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  1. There is as much evidence that we are in a simulation, as there isn't. What evidence do you have that we are not in a simulation? In fact more evidence comes out annually to suggest we are in a simulation. The fact there are those that are identifying provable patterns that show this realm is cyclical and predictable. I am not even wedded to the simulation theory, in fact I would probably prefer to see real evidence that this realm is not a simulation. In fact there is every possibility that the resets are designed to make sure we do not figure out that we are in a simulation, and we are getting very close to being able to do so.
  2. Possibly. But given your threads were only a few months ago, very doubtful. It is just as possible you are one of those that thinks they have everything figured out, or has given up seeking because by doing so they can take a (supposed) superior positioning to those still seeking the big answers and feel better about themselves again.
  3. LOL, says the guy who has created multiple threads with random questions, including one titled 'Are We Living in Hell'.
  4. I'll ask him , I somehow doubt it but you never know. He could be one of those 'half conspiracy theorists' though, know one part of the agenda and still oblivious to the rest. Honestly, you can see the life draining out of him, he is probably jabbed up to his eye balls too so that won't help.
  5. Very interesting. The Lucy Letby case stinks, and even experienced lawyers and medical people have come out and said that the 'evidence' is either heavily flawed or highly biased. I suppose when babies are bought to order, you need a patsy to hide that fact. I seem to recall that Letby was only 'investigated' when the Pediatric team came under scrutiny themselves.
  6. Good post. I honestly believe we are ALREADY seeing this PTSD in action. I said so a few months ago that I am seeing some 'symptoms' of PTSD around me. People look broken, lost, dazed, anger is boiling just under the surface, they lack patience and are often hostile. The thing is, you don't need to know you have been scammed to experience that PTSD, you will experience it if you only are aware unconsciously. Obviously some of it/much of it could be the uncertainty in the air from the state of the economy, cost of living and death and illness that must surely be hard to avoid.
  7. Where I sometimes go to get coffee, this lovely guy is STILL wearing his mask. He is the owner of the cafe and his staff don't wear them, so by choice he decides to keep wearing it. You can see how much it is taking out of him not getting oxygen. I really should tell him he is an idiot and fucking with his health for no reason.
  8. Yeah, I think there is every chance that most are NPC's. But are we all NPC's, with some of us, just waking up? Suppose that Westworld was correct and that with enough life sims, you finally experience something that is a 'pattern break', in Maeve's case she discovered she had love and attachment to her daughter. What if we were all NPC's but our experiences created in us 'a divine spark'? No doubt, Jason Breshears ideas on this ring true a lot. Indeed, I suppose much depends on what this 'simulation' is designed for? Many make the mistake (or are consciously biased towards) of believing that this simulation (or this World) was created for US. But what if it was created for THEM? What if we are no more than the NPC's in a SIMS game but some woke up. If this was created for THEM (like computer games are created for the gamers) then all of this is probably pre-determined, even our pattern breaks might be, even those life defining moments that we think we 'choose'. Or at least, they are decided by the gamers playing the game. What we call GOD then, is merely the player playing THIS SIM. If however, this was created FOR us, then maybe it is a giant school to learn lessons, grow, raise your vibration and expand. But given we surely already were those things if we come from source, what would be the point of starting again and again with blank slates, the need to clear karma built up, The need to learn something that we once likely already knew and to expand BACK to something we once already were, it makes little sense. If anyone has ever met a human that had good parents, a loving home, the foundations to just grow into what they already are (into themselves) you see that they are some of the nicest, most stable, and empathic humans around. So would there be any need for these people to have another life where they are traumatised, brutalised and where they are bent so far out of shape that it takes them 50 years to get back to somewhere near what they already were? You might say, well it is so we can learn different aspects, experience different things so we more fully understand ourselves, but we already knew these things at some point and all we do whether we have gone through trauma and/or we get on the Spiritual path, is to ultimately find ourselves again. But find what, when we already were that.
  9. Yeah he's a genius. Great delivery, truth bombs all through his act, and in many ways highlights the total absurdity and hypocrisy of this whole World. The awkward laughter at times in his acts suggests that some are having an awakening right there in his show.
  10. Well he won't go to jail, because we are all already there , but he will go to hell.....unless we are all already there too
  11. What a total wanker. Reminds me of the comedian Steve Hughes skit about 'overpopulation', to quote Steve 'why don't you do your bit. Oh no no Steve, it is not me that's in the way, it is those over there'. Misinformation seems to only go one way and it is only classed as misinformation if it goes against the authorities, no matter how fucking wrong they are.
  12. What are people's relationships/friendships like as they grow and raise their vibration? As a kid I was ridiculously shy (well that is the label given to me by those around me, in reality it could probably more accurately be described as terrified). I had friends as a kid, as long as they initiated it and then as I grew I still made friends semi easily (not as easy as most I would say). Even relationships would usually be initiated by them, at least until about 18 or 19 when I gained some confidence. Over the years though, it has probably gotten easier and harder to make friends. Easier from the perspective of being able to be myself and thus when I do connect, I really connect quite easily and well. But harder in that there are fewer and fewer people I want to connect with/resonate with. Now as I have grown a lot over the last 6 or 7 years, it has gotten harder still. Even meeting 'awake' people, I struggle if they are only in the 'information stage' and still going through the anger/rage at the agenda and the reality. especially if they don't take ownership of that. And then on the 'Spiritual' side, I have found they often are not awake to the agenda and so struggle to connect with those because the 'love and light' stuff is not realistic in this realm. Case in point I went to a Spirituality and Coffee meet up and most there were jabbed and when me and another mentioned the jabs the others all shut up shop and contracted their energies. So I find that I resonate with very few people. The other 'awake' guy at the MeetUp and I hung out for a while but he was too angry and too rude to people without taking any responsibility that I couldn't be around that, and he turned out to be a narcissist. So I find that the path gets lonelier and weirdly I am in the best place I have ever been within myself. I mean I know that I am not willing to tolerate others BS any longer, no longer willing to sacrifice parts of myself to fit in, and I am no longer willing to sacrifice myself in order to have friends if it means putting up with things I don't want to, or making sacrifices to not be 'lonely'. I think there was always a part of me that wasn't willing to be fake growing up and in to adulthood to make friends, but In some ways I did at times to fit in of course. , but now I am not willing to do that. What are others experiences if they are willing to share?
  13. I have to say I cannot watch him. Right from the start I have just had intuitive vibes coming of him that he aint to be trusted. Sometimes I am wrong with my intuition on people, but it is very rare. To say he is supposed to highly Spiritual, his ego part is still in full swing with no sign of being balanced.
  14. Obviously food is important and it is probably more important what NOT to eat, than what TO eat. But we have all known people who emotionally eat and even if they miraculously stopped eating rubbish and ate a really healthy diet it would only last a short time unless they heal the underlying reasons for their emotional eating. I worked with a colleague who only seemed to eat sugared foods, or at least a tiny portion of something resembling food and then 3 or 4 things containing sugar. It was obvious that she was carrying a lot of trauma and wounds from the past and sought comfort in food. You could change her diet (which would be a good thing to a degree) but what would happen to all that stress when you remove the pacifying foods that give at least temporary relief? It is like whack a mole, you need to get to the root of the issue which quite often is trauma/and or stress. I will admit to emotionally eating, same as my siblings which came from coming from a home with little food in the cupboard and then being spoilt once a week at our grandparents with all sorts of 'goodies'. It set us all up for those 'rewards' and treats. I read something a few years ago along the lines of 'as soon as you seek pleasure in food, you are in trouble'. I think there is some truth to this, it is dangerous territory. Instagram is full of such things as people seek out pleasure and highs from food and most of them are deserts.
  15. Given humans ARE the food source for the true 'rulers' of this 'Earth' and they feed most on the lower vibrations, then it probably is equally relevant (if not more so) than if salmon or an apple is good for you.
  16. Yep, it is crazy how the old programs run so deep; so deep that you can not even realize that it IS a program. If that program has been running since you were 6 or 7, it becomes so ingrained and so deep in to your personality, persona, identity, ego, that many would struggle to even know there is a program running. It takes a huge amount of focus and effort to identify the programs and then to change them. Even if you are 'awake' it doesn't mean just because you have identified programs 'out there' that they will make the connection that they themselves are running on old programs. I was lucky though, my circumstances and life direction led me to a path of actually needing to heal rather than it being a 'nice thing to overcome'. And I was lucky that a path that opened up, was all about healing your old wounds. Yes, I also took responsibility, I followed the clues, and put in a bloody hell of a lot of hard work, but I was probably lucky that the path sort of opened up for me and led the way. Edited to add a minute after posting the above - I should clarify that there were elements of luck but I also don't want to downplay my determination, dedication, willingness to face reality, and willingness to look the fear, terror and shadow straight in the eye. It is a lot of Warrior Spirit, but some luck though for sure. It is important to honour ourselves and the hard work we do in taking responsibility for ourselves and our lives/Soul journey. I didn't want to downplay anyone who has gone through that deep examination of themselves, nor myself.
  17. It is a fine balance isn't it; being aware of your trauma so you can heal it, but not letting your trauma define you, hold you back, and become your identity. Maybe for those people, the only time they meet someone who cares, is when they are portraying that 'victim' role. I have known a few of them, sometimes it is very subtle. We have to remember that most of these 'strategies' that we see in the adult to get attention/care/love/sympathy, often started in childhood as the child adopted a way to get their needs met. Of course a child often has a limited capacity to choose a better option and if it 'worked' then they keep repeating that pattern and often don't even know they are even doing this in adulthood - it is the default way of operating. So what we see in the present with the adult, is really the child part f them repeating what worked. The problem is, that no amount of needs met in adulthood will heal the childhood wounds or trauma, you have to heal that.
  18. Exactly! A good portion of my posts on here over the last couple of years have been about the need for us all to heal our trauma and our shadow. Without doing that we are likely to be operating from a low frequency even if we are 'awake' to the 'ills of the World/Matrix' because conscious awareness is not really enough. The reason that this 'Matrix' is built in the way it is, is to cause trauma in individuals, particularly to children as early as possible so they carry that trauma (and its impact) for the rest of their lives (and as we know, children are LEAST equipped to deal with it). Trauma creates a low vibration energy and unless they heal they will continue to live from that low vibration frequency forever because it does not miraculously heal itself. 'Hurt people hurt people' is often the by-product of traumatised people going on to the hurt other people because they have unmet needs that they project on to others, unhealed attachment styles, addictions, anger issues and inability to regulate emotions and a host of other things we inflict on others that we 'love' because we have not healed our trauma or shadow. It is very sad when that trauma and wounding manifest as physical ailments (or mental of course) and have become a massive part of that persons identity. It may also be that those physical ailments are easier to focus on, than the real core issues. Very sad to see and what a waste of potential for healing and for a human/Soul.
  19. I would agree. Obviously the food you eat is crucial, but underlying stress and trauma will cause havoc with your body. So many people are carrying around unhealed trauma and many don't even know it. Add to that, we live in a Matrix designed to cause you stress and chaos and once again, after years of this, you may not even realize you are stressed as it becomes the default state.
  20. True, North Korea it is then . To be honest I am a bit over Australia and the agenda seems to be rolling out here faster than most other Countries. In a year it will likely be fully cashless and probably one of the first for the social credit system.
  21. It is kind of weird really. I was in contact with the guy who was the main admin a few months earlier and he seemed a nice guy but wasn't in contact when he went AWOL so not sure what happened. There was a bit of a fall-out with one of the other admins who quit 6 months prior so maybe that also had something to do with it. The fact that it hasn't come back suggests that the main admin pulled the plug. I was more thinking about what is ramping up recently with the whole Musk and X thing which seems to be being used by the 'Cabal' to bring in tougher sanctions, now we know why Elon took X over I suppose, it was all planned for the typical Problem - Reaction - Solution BS. So I guess I assumed it would go down because the Big G would block sites like that.
  22. Yeah, part of me thinks it is very huge odds that he would buy one of the 420 items that I am selling, but then another part of me thinks 'well it is Amazon'. I mean it would have made more sense for them to target my main side-hustle which my ex knew about back then, but probably would not know my store on eBay as I changed my name since as I teamed up with another guy temporarily as a business deal. So it could be totally 'random', as in he/they did not know it was me. But then you have to wonder if it was 'random' in human terms, was it random in terms of this realm and this 'game' we are playing? In all the years (10) I have been selling online, I have never known a person that buys from me, well not personally. Only have I known a person from being around a niche market circle but then only know their name, and even that is quite rare. If it is targeted, it is almost certainly an energetic attack. If they have bought on purpose, then I can only assume they are planning on doing something with the order to gain energy from it. I have been feeling that my ex was trying to reach out energetically, but blocked it all, and there were many ways she was trying this. And then I started to think (weeks or months ago) that she was trying to get back in my energy because I have blocked her and she is curious but also knows I am going through a major 'glow-up'. I am pretty sure she has been doing 'spells' for a long time. The thing is though, my 'guides' have been telling me that I am protected and that she/they are already 'on notice' in the higher realms and that all that they send to me is transmuted into gains for me and losses for them. So it is all good. I am a lot calmer about it than I was the other day. I was definitely unsettled by it because of the uncertainty over their motives. Now, whatever it is I will come through stronger. I will just drive slower in case they have tampered with my brakes and sleep with one eye open in case there is an arson attack
  23. Yep 100%. You cannot help feeling that the last 4 years or so have been a multi-faceted assault on humanity from multiple perspectives all designed to cause maximum damage. This appears to have you say, been an effort to weaken humanity; illness, death, disability, poverty, food shortages, many businesses going bust as they were crippled financially, assault on farming and industry. All of it coincides with the rollout of the CBDC, where people will be reliant on the State for survival - social credit system and universal basic income. All planned and all falling in to place at the same time. COVID and the jabs were not ONLY a depopulation tool, they were much more than that.
  24. Yeah it is destabilizing mate, no doubt about it. I feel the same with this buying from me. I had a look on Amazon and I currently have only 420 items for sale (1200 on eBay) so that is even lower odds of him buying randomly. Although Amazon is a massive platform so it could be a coincidence I suppose. But if it is, it makes me wonder what (if anything) the Universe is trying to tell me. I mean in this construct, is it purely chance, or is something bigger at work? I mean I now have his contact details . Yeah it is crazy. I think for me, I do actually do energy work/releasing as part of my meditations. And back when we split, I know I would have been doing so. But then, maybe back then (before I realised she was a narc) it is possible that I had hope she would change, or that she wasn't this monster she showed herself to be. Maybe in my case, that kept the energetic cords attached. But also, these people are masters at keeping those cords and I was 'innocent and naive'. Great work mate. It is always good when you catch it, transmute and it see the results before you as evidence that this stuff works.
  25. Well it was certainly correct on her ex being the buyer. It might still be one ridiculously coincidental event, but it seems very unlikely to be random. What it means only time will tell. But yeah, I guess if he has bought deliberately, then he is now involved and as you say bought a ticket which is a bit sad. I mean he probably has no idea the real story of what went down between her and myself. So he has bought a ticket to an event that he has essentially been scammed into. Yeah, he is consenting my believing the BS but it is still sad. My 'guides' are telling me that I have nothing to worry about and that all her/their games are fuelling my 'glow-up' and hastening their bad karma. Let us hope it actually is totally random. That would be a shock to the ex to see my deets on the package if it was random
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