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  1. Sky News Australia were the only ones challenging the Despot Dan Andrews (premier of Victoria) during the lockdowns. Perhaps they are placed there to be the 'opposition' but there have been some surprising stuff put out by Sky all through the scam. Still not fully convinced by them though.
  2. Yeah, a lot of nauseating hero worshipping going on here in Australia right now. No doubt part of a ritual in itself and then all the symbolism at her concerts the icing on the cake. I have an old car and so when I am driving I sometimes have the radio and for the last 2 months they had a competition to win tickets to her show. The fucking screaming and crying is someone won one. Maybe as long as the minions hero-worship someone they don't care who it is, but I think they do care and they put these people forward.
  3. I am pretty sure that Jason Breshears from Achaix has a similar theory of what the simulation is. I have learnt a lot from his work thus far. I don't agree with him blindly but I like his work.
  4. Indeed, sort of implies that if they had done things 'correctly' the ruling would have been lawful. It is a positive start though. Hopefully other States in Australia will follow suit. I just emailed my old company that stood me down to ask if they were involved in any current class action lawsuits regarding the mandates . I told them when they stood me down that there would be a court ruling them unlawful in the future..... just emailed them to sort of remind them . I am not expecting a reply....
  5. Unravelling fast; COVID-19 vaccine mandates for Queensland police and ambulance service workers were made unlawfully, the state’s Supreme Court has found. The court on Tuesday delivered its judgments in three lawsuits brought by 86 parties against Queensland Police Service and Queensland Ambulance Service for their directions to workers issued in 2021 and 2022. https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/police-service-health-department-bungled-vaccine-mandates-judge-finds-20240227-p5f85p.html
  6. Yep, as the word I-CON intimates, most in the 'entertainment industry' are slaves themselves. She is currently here in Australia and the place is Swift crazy. If someone has that much power and seems largely 'promoted' positively at least these days, they are unlikely to be on the side of good.
  7. Yes, me too. I get a tremendous sense of 'peace' from 'nature' whatever it is. I am fortunate that here in Sydney there are many beaches, or hikes/national parks in which to get away from the madness. A hike can provide the groundedness that would take 5 or 6 meditations. It is always a reset for me to get into nature. And I think you are right, for many, they are locked into this Matrix' so deep that they cannot be away from it. The more you are locked into it, the less you can see reality of course, or think for yourself. Just earlier I was thinking about how much most people sacrifice of themselves to 'fit in'. They sacrifice large parts of themselves, and hide lots of others away from the World, but there are consequences of that of course. Obviously there are degrees of this, some sacrifice only a little, and others sacrifice a lot to 'fit in'.
  8. It sure is. Those with the loudest voices and incoherent arguments are favoured, as long as it is part of the woke agenda. Yeah fair point. Maybe we can agree to disagree on that. You raise some good points, and admittedly my theory is based on only my own intuition and personal observations. Although women have often worked and handed over their children to substitute caregivers, this tended to be at older ages than they do now. Children can be handed to kindergartens and nurseries at only months old now. I don't remember that happening in my childhood so there was at least a few years of parent and child bonding. I have a couple of nieces who work in childcare and their stories of how things are, are quite alarming really with a lot of favouritism to 'cute kids' or well behaved kids, and then the opposite to the 'naughty kids' or 'little shits' as they are sometimes called. Yep, birth has always been made to be traumatic by design. And the impact of birth trauma has been known for a long time now, and yet not much has changed unless parents are 'switched on' to it. Good observations on the narcissists. I think by nature, narcissists target the empath or sensitive types, and some say they are actually seeking out the 'light' to destroy or feed off. I am coming to the conclusion that particularly the most destructive narcissists are driven by the 'dark side' and are perhaps actually here to dim the light of those who are pure. The other thing is that people who are targeted by the narcissists tend to be those who are naive or at least tend to 'see the good in people', and I would certainly class myself in those camps previously. However, since going through this and a lot of processing, I am no longer naive, and realize quite clearly that there are 'dark' people out there who would destroy a person in an instance if they felt it would benefit them. My ex attempted to do this, succeeded in some ways but failed in others. 'Seeing the good in people' can be as damaging as it is 'good'. Exactly! This is what happened to me. I was 'too innocent' previously, and a lot was due to unhealed wounds and shadow stuff, particularly lust. Having healed those there is no inroads for these people, and given I am awake to it now, I can see it very clearly. I recently let a friend 'go' because I was feeling the same sorts of feelings; imbalanced input, feeding off my energy and ideas, devaluing, and judgments. Once you 'see it' it is hard to unsee.
  9. Prior to the Crowhouse forum going down I was chatting to one of the admin's over there and they were getting spammed a lot. Unfortunately at the same time, the main admin had been taking a break and wasn't able to be reached it seems. So, as per Max's post, it may be that the main admin is still away. Just shows, as I had been saying for a while on there, that one day the forum could be gone and to try to connect just in case.
  10. Yes, that pull away from the system is a strong inherent pull I would say, especially for those of us who are in touch with our Souls. Great that you are off-grid, it takes a lot of work and motivation and as you say even though a major challenge, definitely worth it. I just don't want to feed the best and will avoid it if I can. Sure good point. A lot of the things I have are tangible assets, and if anything would be more valuable in a SHTF scenario so I am kind of covered. Obviously things can go wrong still, but it is why I am really wanting to get out of it now and put those assets into land and off-grid living.
  11. Yes, sure. I think some Spiritual 'gurus' do make it sound very mystical, but then perhaps they have had those experiences. Agreed, but that is exactly why this Matrix is built like this, to make sure we are too busy, too distracted to notice what is truly important, and therefore for us to not look inward. It is no surprise that many come to this inner inquiry through trauma or disappointment in their life. But yes, there is certainly much ego in 'Spiritual growth' for some, a way to feel superior to others. This certainly exists, but isn't the norm. Most 'spiritual people' have come to this through suffering, self examination and then raising of awareness as David would say.
  12. I think we are largely saying the same thing, just in different ways. In essence, you are quoting the body of David Icke's work, which is to expand our awareness beyond the 5 senses and to recognise 'we are not little Ethel on the checkout'. But again, these are only capabilities, until they are utilised. But there is no doubt to me having seen my own evolution, that levels of consciousness do exist.
  13. Yes, it is not easy to distinguish it all. Btw I was not using the term 'I-ness' I was quoting D Murphy from the video posted. I suppose it could be possible to separate something out and 'cut it off' at least in an illusory sense. Say 'God' or 'Spirit' wanted to experience a multitude of experiences simultaneously, or to experience the dark and light at once? Or perhaps as some believe this 'World' was created to allow each Soul fragment to experience, grow and evolve more rapidly? OK, is that fragment really cut off, probably not in essence, but in an illusory sense it is and maybe that is all that is needed? I think you raise a good point on 'Spiritual ego's'. However, I think what you are talking about is only in the realm of 'potential'; yes, perhaps everyone has the potential to reach the same awareness level, same with consciousness, but they remain only potentials until they are reached and not everyone is going to, or indeed even interested in doing so, Until that time, there are varying degrees of levels I am afraid, at least in my opinion. So I would agree, that ignorance is the main barrier, but until that changes, they are I am afraid 'not as spiritual' or not as 'aware/conscious'. Just the same as we all have the potential to be a bricklayer, but until we start to lay bricks, we cannot expect to be as good or at the same level as a bricklayer who has been doing the job for 30 years. At the same time, we don't really know what 'this' is. If we accept that whatever this realm is has introduced the polarity element as one of its 'rules of the game' we could assume that in order for that to work effectively, there needs to be those of the dark purposely placed here, and if that were true, it would make sense that these what some call agitators may indeed be the Soulless beings. I don't know for sure and am not wedded to any thought, just churning out thoughts as I type.
  14. I watched this the other day and thought it was interesting. The part about NPC's was intriguing where he talked about the 'inner monologue' and a part of society not having that 'I-ness'. If that is true it answers a lot of questions about a good percentage of the population about why we cannot 'wake them up'.
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