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  1. People wake up at different stages. He was obviously firmly entrenched in the system and with that comes a certain amount of bias and inability to face the truth. We need many more like him to wake up if we are to win this thing. Yes, he has blood on his hands, and if karma is indeed real, he won't be escaping any of it. But to be so critical of those that have awoken and are now on 'our side' and giving out 'truth' seems a waste of time in my opinion. It also seems quite unlike you to be honest, maybe you are going through a downturn but your posts recently seem to show you have lost a lot of your balance and unlike you, there seems to be a lot more ego in the last few days.
  2. He is nauseating to listen to but you cannot argue with the views he is getting. It is strange that YouTube have allowed him free reign though, although that might be because in the beginning he was very much going along with the narrative. I agree his early support of the hoax makes him complicit in some ways. But let's be honest, it is likely that many of his viewers have been converted to seeing this scam through his own awakening. Even if you only say 5% woke up because of him that is 115,000 people who might have woken up to this, simply by following his own journey. I don't get the hate. We all have woken up at some point, and yes, many of us have not been complicit in mass genocide before we did, but he has likely woke more people up than all of us posting in an echo chamber forum.
  3. I don't know what to make of Campbell. At first I thought he was a tosser, but he does seem to have really turned in his thinking (as most people do when they actually take the time to look at alternative information). But who knew YouTube was sooo profitable? Crazy. But you have to say, given that in the beginning he was on the side of the hoax. I would imagine he has converted a number of his followers with the evidence.
  4. This was a great interview with Dr Ryan Cole. Dr Drew is a bit of a knob, but is less of a knob than he used to be and is slowly and begrudgingly starting to see the alarm bells. The interview covers a lot of the clots found in autopsies and the spike protein mechanism;
  5. My cousin once removed just lost her baby (stillbirth). When she told me she was pregnant last year I feared the worst given her vax status, and at the time reading all the deaths in infants as per John O'Looney and the stats. She is devastated as you would expect. These fuckers need justice served.
  6. Very true. We are living at such polarized times though, that it is all helping us to see who is working for 'them' and who is working for 'the people'. It is going to be very easy to identify these people in the near future.
  7. Good chart, do you have a link or source for this please?
  8. Sports Personality of the Year 2022: Remembering the stars we have lost Seems a bloody long list this year; https://www.bbc.com/sport/sports-personality/63860954
  9. Indeed, Socrates says it best, and not the footballing version ; "Strong minds discuss ideas, Average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people" We know who is who quite clearly these days.
  10. Or follow people's actions not their words.
  11. Exactly. As David Icke says, you only need to look at the initiatives he is involved in to see that he is certainly NOT on the side of humanity. Likely he is playing the role of 'saviour' AKA çontrolled opposition' so that people feel they don't need to take action - Elon has got this'.
  12. Not much as far as I am aware. There was this Sky News interview some time ago, if you can stomach the Sky News presenter - warning you might want to stab your own eyes out with a pencil after listening to the 'Presenter'; I agree on the use of 'Political Party colours', but like many, it is likely that Rennick is relatively newly awake and still holds many competing beliefs. I actually sent him an email a few weeks ago to say thanks for keeping up the good fight. He responded very quickly and seems not only genuine, but a warrior. I could be wrong of course, but my intuition is not often wrong.
  13. I have noticed this too. The other thing I am noticing is that they are now quite often using the term "died after a long illness', but as you say, no mention of that illness at all. Not too long ago they would often state what the disease was, for example 'was diagnosed with dementia in 2018'. What I want to know is, how are they defining 'long illness'? I would bet long illness to them means in the last 18 months.
  14. Meanwhile in Australia; Why do the heads of these organisations sound so much like Politicians? The mental gymnastics and word salads displayed as well as the passing the buck are astounding.
  15. Mannnn I must be getting old. Apart from laughing at the opening post (thanks @sickofallthebollocks), the bit that stood out the most in that post was 'sipping on a nice brew' . So much so I have just put the kettle on. But I agree with you, porn has been used to 'feed the dark energies' and to further dismantle the family structure and to syphon off the life force/energy of the population so they never use that energy for good and higher purposes.
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