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  1. 2 hours ago, Nemo said:

    So it seems whenever a celebrity dies now, the cult media doesn't state the cause of death, any of them, they just claim illness and they are also automatically stating 'antivaxxers' already commenting on cause of death.


    Now I read these apparent 'antivaxxer' comments and they're obviously making it up as a pre-emptive defence against the obvious assumption, because I've never heard anyone say such aweful things like they quoted on Techarp.com.


    FACT: We know they lie and claim Fact!


    So Christine Mcvie from Fleetwood Mac died yesterday and the media are so weird about these deaths.


    They really made an enemy for the people, a boogie man, out of 'antivaxxers' when really most are simply anti-covax and for good all but now apparent reasons.

    I have noticed this too. The other thing I am noticing is that they are now quite often using the term "died after a long illness', but as you say, no mention of that illness at all. Not too long ago they would often state what the disease was, for example 'was diagnosed with dementia in 2018'. What I want to know is, how are they defining 'long illness'? I would bet long illness to them means in the last 18 months. 

  2. 10 hours ago, Saved said:

    Presumably that includes pilots?

    Meanwhile in Australia;


    Why do the heads of these organisations sound so much like Politicians? The mental gymnastics and word salads displayed as well as the passing the buck are astounding. 

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  3. Mannnn I must be getting old. Apart from laughing at the opening post (thanks @sickofallthebollocks), the bit that stood out the most in that post was 'sipping on a nice brew' 😀. So much so I have just put the kettle on. 


    But I agree with you, porn has been used to 'feed the dark energies' and to further dismantle the family structure and to syphon off the life force/energy of the population so they never use that energy for good and higher purposes. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Heidi Gillen said:

    Isn't Suarez the guy that bit someone on the pitch? He, he, he. You couldn't write it.

    Yes he is, he is also the guy that used 'racist language' towards Patrice Evra. But his worst crime it seems was his goal saving handball against Ghana, at least in the eyes of the media. I mean he was a fantastic player, but perhaps he could be called 'primitive' in nature 😀. The politicazation was interesting though around all those incidents. 

  5. First time I noticed football becoming politicised was the Luis Suarez incidents both his handball and his incident with Evra. Maybe it has been going on longer than that and I failed to notice, but since then it has really ramped up. 


    I kept wondering what the agenda is with the 'pushing' of women's sports until a couple of months ago when the penny dropped that it is likely the political use it can get over more of society. Obviously there is never one single reason, and others like money, blurring of genders and gender roles, the dilution of tradition and history, and bringing more and more people in to the 'use of distractions' and syphoning off of the energy it diverts. 

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  6. 3 hours ago, Observations said:

    Mike runs though the vaccine and after the quote above says "they're not normal people" He says a lot in 2 minutes. 


    Amazingly succinct. Mike Yeadon is a great example of how quickly truth can come to you when you step outside the confines of the dominant narrative. To have got to the conclusion that evil is controlling the World in such a short space of time shows that all of us are on the right path. Once you wake from the hypnosis the path ultimately leads us all to the same conclusion, and Yeadon shows how quickly that can happen. 

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  7. 15 hours ago, rebornsteve said:

    Suddenly changed? Personality-changes after mRNA-Injection

    Published 14 hours ago  8K views


    This session is not necessarily fun to watch, but it is very important for all of us to know
    and understand what this mRNA-Injection is doing to those who get the shots.


    Only then will we be able to understand why so many people who received these shots,
    simply cannot be reached by us anymore.



    Very thought provoking and thanks for posting this. Whether it is the stress and worry of the current World, the trauma of the past few years, or the impending doom that we are all at least subconsciously aware of, there is something 'different' to people these days. Personally I will be honest, of those I know that are vaxxed I don't see much difference, but when I am out and about these days you can 'feel' something is 'off'.


    The amount of drivers I get behind who drive well below the speed limit and seem to be in a trance is almost every car I come across these days. When dealing with people in cafe's or shops people certainly seem more robotic and 'dead'. It might not be a coincidence that for many years we were programmed to be ready for the 'Zombie apocalypse'. 

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  8. 50 minutes ago, Athenry04 said:


    I think when people start dropping dead (jab rollout about 6 months after UK)in Australia, questions will have to be asked about the jabs and everything else that went along with them. Most of the harden covidiots here, don't want to talk about it anymore because deep, deep down they know they fucked themselves. I really feel either an awakening or a media orchestrated 'grand reveal' is coming.

    Possibly mate. I don't hold out much hope that people will wake up to the reality, even when they start to see their loved ones dropping dead. I mean we have a few 'markers' already; sportspeople and 'celebs' dropping, ambulances at breaking point, all these 'sudden adult deaths'. I have a friend who is vaxxed and still believes in it all, and a few weeks ago mentioned that she has three friends whose grandparent has died all within the last few months. The 'evidence' is there, but still many refuse to see it. 


    If the media do a grand reveal, you can bet that they have clear plans on how they want to steer it in the direction that best suits them. I hope that more start to see it, but you have to be a special kind of determined to not already be able to see things now. 

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  9. 1 minute ago, Athenry04 said:


    They've never gone away here in Qld. I've still never worn one, and no one says fuck all. Non-compliance is the only way.

    Thankfully they are becoming quite rare to see here in my area of Sydney. The odd one here and there, but for the most part I have forgotten all about masks and get surprised when I see one now. Agree, non-compliance is the single biggest way to turn this whole mess around (not just covid of course), but will we get the numbers, unlikely I would say. I still live in hope though. 

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  10. 10 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    there's so much strange stuff going on. I remember the two james's discussing on a 'new world next week' episode of the corbett report what their predictions for 2023 were going to be and they brought up the idea that we would see more ACCIDENTS because of jabbed people dying suddenly leading to more car crashes, plane crashes and all the rest


    i saw this story in the papers today and wondered how a guy at that age kills himself falling at home?

    Longtime drummer for the Dead Kennedys, D.H. Peligro, dies after a fall at his LA home aged 63 - just DAYS after returning from European tour

    • Longtime drummer for iconic punk band the Dead Kennedys, D.H. Peligro, 63, died after hitting his head during a fall at his Los Angeles home on Friday 
    • Peligro, whose real name was Darren Henley, joined the Dead Kennedys in 1981, then played briefly with the Red Hot Chili Peppers after the band broke up
    • When the DKs got back together in 2001, he rejoined them
    • Peligro was the band's second drummer, taking over from founding member Ted (Bruce Slesinger), who left in 1981 to become an architect 
    • The group had only just returned to the U.S. following a European tour that saw them visit venues in Poland, Germany, and France 

    By James Gordon For Dailymail.com

    Published: 01:56 GMT, 30 October 2022 | Updated: 04:35 GMT, 30 October 2022



    When I was back in the UK early this year; I heard two stories of people 'falling' and dying at home. One was a woman 31 and the other a bloke 49 I think from memory. My family knows them but only through other friends. At that time it seemed like everyone I knew, knew someone who had dies fairly recently or had funerals to go to in the coming weeks. My sister had two funerals in one day. Even at the time I thought 'very weird that people so young would fall and die', of course I suspected the shots. Then when I got back to Sydney a few weeks later there was a news story about a woman only 39ish I think found dead in her home after 'a fall'. When you see all the footage of people just collapsing on stage etc and how they smash their heads you can see why, that is if they were alive when they landed. 

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  11. 13 minutes ago, Fool Me Once said:


    It is possible that this is all,as you say,playing for time while achieving their goal of mass genocide.


    One possibility is that some ELE Event is on it's way and by reducing the population beforehand any survivors will be minimal.


    When "it" is about to occur they leave us to finish the Purge while they scuttle off like cockroaches to their bunkers in some safe/offworld location-to return to rebuild with few competitors over control of resources.


    As for what it might be,Magnetic Poleshift or Incoming Celestial Bodies,it is documented that all the other planets in our solar system are also currently being affected so any manmade contribution by draining Earth's oil/gas lifeblood for technology seems inconsequential.

    You beat me to it, the bunkers are waiting. If you listen to the likes of Jason Breshears, there is a pattern of 'resets' every 108 years, with the next major event in 2040 but with a smaller one in the next few years, I cannot remember off hand when that one is. 

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  12. 46 minutes ago, webtrekker said:

    They know what they have done. We know what they have done. They know that we know what they have done, yet they keep on doing it and keep on denying they've done anything wrong.


    They are playing for time, which says to me that something in the near future is planned to make all of this debate insignificant, They seem to think they will never have to provide answers to these questions, ever.

    The true 'Elite' are very few in numbers and will likely be making their escape to the underground bunkers soon, leaving the lower levels to take the hit and be held accountable, or at least the illusion of it. 

  13. No matter if you believe in Pro euthanasia or not, when a 23 year old cannot go on; you have to think that there is a failure of society on some level. The quality of mental health services is shocking; and a lot of mental health is caused by trauma which is often not even addressed in the mental health field and treatment. In many native cultures, things like suicide are seen as 'failures' of the wider community, not 'failure' of the individual. 


    Years ago I used to firmly support euthanasia, until that is that I did an essay on it when I re-engaged with further education as an adult. On researching the topic, I could not fail to see the possible 'agenda' behind supporting euthanasia, and the horror stories in the regions where euthanasia was legal. Older people being pressured to end their life so the children could get their long awaited inheritance and other horror stories. Then of course things like the Liverpool 'Care' Pathway. 


    I have personally had loved ones and loved ones of friends take their own lives, and it is horrific the 'wounds' that it leaves. But I can understand why people get to such a dark place that suicide is seen as the only option. I worked on a suicide prevention line for several years and I always maintained that I would do my absolute best to prevent suicide, but if I 'knew' it was a lost cause, that I would 'be there' on some level if they chose that route. Thankfully it never came to that. Another of my colleagues that I respected tremendously came to the same conclusion and again thankfully it was never needed. 


    What I found with a lot of people who had been through incredible trauma and particularly 'system trauma' (caused either solely or in part by the system or product of the system) is that there was 'something missing'  from their healing. You can end up reaching a point where your healing becomes 'stunted' because a lot of the psychiatrists, psychologists etc lack the knowledge and awareness of the 'conspiracy' and so clients are often not believed or at least not supported in going beyond the level that their mental health supports are willing to go/can handle. There is a saying by John Rowe I believe (a therapist) "You cannot take a client further than you yourself have been" and I think it can apply in trauma. I am not sure I am explaining myself well but I had one client as an example who had lost his mum to the hospital 'system' and he knew that they effectively 'killed' his mum. He was 'stuck' because nobody could believe that this was true and so he never got the support or validation that he needed, in fact quite the opposite, a lot of people assumed he was 'crazy'. It is likely why organisations like Samaritans and Childline exist, as gatekeepers for the 'protected'. 

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  14. On 10/21/2022 at 10:41 AM, legion said:





    Keep sharing the information. 




    I admire your optimism I really do. I tend to be a little more cynical these days. We only need to look at how people begin to 'accept' the truth, but nothing really changes. You look at 911 and the fact that many surveys show the majority don't believe the official story, and yet nothing is done, nobody is brought to justice. You see the fact that Jimmy Saville was protected by the BBC for many years, and yet the BBC carries on without any consequences, there are many more examples. 


    People will at some point still need to act and take that power back. I do agree that this will be easier in vast numbers, but you look at the mass protests where there are millions of people, and yet most still go about their business within that system hoping that the system will change, so they don't need to. 


    I am perhaps not explaining my point very well as it is only very recently that I have come to this conclusion. But I think at some point, talk and awareness needs to lead to action. It seems people are waiting for enough numbers, but when is enough and how will we even know we have reached those numbers. If people are still waiting now, when will they start the action. 

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  15. 1 hour ago, Youknownothingbutyou said:

    boom what?
    they, the members of MEP,  have no real power.


    the globalist plan is well under way and nobody can stop it, but the people



    Yeah, sadly I agree with you. Although it is great what they are doing, and no doubt these people are warriors for having the courage to speak the truth, where does it lead? At times it all feels like we are STILL waiting for some 'power' to step in and declare this whole thing a scam. In reality who is going to do that, there is no authority that we would want/trust to do that, because if it did happen it would be inevitably be someone put forward by those 'in power' to be the 'saviour'. It is almost akin to those many Hollywood movies we have had rammed down our throats for generations; the ones where some 'targeted or marginalised group/individual, finally gets to fight their way to the POTUS, and is finally 'saved' and justice restored. 


    WE, are the only ones who can declare this thing null and void. WE are the only ones who can grab the power back, it will not be handed to us. The game is rigged, the top 'players' are all corrupted. The PEOPLE are the only ones who can change this. 

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  16. 1 hour ago, numnuts said:



    'Mississippi State freshman offensive lineman Sam Westmoreland dies at age 18.'

    I have always thought that with any vaccine, the obvious injuries or deaths are merely instant effects, and that for many others the impact may only manifest years down the line due to the heavy metals present within them. The COVID shot though is a different best, same thing applies, but if these examples are anything to go by, you can only imagine what is coming over the next few years. 

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  17. 1 hour ago, jack121 said:


    Thanks! I honestly don't know what i've got, i'm just putting some inquizitive feelers out there and seeing if any other forum members have noticed anything suspicious happening in their area. I did read something about more people getting sick , but was just flicking through the pages and wasn't paying too much attention to the actual story.

    My personal point of view is I'm thinking that with all the 5G they have put up, must be having an effect by now. It is supposed to be a weapon after all. And with me being immune to colds and flus , what is causing all this cold and flu symptoms in me?

    I'm not sure if covid is even a thing, i mean it's never been isolated or purified and only exists in a computer generated scenario.

    I've got vit c and zinc which does work, and will try out the ginger. Thanks!

    Back in both January and June I had similar symptoms to what you are experiencing. Both felt weird, as In they felt 'different' and not a 'typical flu'; no runny nose or sore throat, just body aches, headache, tiredness and fatigue, cold and hot sweats. In January there were many 'covid cases' in Australia, and others I know experienced similar symptoms to me., and a guy over on the Crowhouse forum sent me a link showing where 5G had been turned on recently which was close to my area. Then in June I attended the court case protest for the Aussie Cossack and one of the protesters had a EMF reader which was showing high readings as we stood on the street. That evening I had exactly the same symptoms I had experienced in January and that lasted around 36-48 hours. 


    What I noticed in both cases was my body was highly inflamed; I had the worst sciatic pain in January that I have ever had, or at least the worst since my Bricklaying days in the USA. I am convinced mine was 5G or similar. 

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  18. 58 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    Ex-Wimbledon semi-finalist Todd Woodbridge suffers heart attack aged 51

    Yasmin Syed
    Todd Woodbridge has shared a warning after suffering a heart attack aged 51. The 16-time doubles Grand Slam champion said it served as a "wake-up call" despite leading a fit and healthy lifestyle, and he is now urging people to get health checks after the scare.
    Woodbridge revealed that he suffered a heart attack just seven days ago after returning home from covering the US Open and Laver Cup. It comes just months after fellow retired Australian athlete Shane Warne was found passed away after suffering a heart attack aged 52.
    "I had a little heart episode that goes down as a mild heart attack which is a bit of a shock to me." The 51-year-old said the heart attack served as a shock given his healthy and active lifestyle, and says his experience shows that "it can happen to anybody".

    Close to that common age where people drop dead, maybe next year then. He must be one of the fittest 51 year olds around too having played doubles until a good age. No doubt he would be jabbed having travelled across the World to commentate, plus he probably had to have to cover the Australian Open which was one of the strictest venues. 

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  19. 1 hour ago, Athenry04 said:

    Better late than never, I'm allowing myself a wry smile to see the tide apparently changing, as we slowly enter into the 'Great reveal'.

    I know it is not always a popular position to take here, but I think we sometimes have to recognise that we are the fortunate ones. Many of us were awake to the conspiracy well before these events that placed us in an enviable position of being able to 'see' things very clearly. Yes, we all did our part, as being awake is no accident, but others have not been so fortunate and have taken longer to see the reality. 


    Some have very little 'intuition', something I would hazard a guess, most of us here have an abundance of having honed those skills over perhaps years. That is not to 'absolve' those who have contributed, colluded, enabled, and actively put others in danger, but we were all 'asleep' at one point in our lives and we were fortunate to be awake for this 'event'. 


    Let's hope that this 'great reveal' is not merely a 'scapegoating' of a few. We need to keep the pressure on and not let them choose a few to throw under the bus like Fauci and Bourla; we need to ensure that 'incompetence' and 'greed' are not the cover up here, because as we know, this was coordinated from the highest levels. 

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  20. 2 minutes ago, SimonTV said:



    Seen a few of these strokes heart attacks where they spin around on their right side a number of times. 


    Travelers was great series, sucks they cancelled it, that lead actress was good and very attractive. She is a country singer now. 

    Have we ever witnessed so many people having these 'medical episodes' on camera before, I would say no. Then we have all these newsreaders all passing out live on air and many other anomalies, like sudden adult death syndrome. Just today when I was out this morning, within an hour I saw/heard 3 ambulances all with sirens, must be another booster being rolled out around here (Sydney). 


    Yes, it was a good series. I didn't know she was a Country singer now. 

  21. 1 hour ago, Freaky Dragonfly said:




    One more death spiral. This one was looking over his left shoulder.

    Very strange, that guy looked super fit too, in fact a few of these people did. The Asian guy in the medical centre or bank, the Indian guy filling the water bottles, the woman on the bus, all looked pretty young. I would be interested to know if these poor people died or survived. It reminds me of the TV Series Travellers, but would only apply if they survived;



  22. 2 hours ago, Freaky Dragonfly said:


    The death spiral



    This is has an additional stronger example at the end. It appears as if they are seeing something over their right shoulder and then try to defend themselves before it overwhelms them. Probably the mechanism for projecting aliens gets triggered.


    The comments were interesting, ranging from "this is a grand mal seizure", to "its like they are seeing a demon coming for their soul", I would go with the second one based on the videos I have seen. Very strange, very tragic, very sad. 

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