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  1. It is hard to accurately judge Southgate imho. If you judge him against past managers in the role and with the players we have had in the past against what we have now, he comes out OK. People say 'we have the best talent pool we have ever had' but is this entirely correct, I am not so sure. In this tournament we had Kane who was anonymous, Bellingham who was missing for large parts of the tournament and the same with Foden. Yes, you can put all that down to Southgate and the style, but I think that would be unfair. No doubt Southgate is overly cautious and I said to a mate before the tournament that I felt that would be our undoing. But his record is hard to dispute and if anything the job he has done has been much bigger and deeper than pure results. He has changed the culture which is no mean feat considering this is what cost us in the past. We will probably have a more accurate picture after 12 months of the new manager. At this moment it is a bit like judging the builder who has built the whole house because the colour of the fence is all wrong. Without the amazing house he built you wouldn't have a fence to judge. Football management is a strange thing because the better a manager does, the easier it is to hone in on the tiny imperfections. Whereas when a manager is totally rubbish you often don't even know where to begin in understanding what is wrong. In fact Mourinho has made a career out of that, coming in and adding the tiny details to a decent foundation (bar Porto of course). I have no dog in the fight but it is hard to judge Southgate for me because a lot of the work he has done isn't so obvious. The one thing that is unforgiveable though is that we failed to take advantage of the momentum against Spain. We had them wobbling a bit with our spell just before the Palmer equaliser and we should have kept the foot on the pedal after we scored. The Australian cricket teams of old knew when to go for the jugular and unfortunately we had an opportunity against Spain but blew it, despite them being the better team.
  2. Pretty sure this has already been predicted earlier in the thread and certainly Mike Adams alluded to this but admittedly from the position of believing it all. I am pretty sure that Jason Breshears predicted a big swing towards Conservatism a couple of years ago for this time period which would fit, especially if the gullible fall for it all. It certainly seems that Trump has been positioned to be the saviour/messiah and positioned to be the one that is in place for when America falls. He was predicted to be the last ever USA President by The Simpsons which would fit all this. I am pretty sure that Mike Adams predicts that things will get really bad by September 2025 so we don't have long to prepare. Time for us all to get ourselves in position too.
  3. Yeah was surprised to find such good coffee in Hebden. As a self confessed coffee addict it certainly was great to have that almost on my doorstep with a quick train ride or walk along the canal away. WTF, these fuckers will stop at nothing to brutalise this world. Is it not enough that we have to tolerate 'modern' architecture but these fucking eyesores on the landscape are a total blight and useless. I hope this is stopped and thanks for posting the link.
  4. Me either, I have no dog in the fight other than the truth, which is always my only goal in life and the 'theatre'. As you say the outcome is always the same anyway, but it is important that at least in the 'truth community' the truth comes out. No doubt when these sorts of 'events' play out on the World stage you have to ask 'who benefits' and at least for now, that is Trump and him winning the election. And if 'they' want Trump to win, then we know it is not for 'us'.
  5. Indeed. You always have to look at a persons actions rather than their words and this applies to Trump and Musk perhaps more than any two 'humans' on the planet. Both have been put forward as the saviours in one way or another, or at least the two figures most likely to aid the rebellion. And yet when you ignore their rhetoric and look purely at their actions, neither look to be on the side of humanity. The fact that a seeming elite stooge has just endorsed another elite stooge (albeit well hidden) and the timing of it, should give serious food for thought.
  6. No true, but what you are talking about are random events. This was an assassination attempt of a guy who divides the World like no other and who is either the devil incarnate or the messiah depending on which faction you belong. Not to mention add in the various other factors of the SS Agents standing down, the fist pumping iconic image, the miracle bullet being also caught on camera (do we call this a double miracle bullet now?), and many others. The video of the noises corresponding perfectly with the SS Sniper on the roof firing his 3 shots with no other shots being heard is compelling. Trump also turned his head only a fraction really before the 'shot was fired', is that enough for the miracle bullet to hit his ear? The angle of the shooter wasn't at a total right angle either, maybe 60 degrees making the turned head even less likely to make him miss. Plus add in the lack of blood tricking down his shirt and ear and on his hands. Yes miracles happen, but when they occur alongside serious questions you have to ask how much of a 'miracle' it really is.
  7. This video posted on the Icke Homepage is exactly my thoughts. Something feels off with all this and I said earlier that it is similar to the 911 suspension of physics. This guy says that the whole camera angles and iconic images is similar to 911 and maybe that is what I was also unconsciously picking up on when I made my comment. I also agree that something feels off with the 'miracle' shot that grazed his ear, it is almost impossible as in the likelihood of missing or hitting catastrophically are far greater than the grazing theory. https://rumble.com/v571b8d-trump-assasination-attempt-false-flag.html
  8. On that Brighteon video with Mike Adams they postulated that Trump was the only one who handled the situation with courage and professionalism with the Secret Service agents failing miserably. But I could not help thinking, well yes Trump certainly has 'boss energy' (even if you don't like him or believe him to be on our side), but then I thought, well it would make sense that he handled it so well if he already knew it was going to go down like that. The one person who seemed more prepared for it and was able to think clearly amidst it all, was Trump even though the SS agents are all meant to be trained for it. So either Trump is really 'the boss' or he knew it was going to happen. I know he is a walking ego, but even for him, the stopping to pose for the iconic raised fist in defiance was some feat under the circumstances.
  9. Possibly , the only man who can rival Alex Jones for having a supplement for every occasion. Although to be fair, he does actual do lab work on his supplements and products. It does seem though that Mike is still a staunch Trump supporter which is nauseating in itself .
  10. When I was back in the UK back in 2022 I was drawn to Hebden Bridge and went there a few times (family is all based around the Sowerby Bridge area). There is something magical about the place with a great vibe, great pubs and beers and there was even a great coffee shop (which being from Australia is rare to find in the UK). When I was sat drinking a few beers in the beer garden I could not help thinking how it makes sense that some great Literary Works came from that area. There is an honest brutality in that area of the World, the weather, the landscape, the resilience of the people.
  11. I just listened to Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) says exactly this; that it was God's will, well something like that, it was said within what seemed like a 3 minute romanticised soliloquy that was pretty nauseating to listen to. It might be yet another angle they will use though, that Trump is God's Chosen Child so you should vote for him. I seem to recall some saying Trump is the 'Antichrist' which these latest developments might add to that theory.
  12. You have to wonder if one of the angles here is to give Trump more credence with those awake/waking up? There was a time that Trump was pulling it off in regards to seemingly being 'against' the elite, but many of us soon figured this was BS. How many will now see this 'assassination' attempt and say 'well he must be on our side if they have tried to take him out'? In order for a true division, there has to be two sides and Trump was fulfilling that until a couple of years ago (maybe the covid scam) but that has changed dramatically, especially in the alternative media. They tried to get some numbers back with the Mar-a-Lago raid but it wasn't enough. Maybe this 'play' is an attempt to get some followers back to Trump? Add this to the media now admitting that Biden is gone, then it seems that 'they' want Trump in office, which obviously means he is not for 'us' but 'them'. We already knew this, but those disenchanted American's might not and these are some of the people they are trying to sway. Remember much of what happens needs to have the consent of the people, meaning enough need to vote for Trump for 'them' to avoid karma. We know that this shooting is not possible without 'stand down orders', it is too obvious. All these folks screaming there is a guy on the roof and no action taken sounds like they were awaiting orders and the go-ahead. Then we have the 'miracle bullet' captured on a camera, like 911 all over again with the law of physics being suspended. This was allowed to happen, and yet they could have taken Trump out many times over, so why now and why did he survive, because presumably they wanted that and if they want him to survive, then he is their preferred choice for next President. Add to that, the 'shooter' has connections to Blackrock = Establishment stooge. The coming weeks will be revealing. If Trump does not come out and ask how this was allowed to happen and fire a bunch of SS people then we know that he is in on it.
  13. I think we always need to be a bit suss with these cases. Especially the ones that 'shape' society like the Yorkshire Ripper, Moors Murderers, Fred and Rose West and certainly the James Bulger case did much to shape society and strike fear into the hearts and minds of the public - and fear is the Elites main currency. It was February so would be dark and probably the lighting in those days was not the best. You are right in that this is what I read too but not sure how much a train driver would see or not. Remember too that the media often don't know their ass from the elbow when it comes to stones/bricks/rocks and use them interchangeably all the time. I see it even now in stories. It may be that what they really meant is that they covered James body with the ballast that is on the train tracks? Admittedly they apparently used bricks in their attack on James so it could be either. I guess again it was dark and by that time the roads would have been busier with people coming home from work. It might also be that after coming across many people who let them go on with James that they were very brazen by that stage, or realised that they were too far gone. In some parts of the UK kids and the community have very little fear of the Police and treat interactions with them like a game of cat and mouse. Not to mention that in all honesty from my memory of Police stations they are just old buildings with very few windows or coming and goings from them. Or maybe they were going to actually drop James off at the Police Station as they had been advised to do by the people that came across them but at the last minute changed their minds. You are right to be questioning and hopefully more comes to light. It may be that it really was just an horrific crime carried out by two 10 year olds, one that the elite took full advantage of. I am not sure after all these years that much more will come to light. Presumably Ralph Bulger has his theories but has never spoken about them publicly at least to my knowledge. He did write a book but not sure if he ever mentioned his pedo theory in there? Presumably he believes that James was snatched by the two boys and then taken somewhere and killed elsewhere before being killed and put on the train tracks.
  14. Yep! America is going down and fast. The great reset cannot happen if the likes of America is strong and thriving. The American Dream was a nightmare all along, or at least a fairy-tale. As much as I hate a lot of what America has stood for over the years, having lived there for a few years it was also a great Country with many great people. Sadly though, if you are dreaming, you are asleep and many have not seen the warning signs which have been apparent for 30 years. 911 was a wake up call and yet many still think a bunch of Muslims with box cutters and a 'how to fly a jumbo jet for dummies' book took down America.
  15. Trump is like Musk, judge him on his actions not his words. Given nothing much happened under his watch other than helping to produce a covid 'vaccine' and the swamp is still overflowing and stinky, then you have to say he is the 'opposition', aka as the other puppet on a string/different cheek of the same arse. In times of great propaganda it pays to control the opposition too. They know that people are waking up/that their agenda is now so close that it is in full view, that they need to control the seeming opposition = controlled opposition.
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