feminist' movement was multi-faceted of course, but one aspect was to separate children from a parent early on and to ensure that bond is never fully formed and healthy attachment never nurtured. The effects (one of I should say) is that younger people lack the emotional regulation that previous generations did. I used to work on a suicide prevention line, and you got calls from all sectors of society who were deemed to be in 'crisis', the younger people (generally speaking) had very little emotional regulation which comes though the loving bond and close attachment bond. And the above are just TWO ways the people are traumatised. There are MANY more of course. 

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  12. Was ordering coffee this morning and was waiting in line behind a youngish guy probably 28 or so. I hear the barista guy comment on his attire (dressed all in black and customer must be a regular). Customer says 'yeah funeral. Got one today and another one tomorrow'. This is in Sydney and a normal everyday situation so doubt it is unusual, if so, what are the chances of me standing behind the guy who has two funerals in two days, right at the same time he is there, and I just happen to be a professional conspiracy theorist? 🤣


    The guy says it is his friends grandparents. What are the chances though, and yet the guy and the barista seemingly have no questions to ask. This is a story I heard quite regularly when I was back in the UK in early 2022. My sister went to two funerals on the same day. 

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  13. 4 hours ago, Phil26 said:

    The cash part of being off grid is one of the reasons they are forcing a cashless society. If they do that no one could be off grid. 


    Also off grid isn't really off grid if people are still registered at birth, have to account for if their kids are at school (or state permission to hone school), have a medical number, a driving licence, a tax number (which you have even if you don't pay income tax). In the UK you would still have to pay Council tax even if you were 'off grid'. You're in the system if you are alive in this world. Also it is illegal to refuse the census. There are cameras on every street and road. They know where you drive or travel or live. How is any of that truly off grid?


    There are laws on building any structure on your own land, laws of crops and land usage, including water supply. It's a minefield of bureaucracy even getting  off grid in the first place.


    Ultimately in this world freedom is an illusion.


    One other thing about being off grid is that in a way it is living in denial, like living in a bunker. Because while you might get a few years of thinking you're not affected by the world, actually the world carries on changing around you, quietly encroaching on every aspect of people's lives until even off grid will be impossible. You only have to look at the last 50-60 years to see how it is moving towards the end game.


    People really need to wake up.

    I agree with much of that. As I said earlier, living off-grid you will still need to 'dip into society' from time to time and have and use cash if it is still the currency. So yes, unless you have built a giant underground bunker and have millions to play with, you will still need to use the system in part. 


    And again, I agree with you in the main on your other points. Where we perhaps differ is that, although ultimately we will never be free unless we exit this simulation (something I have been saying for a few years at least), there are still degrees of freedom in this 'Matrix'. You can be in a smart 15 minute City totally dependent on everything with a social credit system or you can grow your own food, raise cattle, and be almost self sufficient. I agree that you may always have ties to the system in one way, but it is better to be free in the middle of nowhere, than in an actual prison or one of those 'quarantine camps'. It is all about perspective I guess; it is better to have as little to do with the system as possible, albeit knowing that ultimately you will need to escape this Matrix at the time of death. 


    Obviously much depends on what part of the 'World' you live too. Here in Australia there are community groups forming in an effort to build alternative communities. These are not hippy communes, just normal communities of people who live in normal Towns coming together and bartering, selling their own crops and such. Obviously they will be under the radar of the alphabets, but it shows that without hope, there is not point. It all ultimately may fail, but it will fail faster if nothing is done. 

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  14. Just now, Untun said:

    So far I didn't succeed living without money, I guess it takes moving to another dimension or being self sufficient with nothing.

    I think I understand the gist of what you are saying; that in a 'natural World' money would not be required, and I doubt anyone would disagree. Perhaps though, there would always need to be some form of currency exchange, whether that is grains of rice or bottle tops. Obviously time and skills used to be the currency and still can be. I see you are saying that it does not NEED to be this way, it only exists in this artificial construct that has been built for us. 

  15. 20 minutes ago, Untun said:

    Money is made for buying and selling. When you have what you need you don't need money. Money can get you what you need buying and selling things, but when you have what you need you don't need money anymore.

    Can a man have what he needs? 

    I know, I buy stuff I need but you see, in essence we only need money in the world we agree to live in.

    No, of course. But let us say that you live off-grid and are part of a community be it, an actual community or simply an area where there are others living off-grid. You might get by for months, maybe even years, but at some point you are invariably going to need to as you say, step in to 'the other World' or system. Then you will need money, whether that is repairs, tools, health or whatever. 


    I guess part of the planning for off-grid is to have enough cash reservoirs to draw on but that delays the getting out of the system. You have to find a balance somewhere I guess. 

  16. Just now, Phil26 said:

    Explain how. Because if you have discovered how to do that in this world you're either living with your parents or you should be writing a best seller about it.


    A few things humans need!

    Food, shelter, water, healthcare (even if that is alternative medicine or plants), clothes, shoes, heat when it's cold. 


    What about people with serious diseases like heart or kidney disease, you expect a large percentage of the population to just lie down and die? 


    The world today is constructed that humans need money. There is no free land where you can grow food. You're not allowed to just build a house by chopping down trees. 🙄 You even need a licence to hunt for food and you can be breaking the law by foraging. Not that you could survive on foraging. 🙄


    Explain how humans obtain these without money? 

    As I say, I know a few people who live off-grid and there are always expenses most people don't think about. Most people who move off-grid do so as quickly as possible to escape society as fast as they can. Once you have bought land, you need shelter, rainwater storage, solar and batteries, perhaps fencing, a ton of horticulture and gardening provisions and a ton more I have forgotten. These all need to be maintained and some replaced over time, then you have ongoing vehicle expenses; petrol, servicing, tyres, batteries, and these are only the usual maintaining of the vehicle. 


    Living off-grid is the best option of course, but very few will have zero ongoing costs. Maintaining land costs money even in basic terms, especially if you live in an area where you get lots of predators. And then you need phone and internet. So even in the best case scenario, you are going to need some money at times. 

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  17. 2 hours ago, Untun said:

    You don't have to have money to survive. 

    Maybe not to 'survive' but is that how you want to live? I know a few people who live off-grid, and although they produce most of their food, and barter with other locals, they still need a bit of money here and there for certain things. Not everything right now is barterable, even in off-grid communities. It COULD be of course, but only if the whole community/society was shaped like that. Unless you have one of everything and every conceivable occupation as part of your off-grid community, you are probably going to need at least a bit of money. 


    That is not even taking into consideration the implications of 'surviving', what long term health issues arise from mere survival, what about psychologically and Spiritually? Even just to use the internet we are communicating on generally takes having money. 

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  18. 4 hours ago, Phil26 said:

    It's not easy, but it is worth it. You have to have money to survive in this world, like the rules of a computer game, but as you say move away from the mainstream as much as possible.


    It's also worth remembering that there are plenty of so called off grid types who lie to themselves while still being unconscious to what is going on. Paying tax or using money doesn't mean you're buying into the system. David Icke has had to pay tax and it didn't stop him from realising the truth and being truly conscious of his existence.


    When people start the "do you pay tax, eat meat, listen to music..." whatever the topic of bs they have listed as criteria for being "awake" it is usually coming from their need to feel superior and is like new age types who say that if you own literally anything you can't be 'enlightened'. 🙄


    I've known people who have moved to a ashram and given up money or engaging with society (which is really a lie as they are still in the simulation anyway) and they are some of the most unconscious asleep people I've known!

    Indeed, as much as we don't like it, money is a massive 'rule of the game', at least right now. Soon it will be figures on a screen even more so than it is now. Here in Australia cash is disappearing at an alarming rate. 


    Agreed. Nobody is perfect, despite their claims and many at least in a subtle way, love to tell you how superior they are in thinking and in their 'Spirituality'. We all have stuff to learn still, much work to do, and all this whilst living in a 'realm' created to make that as hard as possible. 


    I sort of stumbled into a few side-lines that I soon realised could give me the freedom I craved and maybe to eventually be almost self-sufficient. Of course like anything, it involves money, but money was the means to an end, not the destination. All of it was in the pursuit of more freedom. I know some will chime in with 'you are already free, you just need to realise it as it is a state of mind' 🤣, but I wanted to be physically free not just in a Spiritual delusion. 

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  19. David is like the archetypal warrior. Imagine a giant prison with different wings. David is the one who breaks in to the prison, overthrows the few guards patrolling the separate wings and then frees Wing A. David then shows you where you need to head to escape fully, and moves on to B Wing to do the same there. He isn't the one who will take the prisoners he has helped from A-Wing to a City, feed them, and entertain them. David leaves that to others. 


    There are many in the truth community who simply provide song and dance routines for the prisoners but do nothing to really free a person. Perhaps both have their place in reality, but there are many in the truth community who are simply repeating and regurgitating how we are prisoners and calling out the latest tiny part of corruption or the new 'actors' playing their roles on the World stage, but offering no real solutions and virtually nothing to free people. And this 'World' or Matrix is one that we must free ourselves from. 

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  20. Just now, novymir said:

    Yeah, I don't pay them anything except "sales taxes" which is pretty minimal since I don't buy much taxable stuff.


    No income taxes, no fees, no "licenses', no insurance, no nothing. I'm a scoff law. I won't go into the how. But there are ways, if a person has a skill, and cash is still a mode of exchange.


    Sorry for sort of putting you on the spot. Sometimes I just wonder about things....


    You don't really have to say, maybe I just was supposed to bring up an idea, food for thought.




    I am 'transitioning' away from the system bit by bit. Prior to the COVID BS I had managed to get myself to a place where I was only working 3 days a week and also most of that was working from home so I was trying to get as much distance as possible from the mainstream to where I ideally would like to be; totally off-grid and self sustainable. I also had a small online business which allowed me to be building assets. Then COVID came along and in January 2022 I was stood down from my job for not taking the vaccine. 


    I began another online revenue stream in May 2022 and another a few months ago. In May 2023 I began a program which gave me financial support to build a business which in a way was playing the system (expired now as it was 9 months). Because I have those online businesses and by playing the expenses and keeping myself under the threshold, I don't expect to be paying much if any tax this year. It is not ideal because we all need 'money' to survive. However, I am almost where I set out to be 3 years ago as I was transitioning away from working for someone. I probably am in a position to move off-grid if the right location comes up. 



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  21. 1 minute ago, novymir said:


    I'm curious, do you pay income taxes?


    Just yes or no, or no reply is fine.




    It is a very strange and somewhat (or even explicitly) leading question. Let me say this, I never said I was fully free, I said I am in the 'best place/space that I have ever been'. I tell you what, I will answer your question if you can assure me that this is a reciprocal arrangement? 

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  22. David's central message (as far as I understand it, or the way I have interpreted it) is that we are living under a control system that we are locked into by various forms of programming.  David tells us that the way to break free is to expand our awareness to see things outside of this control mechanism and to thus expand both our awareness of who we are and then our consciousness, so that we are no longer under its spell. If that isn't positive, then I don't know what is? 


    We must remember that David is not always talking to us (his fans or followers or whatever you call us), he is trying to reach those not yet awake. The first stage of this is to highlight the conspiracy. I have taken much from his works, far beyond information. He has talked a lot about how to raise our awareness/consciousness/vibration and how to truly realize how we create our own reality. By doing all this, we break free. I am in the best place/space than I ever have been, some from David's work and others from many others and not least myself. We are our own guru but it takes personal responsibility and total self honesty. 

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  23. 7 hours ago, DaleP said:


    Hi vs Lo consciousness..... to me this was telling that AJ is an useful idiot. David did well to bit his tongue tightly. It shows the level of his emotional control.

    Clearly, if anyone appreciates a guest, they would let him talk than disrupt and trying to aggrevate. If it looks like a duck, it is.

    Yeah I thought David handled it brilliantly. Even when Musk came on, David made it clear that he thought it was Musk and made a point of clearly asking this so that it was calling the BS out. I don't think Alex was intentionally trying to piss David off, I honestly think David's words had triggered Alex big time and he was trying to force an explanation/apology. Again it shows the levels they are at. 


    On another note, good to see you back posting again mate 👍

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